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I didn’t know I liked heavy mature women 2In case you haven’t read part 1 of this story yet, I suggest you do that before reading part 2. (part 1)She had her full weight on me. I could feel her enormous belly and heavy breasts press down on me. I had trouble breathing and I was afraid that the weight of her body could crack my ribs or even break my back. I had never felt that kind of pressure on my body before. And by the way she was breathing, I could tell that she was loving it. I don’t know how she did it, but she had removed my pants and my boxershort while staying on top of me. All the time while she was on top of me, she kept humping me. I felt her right hand slide passed my hips, straight to my cock. She grabbed it firmly and started squeezing my cock. She was using more and more power with every squeeze. And with every squeeze, she humped me harder. She then grabbed my throath with her left hand and started kissing the back of my neck. She pulled my head back by my throath. It was painful, but atleast I could breath a bit better now.She suddenly stopped. The breathing down my neck had changed. It sounded heavy, almost as if she was mad. I could hear her opening her mouth to say something. Nothing. Nothing came out of her mouth. The only sound I could hear, was her heavy breathing and probably the rhythm of my fast beating heart. Maybe she had given up. Maybe she came to realise that this was not going to work.I could feel the pressure on my body becoming less and lesser. She had removed her hands from both my cock and my throath. I let out a sigh of relief. I lifted my head to see what was going on, but all of a sudden I atakum escort saw a bright light and almost immediately it went dark again.The lights went back on. I was still on the bed, but I wasn’t on my stomach anymore. She was sitting against the backboard of the bed and I was sitting between her legs with my back leaning against her belly and large breasts. My body felt heavy and I felt a pain on the back of my head. Turned out she headbutted me on the back of my head and knocked me out. She got mad because my cock would not get erect when she was playing with it. According to her, I had been out for about an hour, but now that I was awake again, we could continue.During the time that I was out, she took the rest of my clothes off, put me between her legs and played with my cock. She was still stroking my cock when I woke up, and this time my cock was growing in her hands. She loved the feeling of a growing cock in her hands. She was stroking my cock form behind. I could not fully enjoy it, because I still felt a bit of pain from that headbutt earlier. But for some reason it felt quite nice. I could feel those large heavy breasts and that big belly against my back, and this time there wasn’t all that pressure from her weight pressing on my back and ribs. I was starting to really enjoy the touch of her fat hands around my cock and balls and the soft breathing down my neck. I liked how she pushed her big soft body against mine. She then told me to lay on my back. It did not go fast enough for her so she put her hand on my forehead and pushed me hard on to the bed. She whispered that I had to close my eyes and that she was going milk my cock with her mouth. I had to admit escort atakum that I was getting really excited at that moment. My cock was as hard as a rock. As I laid on my back, I could feel my body relaxing. There was no more tension in my body and the pain in the back of my head was gone. I felt at ease on that warm bed, so I closed my eyes.The feeling of relaxation did not last long. When I opened my eyes again, I could see her standing over me in a squat position. Before I could even blink, she dropped her full weight on my face. Her pussy was so fat, that it covered my whole face. I couldn’t breath. And to make things worse, she suddenly grabbed the back of my head and shmashed my face in her crotch. I could feel her pussylips and clit slide over face and mouth. Then she pulled my face out of her pussy and lifted her belly so she could see my face. My whole face felt moist from all her horny juices, I could feel it dripping down my neck. She told me that she was going to cum in my mouth, and that she hated to waste good pussyjuice, so I had to swallow every drop.She then put her pussy on my face again and started to fuck my mouth with her pussy. Everything about her pussy was big. She had a real fatty, with huge lips and a clit that was far too big for my taste. She kept on jamming that clit in my mouth. Harder and harder. She had no mercy. All I could do was keep my mouth open. It was the only way I could breath. Every now and again, she’d pull my face from under her pussy and huge belly, just so she could slap my face and then start fucking my mouth again. This went on for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I began to feel her body shake. I couldn’t hear her moan because atakum escort bayan her huge thighs were wrapped around my ears like ear warmers. Before I realised it, she came in my mouth and squirted out everything she had. My mouth quickly filled up with her juices. She got off me and started kissing me. Long and rough french kisses. (She really likes the taste of her own cum. For some reason, it made her hornier.)I felt her hand drop down to my cock again. And shortly after her handwent down, her mouth followed. I could feel her warm lips and wet tongue wrap around my cock. At the same time she was stroking my cock with her right hand and softly massaging my balls with her left hand. Every few seconds she would let one finger slight over my ass. I was definitely not in to being touched on my ass, but the way she did it felt pretty good. She knew what she was doing. The way she was working my cock and balls felt great. No, it felt amazing. She sucked it hard and then soft, and then hard again. She knew exactly when to stop sucking en start licking. She spat on my cock and the swallowed her spit again. She also used her tits while she was sucking my cock. I had never tittyfucked a woman before, especially not one with breasts like hers. My cock looked so small between those humongous breasts. But I couldn’t care less. The feeling was amazing.And then she stopped. Just like that. Without a warning.She came up to my face, looked at me and said: “ I need your tongue in my ass, hurry up and fuck my ass with your tongue”. I was in shock. I had never done that before. I had never even considered it. I was all about the pussy. Before then I had only slapped a few asses and grabbed some of them, but that was it. She could see in my eyes that I wasn’t comfortable with the idea. So looked at me with a very sweet smile and said: “sex is more than just fucking and eating pussy, you’re going to find that out today”.To be continued….

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