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How We Educated Our DaughterAll characters are of legal age to have sex; No one was hurt in writing this story! The happenings were purely for educational proposes for our daughter and to enrich her life!Hope that covers all legal stuff for xhamster It all started so innocently when our teenage daughter, Lucy said that her bra’s were becoming tight and hurting one night while helping me to wash up. I told her to go and find the tape measure among my sewing stuff in my bedroom and I would be up as soon as I had finished the drying.The sight that greeted me was unexpected; Lucy had certainly developed over the last six months as she tried to measure herself in the mirror. I took the tape and measured underneath her breasts, still 27 inches plus 5 inches because it is odd makes her a 32.The next measurement was over her breasts and as I placed the tape over her small hard bullet looking nipples, I encountered a strange joyous feeling throughout me while touching them. The tape read 35 inches, three inches difference.“I’ll just have to check that again, I must have measured wrong,” I saidMy hands brushed under her solid round breasts as I placed the tape under them again, definitely 27 inch plus the five is 32. Now the tape had to be placed over her nipples again and I was becoming a little excited with the prospect of touching them again.It was now a balancing act trying to keep the tape on her growing nipples and after a few attempts, I asked if Lucy could hold the tape on her nipples. 35 and a half inches I told her but we will knock the half inch off because her nipples were a little excited.“MOM” she laughed out“You are now a 32c Lucy” I saidShe was a very empty 32b six months ago, really an A cup but girls always want to be bigger at their age.“I might have a new bra that size Lucy, I‘ll have a look”Labelled wrongly in the sales, I never got around to taking it back, shame it was the wrong size because I loved it. Ivory in colour with a delicate lace trim, the three quarter cups were going to pull and hold my slightly sagging tits together.“Here Lucy”“Wow Mom, That is so hot”She pulled it on to her tits and I fastened it at the back, she did look sexy wearing it.“Let’s feel if it fits alright,” I saidFrom behind, I reached around Lucy and took a tit in each hand while seeing if I could slip my fingers inside the cup.“Perfect fit” I said“Thanks’ Mom” Lucy said as she turned and kissed my cheek and I got a splendid view of my daughter sexy new look which sent shivers through my bodyIn bed that night, Paul my husband was trying it on as usually, but tonight I could not resist. One finger became two and soon the wet sloppy noise of a finger fuck could be heard.“What have you been doing?” he asked, “playing with yourself”?I told him how seeing Lucy topless had excited me with her hard round 32c tits, then his finger started to work my fanny more. I was willing to tell him everything if this was the fingering I was going to get and then told him I took both her tits in my hands and squeezed them which made me moist between the legs.His thumb worked my clit even harder on hearing this until I came, my whole body spasmed while I grunted with each new wave of pleasure. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his mighty cock in one big push.He filled me full and I grunted as I took him over and over again, he was like a new man full of vigour.“Tell me again what you did,” he saidI recalled the story and by now, he was ramming and pounding my wet sloppy fanny even harder and deeper in to another orgasm.I screamed out as I came then felt the full force of an erupting cock deep within me, it twitched and jumped longer than ever before, prolonging my coming fanny. He collapsed on top but I could still feel the swelling of my fanny as it filled with his seed, “What a fuck that was” I said as he rolled offFor the next three nights, Paul just had to mention Lucy and her bra and I was his for the taking. The sex was fantastic when I recalled the event and I had the sorest fanny ever. Paul said later I should try to think of a way of seeing our daughter’s tits again.It took some thinking up but I had a plan for the next night when Paul was out at the pub“Lucy, there’s something I need to teach you, especially now you are turning in to a young woman” I said “I’m going for a shower then come to my bedroom”“Ok mom”I stood in front of her all nervous of what I was about to do, dresses only in my bath towel“I’m going to show you how to examine your breasts, it’s best to get to know what they feel like, then you know if there is any little change” Slipping the towel down over my tits, I could feel a nerves flush spreading over my face while standing topless in front of my daughter.Taking one of my 34 c hanging tits in to the palm of my hand I started to feel and squeeze it between my fingers“Should I be doing this mom”?