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Husband in the Basement So Come Fuck MeSummer was beckoning but you didn’t think it would hold the same excitement as last year. Domestic issues, long working hours and family commitments meant sexual fun was in short supply.With your husband working down in the basement on yet another long-term project and the first ripples of a long-awaited orgasm starting to surge, you couldn’t resist calling me.After several attempts, you finally reach me on my cell phone and gush: “Jake, come round now. Andy is working down in the basement and I’m really desperate for a quick frantic fuck. I’m feeling so horny right now. It’s been so long since I had an intense orgasm and I really want your cock deep inside my pussy.” Instantly aroused, I agree to your request and head for your house, stimulating my already pulsating pole as I drive one-handed so it would be totally rigid and ready for your soaking hot cunt hole. Within 30 minutes I pull in down the back lane and quietly sneak into your house via the rear door which you had left unlocked. I secretly and silently climb the stairs and soon detect your erotic moans as you pleasure your pussy with your quivering hand thrust down your lacy panties.I listen intently for a few seconds and masturbate my massive cock before pushing open the bedroom door. My hungry eyes feast on your shapely naked tits as you stand there canlı bahis siteleri and greet me with a quaking voice: “Jake, fuck me now before Andy discovers what I’m doing. I’ve been so horny today and desperately want your huge cock inside my aching pussy.”I respond instantly and forcefully push you against the wall and ruthlessly pull your soaking panties to one side so I can almost taste the aroma of your potent pussy juices. My huge dripping dick is already released from my jeans, spring-loaded and instinctively seeking your engorged pink box of sex heaven. I rub my pulsating pole up and down your protruding super-sensitive hard clit. As I take full control of your quivering body, I force my throbbing cock straight into your pulsing pussy. You are leaning against the bedroom wall at the perfect height as I grip your slender waist and begin pumping ever deeper. You look over my shoulder and see in the dressing-room mirror that my naked ass is thrusting relentlessly which turns you on hugely.Already on the brink of a quaking orgasm, you press down ever harder on my steel-like rod until the edge of your erect clit rubs against my rock-solid shaft, creating thrilling friction. Your gorgeously rounded rear is slapping against the cold wall as I push you harder and suddenly grab one of your shapely legs and lift it up as I force bahis firmaları my rigid rod deeper and deeper into your burning furnace. With your leg wrapped around me, we are locked together like two demented a****ls, fucking each other so animatedly. As your pussy grips my cock ever tighter, your whole trembling body is gripped by ecstasy, every nerve-ending emitting electric jolts of hyper-pleasure as we kiss passionately. Your pussy is oozing pre-cum, making my cock glide quicker and quicker until I push you harder and harder against that wall. Then with one more violent jerk and groan, I unload massively, flooding your pussy with endless jets of hot cum, sending ripples of ecstasy surging through your shuddering body. I kiss your sweet lips again and our faces as well as bodies merge together, your dark hair cascading over your shoulders as you scream and orgasm intensely. You moan with sheer shivering pleasures as the thrills slowly subside and a huge cocktail of our cum begins to drip onto the wooden bedroom floor. Even though he was two flights down in the basement, Andy has heard the erotic commotion and abandoned his work. Your orgasmic moans had aroused him instantly and he had crept up the stairs and had been secretly watching the final thrilling seconds of our frantic fuck. He had been so turned on, he had pulled out his kaçak iddaa throbbing cock and was masturbating it so furiously that we both detect his presence. “Oh my God, Andy,” you call out. “Did you watch as Jake fucked me?””Yes, it was fantastic, darling. Just hearing you moan almost made me cum, then when I saw Jake’s huge rod pounding your pussy, I wanted both you and Jake to suck my throbbing cock.””Yes, we will now, both of us,” you respond in an emotional quivering voice. Instantly we are both on our knees with you taking Andy’s pulsing pole straight into your mouth, enveloping it with your hot lips and then flicking its purple with your talented tongue.After a few minutes, I take control and suck on that cock so deep and hard until Andy moans with uncontrollable pleasure as he licks your gorgeous tits at the same time. I release his cock and instantly he sprays his volcanic hot cum all over those bouncing boobs as he shouts: “My God, that was so awesome. I haven’t cum like that for months. Now I want to fuck you with Jake’s hot cum still dripping from your filthy pussy. And I want Jake to lick up my thick cum as you cum again, baby.”Your plan had worked to perfection. Not only had Jake fucked you to a fantastic orgasm but your husband Andy had at last abandoned his work in the basement and become aroused in a way you had not witnessed in years.You had suspected he had covert cuckold tendencies and now your suspicions had been proved correct as watching Jake fuck you had turned him on massively. A whole new world of thrills was about to open up in your previously conservative marriage.

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