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Hockey Buddy and His Wife – Part 9After hockey season is over, a bunch of guys from my league go up to Canada and play in a tournament. I decided to go along this year for the first time. Pete and I were to be roommates and play on the same tournament team. Pete is my bisexual buddy. I cuckhold him and fuck his wife while he does what every I tell him. We drove up Thursday night and played a game Friday afternoon. Friday evening we went to dinner. Some of the guys were going to a strip bar from there but I did not want to watch girls shake their tits, I wanted to get more up-close and personal, so I went with a friend Joe to go bar hopping and try to pick up some woman. The second bar we went to was great. Nice atmosphere and lots of babes. We struck up a conversation with a couple of cuties named Alice and Monique. Both were short, blond, busty, and cute as hell. It seemed that they were at the bar for the same reason as us because when we said we were staying at a hotel near by their eyes lit up. We had one drink in the hotel bar then it seemed as though we were paired up, Joe with Alice and me with Monique. Now I’m above average looking, but Monique is better looking than than most girls who will go out with me. Joe and I are in our 30’s and Alice and Monique are in their 20’s so maybe they thought of us as more mature and established than 20-something guys. Anyway. I ask Monique to go up to my room and she agrees. She is about five-foot one, thick blond hair, bight blue eyes, a little ski-slope nose and big kissable lips. In the room I sit in a chair and pull Monique on to my lap and kiss her. She is a great kisser. I am enjoying yer luscious lips and her c-cup breasts poking into my chest. Our hands are starting to roam around each other’s bodies and I am getting very hard. Monique starts rubbing her crotch against my dick and I know this is going to be fun. I stand up as I hold on to Moniques thighs and now I am standing and her legs are wrapped around me. We kiss then I lower her down and rub her crotch across my hard on. “I want to see you naked” I say. I sit in the padded chair and say, “Why don’t you strip for me.” She smiles and starts unbuttoning her blouse. She takes it off and throws it at me. She is wearing a semi-transparent bra and she juts her breasts our and says. “Do you like what you see?” “Not yet. Take that bra off.” I say. And she does. Her tits are incredible; high and firm with semi-stiff nipples. “Oh my God. Bring those beautiful things over here.” I say. Monique comes over and pull her to me and suck on her left tit, then the right. While I am having fun in paradise, Monique notices the gap in the shades. “Oh man. What floor are we on?” She asks. The f******nth floor I say. She goes over to the window and opens the curtains. We are looking our over the city and down on the downtown streets. I move the chair over to the window and sit down again and keep sucking on those fabulous tits. Then I push Monique back and say, “Okay, now finish stripping.” “Right here in the window?” She asks. “Do you think someone might see me from another building?” malatya escort “I hope so.” I reply. Monique blushes but her nipples get even harder and I think she likes the idea. She shimmies out of her jeans then turns around to show me her ass. My God she is a fox. What a body. Flawless skin, perky tits, tight ass, I am practically drooling. Still facing away from me she lowers her panties down and looks back at me as I admire her ass and pussy winking back at me. I stand up and take off my shirt and pants. I just have my knit boxers on now and she can clearly see the outline of my hard-on. She stares at my boner and smiles. ‘I can tell I’m going to like that.” She says. I put Monique in the chair and kiss her some more while I run my hands over her body. Then I kiss my way down her body, stopping at each breast, then down her stomach, to her snatch. I put one leg up on the arm of the stuffed chair to open-up her womanhood. She is shaved except for a little patch above her slit. I kiss around the outer lips and gently give them licks. Then I slide a finger inside her – WOW is she wet. I put the other leg on the arm of the chair so she is spread wide for me. She smells great and I move in and take one of her inner lips into my mouth, then the other one. She is saying “Oh Yes. Oh Yes.” and running her hands through my hair. Then I start licking her from the bottom to the top with long slow licks. First on one side then the other. At the top of each lick I just barely brush against the side of her clit which is standing up proud. Keep in mind, we are right in front of the floor to celling windows. The other buildings as tall as ours are a block away but some one could be watching us for their or from lower floors close by. Finally I put a finger in Monique’s vagina and zero in on her clit with short little licks. Now she goes nuts. She grabs my head and starts thrusting against my mouth and lets out little sharp moans. I know she is close to cumming and I flick her clit against my top teeth and she goes off like a firecaracker soaking my face and hands. When she clams down and slumps back in the chair I move up and whisper in her ear. “You are delicious.” Then I kiss her and let her taste herself on my mouth. “That was awesome.” She says. And we cuddle for a few minutes. Monique then slid down on to the floor and grabbed my cock. It was fully hard and leaking pre-cum. She licked the pre-cum off the head with a long lick as she looked me in the eyes. She licked up and down the shaft then took me into her warm, wet mouth. She looked me in the eyes as she bobbed up and down on my dick. Her position on the floor gave her great position to bob deeply up and down on my shaft. I leaned back and moaned and started thrusting up into her mouth.’Oh no you don’t said Monique as she pulled back. We have some fucking to do before you cum.” She stood up and I pulled her to me. I buried my face between her big tits then sucked her nipples one at a time. I needed my dick to calm down a bit or I would blast off too fast when we started fucking. I stood and turned Monique towards escort malatya the window. We had one light on in the room and someone outside would see us