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Hiking in the Mountains Part IIWhen I got home from my hiking trip in the mountains, I had a message on my answering machine. It was John whom I just met up on the mountain. I hit the play button and listened to what he had to say.” Hello Goodhummer. Just wanted to thank you for making my day so enjoyable and making me want to enjoy life again. It has been very hard since my wife passed but you have shown me that life goes on. I would love to take you to dinner to show you my appreciation. I hope that you except. John “I thought that was so nice that I called him back. We made plans to go out the following week on Tuesday. When Tuesday rolled around I got myself ready and wore my capped sleeve satin dress. It was Red so I put on my red lipstick and painted my fingernails to match. I told john that i would meet him halfway and we could go from there. When I got there John was waiting. He got out and came over to the car and opened my door. Such a gentleman. I got into his car and we went to dinner. After a most enjoyable dinner and very good conversation, it was time to leave. I looked at john and I sensed he didn’t want me the leave. I asked what the matter John. He said ” I have just güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri spent the evening with the most gorgeous woman in the restaurant and I want to spend more time with you.” I leaned into him and whispered in his ear ” When was the last time a women gave you a blowjob in your car? ” He looked at me smiled and said ” A long Time” I leaned in and kissed him grabbed his hand and said “Lets go”We left in his car and I told him where to go. We pulled into this old road that I knew about where nobody goes. He shut the car off and turned out the lights. I leaned over and started kissing him I moved his seat back. My hand grazing his crotch. Our tongues darted inside our mouths. My hand made it’s way to his pants. I felt that he was hard already. My hand rubbed his cock through his pants. Yes he was ready for me to show him a good time. I said close your eyes and enjoy. I moved over and undid his belt. Next it was his button and zipper. I pulled his pants down and then his underwear. There it was the cock I just sucked last week. I moved down into the front of the passenger seat. I laid over the console. My hands wrapped around his cock. The perabet moonlight was shining on him. His cock was big and wet. I slowly started running my hands up and down on his cock. My hands would come up and over his cockhead. First the right then the left. I wanted his cock. As I stroked him his precum would lube my hands. So moist and my hands slide up and down on his shaft. I moved closer so I could lick the moistness of his cock. My lips touched his cockhead. He flinched and pushed his cock into my mouth. I kept my mouth on his cock so he could feel the warmth of my mouth. I felt his hands on my head letting him guide me. His hands held my ears as he slowly pushed and pulled my head over his cock. His cock was so wet that it slid in and out with ease. I let him control how he wanted his cock to be sucked. Up and down and in and out his cock slid in my mouth. It felt so good to give him what he wanted. I sucked him as he guided me. I wanted more so i tried to quicken the pace but he slowed me down. So for the next 30 minutes I sucked his cock just like he wanted. Then it was my turn. I slowly quicken the pace. Siding my lips and mouth over his cock. As it got perabet giriş wetter I let it slide on my throat. After a short time i was deepthroating his cock. As I felt his pubic hairs on my lips I would stop and take all of his cock. Letting his cock inside my throat. His moans became loud. he would hold my head as he thrusted his cock. he was ready to cum. I worked my magic and let him fuck my mouth. I felt his balls and knew he had a big load for me. faster and faster i worked his cock. With one large thrust and his hands holding my head, he shot his first load down my throat. he had such a big load that some oozed from my lips and down his shaft. I knew that was only the beginning. Squirt after squirt he pumped his cum into my mouth. I pulled back slightly so i could swallow his hot load. Then I would go back for more. I did this about 6-7 times. It seems that he was saving this for me. As I felt his cock getting smaller, I kept my mouth on his cock so I could have all of his cum. I laid my head in his lap for about 5 minutes. I pulled his cock out and looked at it. My lipstick was all over his cock. I looked at John and his eyes opened and he leaned over and kissed me. Thank you so much for making me a happy man. I said ” Your truly welcome. “We got cleaned up and he drove me back to my car. He opened my door and helped me to my car. I look at him, hugged him, and asked if he would want to go out next week. Answer ” Hell Yes”To be continued.

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