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Growing up with SexJust to provide a taste of my life, I grew up in a farming community, my parents were hard working middle class and I was your typical boy, average, but with a strong body and a typical boy scout, however I was turned on to sex by feeling my mom’s undies in the clothes basket, and putting them on, hmmm, and great times followed. I will never forget the rock hard cock that erupted under the silky nylon and boy did I feel great. I was too afraid to cop a pair but did find my way to the hamper a few times. I started wanking before I could cum and found that cumming was such a mess once I could, but tasted ok for the most part. I looked for ways to get off as much as I could; we lived in the city at this point and moved out to the farm country a few years later when the fun really began.I ran into Fanny an older guy in his late 50’s that became my friend, he was a neighbor from a nearby farm. I had a few friends close in my age and we hung out on Fanny’s farm, where he and his wife lived. Fanny had about a 200 acre farm. He owned an excavating company run only by himself and Herb his friend and dug basements for a living along with some other excavation jobs. He dug himself a nice pond in the back 10 acres that we used to use as one of our swimming holes. Fanny had taught me to drive a couple of years before, and so we knew each other pretty well. He used to tease me and ask me if he could scratch my ass with a wire brush, I did not get it at the time but said, “go ahead, I might like it”, not knowing the implications of my statement.Anyhow Fanny did not have any c***dren, had a couple of friends, his age ~late 50’s  that used to come over, all was a happy place, older friends and younger friends. Fanny used to tease us with various sayings but he also liked to expose us to new experiences as well as have us help him work his garden work and business since he did not have any c***dren of his own. We thought he was just a nice guy and friend, which he really was, but there was more to him than that.One day, when I was 18yrs old or so, he asked me if I would like to go out to a job with him to meet a customer, I didn’t have anything to do and said yes. On the way to the site about 15 miles away he put his hand on my inner leg and was slapping and tapping my knee then started moving up my leg. I had never been touched like this before, girl or boy. My mind got to where his hand was going before his hand got there and my cock got really hard down my left leg and was kind of reaching out to grab his fingers before he lightly slid his hand up to my cock and slowly felt my hardness. He did not acknowledge our scene just kept talking about the job etc, while meanwhile underneath our conversation, I was saying yes, feel me up, take me, I love your hand on my cock, feel my balls. I was swooning and then completely saw him in another light, more on an equal human level where we were both pleasure seeking a****ls that would give to one another openly all that we could imagine or want. I had never had any sex, nor even kissed a girl in my life at this point and thought, hmm, my first is with a guy no less, what to do, should I continue or should I cut him off? Of course we were moving down the road at about 50 mph so leaving was not an option at that point. What would happen if I cut him off, would he still be my friend, would he tell my parents? I was loving his soft feel of my cock, which was straining to be released, thought I would cum if he did not stop, I could not look at him, but sure loved him feeling me.At his customer site meeting, I stayed in the car feeling my hard cock, watching him and the other guy about 100 feet away and wishing I could jerk off and surprise him with my cock exposed when he came back but I didn’t. He did come back and we left and he returned his hand to my cock, which was not so hard by now but returned to a screaming hard-on before the next traffic light. I wanted to reach over and feel his cock but I was too inhibited, I am sure if he asked I would have gladly felt him up, even sucked him off, but he did not ask or let me know. I knew what the wire brush was that would scratch my ass by this time. He remarked that I appeared to like his hand there since I was so hard, and I nodded in agreement. We made small talk all the way back with him feeling my hard cock. When we turned into his driveway the big decision crossed my mind, “what was going to happen now, what would my mother say, would my other friends be around. Turns out no one was there but him and me along together driving up his drive way, then entering his house. I had mixed feelings of joy, fear, excitement, and swooning because I was so sexually turned on. I decided to stick it out and see where this would end up.We both went inside quickly to get out of the damp cold. We stepped into the breezeway and he gave me the look of “come on in” to get out of the cold so I followed him in. His wife was not home, she worked in a factory about 5 miles away all day, it was lunchtime and I must have been off from school for some holiday. He asked if I would like to play some pool since he had a pool table in his basement and we went down, I racked up the balls while he got us something warm to drink, I think it was cider. Fanny rejoined me and we started shooting pool and I thought I bet he going to approach me, I kind of figured he wanted to continue to feel me and might get my cock out for him to play with, but having this thought was over the top for me at the time. I did deep down want to do all those suck and fuck things that I could imagine went on between two men. Mentally I had trouble getting my head around it all but was so excited to be seduced by this older guy.After we were into our second game, I was lining up for a corner pocket when I felt Fanny bumping up behind me like he was going to pass by but he stopped. I felt him put his hand around my waist and slide it down my stomach and slowly down my pants over my cock. Ever so slowly so as not to get me upset and he could pull