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Hairy Roshni And Dirty Old Customer In HoteldeletedRoshni was a normal girl, with subdued wishes of becoming a whore until she fucked a group of my friends. While back in the hotel room when Roshni and I were watching the video and had started the reclaiming sex, the hotel manager got in as the door was left unbolted and threatened us of dire consequences.Roshni had to oblige him with a great fucking session and thereafter, became the whore of the house. Since then she has been getting a lot of customers almost every day at the hotel.About Roshni, well she is the right piece of meat a man would want on his plate with 36DD boobs to rub on a man’s face, and a wine glass waistline of 32 for the perfect grip and a 38 ass to hump a cock like a true whore.Coming back to the story, Roshni now had no option other than to oblige the manager and satiate her hunger through the never-ending line of customers who would die to get her to the bed. There have been many sessions in these months, a few one-on-one while many of them were with a group of hungry hounds. Roshni also had a taste of black cocks when a group of 6 Africans pounded her for almost 4 hours with their not-less-than 9-inch cocks.I will slowly dictate the stories in parts but today I will tell you about the day a businessman paid her more than she asked for to get his weird but dirty fantasy done.It was a Monday and I was in the office when my phone rang. It was the manager. He wanted Roshni for the night as a client had requested a girl for the night. He knew Roshni wants Rs 20,000 for a full night and the bastard negotiated a Rs 30,000 with the businessman with Rs 10,000 as his commission.I called up Roshni and informed her about the deal and asked her to be ready as I would pick her up from the house after the office and leave her at the hotel for the night. The manager also mentioned a rather weird demand the businessman had made and I was sure it was going to be a dirty session. The client asked the manager for a busty girl with a lot of pubic hair and demanded that she enters stark naked into his room.It was easy to follow as Roshni was hairy that time with her periods just ending and thus an obvious break from the clients. But the latter part was a bit difficult güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to follow. I just mentioned the demand and hung up saying I would pick her up from the house at 8 pm.The day went by and I was finally at the doorstep only to see Roshni d****d in just a piece of cloth. As she entered the car, she slowly und****d and showed me that she was stark naked and her hairy cunt was signaling that it is ready for the pounding.On reaching the hotel, the manager guided us towards the lift where he entered first, rendering Roshni to be in between the manager and me. The client was in a 5th-floor room and obviously, the manager had a lot of time to feel Roshni’s ass and spank it before sending her to the client.On reaching the 5th floor, right beside the lift was the client’s room. Before he knocked, the manager pulled away the piece of cloth from Roshni’s body and handed it over to me and with one quick move, he shoved his hands between Roshni’s legs and in quick movements, fingered her dirty cunt which was already wet and rubbed it on her tits which were showing signs of excitement.A light knock on the door and a voice from inside asked us to come in. Roshni looked at me one last time and opened the door. The businessman was in his early sixties, a fat man with his belly almost hiding his hairy limp cock, sitting on the couch naked, drinking from his glass of alcohol.He lifted his face to look at Roshni and quickly got up to rub his hand on Roshni’s tits. The manager completed the formalities and took the money from the businessman and we were about to leave when the client said, “Did you tell her about my needs? I do not want any nakhra from the whore and I have paid enough for the randi.”“I have sir, in fact, she is very excited about the session with you. And trust me, she is very good in the bed, especially with older men,” said the manager.“And did you tell her that I would pee on her and that she has to lick it? Last time a randi did not obey and I had to slap her many times before she obliged,” said the client. The manager was in a shock. “But sir, you did not tell about this earlier.”“Han to abhi bol raha hu na. Randi hai, itna to kar hi sakti hai. Koi iske upar muta nahi hai kya?” pinbahis said the man and slapped Roshni’s ass.Roshni took all of this sportingly and was quick enough to make another deal. “Jitna mutna hai mut lena sir, par Rs 10,000 aur lagenge,” she said.“Saali sahi randi hai tu,” said the client and shoved some notes between her tits which she handed over to me and faced the client and said, “Now, could we throw these two out and have a nice night?”This was enough as an indication for us and we left the room. Upon getting out of the room, as the manager shut the door behind us, I could hear a sharp slapping sound. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for Roshni to satisfy this hungry old man.The manager informed me that there is a secret camera in the room and we could watch the act from the security room. I was happy as in that way, I would know when Roshni is in trouble.By the time we reached the security room, two men were already stroking their cock looking at a screen. It was the room with Roshni in it. It took us hardly a few minutes to reach the security room and the client was already fucking Roshni’s mouth.He held her hair tight and was shoving his small cock into Roshni’s mouth. He was limp and going by his age, I could sense Roshni would need to work quite a lot before he was hard to enter. The sucking went on for some time, around 15 minutes, while the man kept drinking pegs after pegs, sometimes spilling some on Roshni.Even through the low-resolution camera, we could make out Roshni’s skin glistening with sweat, alcohol and a lot of spit. After some time, the client pulled Roshni up with her hair and threw her by the side of the couch. We could see Roshni licking the man’s cock when suddenly, he started peeing on her. The shower came in as a surprise but Roshni quickly picked up her boobs to take it all on them.After he was done, he now pulled Roshni up, again by her hair, and pushed her on the bed. Spreading her legs like a hungry dog, the man started rubbing his face on Roshni’s hairy pussy. We could see Roshni gasping for breath and knew she was enjoying the cunnilingus from an old man.In a little time, the man got up and pointed his cock at her pussy. He was hard by now and in a quick movement, buried pinbahis giriş his girth inside Roshni and started fucking her at a fast pace. Roshni’s huge tits were swinging madly and the man kept slapping her boobs, intermittently biting them red.He fucked Roshni in missionary for about 15 minutes and again pulled her down and this time, started peeing on her hair. I know how she hates anything ruining her hair but this time, Roshni was enjoying it. She was rather playing with his pee and spreading it all over herself.His pee was trickling down her erect nipples while he kept slapping Roshni hard on her face all the while rubbing his cock on her face. After he was done, the man lay face up on the bed and Roshni mounted his cock. This session seemed to have no control over the pace as we saw Roshni pumping his cock right from the beginning. She swayed her ass in the air with his cock inside while the old man kept sucking her big tits.This went on for some time when suddenly the man pulled out, pushed Roshni on the floor, kicked her chest and stood over her to cum a huge load of sperm on her face. The old man grunted while covering Roshni’s face with a thick sheet of cum and to end it, he again started peeing on her whole body. After he was done peeing, he turned back and bent down and slapped Roshni’s cunt hard and spat on her tits.Roshni lay on the floor for some time while the man sat on the couch for some more drinks, all the while resting his feet on Roshni’s tits. In between, we could see him kicking her tits hard and
at times putting his toe fingers inside Roshni’s cunt.The night saw more such sessions and Roshni was fucked nearly five times and every time the old man’s nastiness grew. Sometimes he would make her drink the pee while at other times he made Roshni sleep on the corridor outside the room and he happily fucked the shit out of her holes.The next morning, the manager and a few of the hotel staff literally carried Roshni naked to my car and dropped her on the back seat and each took a turn to at least rub their hands on either her tits or her cunt.I hope you guys liked this story. Also, if there is any couple out there who wishes to get into a little photo sharing fun, do let us know. And women, I am always here to oblige your hunger. Do keep sharing your feedback and trust me, Roshni loves your dirty words. Keep telling her what you would do with her in the nastiest possible ways and she would reply personally to a few of the dirtiest dogs.Till the next time, take care.

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