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Hikers beware!When you go hiking there’s a few things to remember. 1. There may be large carnivorous a****ls, 2. There may be snakes, 3. Always have protection. Ok with this advice we go to the story. My ex-husband and I loved to go hiking and camping and rappelling when we lived in Alaska. We would always go to the area around Turnagain Arm. One afternoon we were just out messing around, wandering the trails, basically just having fun. As we were walking along I noticed he was getting further and further behind. I continually had to stop and wait for him. I was getting a bit upset, we had come out here to have fun and relax, not just to stand in one place. When he caught up to me again I asked him if he was ok. He told me he was fine, just a bit hungry. Well when he said it I realized I was hungry too. So we sat down and took out a couple granola bars. We were sitting on a log when I noticed his “log” was very hard. I thought to myself, now there is aydın escort a beautiful site. I quickly finished my snack, and put my hand on his thigh. I said “Now I see your problem.” He just laughed and told me it was about time. Here we are in the middle of a forest in the beautiful state of Alaska and he was horny. Well I figured since we were somewhat off the trail, and there was such a fine log right here, we may as well not waste the opportunity. I got on my knees between his legs and unbuttoned his pants. His cock was more than willing to leave the tight confines of his pants. I slowly licked the tip and took his long hot cock into my mouth. He stood up then so he could pull his pants down further. I stayed on my knees sucking his cock and loving it. When he was good and hard he pulled me up and we kissed. Then he took my pants off and laid them on the stump. Next I sat on the stump and opened my legs for him. He got on his knees and slowly escort aydın started licking my hot wet pussy. It felt so good. I was totally into it then. When I was wet, he got up and slid his long thick cock into my tight wet pussy. He was making sweet passionate love to me right there somewhat off a much used trail. We could see the trail but there were some trees between us and the trail. As he started fucking me a bit harder and faster, that was when we heard it. People were coming up the trail we were on. With him and I well on our way to cumming we didn’t want to stop. He stopped fucking me, but stayed deep inside me, as the other hikers were getting closer. My pussy was so close to cumming, that I was moving into him as he stayed still. He looked at me and smiled but remained still. We were watching the trail, making sure the other people were hopefully not going to see us or hear us. I started to cum because it was so hot. He put his aydın escort bayan hand over my mouth to muffle my moans and started to fuck me slowly. The other group of people fortunately kept walking and after a few minutes they were no longer in site and we couldn’t hear them any longer. That was when he fucked me hard and fast making me cum all over him again. He quickly came deep in my pussy. We cleaned up somewhat (I took his cock into my mouth and cleaned him up that way). He cleaned my pussy with his tshirt and we quickly made our way back down the mountain. We didn’t run into any other hikers on our journey back to the truck, which was probably for the best because, he remained rock hard. We got to the truck and threw our backpack into the bed, and swiftly left the area. Horny and excited, and laughing at the thrill of all that had happened. When we got back home, we had a wonderful evening of pure, raw sex. So just remember, when hiking in the wilderness you may run into some carnivores (we certainly fit that bill since we ate each other), You may see snakes (my husbands cock qualifies as a snake), and always, always make sure you have protection (I was on the depo shot).

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