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holiday suprise 3 and a bitI will finish this story of my experience if it kills me…..We were on the bed with myself and Tomas either side of his wife, Ania. She was keen to take us in her mouth but, more due to the size of her husband than me, she couldn’t manage both. Instead she rubbed our cocks together, using each one to excite the other. Thomas was hard now, thanks in no small part to the viagra I’m sure, as was I. As she rubbed head on head I wanted to do everything to each of them and them to do anything to me but it was to be a short lived experience. I came hard and long all over Tomas’ cock, covering it in spunk. He immediatly returned the favour and Ania rubbed it into our swollen cocks and balls while grinning happily. None was wasted as she massaged darıca escort our mixed spunk into our balls and using it as a lube to finger our arseholes. Pushing one slippery finger into me and then a second.Pushing Tomas and I onto the bed she settled between us, barely pausing to swap hands to continue finger fucking us both. There was so much spunk to use on us.’I want a show’, she said.A show! Shit.’I want to see Jack in you Tomas’.That suited me cos my cock was still hard enough to chop sticks with and I moved myself over as Tomas rolled onto his side for me. Ania lifed his left leg and guided me into his arse. Hot, tight and smooth.I fucked him deep and slow as Ania continued to finger my arse, the mix of spunk stating to dry and become uncomfortable.’You escort darıca need more lube in you. Shall we keep it natural? Fuck it out of him or you’ll be very dry when it’s his turn to fuck you’, she panted.I like this game but I was getting sore so started to speed up fucking his arse.As a flash of inspiration I pulled Tomas onto all fours and hammered his arse to make myself come, cos that’s what I thought she meant.I pounded away and watched Ania wanking her husband but still pushing her fingers into me. He came into her hand and she quickly pushed it all into my arse.I felt wet and sloppy again.Thomas rolled onto his back, forcing me out of him just as I was coming and I shot my second load onto his cock and balls.Eager to fill myself I span round darıca escort bayan and squated over his hard cock.Despite being well lubed up and stretched by Anias fingers it was still a tight fit. God his cock was big but my head was spinning as I bounced up and down on him. Ania sat on a chair watching with fingers in her cunt and arse.Tomas wasn’t cummimg any time soon and I was rolled over onto my belly to get more cock than I ever imagined possible.Suddenly he froze and I thought ‘Thank God, he’s cuming’, but a quick look showed him spreading his legs to let Ania lick and finger his sticky arsehole.So I pushed my arse out and fucked him.He didn’t last long and came deep in me.Ania was beside herself but Tomas and I demanded a break. Sticky from each others spunk we lay down as Ania brought us a reviving schnapps.’I feel left out’, she said happily. ‘Perhaps another little pill, for me?’.We both laughed as our cocks were still like rolling pins.I’m sure the rest will be of no suprise….

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