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Her GameTom was sitting in the chair as she stood infront of him. She was so gorgeous and sexy. She was swaying and her hips were moving as she danced for him. She had on the wet t-shirt that had wine poured over it showing the shape of her huge tits. He was getting hard just looking at her. Then she turned showing how the skimpy thong went between her ass cheeks up her crack. She had the great round bubble butt so sexy and inviting. She knew just how much she turned him on. She could see the outline of his thick long cock through the tight white briefs. He was like a hung stallion and twice as horny. He loved to fuck and could never get enough pussy. Most nights he would fuck her till she could barely walk the next day and his cock would also be sore. He always woke her up eating her pussy and tongue fucking her cunt and he could do this for hours. Then he would ass fuck her with his monster dick. He was her first lover and he was huge the first time he fucked her when she was just sixteen. She felt like he was going to split her in two. He could not get enough of her tight cunt and either had his tongue fingers or cock in it many times day and night. He had taught her how to turn him on and please him and she was good at it. His stamina was amazing. She poured more wine over her tits and the shirt was now almost see through. Her nipples were rock hard and she could see his cock jerk as she danced very close to him. She then pulled the shirt off and grabbed hs head with her hands and rubbed her tits over his lips as he stuck his tongue out to lick her nice big globes. She poured wine over her tits and let him lick it off. She then backed away from him and poured wine down the front of her thong and over her pussy. She stepped out of the thong and stood on his chair and grabbed his head once more and rubbed her pussy over his face. He knew what to do and stuck his tongue out and she rubbed her pussy over his tongue letting him lick the wine. She put her leg up over his shoulder and he went quickly to her cunt and began licking and sucking her clit then he tongue fucked her sucking the cum out of her. She pulled his head tight to her fuck hole as he worked her hard. He loved pussy and she loved how he could make her feel with his magic tongue. He brought his hands to her ass cheeks and pulled canlı kaçak bahis her tight to him as he licked sucked and fucked her cunt. Then he pushed a finger in to her ass and as his tongue fucked her cunt his finger fucked her ass and she was now moaning and cum was flowing out her cunt for him to lick clean. Then he turned her keeping her legs on each side of him and bent her over and began to lick her asshole. As he tongued her ass he shoved two fingers into her cunt and ravaged both holes. He worked her cunt and ass for over an hour and then he pushed her to his cock. She poured wine over his briefs and his hard cock. She then pulled his briefs off and let the huge shaft pop out. She never got tired looking at how endowed he was. Now he was hard and cum was leaking out his slit on his puffed head. She took the wine and poured it over his cock and his balls. She then began to lick the cum and the wine off him. She loved the huge head on his cock. It was so soft and velvety and she loved licking and sucking it as much as he enjoyed her talent. She sucked on the head as she grabbed his balls and squeezed them and played wth them. They also were huge and hard and she liked them that way. She then took nine inches of his cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it. He moaned and arched his back raising his cock to her. She spread his legs as she sucked on his cock and then took one more inch in her mouth. Her one hand massaged his balls as she sucked and she then took her other hand and shoved two fingers into his asshole and pushed them deep and began to finger fuck his ass as she sucked his enormous cock. He told her “More, give me more.” She added another finger to his ass and let her teeth run up and down his thick cock. He was so turned on and she tried to get another inch of cock in her mouth and down her throat. He was now yelling “Suck that cock baby. Grab those balls and fuck my ass hard. Make me cum and give you a load of warm juice. You are so good and know just what I like. Suck me. Suck me hard.” She worked him hard and then she felt him jerk and the warm cream run down her throat. That turned her on and she kept sucking and ass fucking him keeping that monster cock hard and bringing him up to spraying her with cum one more time. She then stood on the floor and took bahis siteleri canlı his hand and led him to the bed. She laid him on his back and opened the drawer next to the bed and put two cock rings down his cock. She then bound his balls with very thin chains. She rubbed the slit on the head of his cock till she had him hard once again. She laid on top of him and began tongue kissing his mouth trading tongues with him. She then kissed down to his nipples and first licked them then sucked them. She took one in her teeth and pulled on it. He moaned and said “Yes, more please. Keep that up. I love it. Look how hard it makes my cock.” She looked and his cock was hard and standing straight up. She opened the drawer once again and brought out the huge dildo. It was long and thick and had ties attached to it. She then shoved it deep into his asshole and tied the ties around his legs keeping it tight in him. Now he was moaning and his cock was jerking. She next moved a tit to his mouth and let him suck. She moved back and forth keeping him from one tit to the next. He was like a staving baby as he sucked on her big hard nipples. As he sucked she spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy against his hip bone. She soon began to cum and cover his hip with her cum getting him wet. She humped him hard with her snatch as her leg humped his cock. Then she shifted and put her cunt over his cock and let it slip inside her. She told him “I do love that big huge cock. Now fuck me hard. Fill my cunt with that big thick meat and show me how you can make me scream. I want it deep and hard like you can do it for me. Make me not able to walk as you fuck me like a maniac. Use that big horse sized cock and fuck me like a stallion fucks his mare. Ride me hard and deep. Make me hurt.”He used his hands to push her cunt down deep on his cock as he fucked her with his cock that had the two rings on it and the dildo in his ass making him harder and bigger. With the rings and already cumming twice he was going to fuck her cunt for a long time and she would be sore and lucky to walk. He loved when he left her sore and raw. That was how she loved it also. He loved sticking his big hard cock into her tight cunt and fucking her deep and rough. As he bounced her on his hard cock he then began to swat her ass canlı bahis spanking her hard. She screamed “Yes. Spank me hard.” She then reached over and grabbed a paddle out of the drawer and put it in his hand. He leaned her forward and as he rammed his cock deep in her cunt he then began spanking her ass with the paddle. Every smack he rammed his cock in deeper and harder. He than gave her twenty hard fast smacks first on one ass cheek then the other. As he spanked her he felt her cunt pulse against his cock. She loved a good hard spanking and it made her cum with every stroke. He then told her “Put a tit on my mouth. I want a nipple.” She shoved a nipple in his mouth and as he spanked her ass he sucked and bit on the nipple. She switched nipples a few times loving the biting he was dong to each one. Then he moved his head to the side of her big fleshy tit and bit hard on the side leaving his teeth marks. He loved the biting as much as she did. He did the side of the other tit leaving his mark on it too. He was known for licking and biting her ass cheeks. He had one night gave each one over a dozen teeth prints. Now as he bit cum was flowing out her cunt. She was so turned on. He also was too. His balls were huge as the chains dug into each one. The more he fucked the more they swelled and he was building to a huge release. He thought about th
e bite marks on her tits and the welts on her ass and his cock throbbed loving the rough sex. Last night she had sucked his balls till he sprayed cum all over the bed. Then he sucked on her clit and finger and tongue fucked her till she came so many times the bed was soaked. He then got out twine and his belt and bound her tits and then put her on her hands and knees and spanked her ass till it was bright red and cum was running down her legs. He would reach under her and pinch her hard nipples and slap her tits then spank her ass more. He did this for over two hours and she was loving it. He finished by doubling the belt and shoving it in her cunt and then he cock fucked her asshole. He rode her deep and hard. Now he felt the relaese coming and he soon filled her with his cum. He then shoved her onto her back and laid beside her and asked “Are you sore baby? did I work that cunt and tits hard enough for you?” She smiled and told him “My cunt is raw. You did good. I love to be sore and remember how we fucked and how hard we fucked. I love that big horse sized cock of yours. I want it all the time. Now rest and let me know when you are ready to fuck my cunt more. I want to feel that monster deep in my hole.

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