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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Black SuccubusStory by LatishaIt was Halloween night and I had just entered my friends large one story house for the Halloween costume party he was hosting; as he did every year. I was supposed to go with my buddy as Mario and Luigi, but he got sick eating too much candy he bought 2 nights ago. There was no way I was going to go dressed as Luigi. People would think I just look like some asshole plumber. So I had to switch his costume and dressed up as Mario. I entered the house party with Halloween music and sounds that were remixed into dance tracks. It was pretty awesome; lots of beautiful women and a great atmosphere. I grabbed my drink and started making my rounds making small talk to all the people and introducing myself to each. I spent most of the time focusing on flirting with the ladies, since they were bound to be slutty since Halloween is the one time of year in which women can dress like sluts and get no flack for it! So far I saw quite a few nice looking ladies, but one that caught my eye was one who was in the corner, with a bunch of guys trying to talk to her. It was almost as if she had a male magnetism and they were eating out of her hand. I somehow felt myself drawn to her as well. She was a sexy black woman dressed in a long tight black dress that displayed her big tits and figure quite well. Her attention seemed to divert to me the instant I walked by. I was playing hard to get not looking directly at her, when she broke the group and touched my arm. “Hey!” she said smiling at me. “Uhh hey!” I said pretending to be surprised. “So are you some plumber or something?” “No, well. I’m Mar-” I let out a sigh.”Nevermind.” I looked inquisitively at her dress.”So what are you?” “A succubus.” “A succubutt?” I asked making fun of this word I never heard before “No silly!” she said grabbing my arm and smiling at me with sharp fake teeth. “A succubus! We lure men and drain their souls!” “Damn thats cool.” I said. I continued to play hard to get. “Well, I’m gonna go get another drink.” I waved goodbye and adapazar escort started walking away. She quickly grabbed my arm again, stopping me from leaving. Jackpot, I got her. “Wait! You’re the cutest guy here and I was wondering….If you wanted to go someplace more private.“”Uhhh Sure”! I said. “Come, let me show you the plumbing.” She said enticingly. She gently grabbed my hand and led me to the dark back yard where the music got fainter and fainter as we got further and further. There we got to a dock on a small lake at the edge of my friend’s yard. He had a small lakehouse at the end that I never knew about. She opened the door which was already unlocked. We snuck in and turned on the very faint dim light in the small house which consisted of only a living room and kitchen. Small but very nice for what it was. “Help me get this off.” She said as she turned her back towards me; throwing her hair over the front of her shoulder. As I unzipped her dress she knelt down and quickly unzipped my pants and started sucking as if her life depended on it. She gently put her mouth on my dick as I pet her hair in a soft loving way. “I love me some chocolate.” I said in pleasure as she slurped on my dick. “Don’t you know that white cocks are the most fascinating things in the world for us black girls?” she said as she rubbed my cock all over her face before sucking again. I stood her up and bent her over on the bed as we got a beautiful view of the only light source in the room. And that was the moonlight that shined off of the lake water. I started to thrust my cock into her black pussy as my balls slapped the outside of her vagina. “Oh baby, give me that big white cock!” she moaned in pleasure as I fucked her pussy while grabbing her flopping tits from behind. I then layed her down on the bed so that her back was on the mattress as I crawled on top of her and played with her wet pussy by rubbing the tip of my dick on it. “Oh yes!” she moaned as I penetrated her black pussy lips for 10 more minutes of fucking. “Here it comes baby!” escort adapazarı I groaned as she jacked of my dick into her mouth as my hot white cum shot into her mouth, quickly filling it up. She opened her mouth and showed me what we just accomplished as I ran my hand through her hair. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all down with a refreshing sigh after it went down. She started to lick her fingers.” It tastes soooo good!” “Well, I am a plumber,”I said remembering my Mario costume was on. “So I would say that my pipes are no longer clogged!” She then smiled an extremely unusual and twisted smile. Her pretty eyes started to get huge and the sharp teeth that looked fake at first grew longer out of her mouth . “Oh shit!” I said as I tried to back away only to have her grip my penis tighter. “I love you. So don’t fear. I want you to help me so I will spare you.” She said as her voice got extremely demonic and wings started to grow out of her back. She then did one suck on my cock that literally drained all of the energy out of my body causing me to fall to the bed barely conscious. “Most men would die by that, but I want you to live to help me….And to be my husband.” I had no ability to respond. She then picked up my body and spread her wings. Then within a moment she flew directly upwards destroying my friends roof as we flew out into the dark night sky, I was terrified, but I was completely dumbed out of it; like a person on medication after removing their wisdom teeth. Was this the end? Was this demonic succubus really gonna spare my life? I awoke in a dark cave. “Wh-wh-where are we ” I said mustering all of my energy. “Home” she said. She was back in her human form as a beautiful black enchantress. It all felt like a weird dream but I knew it was real. I was finally regaining my composure when I got out of the bed she put me in. “You really are a succubus…..Why did you spare me? And why did you drain me if you wanted me alive.””I must live off of male energy to survive. I was going to die if I didn’t drain you. As adapazarı escort bayan we had sex, I felt feelings between us and I didn’t want to drain such a nice sweet man completely, but I needed to survive. I want your help to survive….Oh and we’re on the Mexican side of the border between Southern Cali and Mexico.” How did she fly so fast? The party was in Colorado. She beckoned me over to her. “Here is where I need your help, my love.” I struggled to muster my energy to walk towards her. She escorted me to the back of the cave in which I saw something extremely disturbing. In the back end of the cave were lifeless men all layed about. All of her victims. “I want you to help me lure more, so that I can survive.” “What made me different than these men?” I asked. “Look at these men, and you may notice a difference between them and you.” she said. Upon further examination, I noticed there were no white guys “Wheres all the white ones?” I asked. “I am 600 years old-” “Ahhh a GILF” I said jokingly interrupting her. She smiled shanking her head and continued. “I am 600 years old, born in Central Africa. I have taken the lives of many men. ALL TYPES OF MEN. However, on the few occasions that I took the life of a white one by drinking his semen or other forms, I felt extreme love towards him, or extreme guilt afterwards. You’re my first in 50 years, and I still seem to fall prey to it. “A succubus thats a White cock slut….Well I’ll be damned.” I said joking again. “I guess you could say that. So thats why all of the men I drained aren’t white. But your life force seems to have put me under a spell. A spell that I don’t want to break.” She smiled at me in a face that tried to garner sympathy. “I want to be with you….but If I have sex with you while low on energy, my body automatically makes me absorb yours. I don’t want that. Thats why I want your help.” And with that, as if I was under her spell, I joined my succubus wife in luring men into he
r trap. Saying my black female friend wants to suck you off in the bathroom or other devilish tactics. Eventually she got so many, that her succubus form was eventually expelled from her body. Making her age again, and also be a normal human for the first time. We lived our lives happily together, never to mention the terrible past again.

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