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Hotel sissy slur blowbangSo….about 3 or 4 months ago i met a guy in chatropolis. In the ‘showoffs with webcam room’ ill call him tom as im not sure he and his friends would want me using real names on the web. We talked and flirted for bout an hour. I have to get pretty horny to cam for a guy. He was totally into the kinda stuff that gets me off (sissy humiliation and cum eating) so eventually i cammed for him he watched me dress up girly, toy my ass and finally blow my sissy load into my cum cup before guzzling it down like a crazed slut. All of the time egging me on, teasing me, humiliating me, abusing me until he too shot his thick load for me. Usually at this point its cam off. Get changed and back to normal, but tom wanted to chat more. We did. He was really cool whereas i was nervous and i hate to say a bit giggly. Eventually we swapped email adresses. And logged off.Over the next few weeks we swapped messages. Me just sharing more outrageous fantasies with him. And him begging to cam again. He had friends who wanted to watch too! Id never really spoken with anyone who seemed to be openly into crossdressers. Its usually a kinky dark secret.I cammed for him again. This time i set up a room on quickviseo. I called it christina123. (My sissy name from chatropolis) and waited for them. Tom logged on…said hi…then rang his friend…then another…and again. 10 minutes or so passed where he told me that id like his friends, and again i was giggly. Eventually, one after the other they logged in. I could see each of them. Couple naked, 4 guys logged on to watch me whore myself. Tom took the lead…and again i toyed my ass. Longer this time tho. A good hour i took their orders. Finally, allowing me to cum and drink down a huge load. Each of them then jerked off as i watched…one after the other they came. They thanked me for a wonderful show and rang off. All except tom. We again chatted. He somehow got me all horny again and made me do another show for him. Finally we logged off.A day or so passed and tom sent an email. The guys had enjoyed my show. Would i consider doing it in person? Several long, kinky, flirty emails followed. I said i wanted them all… i wanted to suck them off….i wanted them inside me. We were both clearly turned on by each others messages.Finally a message dropped in my inbox. The tone changed now. Would i meet up? For serious. I thought long and hard….a week passed before i responded. I would do it.I promised to dress for them, i would give them all blowjobs, but no anal. I just thought 4 guys would be too much. And as id never been fucked i was a little scared by the thought.Cutting a long story short it was agreed. A hotel room was booked in a travelodge local to tom. We exchanged phone numbers. And in the week leading up, several very kinky text messages.The day tuzla escort bayan of our meet up arrived and i received a text that one guy couldnt make it. I kinda half expected it to be called of but toms next message was about how excited he was and how his two friends were lookinh forward to it. I packed a bag. And drove the 90 minutes to our rendezvous.About 20 minutes away i got a text. I pulled over to read it. Tom had booked into the hotel and they were in the pub next to the hotel. I parked up and with my bag entered the pub. It took a minute or two to find them. But they had a booth near the back of the pub. Ill call the other two guys dick and harry (see what ive done there) we drank beer for almost an hour. My heary pounding in my chest. …but eventually i calmed. They were nice, normal funny guys. Not stunning to look at. Dick and harry were in their 50’s quite fit. Tom was in his 40’s a little short. Slightly overweight if anything. I asked if they had done this before and they explained only with each other. They had often discussed finding a CD or a tranny to join them. But this was the first time they had ‘struck gold’ (their words, not mine)I stood up and said that we needed to make a move before i chickened out. So we crossed the road and entered the hotel. We took the lift to the 3rd floor and enterred our room. For a second we stood looking at each other. I realised they were as nervous as me. So taking my bag i headed toward the bathroom. ‘Ill get dressed boys’ i said. Beginning to get into my slutty webcam personaAs i shut the door behind me they were each stripping offI stripped naked. I had shaved all over special for today. And i dressed. Black basque. Black lace patterned stockings. Id worn them in our web show and tom had specially requested i wear them. Then my new special treat. Id purchased a pair of dark pink and black stillettos specially for today. A good 6″ heel on a 2″ platform. Theyre actually a size too small as it seems difficult to get anything sexy in a size 9 but i can squeeze them on. Theyre uncomfortable….but so sexy!I topped the outfit off with a bright pink bob cut wig. Then i took my cock ring from my bag. I always have a little difficulty getting it on….and i was pretty much fully erect by now. But i love how it looks and feels, so it was going on. I fumbled my balls though it and was struggling to get my cock through too when there was a gentle knock on the door. ‘Almost ready’ i said….Finally the ring was in place. Real tight making the veins in my engorged cock bulge. I applied a thick layer of pink lipstick. Took my buttplug from my bag and applied some lube in my ass. I know i wasnt gonna fuck….but i still wanted a toy in my ass. I Took a final deep breath and unlocked the door. I stepped into the room. To be greeted by 3 naked, fully tuzla escort bayan erect guys. ‘Oh fuck yes’ one of them said. I held out my butt plug, ‘can one of you boys put this in for me’ i purred. Making my way past them i knelt on the bed offering up my glistening lubed rosebud to them. Tom took the plug from my hand and bagan to tease my boipussy with it. Mmmm….please baby…put it in me i saidHe obeyed. Sliding it into me. It nestled in position. So snug.I knelt up. ‘Whos first?’ I grinned. Harry clambered onto the bed. His back against the headboard. His 7″ angry cock aimed at me like a weapon. I looked him in the eyes. Smiled…then swallowed his cock.. ‘oh fuck…you filthy slut’ he blurted as i bobbed up and down on his cock. Suddenly all of my nerves were gone. I could feel tom fingering at the plug in my asshole. I was in charge now!Harry came quick. Too quick. Filling my mouth with his thick gloopy load. It was salty and bitter. Once i was content id got it all i knelt up. Showed harry his load on my tongue and swallowed it.Tom was sat on the edge of the bed. Swinging my legs around i dropped to the floor between his legs. Kneeling, looking up into his face as he slowly jerked of inches from my face. Dick sat next to him. His cock was shaved smooth and cut…i was saving him till last. Toms cock tasted sweaty, filthy in fact. It didn’t matter. In fact it was better. I worked on him more slowly…id rushed harry…and now felt a little guilty. His hands were at the back of my head. I knew he wouldnt let me stop. I didnt want to. Minutes past as i slurped and licked at his hardon. All the time hes calling me names…slut, faggot, whore, sissy..,all the stuff id told him that i liked in our messagesEventually he pushed me off his cock…and repositioned himself on the bed. Similar to where harry had been. I walked to the foot of the bed. Gently fingering dicks cock as i passed him and smiling to him. I crawled up the bed, slowly toward toms beautiful hard cock. He was wanking it again. I was transfixed. I went to take him back into my mouth… but he forced me down….further south, moving his cock above me. ‘Come on baby….a nasty fuckin slut like you needs to earn my cock’ i licked at his balls but still he eased me down, ‘go on slut you know what i want’ i licked at his arsehole. “Thats it sweetie…eat my fuckin ass like the filthy pig you are”At that second i almost cameI did as i had been told….a new experience for me….oh fuck this was wrong yet i was more turned on than ever. I worked my h
and up between my legs and found my buttplug. I bagan pushing at it…just to feel it a little deeper in me. At first my tongue just flicked at his hole….but somehow that wasnt degrading enough for me…my tongue slid into his asshole. Dick was on the bed next to me, he wanted a escort tuzla close up. “Fucking hell tom…the fuckin slut is eating your asshole” he saidAgain i almost came. I swear….it was only the cock ring saved me.Tom….who had been wanking the whole time i was eating his ass…suddenly spat “fuck im cumming”Letting me up from his ass….my lipstick smeared all over my face his asshole a smeared mess of spit and lipstick he sprayed his hot load into my face. Shot after shot. One huge drop into my eye temporarily blinding me. Finally he was spent. I knelt up and began wiping toms cum from my face with my fingers. Each time licking them clean. Tom was breathing heavy. Harry was sat next to him at the top of the bed grinning ear to ear, tom said ‘jesus baby….i think im in love with you”‘Well tough’ i said ‘dick…where do you want me””On your knees bitch” he saidDick stood witn his back to the wall. That perfect cock of his dripping precum. I walked to him. Grabbed a tissue from the dressing table and cleaned my face. Dick smiled. Pulled me to him and kissed me. “You dirty bastard…said tom….didnt you see her eating my ass”Dick broke off kissing me and i slid to my knees and took him in my mouth.”Oh fuck thats it baby ….suck it…suck it good….suck it slut” he was fucking my face. He had two fistfulls of my pink hair.My cock was harder than ever before as he pumped my mouth full of his semen. His orgasm was huge. His legs almost gave out on him. I swallowed all of his precious jizz. ‘Oh god baby that was amazing he offered by way of thanks.I stood. Glanced at myself in the mirror. Lipstick smeared everywhere. Lips puffy and swolen. I excused myself to the bathroom. Washed my face, straightened my wig and reapplied my makeup. I re entered the room. All 3 guys were lying on the bed and beamed at me as i entered. I tottered to the bed in my heels and jumped onto the bed with them. They made room for me to sit in the middle between them all. I sat up between them. All 4 of us staring at my rigid veiny cock. ‘Fuck boys that was so hot’ Tom grasped my cock….i shuddered and moanedDick took a clear plastic cup from the table next to the bed and rejoined us…I bit my lip and gave him the cutest look i couldHarry positioned himself between my legs and took hold of my buttplug…and began to fuck me with it. Tom loosed my cock”Shall we see if you can cum like a slut too” he saidHarry continued to push the plug in and out of me. Oh god….i was just so hard…so turned on…the taste of cum and ass in my mouth it was all just too much. My whole body spasmed, my breathing deepened. Dick bought the cup to my cock.I actually cried out as if in pain as the first shot of my jizz finally forced its way past my cockringI heard it hit the plastic cup….quckly following by 3,4,5 more thick blasts. I was writhing in ecstasy, our bodies a heaving mass of sex on this hotel bed. “Finished?” Dick saidI nodded. He bought the cup to my lips to drink. I eagerly gobbled down my own load.I looked down the bed….all 3 of my suiters were rock hard againTbc

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