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How I became Hank’s wife        Back when the aol chat rooms were still active , I used to go on the local m2m ones when ever I was alone , looking to play . Since I had just realized that I liked cock , I was willing to do almost anything the guy wanted . One day my wife was working and I was off so I went into the chat rooms to jo maybe hook up . One guy I was talking to asked me my stats , not sure what he was looking for I told him I was a m/w 38 yrs 5’10 225 had a 4 in dick . He said great would I like to come to his house and wear some of his wife’s things . I told him I had never done that but was willing to try , so he gave me his address , the whole time I was  driving over there I wasn’t sure I could go though with it.      When I got there I was met at the door by a big white guy ,he went easy 6’4 maybe 270 he was in his 40’s . When he let me in he told me his name was Hank and that he had laid out some things in the bedroom just go in and change. When I went into the bedroom I saw he had laid out a light blue nighty red bra and tan thigh highs . Without even realizing it I started to get undressed and put on the female things . I had watched my wife dress enough to know how to put on the bra nd stockings and the nighty was easy . I don’t know how big Hank’s wife was but the bra fit pretty good and felt good on my nipples . I looked in the mirror and canlı bahis couldn’t believe it was me looking back , all I could see was a little fag in a bra and nighty with his little dick hard as a rock . I walked out of the bedroom Hank called me into the living room , where he was sitting in a robe . He told me walk around the room , sway and shake my ass . I was getting very turned on my little dick was leaking as I swished around the room . Then he got up walked over to me started to kiss me grabbing my ass and then he grabbed one of my tits though the bra and pinched my nipple , I moaned into his mouth and my knees got weak , it was the 1st time anybody played with my tits and I loved it . After making out a bit Hank said ” bitch go get Daddy a beer ” so I swished in to the kitchen and got him  beer , when I got back he was naked and his cock was semi hard , it looked about 6 or so uncut and pretty thick . As I gave him a beer he waved his cock at me told me to suck Daddy’s cock , so I got down on my knees took his hardening cock my mouth and slowly sucked him while he drank his beer . I could feel his hand on the back of my head pushing it up and down at the tempo he wanted . I guess I did that for about 10 min. loving how his cock fit in my mouth and the taste of his pre cum , the whole time wondering if he was going to cum in my mouth or fuck me . I bets10 have to admit I started rubbing my tits as I sucked him and played  a bit with my dick . Hank saw me playing with myself and said ” Don’t you cum bitch you wait til daddy cums 1st ” , I  just nodded my head and kept sucking . After a while longer he told me to go into the bed room get on the bed . I got on the bed on all 4s but he told me no get on me back . He got on top of  me stared kissing me again and feeling me up 1st my tits again then he slid a hand down to my ass started to finger my ass pussy , 1st one finger then 2 then 3 , at 3 my ass was pretty stretched he works his fingers in me  while we kissed and I was moaning into his mouth then he pushed away from me  told me spread my legs and I felt his cock at my ass mouth slowly pushing in I could feel his cock spreading my asshole as he pushed into me I couldn’t believe how far he was going into me it felt so good . It was such a turn on looking up at him as he fucked me , then he reached down and grabbed on of my nipples and pinched it , I groaned and arched my back up into his hard cock . He fucked me for about 15 min fucking me fast then slow then fast again and every once in a while he would push his cock into me as deep as it would go then kind of grind against my ass . Toward the end he was fucking me so hard my dick bets10 giriş was bouncing around throwing pre cum all over us . Then he slammed into me held my legs tight and came into my pussy , while I watched him as he came in me without thinking I grabbed my dick and after about 4 or 5 jerks I came all over my stomach . After we were done he looked down at the cum on my stomach , rubbed his fingers in it then brought it to my mouth and rubbed some on my face . Then he pulled his cock out of me and stood at the end of the bed I slid onto the floor and sucked his cock into my mouth to clean him as he looked down on me Then he told me get dressed just leave those things on the floor . When I came out of the bed room he was a different guy we talked about sports had a few beers then I left . I got home about an hour before my wife and was watching TV when she came home as we hugged she said ” what is that smell ” then I remembered Hand rubbing my cum on my face . I told her I guess it was just sweat I hadn’t showered yet .       I saw Hank a many times after that always me dressing up acting like his wife .He would have me pretend to clean the house or cook  and he would force me into sex . I liked dressing up although not too many guys I was with wanted me too . I liked wearing the bra and nighty but most guy just wanted me in panties , I even went to  Thrift Shop a few times to buy me some nighties and a few skirts and blouses , sometimes when I was alone I’d dress up shove a butt plug up my ass before I sat down to the computer a few times I even went on cam with other guys .   

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