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HAPPENSTANCEHAPPENSTANCEThe eagerness I felt to suck cock drained slowly away the further I traveled down the corridor. By midway point, I has seen two men; one of which I held no interest in. The other, well, he showed no interest in me, so there I had broken even. I removed my darkened lenses and looked to the back of the corridor. A look in the mirror made me head there after a stop at the head.“Hello.” I said to the 5’10” tall, brown haired and eyed, well built man before me.“How are you?” He asked as he looked me over.“Better if I knew what was going on here.” I said to have him stare quizzically for a second or so, then he chuckled.“Nothing.” He said through the laugh. “I was about to leave until you walked in.”“I almost didn’t see you back here.” I said and showed him my still darkened lenses.“I saw you as soon as you stepped down into the corridor.” He said as coolly as his eyes looked over my slim six foot standing again.“So, there’s nothing going on here for you?” I asked, looked down at his crotch and smiled to see the increasing tented state of his sweatpants.“There wasn’t, before you walked back here.” He said as he stepped into the room behind us.“Glad I happened along at the right time.” I said as I followed.Our hands immediately groped each other’s cock and we moaned in simulty. His seven inches was already up and throbbing, my niner was well on its way. I had left my zipper down after I pissed and he chuckled at that when my jeans fell past my knees when he unfastened the button.“You got it buddy, get me right to that big cock!” He said and eased his hand past the waistband of my jock. Once he got grip on my cock and balls, he hauled them out and sighed, as did I.I let him stroke my cock for as long as I could stand, and then I pushed slightly on the top of his head. Like the perfect obedient cocksucker, he went down, and licked my cock three times quick. I called to him and he took it in; wet it nicely as he sucked up and down it at a pace that made me smile. Every fresh moan he put forth seemed to pull one from me.My shirt was already halfway up, so I eased tipobet my hands further up it and got grip on my big nipples. One good pinch and I moaned louder, looked down at him as he sucked my cock and lashed my tongue out at him.“Fuck yeah! Suck my cock!” I said as he pushed my jeans and blue camouflage jock closer to my knees and squeezed my thigh when he got grip on it. “Yeah! Take that cock down!” I ordered and eased my hips to his face. He did his best to take more of my cock, but as I know mine is not easy to take, I fed him a few more thrusts and stopped. “I want some of that cock you’ve got.”I pushed my pants and jock fully down to my ankles as I knelt before his throbbing meat; licked my lips and lost the fight to retain the low , deep moan that welled up as I stared over the thickness of his uncut cock. I moved in and licked the hooded head; my eyes fell closed once I got the taste and I was in for the pleasure. I licked over the entire length before I slowly went down on it. Buried my nose in the dark blondness of his pleasantly man scented pubes and stayed a very long moment.“Fuck yeah buddy!” He called within a heavy exhale. “You know how to do it right! Take all that fuckin‘ cock down and keep it!” I managed to get two good nasal breaths in before…we both grunted when I finally released it; I got in a good breath, went right back to sucking that cock and he was with me.“Oh man you suck my cock so good! You know it, don’t ya!” He spat down at me. I laughed as best I could and slapped him lightly on his firm ass. “You want me to cum in that mouth of yours?” I grunted loud and nodded. “Yeah! That’s right, I wanna do it to ya, but you seem to be having all the fun! You wanna give me some more of that big cock you got? Let me suck on it again before I feed you!?” I moaned and shook my head to have him laugh after he showed surprise at my answer. “Please,” He furthered, “I need to feel it in my mouth again! You know you can get what you want from me! Come on, just let me taste it again!” He then wagged that thick tongue out to me. His mouth had felt tipobet güvenilir mi quite good working over my cock and it throbbed like wild at my thought about it, so I stood and offered it to him. We stood and stared brown eyes at each other for some short eternity; during which time I leaned forward and rested my goateed chin on his shoulder.“You smell so fucking good!” I whispered into his ear.“Thank you!” He whispered back and then eased his hands down my body as he knelt and took my cock into his mouth once again. I watched his right hand stroke his cock as he sucked mine, and the way it throbbed forced him to release it several times. When he put forth a drawn grunt during a stroke, I knew that were to be one of the last.“You gotta get down on that cock! I need to cum in your mouth!” He told me after he released my meat from his mouth.I was immediately obedient to him and caught his cockhead on the edge of my lip as he was standing to shove it forward. He went straight for my throat as I was prepared, with a hold to boot. One that he was not ready for and he got grip upon my head; grasped with full futility at my cropped black hair as he fought to get that cockhead free so as to pump it to my face. I did finally relinquish his cock to his will and then took every shove, thrust and pummel he chose to deal.“Fuck yeah buddy! you came along at the right time!” He said with a zeal that made me chuckle. “Just in time to suck my cock like I been needing it! You say you love to suck that cock! You’re gonna get that fucking load like you want it! Yeah! Keep on sucking it like that and you’ll get that cum real soon!I eased a hand over his lightly haired chest as he spoke, rubbed over and lightly pinched his nipples as I again deep throated his cock and held it for a few seconds. Just long enough to hear him inhale hard and feel the depth of his groan as I worked my magic over his meat. He told me again how good my mouth felt on his cock. Reminded me in vivid detail of the last time he was fortunate enough; his words, to feel my hot mouth on his cock. I tipobet giriş did remember and felt rather honored that he remembered our prior one-way tryst with so much respect to the deed. He again told me he was gonna feed me that load just the way he knew I wanted it; told me I had made him feel my deed to the ultimate when last we were together, which made him really remember me.That seemed to be the déjà vu for our situation at hand. We knew it before we walked into the room and as well, I sucked his cock with the same need as before; but with a renewed respect for the deed. He praised me for the ease with which I worked his cock in and out of my throat at such slow leisure. He stroked my face as he watched me work; even eased his thumb slowly over my soaked black moustache and seethed along with me.“You’re so fucking good at it!” He told me. “I can’t help but want to cum in that mouth of yours! I can’t stop till I get it in there, and you want me to do it, don’t ya!” I moaned in agreement and slid my tongue up and down the underside as I sucked. He gripped my head a bit tighter for a few as he grunted and again warned me of his plans to cover my tongue.“Yeah!” I said on the way to swallow his cock again. He pumped it to my face a few times and then forced me to back off a bit. I licked the head, looked up into his eyes and wagged my tongue out.“That’s right, open that mouth and get ready to take my load, you cocksucker! He said and eased it back in. I took it down and held it once; gave it a few good sucks and then went back down once again. He told me I was gonna get it, I swallowed it once again and then released it for some sucking. He gasped, said something I didn’t understand, and then I felt the first blast of his load hit the roof of my mouth. It ricocheted off and went straight down my throat, barely cleared before the next shot hit. The humpy fucker had a right tight gr
ip on my head as he coated my tongue but I accepted it all. He filled my ears with words I clearly understood as well as those I did not until he had spent his load down me. He gasped and sighed greatly as he slid his cock from my lolling tongue, tucked it away in his sweats and then shook my hand after I stood and tucked mine away. As we exited the room, he again thanked me; glad I happened along at the right time to give him another wonderful suck job.

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