“If you want”Lucy took off her pyjama top, her tits hard and round just like I remembered and I watched as she started to feel herself“Am I doing it right?” she asked“Touch one of mine and I will tell you”My daughter was feeling and squeezing my tit and it was such a turn on, I breathed in long and hard and she noticed“Was that too hard mom”“No just tickly, you are doing fine, now let me touch you”There was very little give in her breasts as I examined both of them and I noticed her nipples hardening every time I brushed over them, how I long just to suck on them, I thought to myself.“I think I understand mom”I let my hands drop and was taking aback when Lucy started to feel my tits again; I stood there with my eyes shut trying not to think what she was doing. Just the soft touch of her hand was enough to make me moist but when she brushed over my nipples, I could feel a proper wetness between my legs.“Are you ok mom?”“Fine, just a little tired” I said “Do you know what to do now Lucy”“I think so, thanks mom for looking out for me”Lucy slipped her pyjama top back on and kissed me goodnight before going to bed.I text Paul to tell him to get back straight away and was laid on the bed waiting for him, desperate for my fanny to be licked out. He fetched the woman out of me just with his tongue when I told him our daughters had been touching my tits. We fucked long and hard after that when I recalled what Lucy and I did with each other.For the next week, I could not help but think of Lucy in any way I could, but mostly naked in my thoughts, then I hit on another idea. I could say it was for purely medical reasons why I was showing Lucy this.“Lucy, there’s other things I think you should be aware of too and you need to know,” I said one night when Paul was out playing darts“Ok mom”“I just have a quick shower then come to my bedroom”I was sitting up against the pillows on the bed with the bath towel wrapped around me and hand mirror by my side“Right Lucy” I shouted outLucy stood at the bottom of the bed“What is it I should know now mom”“Well you have other bits that need to be examined regular too” I said “Let me show you how”It was now or never as I flew open the towel and exposed myself fully to my daughter, size 10 with just a hint of a mummy tummy I was not ashamed with my body apart from my nipples showed excitement and what I think is large fanny lips and hood covering my clit.“I hope you are not too embarrassed with me being naked Lucy”“No mom”I started to raise my legs and part them at the same time “If you sit like this and get a mirror you can examine yourself, make sure everything looks alright, nice pink lips, no lumps and such like”I held the mirror and slipped two fingers through my hairy fanny and parted my lips“Are you sure you are alright with this Lucy”“Yes mom, fine, but can I sit with you so I can see in the mirror what you are doing”Lucy sat close with our heads touching “It’s just a case of making sure everything feels soft,” I said as I slipped my finger along a lip“Can I feel” Lucy asked“If you want”This I was not prepared
for and had to bite my lips when she touched me“You have big fat lips mom, compared to mine”“That’s with being a mother,” I saidShe felt each lip while I splayed them apart with my fingers but it was when she moved under my hood I felt the excitement building.“Cor mom, that feel big and hard, is that normal,” Lucy asked“For me it is”Lucy homed in on my clit with her finger feeling around the base then over the top while watching what she was doing in the mirror“Cor it’s like a hazel nut mom, was is that size at my age”“Not sure love”“Have a feel of mine and see if you remember mom”Lucy lifted her arse off the bed and pushed her pyjama bottoms down then tucked her legs in to her chest as she pulled them off her feet, all she did then was to part her legs and drag my hand over on to her fanny.