back if I resisted, but I enjoyed his feeling me and was getting hard once again. I tried to stay focused on shooting the ball thinking I had a big stick in my hand that I could use if something bad would happen but I felt good all over and my cock was pulsing up getting hard. My shot missed and then it was his turn, we both exchanged glances as he was looking for disapproval from me but I did not exhibit that at all, I was getting so hot. Then it was my turn again and he moved again to feeling my cock while I was shooting getting me harder still. This time I turned around after shooting and faced him, my breathing hard, and simply said “please—yes” and he put his arms around me and gently held me close, his head next to mine I returned the embrace and put my arms around him pulling him close, and our cocks bumped, his was hard, through our pants. I could feel his beard rubbing my smooth face, I had little facial hair then, and we pulled back and he kissed me square on the mouth, pushing his tongue into my mouth feeling mine. This was such a surprise I returned the gesture and swooned once again like a girl in his arms. I thought this was so naughty but yet so hot, my cock was straight out into his, he was breathing heavy also, we were so hot together.Once Fanny and I had a nice long hug and a long kiss he moved his hand around to my cock and slowly caressed my screaming hard member, and then I took a leap of faith and moved my hand down between us, and started to feel his with the back of my hand. Now I was really freaking, here I was with an older man having my first time sexual encounter expecting all these bad things to happen and they did not, I only felt pleasure and wanted it to continue, and so it did. I started feeling his cock more and more and then turned my hand around to grab his cock, which was not huge but not small, as he was doing the same to me. I was leaning into his chest as he held me tightly, as we both felt our cocks growing so hard and leaking precum.Fanny pulled away slightly and ran his hand down my chest to
my belt, opened my pants feeling my cock almost in the same stroke. Then he pulled it out of my undies, tighty whiteys were the rule back then, and he massaged my cock for a few strokes. We were standing face to face me leaning back on the pool table and him feeling my cock and making me whimper with hardness, if felt so good I could have cried. Just as I thought he was going to suck on me, he pulled my belt out and tied by hands behind my back. I was once again plunged into that surreal world of reality and fantasy. I had always loved being tied up when playing cowboys and indians and now this was such a turn of events that seemed wrong but then so good. Then he stooped down and took me in his mouth and all my bells went off again as I felt his tongue running up and down the underside, holy smokes, what a turn on. It felt so good to be enclosed by his warm tongue and deep mouth, as he slobbered on my cock, leaking cum. This was better than d**gs, low budget too, how could I have not been plugged in for so long? I could not wait to return the favor, but my hands were tied, how would I get to where I could suck his cock.Fanny continued to suck me slowly and I could not hold on very long and I exploded a juicy heavy load in his mouth, it felt so good, he kept sucking and swallowed my cum which made me feel so wanted and dirty. My hands were pulled tight against the belt holding them, I was exploding in pleasure from within. After my cock somewhat softened he came up for air and kissed me fully on the lips, with his lips full of my cum. It seemed as if he was testing my loyalty and my reaction, after cumming to being together, he could tell it was my first time. He untied my hands and rubbed my wrists that had red marks. He asked how I liked the bondage and I just looked into his eyes and nodded my head.We Frenched my cum around a bit more, me tasting my pleasure cream and liking it. We separated and I then got a bit nervous with mental recriminations from both my parental programming and being with a guy instead of a girl for my first time. I said, “I have to go”, which I didn’t really but needed to get my head around this last act to see if I wanted any more of it. Besides I did not think I was gay but I certainly was acting like I was and enjoying this as well as the bondage, which was another first for me that day. I was concerned about my feelings for women, would they go away or stay, so I parted and he said I could come over the next day if I wanted to play more pool, which I took meaning both ways, and he said he was between jobs and the weather forecast since it was winter, cold and rainy on top of snow, which sucks.That night I thought for many hours about the day’s events, rerunning them in my mind, getting hard just thinking about the scenes, the sensations, and smells, and concluded that I felt good during the whole episode and liked the old man even though he could be a grouch but not when I was feeling him up. His whole soft sweet side came out, almost like a female, when he was having sex. I thought how far will this thing go, I did not have any experience but could imagine that I could at least suck him, seemed like a fair exchange, if he was willing to suck me, and then what about the other attributes of sex. How was this older/younger relationship to extend past this first sexual event which had changed our previous relationship forever.I woke up the next day with nothing much happening being the weekend and decided to give Fanny a call and check his mood, he said he was fine and invited me again to come over to join him in a cellar pool game, intrigued by this, on the surface innocent invitation, I accepted and went over. It was another dreary day, cold rainy, and melting snow on the ground, no sun. It was good to see him at the door waiting for me when I arrived, we were only about a 2 minute bicycle ride away through the woods trails. He invited me and immediately gave me a big hug and kissed me deeply with open mouth, his tongue going down my throat, and sucking for all he was worth. I