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Her DaddyStanley was a rich man. The richest man in town, county, probably even the entire state, so it went without saying that whatever he wanted, he got. From cars to fancy houses, lavish parties and easy women. Still, there was something missing in his life, something that he couldn’t put a finger on until Abby came into his life. He’d found Abby when she was only eight-years-old, living on the streets, dirty and underfed, not a family member in the world to take her in. He’d taken her in then and given her a place to finally call her own. He bathed her, bought her cute outfits, and had her home schooled so that he could keep an eye on her. She even came to call him Daddy and would cuddle her little body in against his at night while they watched movies on the couch, or in his bed where she often slept –too afraid to sleep by herself. Abby had everything she could ever have hoped for because of him, and they were happy. Very happy. They lived in their own little world, one that revolved around each other. As she got older, their bath times became strained as Stanley would slowly wash her developing body for her, spending extra time running his thumb over her little nubs of nipples and down between the folds of her smooth, soft pussy. It wasn’t long before he’d taken all her clothes away, making her walk the house completely nude all day, every day. A collar had been fitted around her neck, a silver plate on it that read her name, and would give her a small jolt should she ever try to leave the house without him. Strange as this would seem to some, to Abby and Stanley, this was normal and acceptable. When Abby turned thirteen, Stanley finally made his final move. He’d called her into their bedroom (it’d long since stopped being just his) and had her lay on the bed, her legs spread wide as they could go. He told her they were going to play with a toy he’d picked up for her, one he thought she’d enjoy. It was small, able to fit in the palm of his hand, with a wire coming out the end that hooked into a control device. Metal was on two sides of it and when he held the metal parts to her nipples, she cried out in surprise as sparks of electricity shot down into her tender flesh. Her nips instantly went hard, peaking up out of the darkening pink circle that surrounded them. Again and again and again. Her body squirmed and jerked until güvenilir bahis siteleri he moved to press it hard against her swollen clit. He increased the intensity and smirked as his adopted daughter cried out and gripped the bed sheets. Without warning, he shoved the little bullet into her wet hole, holding it against her virgin g-spot. Abby came hard, three times, convulsing and sobbing through each orgasm –the final one resulting in a spectacular gusher that shot her wet juices half way across the room.From that day on, the pair experimented with other toys. A fucking machine that she would ride and grind her pussy on until her head threw back and she screamed in pleasure; more intense electric-shock toys; pussy clamps; add-ons for vacuum cleaners to attach to her pussy to make it engorged and far more sensitive. She was his little bitch, he her Daddy. Now, at seven-teen, she knelt on their bedroom floor. Her belly round and extended for the third time. Their little ones –Samuel, three; and Jessie, two– sharing a crib at the foot end of their bed, watching as their momma choked on Daddy’s long, hard cock. “Yes, fuck yes, my good little Bitch, Abby. So good. Look at me, let me see your eyes, oh Fuck yes…” Stanley moaned, head falling back as his hand curled in her hair, shoving her down further on his cock. “Look at Sam and Jess. Watching you so curiously. My good little Breeder Bitch.”Abby moaned and gagged harder, her eyes shifting to watch the little ones before closing her eyes and bobbing her head all the harder. She pulled off with a smack of her lips when Stanley yanked her head back. “You want me to fuck you, baby? Want me to fuck that gorgeous pregnant pussy?””D-Daddy…yes, Daddy, please?”Smirking, he trailed his hand down her cheek, over her shoulder and down until he was cupping her breast. “You know what to do. Go get the pumps and lay on the bed.” She moved as quickly as her eight-month pregnant body could allow. Grabbing the breast pumps from where they sat on their dresser, she moved back to the bed, laying down on her back with her legs spread wide. Stanley moved slowly, torturously, as he attached the pumps to one breast, leaning down to suck hard on the other. “You know why we use the pump, don’t you?” He asked, knowing full well that she did.”Yes, Daddy.””Mmmm…tell me, Baby. Tell me why perabet we use them.” He licked a slow, long stripe across her nipple, watching it bounce up and liquid bead up atop it. “Because