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High School TeacherA true story from highschool about me and a teacher. For starters I am a 6’3 short haired, built body, and well hung a little over 9 inches. She was one of the best looking teachers in the school and was 26, (I was 17 at the time)and she was about 5’3 short brunette hair, big brown eyes, pale white, large DD breast with a nice curvy body, wide hips and a huge ass, yes she was skinny too. Im pretty sure she was Italian because of her big nose which made her even more sexy but anyways..I was a WR on the football team and was having some trouble in her class and i could tell she liked me cause she always encouraged me, and one day she came in this tight v-neck shirt that i couldnt stop staring at her cleavage and had one this short sexy skirt that was nice and tight around her perfect ass. Throughout the class she noticed i was more focused on her instead of the class and told me to stay afterwards so i did..” Hey you wanted me to stay?” i said,she answered in a weird voice asking “What could possibly be more important then the class im teaching that you are not paying attention when you need too?”I was left speechless not knowing what to say i stood there and just shrugged my shoulders hoping she would let me go but instead got up closed the door and came back over to me and said”Is it me? You know I am married right that Im not just some girl you can stare at” “I know Im very sorry i just couldnt help when you wear an outfit like that” i said”Well the way you and your teammates look at me why not?” she replyed as i stood there very confused for a moment as she just smiled at me and then said..”I enjoy it, my husband never looks at me like you do and ive come to like you over the last year after watching you play seeing how strong and handsome you are”I was very shocked to what she had just said and was just standing there looking at her thinking this had to be some sort of joke which it wasnt as she stood up canlı bahis and told me to sit in a chair as she roughly grabbed my cock through my pants, her tits staring me in the face as her eyes widened and said “Jesus thats soft?” I nodded “It feels bigger then my husbands already”As she kissed my lips and began to slide down my shorts as my cock just resting there semi hard as she got on her knees and stroked it and begin sucking on it as i arched back to begin enjoying still shocked at the fact its my teacher. After a short 5 minutes there was a knock on the door as she quickly jumped up as i pulled up my pants to go open the door to the janitor to see if the room needed cleaning she nodded as we both walked out going our separate ways.The next day she saw me and said hello as if nothing happened, yet again telling me to stay after class as i did.”My husband wont be home tonight heres my address and number be at my house by 6″ as she handed me a tiny paper with her address and number with a heart next to it and just walked out. I was kind of nervous as to whether or not i should have gone but i maned up and did and was at her house by 6 as she greeted me seeming she must have forgotten i was coming over because she had on a sports bar and yoga shorts and sneakers where she was working out in her house, i greeted her back and entered as she walked infront of me i just stared at her ass, the yoga shorts made it look unreal i couldnt control myself as i just grabbed it and groped it as she stopped and turned asking”Like the way it feels?””It feels amazing and looks just as good” i answered and laughedWe walked into her living room as i sat on her couch and she asked if i wanted a drink and i respectfully said no thanks then said to her” Why did you want me to come ?” “To talk about what happened in the classroom the other day” she saidSo right away i though it wasnt to continue but for her to apologize and just go bets10 on normally but i was wrong..”well i need it..” she paused and i looked at her with a question like face as she didnt say another word and just leaned in and kissed me as her hand went straight to rubbing my cock through my pants, as i kissed her back and rested my hand on her waist, as she wanted to get right to it i could tell because she was undoing my pants as we kissed and stopped kissing me and got right to her knees as she took my cock in her mouth and roughly started to bob her head up and down my long shaft, i looked at her with enjoyment as i burred out ” Shit you know how to suck dick” and she looked up at me and smiled as i could see in her eyes how much she loved my cock and how she never had one like it before.As she blew me for about 20 minutes she stopped and told me to follow her to her room so i did of course and as we walked in i couldnt control myself any more as i just grabbed her my her ass and lifted her into my arms kissing her passionately as i laid her on her bed she removed her sports bra revealing her massive 34DD tits, so perfectly round and perky i started to suck on them and grope the other with my hand while she moaned with pleasure. I made my way down her stomach to her yoga shorts as i pulled them off to notice no underwear just her bare clean pussy which looked untouched as i spread her legs and slowly ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips, she tasted amazing and smelt so good even though she was sweaty from working out but i didnt care as i drove my tongue into her wet pussy while rubbing her clit with my fingers, her moans got louder as i felt her push my head down only to notice she had orgasmed as i saw her cream drip out of her pussy as i jumped on to the bed and laid next to her for a minute and said” Guessing your husband never did that to you huh?” She couldnt even answer as she just gasped for air bets10 giriş as i turned her face to me and kissed her making her taste her juices as i feel her hand grabbed and stroke my cock she looks at me and whispers” I need it ” i then stood up over her and laid her on the pillows as i went to grab a condom she said “You dont need that” i then said ” are you sure? i dont want you to get pregnant” and her response was ” I dont care i want to feel it” I made my way back to the bed as i got on and leaned over her rubbing the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy i slowly went to put it in but she was so tight i needed to force it a bit as she screamed in a painful yelp as i would stick it in more and more her back arched and her hands clawed my arms, as i felt my cock opening her pussy like it was her first time and god she felt amazing and i noticed her get used to it i would start to go a little deeper and faster with my thrust as i laid over her kissing her pumping in and out of her to where she couldnt even kiss but just moan loudly while her hands scratch my back i begin to thrust alot harder and faster to where i feel her pussy squeeze my cock as she screams ” Oh god im cumming!!” i was amazed at hw much my teacher loved my cock which made me thrust harder and harder watching her big titties bounce around as i pounded her tight pink pussy, feeling her juices run down my balls. After 40 minutes of pounding her i say ” im going to cum where do you want it” she gave no answer but just wrapped her legs around me as i couldnt hold it any longer as i gave one more hard deep thrust before unloading my cum inside her all used up pussy as my cum just kept coming out of my cock it would exit her pussy while i was still cumming, i never came that much in my life before as i pulled out the rest of my cum flowed out as i laid next to her exhausted as she smiled ” That was the best sex i ever had, im keeping you around” then hugged me and past out on my chest. We ended up fucking 3 more times that night and she blew me before i left, Im now 22 and still fuck her to this day. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my experience, will have more stories up soon.

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