“Well mom”“Not sure love but I can defiantly feel it”Next thing I felt was Lucy back investigating my clit, round and around her finger went until I was shifting myself about on the bed, lifting up and gyrating against her finger. kaçak iddaa I shut my eyes and let my mind wander before realizing that I was doing the same to my daughter, her breathing was hurried but she still worked my clit, then I felt her jump and tense, shutting her legs on to my hand.Her climax did not detract her from finishing me, nipping my leg too; my grunts were laboured as I started to come. We looked at each other, breathing heavily, something clicked between up and soon our open mouths were making contact. Our tongues fought gently together and with my other hand I was feeling my daughter’s breasts through her pyjama top, which seemed to excite her kissing more.I pulled the bottom of her pyjama top up so far then felt the help of my daughter’s hands too and she willingly pulled the top off her head.Both of us completely naked now our hands started investigating each other while we returned to kissing. Her tits were hard and round while her nipples had growing to a point that I wanted desperately to see them and to suck on them.Lucy didn’t mind when I started to kiss down her neck and I got my first view of her erect nipples. Slightly repositioning myself on the bed I managed to lick on one of them, she liked this and squashed my head further in to her hard round breast until my mouth was wide open against her tit and I was flicking her nipple with my tongue.I was getting cramp in my legs and started to turn over on to my knees then Lucy started to shuffle herself down the bed so she was laying flat. Her tits were even more impressive and I could not get enough of them. My hand wandered over her flat tummy and down in to her fanny where her legs parted naturally for me.Her fanny lips felt small and smooth between her lips and a little damp, Lucy moaned when I played with her. I wanted her more than ever now and to taste her sweet honey.Moving off her tit and downwards, I was in new territory with never ever having sexually feelings for a woman.Lucy’s young virginal fanny was for the taking through her sparsely blond curly hair when I got down there. I kissed her lips and I felt her jump a little in shock“Arrrrrrrrr mom”I was not in the best of positions and climbed in between her parted legs.Her young fanny did look nice and tight with never being fucked or abused before and I was soon licking her little pink lips and clit. Lucy’s legs started to rise and her hands held my head as I licked my daughter’s fanny.My only experience was with Paul licking my fanny and I started to do the same to Lucy’s clit, round and around one way then a few flicks of the tongue then around the other way before sucking it in to my mouth. Sucking it in to my mouth was not as easy with it being much smaller than my clit, but I managed.I heard her moan and pant and now I can understand why Paul likes oral so much, the sheer power of control with only a tongue.“Mom, Mom” Lucy cried outI loved the feeling of power as I flicked her clit in to an orgasm and she lifted bolt upright on the bed while pulling my head hard in to her coming fanny.Moaning and panting and her body tensed tight, I felt the wetness start to flow on my tongue, my daughters love juices was for the taking as I fetched my tongue back in to my mouth to taste them. Once was not enough and the newfound taste of sweet honey made me lick her clean.Lucy started to relax and let go of my head as I lifted from between her legs, we made eye contact, unsure if it was loved or hated by my daughter“Mom that was great” I knew then things were going to be alright“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked“I haven’t done that before, that was my first time”“That was great, can I try it on you mom”“Not tonight love, your dad will be coming home soon”Lucy dressed then kissed me goodnight with a long slow kiss on the mouth and went to bed. I soon sent a text to Paul telling him to get his big cock home this minute. He entered me with ease and fucked me hard when I told him what I had been showing to Lucy, purely for medical reasons I told him, but did not mention about making her come with my tongue. I had many orgasms that night and he said I should try to do something else with Lucy.Next morning Lucy sneaked up behind me in the kitchen, hugged my tight and kissed the back of my neck, next, her hands were fondling my breasts and my whole body seemed to go limp for lust.