only Daddy is allowed to suck my nipples.””Say it again, right this time.””O-Only Daddy is allowed to suck my tits and drink my milk.””Mmm, yes…good girl.” Abby moaned, her body lifting off the bed slightly as Stanley sucked hard on her tit, milking from her while the machine milked from her other side. Her pussy was dripping, aching to be filled. “Daddy…Daddy please…Daddy please fuck me.”Without a word, Stanley moved down her body, leveling himself between her legs. He knelt there, staring at her for a moment before he shook his head. “No. No I want you a different way today, I think. On your hands and knees. Attach that other pump to your tit before you leak milk all over the place.”Carefully, she rolled herself over, onto her knees while she attached the second pump to her breast and shifted to settle onto her hands.”No, no. Put the leash on your collar first.” Stanley’s voice was smooth, thick with pleasure and lust. He loved having that leash attached to their headboard. More so, he loved having it attached to her collar. It was both a way to make sure she didn’t drop down onto the pillows, and a “punishment” that if she did, it would making breathing a bit harder to do. At the sound of the clasp snapping around the D-ring, Stanley shoved his cock hard into her pussy, growling in pleasure at the sound of her startled cry. His hands bruised her hips as he gripped her tighter, not even bothering to start slow, and instead going straight for the hard, fast, punishing fuck. “DADDY!””You can take it, bitch. You can take all of it. Every last inch.” He growled, bottoming out, his sack slapping hard against her clit. The head of his shaft slammed into the wall of her uterus, and if it were possible, he’d have tried to fuck INTO her womb so that he could give their unborn their first taste of Daddy’s cum. Again and again and again he slammed into her, harder, faster, making her scream louder even as her hands slipped out from under her and her upper body dropped to the pillows. Her breath caught in her throat as she gasped, the collar cutting off her air flow. Stanley smirked all the more as he laid himself over top of her, his perabet giriş mouth against her ear, licking and breathing across it as he fucked her harder. “You’re such a good slut. Daddy’s so happy he found you on the street that day. You make him so happy. Daddy loves keeping you pregnant. So fucking gorgeous, all round and horny all the time. You’re a little cum slut, aren’t you?” He growled, one hand slipping down to rub across Abby’s large, round stomach. She nodded eagerly, still gasping for air. “Tell Daddy what you are…””Y-your…c-cum…s-slut…”Stanley moved his hand up, held it between her breasts and helped to left her back up onto her hands. “Good Girl…yes…Fuck…”Gasping to take in air, Abby sobbed out as she thrust her ass back against her Daddy’s crotch. “DADDY! Oh God Daddy!””Yes, fuck…fuck! You like it when Daddy fucks you, don’t you?””Yes! P-Please, Daddy! Oh God! Don’t…Don’t stop!””I won’t, Baby. I won’t. I’m going to fuck you forever. Keep you so full of my cum. Fuck!”Harder he slammed into her pregnant pussy, the pressure building in his groin as his sack tighten
ed and his cock began to twitch. Beneath him, Abby screamed and begged for more. “HARDER! FASTER DADDY! FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK MY PREGNANT PUSSY DADDY! FUCK ME!!”Over and over and over he pounded into her. Reaching up, he yanked the pumps from her nipples, sending milk everywhere and making her cry out in pleasure pain. He pressed his hand between her shoulders, forcing her upper body down and shoving her face against the headboard as he fucked harder and harder. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck that fucking pregnant cunt! Take my load, you bitch!” Leaning over her again, Stanley panted right into her ear, his voice low and sadistic. “When Sam’s old enough,” He growled, “I’m going to make him fuck you twice a day. Keep you full of his young spunk. And when he’s finished fucking you, I’m going to. So that when you get pregnant, you won’t know whose it is. You like that? Like the idea of being fucked like that? Fucking slut. Cum, bitch. Cum for me. CUM!”Abby screamed out as best she could, her body jerking and thrusting about as she came, hard, her pussy muscles clamping down hard around Stanley’s cock as he continued to fuck into her again and again. Tears were running down her cheeks as he finally gave one last hard thrust, shoving himself in as deep as he could, –DEEPER– than he’d ever been before and filled her cunt with his hot, thick, cum. It was true what people said, that money couldn’t buy happiness. Even being the richest man in the country, Stanley hadn’t been happy. Not until he’d found Abby.

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