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I moved a lot between the ages 14-19 and that made me not so shy because I was use to always have to make new friends. But there was that soft sensitive side of me that no one seen and that side was my sex life. Although you couldn’t tell that I had no sex life, it eating me up inside still being a virgin at the age of 19 going on 20. All my friends that I had lost there virginity at the ages of 16 and 17 and here I am almost 20 and have no experience what so ever.

But in I would get close to a girl and when we are just about to hit it off. Something will happen and I’ll have to move or we’ll stop talking to one another. Girls I’ve talked to say that I was “too nice” and that they didn’t want to hurt me. Shit all I wanted was a little bit of TNA (tits-n-ass).

So after one of my moves I decided just to act like I was experienced and just not bothered telling people I was what I was, a virgin. I never went to my senior prom for the fact that I was a virgin and was now scared of going home with someone not knowing what to do. And so I graduated with a lot of friends and people not knowing anything about me being a virgin and wondering why I never went to the prom.

Well I moved one more time across the United States, and it was on my 19th birthday. Well I was going to collage now and I have no intentions of moving anywhere else. I told my parents no more moving because its killing me, they didn’t know it was a sex life that was ripping me apart inside.

So with the new move I decided I was going to have sex by my 20th birthday. By going to school created a lot of opportunities for reaching my goal.

I meet this girl, she seems so opposite of me, but I feel that she the one. So over canlı bahis time we’ve become good friends and even went out a few times to concerts and stuff. We also started flirting with each another constantly.

Well one day she tells me she just broke up with her boyfriend and that she really hates him now. I figure I have a shot now to be with her, because at this point at are friendship we talk to each other about personal stuff. Sex is about the last thing on my mind when I’m with her. Now I just want her to be mine, I want to love her, take care of her, and do anything for her.

“I see that you’ve been getting close to me little by little every day as we hangout, do homework, even at school. It is so obvious, everyone can tell.” She tells me on day at school.

“Yes, I have feeling for you, but if you want me to I’ll stop just for you and we can go back to the way things were, just classmates.” I said with a serious look.

“No, No I have to tell you something,” she said “I’ve had feelings for you for a while now. And I thinks its time we because boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Hell yeah,” I say with the look of passion mix with excitement on my face, “I was going to ask you but I was afraid you’d say no.”

“Why’d you say that?” She asked

“Because I never asked anyone out before, and I didn’t know what was going to happen to as friends is I did.” I said

“Baby, I know you’re a virgin and I love you now and tonight we’re going to have hard passionate sex. I’m going to rock your world and turn you out!” she said with a look of feeling very horny.

After school we went to my house since no one is ever home. So I put the keys in to unlock the door I look bahis siteleri at her and whispered, “Ready.” I open the door and put the keys on the key rack. When I turned around and I get tackled with love and started going at it as she is undressing the both of us. She whips out my cock and starts sucking on it. With this being my first time and all, I came with-in 3 minutes of her sucking on my cock.

“3 minutes, oh come on cock,” I say to myself, “I jerk you off for like hours and you can’t handle the real thing.”

She looks at me disappointed, “Are you done already?”

“No, no just give me a second to regenerate myself, trust me.” I said in a begging manner.

About 5 minutes passed and I was ready to try again. So this time we make it to the room and she pushes me down on the bed and crawls on top on me with only her thong on. She slides her wet pussy on my cock as I fondle with her tits and make-out with her. She takes off the thong and says:

“Are you ready to because a virgin no more!”

“Oh yeah… I’m so ready” I say while my cock stands at attention this time.

She crawls up me to kiss me then moves her pussy down back to my dick. As the tip of my dick touched the tip of her wet pussy, I take a deep breath and say, “here I go.” I stuff my cock in her pussy for the first time and I look at her and I can tell she’s in heaven.

I started thrusting my cock up and down as she rides it like a bull.

“Oh, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me… I love you so much… fuck me harder.” She yells.

“You like that cock huh… I love you too baby… I’m going to give to you how you want it.” I say in a sex voice.

We change positions to doggie style and I bahis şirketleri start ramming my cock in her pussy as I slap her ass. She seems to like it so I do it some more, harder, harder. I can see her ass getting real red so I stop for a while, but I just fucked her like I was the most experience guy she had.

I never knew I had it in me to fuck so well. She moaning and groaning from the inferno sex as we change positions with my cock still in her.

I slow down a bit as she picks up speed:

“Thank you, baby,” I say while I’m slowed down but still fucking her, “I love you so much.”

“I love you baby too,” looking in my eyes, “I never had sex like this before and I’m loving your hard cock.”

She lays down on top of me while huffing and puffing but still fucking nice and slow. She moves her lips over to my ear and says, “I love you so much, I want you to cum in me.”

We pick up a little speed and in about 2 minutes she picks up her head and yells, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming!”

“Me too, baby, me too” I grunt.

We’re at the climax and we say at the same time, “I’m cuming right now.” Are fluids mixed and she falls on top of me. We’re both taking a breather, but that didn’t last long as she lifts her head and locked lips.

As we lay there connected in two ways, I’m feeling like a new person. She was right is rocked my world, she turned me out.

She sits up, cock still in and just stares at me with a smile. I smile back as she slips off the cock and lies on tops of me.

“I love you, thank you,” she says, “I never ejaculated before while having sex”

“No, No thank you,” I as go back to being my goofy self, “I never had sex before,” said laughing. “Well, there is more of this to come baby,” she says, “this is just the very beginning of are sex life.”

We gaze into each others eyes then she lies back on top of me and we fall asleep together for the first of many times.

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