“Mom when can I try it with you” she asked“You’ll have to wait until your dad’s out one night”“Arrrrr mom”“I know Lucy but we don’t want anyone knowing, do we?” I said know that my fanny was well sore from last night and this way has time to recover. “He will be out tomorrow night”“Then can we mom, please mom”“We’ll see love, now off to school”Two days pass very slowly when you want something to happen and as soon as Paul left for the pub that night Lucy was saying she was going for a shower and dragging me with her. The excitement was strange, knowing I was doing wrong but wanting it all the more.Lucy couldn’t wait to get her clothes off and was soon helping me off with mine. Mother and daughter stood naked looking at one and other before desire took over, our hand groped each other while tongues fought as we kissed.We moved under the shower and Lucy was in a hurry to wash us both, playing special attention to our fanny’s and I wondered what she had in mind. We were hardly dry when she dragged me in to my bedroom, dropped her towel and started to kiss me.Her enthusiasm and passion was great and it had me excited as she guided me on to the bed. Now positioned between my legs Lucy sucked on my tits first but it was when she kissed down my tummy I knew where she was going.I felt her breasts rub against me as she moved down but was taken aback when I saw she was pushing her tit against my clit. The hard bullet shaped nipple rubbed gently around and around, never in my wildest dream would I ever think of doing that. Lucy swapped breasts and smiled up at me before lowering her head towards my fanny. She sucked one of my big lips in to her mouth without hesitation, sucking, pulling and biting on it before finding my clit. Her very enthusiastic tongue worked wonders around my already swollen clit and she soon had my panting, that was when I felt her fingers enter me, it felt wonderful being stretched and my clit sucked at the same time.How many fingers she was using in my already wet hole I did not know but it felt bigger than Paul’s big shaft, I panted and screamed out the more my fanny took until my orgasm came. Lucy lifted her head as I looked down and saw she had her whole hand in my fanny right up to the wrist.“Fuck Lucy” I cried out and started to pant more as she kept thrusting her hand in and out of me“Lucy, Lucy, I’m coming again keep going” I cried outMy orgasm was the most watery, wet orgasm ever had, it gushed out of me like I was passing water and spraying along Lucy’s arm. I panted more and screamed out“Yes mom yes” Lucy cried outAll I could do was watch as my daughter abuse my cunt with her hand, but it felt wonderful.“Shit Lucy
” was all I could repeat between panting “Mom that was great” she said before pulling her hand back out and moving up my body. Now outstretched on her arms she rubbed our fanny’s together, gyrating herself against me, I could tell she was fetching herself off by using me. She came and her body spasmed wildly before collapsing on top of me.“Lucy where did you learn all that”“Off the net” she said“Have you done it before?”“Christ No, people will think I am a lesbian, some do now because I go to a girl‘s school”“So when did you start watching stuff from the net” I asked“Two, three weeks ago” Lucy said “That day you squeezed my tits when I was getting my new bra. I wanted to know what woman did together”“And do many woman take a full hand inside them” I asked“Some do, my hand is small so I wanted to try, sorry mom if it hurt”“No it didn’t hurt, I was just shocked to see what you had stuck inside me, that was all, what else did you learn?”“Lesbians like dildos and vibrators, do you have one”“Yes I have a couple”“Can I see mom”Lucy lifted from me and I retched under the mattress of the bed and pulled my usually vibrator out“Christ mom that is big, is a real cock that size?”“No, cocks are all sizes but your dad is about that”“I hope my first time is with some one small, I would hate if he just stuck it in and hurt me”I reached under the mattress again and found my other one, used on my tits and clit when I have the big one inside me“Mom it wobbles, can we try it” Lucy asked “Would you use it on me please and show me how”Lucy spread her legs while I knelt between them, her fanny lips glistened with her past orgasm and I could not resist tasting her sweet juices. She squirmed about on the bed, gyrating and pushing herself into my face before sticking a finger up inside her. Lucy tensed up“It’s alright Lucy it’s only my finger”“Fuck mom how did you take all my hand”“Having a big fanny helped, I suppose and being well used to bets10 the size”“Sorry for doing that mom”“Now relax love”I sat up and started to rub the smaller vibrator up and down her lips, coating it in her juices, Lucy moaned but seemed unsure. Her young sweet virginal lips sucked around the head as I gently started to push it inwards. I bent down and kissed her knee trying to distract her while I rotated the vibrator and fed it in some more.I smiled at Lucy and she smiled back“Alright love”“Yes”“It’s nearly in”“What all of it”“Yes, there we go, it’s in”“It doesn’t hurt much mom”“Do you want it turned on?”