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Having your cake, and eating it!This is our true life story of how I took a dominant, super confident, male whore, who had done almost everything and everyone, and literally wouldn’t say NO to anything, and turned him into a full on, publicly humiliated even to family and friends, sissy boy who is now sexually incapable of pleasing anyone. Six years ago, when we first got together, my new partner, Royston Moore(I have included his name purely to be a bitch and humiliate him further) expressed his need for an alternate sex life. It was made very clear, vanilla was not an option as he had been in the swinging scene and lived that lifestyle for many years, and would not go into a regular relationship. I know I would have to think of something fast and quite wrong, to get what I want which was him to myself, so I agreed to his demands of an alternative lifestyle choice but said I need to take it slowly and asked if we could try a few threesome’s with other guys first, to build my confidence uşak escort bayan so to speak. I managed to avoid other women being involved with him which I admit wasn’t easy, but as time past we ended up moving town and with his need to please me grew, I dropped a bombshell. I started to play on his love to shock behaviour, and I got him to cross dress in slutty women’s clothes, just as a laugh at first and easy access, working up more and more towards him coming out as a tv/ts. It took a lot of convincing him that it was how I preferred him, to be a man with a tit job who wore female clothes, but eventually I got him to a doctor who referred him to a specialist clinic for hormone replacement therapy. They put him on male hormone blockers and female hormones, and quite quickly he started to change, before we knew it he was chemically castrated, his penis shrank and he couldn’t get his now tiny little cock hard without medication, he had become my bitch 24/7 and escort uşak had no way of changing that as long as I kept him taking his meds I was in full control. I was now in the dominant position, he was made to be submissive, he had been forced feminised, all I had to do was keep it that way for me to be able to have him and any other male I chose, while he was forced to watch and unable to participate, I loved it!I started to see how all the hormone therapy was at some point going to have to stop, he was becoming too feminine and the prosthetic boobs were wearing thin and he wanted more and more to go for a boob job. I needed a way to keep him as a sissy for my amusement but to bring him off all the meds and let his body revert back. So without revealing my plan, I got him to go for some tattoos to ‘show me his dedication to our lifestyle choice’ which would help in keeping things the way they were. I got him to have my name ‘Candy’ just above his cock, WE LOVE BBC,and a uşak escort huge queen of spades, and Tiny 2” Cock on his legs so it was well known to all about the lifestyle of myself having sex with black men and him being my sissy boy, made to watch and serve me and any alpha male I chose. Eventually when I had fucked enough of his friends and family and it was too late to revert back to anything other than a submissive sissy, the amount of humiliation and the time doing it prevented him from trying to and so he accepted his new role in the relationship. I now confessed to “changing my mind and think I want him to stop the hormone therapy” which he did but not without a problem, well for him anyway. Even though he has stopped the meds, his manhood hasn’t reverted back, he’s been left with testicles the size of two peas and a cock so pathetically small, even with viagra it only is two inches in length! He now pleads with me to fuck other guys as he knows he has no way of pleasing a woman himself and he is so use to seeing me fucked by other men, and being denied intercourse by his own inabilities, his only way of getting off himself is to watch and spunk in his knickers while I humiliate him in front of a regular bbc!

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