silhouetted in the window, but we could still see the city lights outside. I had Monique put her hands on the window and stick her ass out towards me. Then I got down on my knees and spread her legs more. Oh my God what an ass this girl has. I kissed her ass cheeks then move in towards her gash. Monique spread her legs wide and kept arching her back more and more until her ass and labia were opened up to me. I licked her up and down from her rose-bud to her clit. I’d flick her clit with my nose in her sweet-smelling vagina, then lick inside her, up to the top of her vulva, then over the sensitive area between her vagina and her anus, then up further and run my tongue through her ass crack. “Oh you are a nasty boy.” Said Monique. “That feels fucking great.” I then ran my finger back and forth rapidly over her clit while I licked her ass. Monique came like gang busters drenching my hand and swearing like a sailor. Before she could come down from her orgasm, I stood and shoved my dick into her vagina. ‘Oh God Yes!” she yelled and I started thrusting away. “This is like a Hollywood Movie.” Monique said. This was the moment I had been anticipating all night. I was fucking a gorgeous girl, in my hotel room overlooking the city. At that moment, there was a click and the door opened. I looked back and saw Pete standing in the entrance with his mouth wide open staring at Monique and me. “What was that noise?” Monique said. “That was Pete, my roommate. He just returned from the bars. I can tell him to leave, or I can tell him to watch us. He always does what ever I tell him to do. It might be fun to have him watch from inside while someone out there is watching us from outside.”Monique replied, “He does what ever you tell him to do? That sounds a bit kinky. Tell him to stay and watch
.”I called to Pete, “Come over hear and sit in the chair. You can watch us fuck.” Pete was sitting in the chair in a flash. I resumed fucking Monique but slowly this time so Pete could watch my dick saw in and out. He was just a couple of feet from us in the chair by the window. “Did you have a good time at the titty bars, Pete?” I asked. “I bet you did not wee any woman as hot as Monique here.” Pete was transfixed. “She is fucking hot, that’s for sure.” He replied. I grapped Monique’s hips and started fucking her faster and faster. I reminded Monique that I was not wearing a condom and she replied, “That’s okay. I’m on the pill. I want you to cum inside of me.” I was building up to my orgasm and Monique took one had off the window and started diddling her clit. She started to cum and her knees buckled. We went down to the floor with me still inside of her. I rammed her as fast and hard as I could, now doggy style, and I had great leverage. I roared and came hard and long inside her now very wet pussy. We fell over sideways and panted as we calmed down. My dick softened and slid out of Monique’s sloppy pussy. I stood and pulled Monique malatya escort bayan up with me. I sat in the other chair facing Pete and put Monique in my lap, also facing Pete. Her legs were splayed and Pete was staring at her leaking vagina. “Did you enjoy the show?” Monique asked teasingly. Pete could only nod and stare at her crotch (and perhaps my dick slick with her juices). Monique whispered in my ear, “What did you mean that he does what ever you tell him?”I whispered back, “Exactly that. Do you want him to lick your pussy? Suck my dick? Masturbate for you?” “Oh my, you boys are kinky!” Monique said. “You decide what you want him to do.” I put Pete to work. “Pete, come over here and get on your knees.” Pete got on his knees and got crawled the few feet to Monique and me. “Pete, Monique is leaking cum and making a mess. Why don’t you lick her pussy and suck my cum out so it does not keep making a mess.” Monique was still sitting on my lap and she put one foot up on the chair to spread her crotch open wide. Pete dove in enthusiastically and was licking and sucking my cum from Monique’s vagina. She held on to the back of his head and thrust herself repeatedly into his face. This was getting me excited and my dick started growing and was moving up into Pete’s chin. “Will he suck your dick?” Monique asked me quietly. “That would be hot.” I gave Pete a new order. “Pete, suck my dick.” My dick was now up against his cheek so he turned and took me into his mouth and started bobbing up and down enthusiastically. “Holy shit.” Monique said. “You guys really are kinky.” After Pete sucked me for a minute, Monique pushed him back and guided my prick into her sloppy cunt. She bounced up and down for a bit and ordered Pete around. “Lick my clit. Now lick Greg’s balls. Now lick my clit.” Then she pulled my dick out of herself and had Pete lick and suck my sloppy dick. Then she said, “Okay boys, make me cum.” Pete guided my dick back into her cunt and had Pete lick her clit. I was thrusting hard with my balls bouncing off Pete’s chin until Monique and I both started to cum noisily. When we were done, Pete pulled out my dick and sucked the last of the cum form my balls. Then he licked Monique’s sloppy gash. I then said, “Pete has been through a lot tonight without cumming. Pete stand up and take your pants off.”Pete stood in front of us with his pants on the floor and his little dick sticking out at full mast. I spit on my hand and started jacking him off. Monique started stroking his balls and in just a minute or so Pete started thrusting into my hand then blasted his cum onto Monique’s tits and stomach. Pete’s eyes closed and his head tilted back as he continued cum. When he was done, Pete’s knees buckled and he went back down to his knees. I stuck my thumb in his mouth and had him suck-off the bit of cum on my hand. Then I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him into Monique. “Clean up your mess, Pete.” I commanded. And of course he did licking his cum from Monique’s chest and belly. Monique and I took a shower. After that she called (and woke up) her friend Alice. They decided to head home. As I kissed Monique goodbye, I asked if she wanted to get together tomorrow night after we played hockey. She said, “I’m getting into this kinky stuff.” and gave me her phone number. Tag: bisexual, cum eating, cuckhold,

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