“Will that hurt?”“No just a buzzing, tickly feeling”“Ok mom”I turned the knob and it sprang in to life slowly, Lucy squeaked in pleasure and smiled“Arrrrrrrr mom”“Is that nice”“Aarrrrrrrr Mom”She twisted and gyrated on the bed and I could see the pleasure she was getting from it. I started to thrust it back and forth gently and Lucy started to lift up to meet it coming back inside her. My young girl was getting her first fucking and it was from her mom with a vibrator but she looked ecstatic. “Mom, mom it’s making me come”“Let it happen love”“Yes, Yes, Yeeeeessssssss, mom”Her smile was the width of her face when she came, with her body tensed and lifted off the bed; she had the whole length inside her, buzzing away.“Arrrrrr MOM”I could see her wetness and her orgasm forming around the vibrator and her lips and I was eager to taste her. Pulling the vibrator out I dropped to her slightly open slit and licked her juices. Lucy squirmed in delight, holding my head tight in to herself as I licked my daughter clean.I clambered back up the bed and lay next to her“Mom I wished you could be there when I do it for the first time, you are so understanding and carefully with me”“You’ll be fine love”“What happens if he forces it in to me and I’m not ready, he might force it down my throat too and cum, mom what does cum taste of, mom what if”“Sh love don’t worry, now we better we getting sorted before your dad gets home, I think the sheets will be to change after my orgasm”“Did my hand not hurt you?”“No love it was fine, I was just a little shocked, I’ve just never came like that, not squirting out of me like that before, in fact I would like you to do it again next time”“Mom”We hugged each other tightly with her hard 32c tits squashing in to my saggy 34c tits. What have I started here I think to myself, I suppose I am helping to educate her about sex and to reassure her about any fears she has.Bed changed, cleaned up and one last good night kiss with Lucy I could not wait for Paul to get back home and tell him everything while he fucked me. I told him how Lucy looked on the net and fucked me with her hand, making my orgasm gush and spray out, then how I fucked her with a vibrator and lastly my idea of introducing Lucy to a real cock because she wants her mom to be there.He liked my last idea, but I told him it would take time before he could fuck her properly with his big knob. That night his cock swelled many times inside me until the sheets were to change again with all the cum running out of me.I was awoken next morning with a hand between my legs, I was sure Paul had left for work and when I opened my eyes, it was Lucy just about to kiss me. My snatch was getting wetter by the second as Lucy fingered my rather cum full fanny.“Lucy” was all I could say before her lips kissed me and all I could feel and hear was a very wet sloppy noise from my fanny“Is that dads cum” Lucy asked “Yes love”“Why dose it not make you pregnant?”“Can you remember having mumps when you were little?“Yes”“Well dad caught then too and it made him infertile”“Really”“It also made him able to cum a lot more and heaver”“Really mom” Lucy said “Mom can you feel it coming in to you”“If he’s like your dad you can.”“Mom” She said, “Does it taste nice”“You‘ll be able to find out for yourself soon, I have persuaded your dad to let us practise with his cock, I told him it was purely for education purposes”“But mom, You said he was big and my fanny is not as big as yours”“Thanks Lucy but don’t worry, there is a lot of other things to learn before having sexual intercourse”“When will I get to see it?”“At the weekend, Saturday night let’s say, now go and get showered before school”It was all arranged, Paul would come back from his golf at seven, get showered and us girls would be ready for him. Lucy had hardly finished her tea when she shot off for a shower and returning in her pyjamas.“Lucy there’s another hour yet”“I know but I am all excited”I was still drying myself when Paul came in to the bathroom“Have I good wank in the shower love, I want Lucy to see it soft first” I told himPaul lay on the bed with the towel over his bits when I called Lucy in.