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Harmony Con’t
You might want to read the 1st two posts of how harmony and I met and fucked: After Desert Storm all units were returned back to their respective “Home Base” as it were. Harmony’s unit was sent back to California, upon return I was reassigned to the army signal school as an instructor for two years and lost track of harmony. After my stint as an instructor I was sent to Alaska. I processed in and had to report to the TMC (Troop Medical Clinic) for my physical after I was poked and prodded I was awaiting the final interview from the doctor when low and behold the door opened and there stood Harmony, She was as beautiful as ever. I think she was as surprised as I was . We fell in to each others arms and hugged and kissed, then we calmed down somewhat and she handed me my clearance papers and told me the doctor had no need to see me I asked her what she was doing for diner, She explained she had to go home and prep dinner for her husband, it was then I noticed the ring on her finger. Boy did my sails drop. She said she had married a ranger who was soon to leave the service as he was offered a job as a truck driver that made more money than an E6. I told her I was glad (but really not) that tuzla escort bayan she had found her love. She asked If my offer was good for the next night as her hubby was leaving on a field exercise the next day. We made plans to meet.

The next evening she met me in town at a off the mainstream diner, She was dressed in a mid thigh skirt and silky blouse which I could clearly see she wore no bra We sat in a back corner booth and caught up on the past two plus years. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her breasts throughout dinner, She dropped her fork and I bent down to get it from beneath the table as I looked at her legs she spread her thighs and I saw she had no panties on either, Her bald pussy lips glistened with her arousal. Well when I sat back up and returned her fork she asked if I saw anything I liked down there. I smiled and asked if she was don with the meal and wanted dessert. She said she would love a “Lollypop” . We paid the bill and left quickly and went to my apartment.

The 15 minute drive to my place she sat next to me, I played with her hot pussy and she unzipped my pants and released my aroused cock and caressed me while I tried to concentrate on the road, I caressed orhanlı escort her clit and just before we pulled into the parking space she grasp my cock hard as she came from my ministrations of her pussy, her juices flowed across my hand as she stiffened in he 1st orgasm of the night. We rushed to my apartment and as soon as the door was closed we were naked and rolling on the floor in sexual bliss, I kissed and caressed her tis and started down to eat her sweet pussy, she stopped me and said she wanted my hard cock in her now, I wasted no time in ramming my cock balls deep into her snug pussy, we gorund our loins together in sexual release I felt my balls churn as I was ready to cum she started groaning loudly as she was n the throes of another gut wrenching orgasm as I released my hot load deep inside her pussy, rope after rope of hot cum filled her pussy as her own juices flowed out and down my empty ball sack. After we both came we lay together locked in our lovers embrace as we tried to regain our calm. After what seemed an eternity we both regained our senses and begrudgingly seperated our sweaty bodies and sat on the couch naked sipping our drinks. She then told me how she met aydınlı escort her husband when she was assigned to the TMC, he seemed like a great man outgoing and comforting to her, they married about 3 months after their initial meet and the first few months he was very nice and always came home to her and they had wild sex.Then about six or seven months he became verbally and once in awhile physically abusive, he started spending more time with his buddies and less time at home, he would come home drunk and demand she perform for him as as soon as he released his load he would push her away. She had thoughts of divorcing him or being transferred to another region but he was friends with the command staff NCO’s and they would not process her requests. Then I came along, We then talked about our love session in country and how much those memories of us making hot passionate love in the desert kept her from going mad. She looked down at my cock and said that Matt’s (her hubby) was smaller and that he could not last near as long I when it came to fucking and Matt had stopped eating her pussy shortly after their wed lock. I told her it was time to head for the bed where I could eat her pussy in comfort , She smiled and asked if I wanted her clean up first, I told her no, the mixture of our respective juices was firm with me after all she was willing to orally stimulate me after we had fucked. What a night that was

To Be Continued…………………..

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