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How she got me to love BBC (Pt2)”I am in the wrong place. She clearly gave me the wrong address” I think to myself; There are naked people all over this place. There are black men fucking or getting sucked by women and men. The ones who aren’t fucking are talking to their potential prey. Then, just like that, I see her walking towards me holding a gigantic black mans hand. He looks to be about 6’6 with muscles that make him look like a body builder. His dick is as big as Gina’s legs. She is naked from head to toe only wearing heels. She is stunning, but yet, I am as confused as i am mesmerized. She kisses this man on his lips as he bends down to her. She proceeds to whisper in his ear as he then walks away. “Glad you’ve made it” she says as she stares at me. “I…. Guess I should get going” I say in a soft tone. As I turn around she softly grabs my hand and kisses me. “Why? Just stay, I really like you.” Feeling her soft lips while Frenching me while looking into her beautiful muğla escort Andian eyes made me stay. We spoke for about 20 minutes. It was like a regular date. I didn’t want to ask what all these people were doing. It was quite obvious. We then went to dance. It was kind of funny how I was fully dressed and she (as everyone else) was naked. We were dancing to soft music. After a few minutes she whispers into my ear “So do you forgive me for being such a nasty girl to you?” “Yes, I do” I respond. “You are too beautiful to stay angry at.” She smiles to me and places her head on my chest as we continue to dance. After half an hour of dancing she grabs my hand and walks me out of the dance floor. We walk by more people having sex. We walk up the huge stairs. There are God knows how many rooms. She walks me into a specific room. It is as I imagined a large bedroom. To my surprise, the same black man who walked towards me with her when I first entered the mansion. He escort muğla is sitting on the master bed. She kisses me and then walks up to him. She gets on her knees and sarts to suck his large & fat BBC. I am amazed she can take that thing so deep in her mouth. The slurping sounds are deeply loud. I am sitting there just watching. After 8 minutes of sucking him off and takes his dick out of her mouth as she turns her head to me while holding his cock with her right hand. “Come here baby, come join me.” I walk up to them not knowing what to do. The huge black man grabs my hair and pulls me down. His BBC is in my face. “Suck it baby, I will help you” she says to me. I start sucking his BBC without any hesitation. His dick feels like a baseball bat is in my mouth. My jaw is hurting. Yet it feels so good! I feel Ginas hands on the back of my hand as she is guding me on how to please this black God. “Don’t be so greedy, let me get a sip” she whispers into my ear. I start muğla escort bayan licking his balls which are the size of of two soccer balls. She quickly thanks me and starts blowing him again. Our tongues unite as we continue to suck all over his BBC. We are French kissing (or trying) as his BBC is in the way. We sucked him off for an hour and a half. We kiss without his gigantic hog in our mouths. She then proceeds to get on top of him. The way she fit his penis into her pussy was beyond belief. She starts riding him like a porn star. I start sucking his balls as I feel her ass pounding on his BBC and my face. I gladly start licking her ass as suck half of his peis going in and out of her. She is moaning loudly! After an hour of banging this Andean beauty she squirts all over his BBC and my face. He quickly pulls out and we both lay on the bed as he stands up and starts feeding us his cum. It’s as if it is raining and we are drinking rain drops. My face is full of her pussy juice and BBC semen. I feel her hair on me which is also covered in BBC cum. We start to kiss passionately. “I love you! I want you to be the mother of my c***dren” I say to her. She smiles at me and responds “I accept and agree.”

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