“Thanks’ dad for doing this for me, you are wonderful parents for showing me all this stuff”“Ready love” I said as I opened the towel“Mom is that it, you said it was big, it looks nothing like the ones on the web” Lucy whispered in my ear “It’s all pointy too”“That what it looks like when it is soft, and the end is inside his foreskin”“Oh really”“Now watch what happens when I drop my towel”True to form, Paul’s cock began to move while I stood naked“Wow it’s moving by it’s self”Paul sat there quietly while we watched his cock grow“Mom, mom it’s opening up”“I know love. that the foreskin being pulled backwards”“Will this help?” Lucy asked as she pulled off her topIt did help as his cock end popped out and it kept growing“Mom it massive”Paul’s cock now fully erect stood to attention“Can I touch it?”“Wow, it feels so hard”I held Lucy’s hand and we began to stroke Paul’s shaft“Watch that slit on the top Lucy”We did not have to stroke it very much until the first bead of pre cum developed“What’s that?” she asked“That his pre cum, that used for lubrication”“Watch” I said as I ran my thumb thr
ough it “Think of it as a joystick on the play station, up, down, left right”“MOM”“You try”“It’s a lot bigger than a joystick but I can see where you are coming from”“You can taste it if you want”“Really”“Here let me, there will be some more”I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out and licked the sticky mess clean”“See” I said as another bead appeared”“Let me” Lucy said and did the same“Is that a blow job?”“No, that is when you make him come properly” I said“, that is next, I will show you how”Holding Lucy’s hand once again, I started to wank his cock up and down making more pre cum escape before lowering my head. I flicked his cock end with my tongue, licked around and behind before sinking my mouth over it.Now bobbing up and down I could see Lucy watching intensely as a frothy foam started to build around my lips and our hands, Paul was a good way there by now.“Want to try” I said when I lifted off “I don’t know”“It’s all right love; nothing will happen, he won’t force it in to your mouth”“Ok then, I try”“When he is about to come I will tell you to lift off, ok”“Thanks’ mom”We held his shaft as Lucy flicked her tongue over her dad’s cock, then I watched as she stretched open her mouth in anticipation to take his cock inside. A few strokes later and I saw the joy on her face, all her fears melting away.Paul on the other hand looked worried, unable to contain his excitement any longer, he coughed and that was our signal.“Lift off Lucy”I got closer to his cock and aimed it towards my face as the first jet shot out and saw the look of excitement on our daughters face. Them another jet hit me before I felt the pull of Lucy’s hand aiming the cock towards her face.I stuck my tongue out licking around my lips for his cum as Lucy looked on; she did the same as another jet hit her. I knew Paul could not kept firing these jets all-night and lowered my mouth over his cock and took two strokes before lifting off with a mouthful of cum. Lucy followed and took his squirting cock in to her mouth and did the same. She lifted off and I saw her swallow like I did before sinking back on to her dad cock, our girl has overcame the fear of swallowing.Paul’s cock had began to soften when Lucy lifted off “How did I do mom”“You better ask you father”“Well dad” Lucy asked“First class” Paul said“When will it be hard again?” Lucy asked“Soon love”“Does it need encouragement like before?”“Most likely” I said“Will this help?” Lucy said as she got off the bed and slid her pyjama bottoms down and off her feet.Our daughter stood up straight, totally naked with her hard round tits and her little hairy triangle in front of her parents unashamedly “Hasn’t started to get hard yet”“Give it time” I said “Now come here and let me clean the mess up on your face”Lucy probably did not expect the method of cleaning her face when I licked her but when my tongue hit her lips her mouth opened and out popped hers. We kissed as her dad looked on“This will make him hard again,” I said I felt Paul move off the bed, all being pre planned and moved across to let Lucy on“Your dad might like to see you make me come Lucy” bets10 güvenilir mi I lay on the bed as our daughter kissed and sucked on my tits on her way down to her mom’s fanny. She kissed my big fat lips, tugging and pulling on them and I thrust my fanny in to her face, lifting and gyrating off the bed.