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Her happiest day…It was a Saturday morning, she was getting ready to go to her friend Olivia’s place. They were friends throughout the school years, and Olivia had moved to NY for college. She was coming back home after almost 4 years. Olivia’s parents arranged a party that evening but, Olivia promised to go to her friend first since she was close to the airport. She was excited to meet Olivia after a long time…She wanted to be fresh got ready for a quick shower. It was feeling fresh with the new body wash and the warm water. She finished the shower and applied the body mist… Started to dress up and done with the panty and bra… her body and hair was still wet and drops of water was dripping on the floor. Some lucky drops could roll over her body before they fell on the floor. Some naughty ones rolled on her chest… she started wiping her dark black long hair.”Ding”…! Doorbell rang, she was surprised that her friend came early? She went to the door, but it was Olivia’s brother Justin. He told, Olivia’s flight was delayed by 2 hours and he is here to pick her to give a surprise to Olivia in the airport. He asked, may I come in? She said, I am sorry, please come in. She walked him towards the sofa and turned on the TV. Suddenly she realized she is in her panty, bra and the towel barely covering her. Quickly she kept the TV remote on the table, her towel slide from her side, making her hair drop down on her chest… water drops were still dripping. She noticed Justin is in front of her and could see her big boobs tightly held by her bra. Justin said…you are beautiful, lifted the towel from the floor and handed to her. He was standing so close to her, he could smell her new body mist…he noticed her deep breath by the way canlı bahis her chest was moving up and down. He always had a hidden crush on her. He came very close to her and gave a soft kiss on her lips. She liked it and she kissed him back. It looked like she was ready to surrender herself for the moment…He hugged her, running is hand on her back… she was full aroused. Slowly, he unhook her bra and took it off. Her big boobs plunged on him. He laid her on the sofa and stared to kiss softly her boobs… his fingers were running all over her boobs, rubbing her hard nipples. She was feeling the pleasure and closed her eyes, give herself completely enjoying the sweet moment. He continued kissing her chest, neck, make her moan….He started moving downwards… kissing her belly, licking the belly button… which made her to moan more Ahhhhh… kisses on her thigh, legs and feet…her feet and toes were so soft… he took out his pant and the underwear. His cock was so aroused, standing up and very stiff. She managed her hands over his cock, inviting him for the sweet journey. He started rubbing her feet on to his hard cock…soon he landed his face on her kitty, he took her panty quickly…her kitty was very moist… He stated with kissing the clits…he could smell her famine scent, made him more excited…he could see little white discharge in her pussy, he licked it and licked everywhere. He started rubbing his nose, tongue up and down along her clit opening…sucked her soft clits and try pushing his tongue inside… made her moaning louder. He started feeling the pussy with his fingers…slowly guiding the middle finger to enter the wet hole…he could feel all the uneven edges of the pussy… His fingers were in search of her bahis siteleri G-spot. It was hard but he could manage to get it very deep inside… rubbing it made her get really wet. He could feel it in his hand…and realized the next mission… He slide a pillow below her ass to get her pussy up a little bit. He took enough saliva to lubricate his hard huge cock. Before he pushed it in, he started rubbing the pussy up and down with guiding his cock with his hand…soon he pushed his hard cock inside… it wasn’t easy … she was tight, but the cock made its way… all the way inside.She could feel the huge one inside her, her pussy was grabbing his cock so tight like a succession, whenever he moved back, his cock used to pull her along. He started stroking harder and the pussy started becoming little softer and so wet, that he could hear the notice it is making. Every push he made it so hard that his balls were flapping her but. Her legs where so spread that he could go fully deep. The deep stroking continued for long time and he realized he is almost at his peak.He whispered, I am cumming !! Yes, she replied with the eyes closed… strokes were becoming harder and harder, she kept her legs surrounding his waist and locked her feet. He got the indication that, she want it inside…soon he started cumming. It was a burst of warm thick white cum…soaked her pussy…she started tightening her legs to make sure he is inside all the time. She could feel his warmth inside and his cock was like lid…didn’t let anything come out…He rested there without moving an inch. After few minutes, his cock returned to it’s normal size and slipped out of her pussy pulling little cum out. She rested her feet on the sofa arm to stop leaking the cum out bahis şirketleri of her pussy. She indicated him to come closer to her. She took his soft cock covered with cum in her mouth. She tasted it with full satisfaction, licked it and took every bit of it. She noticed still few drops are coming out of his tiny hole… she started to suck the tip of his cock and now he started “Oh God”, he could feel cum is getting sucked out. She softly started licking the cock and his balls…He felt so relaxed. He sat down on the floor, resting his face on her chest, brushing her hair with his fingers. They rested for some time, dressed up and left together to airport to receive Olivia. She had great time with Olivia and her full family in the party. Justin was a real gentleman and never let anyone know about this in the party. He knew he has to drop her back to her apartment and Olivia is having sleepover, he wanted to end the day with one more sweet moment. During the party when she was in the kitchen alone, he whispered to her to come out to backyard. She gave excuse of restroom and came out, it was little dark. He was waiting in the big backyard. He took her behind one of the trees, held her with her behind the ears, passionately skiing her lips. She wanted one more moment, she lifter her dress, and no panty !!! As she bent against the tree, he is ready with his hard cock. He pushed it inside her, it was little easy. It was a tensed moment, not to get caught, they wanted a quicky. They were done in few minutes, she quickly ran inside and started mixing with her friend’s cousins. She felt something on her thighs, soon she realized it was his thin watery cum started flowing. Everyone was so involved in the party, she knew no one will notice. She just kept rubbing her other leg when she feel the flow. When she went back home all her inner thigh was covered with hardened cum…! She took a quick shower and went to the bedroom where Olivia and her cousin waiting for gossip night….

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