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Haunted kittenI love my aunt Traci. We have a bond no mortal can touch. I melt in her hand when she nibbles my wet nipples. ..her hands magically tear my skin. Her hands upon my vagina gently stroking my curls..kissing methere…ahhh… my immortal love…her fingers spread my legs like a magic spell twirling her lips around my vagina. With wicked kiss on my nipple she whispered softly ‘ tonight..’ her hands upon my breasts squeezed. Massaging… tugged, and pinching my nipple slowly. Sliding herself deeper inside me. Her hands grasping my breasts tugging softly. ‘Ahhh…’ she moaned. Gliding slowly sliding between my thighs. Her hands are magic touching my skin. Grazing mu vagina with her lips. Nipping my vagina slow. Licking my nipple softly.That evening was unforgettable. The sun shone. The rain storm made me wet with desire. She kissed me devilish laugh and felt my breasts gently.stroking my nipple with her fingers and biting my breast and vagina. ‘ ahhh..’she growled.rubbing me between y thighs. Massaging me gently stroking my vagina.with a growl,her ghostly touch twisting gently up my curls. .up My breasts. Leaving me breathless…she pulled my nipples and vagina tugging gently. ümraniye escort Pulling up and down.up and down on my vagina.Up and down. Up and down..her toungue high in circles On my inner wall. Twirling…I melted to her hot lips kissing my vagina.massaging me between my thighs. Her teeth. Leaving dark kisses and scratches as she bit my vagina. Whispered ‘ open..’like a cat, I opened to feel her wicked kisses on my vagina. “Oh god. Aunt Traci! “ I screamed . she gave me a dark devilishly delicious rimjob and blow. Aunt Traci was Riding metro orgasm.Her mouth sucking my vagina softly in and out.’ Good girl.’ She growled. Spreading my legs wide and with one lick of my hips entering me in waves. Ahhh…..she growled.fucking me hard. Twice. Twirling her toungue higher up my inner thigh.and rubbing me between my thighs kissing gently my vagina. Biting me .pulling my breasts.tugging. Squeezing. As the fuck grew fierce.’ God yes’ i Screamed. As her teeth circled my vagina twirling leaving high hot kisses up my wall.she orgasmed between my legs. Twice. The ghost like of her touch a cool breeze on my nipples as they were gently squeezed. Stroked, pulled. Kissed and licked.licking bostancı escort my breast and orgasming on my nipple as her teeth pulled my left nipple. ‘ god yes aunt Traci. # I moaned. As she rubbed my vagina in a dark massage opening my legs wide massaging me.spreading my legs and biting my vagina hard she came between my legs her orgasm in waves lapping between my thighs,’ oh god’ I screamed.’ Don’t stop. As we fucked hard. For hours.her ghost licks were magical.’ I love your sweetness.’ She moaned softly biting my vagina and lunging.nipping my breast.twisting my nipple slowly?my wet vagina was deeply licked. As she twirled her toungue high upmy vagina wall. Circling around.Sucking my vagina with hot wet kisses on my breast ..suckling..suckling…suckling.the ghost touch of her mouth on my breasts and vagina. As the oral sex grew dark. Twirling her toungue up my vagina as we did69. For hours.suckling and biting my curls.wicked soft hot wet kisses on my breasts.tirning and pinning me to the bed to fuck me in cowgirl.And purring…tugging my vagina with her teeth.‘ I love fucking u kitten.. ‘ she growled. Smiling softly.her ghost like touch a magical feeling on my breast. Gliding göztepe escort her mouth slowly to mice.’ Open.’ She moaned. ( as I opened and we had dark oral sex twice.she orgasmed hard in my mouth) massaging me between my thighs. ‘ yes my naughty dove.’ As the pressure between my legs grew. Opening my legs she smiled, softly.sliding herself between me and kissing my curls. Biting my breast, lunging g herself deep inside me. Orgasming hard dark hot twice. We fucked for hours…‘ ahh.. priceless.’ She whispered. Biting my vagina and rising my hips to her so we were intertwined in each other wow. another round of wicked hot fuck.69cicling hot kisses in and out. In and out. I layed spent torn. From her she continued in and outin and out on my vagina.blowing me hard.biting my vagina . In a endless Wicked fuck.We fucked in 69as she took me , in rear entry twice. We fucked hard. She had me in;* spiderman* lapdance * bo* hero.* chair* edge of she came hard in my mouth.growling.biting my vagina. ‘ I love fucking u hard’ she whispered. Ending with a dark marathon on oral sex ..aunt traci came twice in my mouth.twirling up anddown ..Up and down ..on my vagina.circling my mouth with her kiss.My breasts wet from her touch.i lay torn .as she pinned me to the bed pounding me rough. Fucking me hard doggie style.Stroking my curls. Nuzzling my vagina with a nibble . And scratching my breast.she left her mark.

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