“Do that thing with the hand Lucy”I had been thinking about this all day when hopeful she will make me squirt again. I felt my fanny part with her fingers while she sucked on my clit. I was already worked up, breathing fast and panting.Paul slid his cock across my face; I turned and eagerly started to suck on it. The stretching of my fanny continued then the back and forth motion started, she was in me.I turned off Paul’s cock just so I could breathe when my orgasm arrived“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr shit, Lucy, Lucy”Our little girl smiled up at me as her hand slid in and out“Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss” I cried out before the release of my orgasm“FUCK” Paul said as he watched Lucy twist and turn her hand letting a spray of watery juice out.I panted long and hard knowing there was another one coming“Shit Lucy take your hand out”This time it was a gush that followed her hand out, soaking her complete hand, I felt I had lost control over my bodily functions and I had pissed instead.I lay there knackered and Paul was waving his ready to explode cock in my face.“Lucy see to your dad will you”“How, I don’t think I can by myself”“Yes you can, this is a good way when you don’t want sex with a boy, now sit on the edge of the bed and push your tits together” I said “You are going to give him a titty wank all by yourself”Lucy enthusiastically sat and held on to her tits while her dad position his cock, his first real contact with his daughter. I heard Paul grunt with every thrust, I knew he was having to work hard to last.I sat up and knelt behind her, fetched my hands on to hers and pushed her tits together a little more, forming a tunnel for his cock“That’s it love, you’re doing fine,” I said “Hear his breathing change there, it’s coming”True to form, Paul’s cock exploded and I could hear the extra grunts he was making and see the pleasure on his face. Jets sprayed up her neck firstly then his cock kept spewing his warm creamy cum out over her tits in to one big puddle.“Mom look at it, there’s loads”“I told you, he came a lot”“Mom”Paul’s cock fell away and Lucy was left with a wet mess of cum, I moved her hands in to the puddle and smeared the cum over her tits, rubbing and massaging it well in to her nipples.“There love how was that” I said “That way he comes and is happy but there is no fear of you chocking on his cock”“Thanks mom, I see now”“What about me cleaning the mess up from you” I said“Yes please”“Get back on the bed then”She lay down and looked beautiful, her hard nipples coated with her dad’s cum waiting to me suck clean from her mom.Lucy lifted and twisted on the bed while I licked and sucked her tits“Are you alright?” I asked“Aarrrrrrr Mom I just want you to move further down”“What about letting your dad have a little play with his tongue”“Please”I watched as she parted her legs to let her dad in between them, her young sweat pussy was going to be seen for the first time by a man. Lucy moaned and panted as we both worked our magic on her.“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss, Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss” she cried out when we made her cum“Was that nice”“Arrr yes”“Your dad looks ready again by the size of his cock; I’ll show you a way to feel safe”Paul lay on his back with cock standing straight up and I went to his cock first with my mouth, sucking and licking down to his balls“Can I try that” Lucy asked“If you want, we’ll do it together”Lucy was not shy to ask and try new things and was soon licking her dad’s ball sacks where she started life 17 years ago. I could tell Paul was loving all this attention and I was feeling ready to have his lovely cock deep inside me.“It time Lucy to show you man, woman intercourse”I lifted on to one leg while kneeling on the other, hovering over Paul’s cock“Right, I am in control this way, I only take in what I want, if he tries to ram it in to me, I just lift off, no one can hurt me this way”“Ok Mom”“Watch what I do”I grabbed his cock and slid it back and forth along my slit“Why are you doing that?” Lucy asked“To spread any pre cum he has and lubricate my fanny lips if I need it”“Can I See?”Lucy lowered her head on to her dad’s tummy and watched everything going on before I could answer.I started to lower on to his cock moaning lightly as I sunk down“Mom it really spreads your fanny apart”“Thank Lucy, do you have to be so close”“I just want to see how far it goes in”God it felt so good feeling his cock inside me, I lost any thoughts of being watched, shut my eyes and just thought about Pa
ul’s cock stretching my insides as his cock end went in and out. Then I felt my nipple being sucked, it was Lucy which seemed to advance the coming of my orgasm.“Yeeeeeeeeessssssssss Paul Yesssssssssssssss”Lucy sat back as I bounced up and down taking the full force of his squirting cock inside me.“Arrrrrrrr god it coming again” I screamed out with excitement “Suck on me Paul”Lifting off I slammed my fanny in to his face and his tongue started working on me straight away, lapping at my love juices.Still trying to regain my breath I looked around for Lucy, she was busy licking her dad’s soft cock of our juices, holding it in her fingers and cleaning up the shaft. I could tell she was enjoying herself and so was Paul.“Mom can I try it now”“If you feel ready love but what about letting your dad use the vibrator on you first”“Arrrrrrrrr yes, would he, please” Lucy saidI pulled the small one out from under the mattress“Mom I can take the big one now”“How do you know that?”“I have been practicing with it by myself the last few days”“Well we use the small one for now,” I said passing it to PaulLucy lay on the bed legs already apart waiting for insertion of the vibrator by her dad. I watched as Paul played with her already wet pussy by running the tip along her slit. Her blond pubs moist with her juice lay flat now against her skin as the vibrator slowly went inside.“Turn it on dad”One turn and it was buzzing and Lucy was whimpering and now she was playing with her own tits, rubbing and squeezing her nipples to even bigger sizes. I could not resist and lowered on to her nipple and she held my head tight against her tit.I wanted this to be her best orgasm and slid my hand down on to her fanny and found her wanting clit. Lucy tensed and started to moan more, I could feel the vibrations coming from her fanny and pushed her clit against the vibrator.Lucy started to pant“Mom, mom, arrrrrrr yeeeesssssssssss”I turned to see her leg nipped together with her dad in between“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss mom”Paul withdrew the vibrator and replaced it with his tongue“Arrrrr dad”I could hear him lapping at her sopping fanny as she wriggled around on the bedPaul straighted up on to his knees, his cock rock hard again and I could tell he wanted to bury it deep in his daughter. He inched close rubbing it up and down her slitbefore I saw him push the head between her lips.“You won’t hurt me will you dad”“He won’t love” I said, “He’ll be gentle”I kissed Lucy to take her mind off things and kept glancing to see how far he was in. Paul was gentle, rocking back and forth with only the head inside her“How does that feel love?”“Fine”“Would you like to go on top now?”“Please”“Remember what I said, lift off if it hurts”“Ok mom”Paul lay down and Lucy grabbed his cock as she climbed over him, she did the rub along her slit, spreading the new pre cum her dad had made with a very excited looking smile.“Take your time love,” I saidI watched as her chest rose as she took a deep breath and began the long slow journey down his shaft. Her dad’s hands came on to her breasts, feeling her rock hard bullet nipples and she give out a little moan.She started to ride his cock up and down slowly“Arrrrrrrrrr yes mom, I’m doing it”There was still two thirds out but what did that matter on her first timeI watched Paul give his signal to me, he couldn’t hold back much more in her tight virgin pussy so I knelt behind Lucy, fetched my hand on to her fanny and started to play with her clit.“Arrrrrrrrrrrr Mom I going to come mom”“Let it come love”“Mom his cock, it getting bigger, it pulsing inside me”“He coming love, that his cock pumping cum in to you”“Oh shit mom, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yes I can feel it, I’m coming too”I watched Paul grit his teeth trying to push out them last squirts in to our daughter before she eagerly lifted off him and stood doubled over looking at her fanny.“Mom, mom it’s there, look”Lucy had her fanny splayed apart waiting for her dad cum to leak from her and sure enough he had giving her a good load.“Well done love” I said as I slipped my fingers in to her fanny and offered them to her mouth. “You lie down and we will clean you up”Paul and I took turns licking his cum from her fanny and it wasn’t long before she was sleeping. Paul carried her to her bedroom and I tucked her in, kissing her goodnight before hurriedly getting back on to our bed, legs wide apart he was ready again and I got the fucking I had been wanting all night.The End

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