got the feeling that he had not gotten sex in a while from anyone else, and then again I wondered what about anyone else, am I the only one? After we kissed for a few minutes I was getting hard already with him feeling my ass and then my cock. I returned the touching and felt his cock semi hard in his pants as he was pushing himself into me. He took my hands and put them down around his ass and indicated he wanted me to pull him into me so I did. So far most of this physical exercise was just that, no emotions except unbridled lust from both of us. Turned out his wife was out shopping for a few hours with her girlfriend Helen, Herb’s wife.Fanny invited me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted a drink, he had some juice, I did not drink alcohol or coffee, and he had some coffee. He started to ask me how I was doing, school, swim team etc. He commented that my body was in super shape and he liked how I might look without my clothes on but the house was a bit cool for running around nude. I was kind of shy and agreed that I felt good about our previous day’s activities and was interested in more, he was very happy that I was agreeable, so we went down to the cellar and pool room, it was warmer, he had anticipated some nude activities I presumed.I racked up the pool table like before and we started shooting and into my third shot he was behind me feeling my cock and now my ass. He said, “Can I scratch your ass with my wire brush?” At first took him literally but then realized this was about him fucking me, which made my cock twitch. This was much different than my fantasy of how things would happen and then again it was kind of surreal. I was afraid that Sophie, his wife would show up and find us out.He unbuckled my pants and slid them down to my ankles, then took off my shoes to my socks, then with his teeth he pulled down my undies from the front stopping to sniff my cock and balls, good thing I took a shower before I came over. Once my undies were off he nuzzled my cock with his face and stuck his tongue out licking my cock and balls, off course I was getting as hard as a rock and he loved it. I could tell he was very much into this and was a hungry chap looking to satisfy his craving. He stood up and embraced me giving me a deep kiss, with his hands at my cock. He asked me to undress him and so I did, starting with his shirt then pants. He had a very hairy chest with some large nipples and a bit of a belly. Once I got him undressed we embraced and kissed again, we were about the same height around 5’8” or so, I was a bit taller so I had to bend over a bit to kiss him. I was amazed at how gentle this guy was with me, very smooth and not too grouchy, which I have come to realize was his outward motif, he was really a pussy cat inside. We were getting pretty hot and excited his cock was sticking strait out and I grabbed it stroking it like I would my. He started running his fingers up and down my butt and I thought here we go, no telling where we will stop but I figured I might be getting my first experience with ass fucking. Fanny turned me around bending me over the pool table edge and went down and licked my butt, running his tongue into my crack searching for my butt hole. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and found my rose bud with his tongue sending me into orbit, my cock was so hard bumping up against the pool table, thought I would cum right then. He poked into my butt a bit with his tongue and made it all wet with his saliva, hmmmm, that felt really good. He stood up and let his cock land against my butt and rubbed it all over me, making me feel strange like I wanted him to fuck my ass. I was torn from one end of the universe to the other mentally, what the hell was I doing, my mom would pass out if she heard about me getting fucked by another guy. If it was by a girl at my age back then would have been bad enough, but a guy, and an older one at that, whew what a trip. I dropped down to suck his hard cock into my warm salivating mouth, I needed to taste his juicy cock before it was pushed up into my ass. Fanny
was moaning a bit and telling me what a great sucker I was, he was calling me a sissy boy and telling me how much I loved sucking him.Then he asked me if I would be up for taking things further, like getting ass fucked, and if I would want to ass fuck him as well as a followup. I was taken aback by him verbalizing these thoughts and immediately felt overcome by my shyness and thought, yes I was open to doing these things, and today. Now my wildest dreams from the past couple of days were coming into reality. Yes I had thought about getting ass fucked, much more than ever. Did I ever fuck my own ass, yes I had a finger or two into it and it felt good, much better than every one of my friends made it out to be. Now I could understand how two guys could satisfy each other’s sexual passions, BUT did I want to get fucked and then fuck him, hmm. The bonus was to fuck someone else I thought at the time so I agreed, Fanny was going to have my ass first and then I would have his, which I thought was pretty fair, so Fanny retrieved some KY gel and slowly warmed it up and lubed my ass and crack, it felt really good when he put a finger inside me to loosen me up and then another to expand what he had started. He was kissing my neck and nibbling my ear as he was working my butt hole and then I felt his cock bumping my ass and his hand slide to around my hips pulling me towards him, he was moaning and telling me what a beautiful ass I had and how he was going to fuck the shit out of me for being such a hot dude. I loved his attention and how hot I could make him with him appearing to lose self control; this was a new dimension that I was discovering that I liked. Kind of made me feel soft like a girl, submissive like obeying my elders, and very mixed up with all the many roles and mental images.His cock head was at my butt hole soon enough and he was pretty stiff for being an old guy I thought, but never considered how age affected hard-ons until that moment. His cock head pushed against my rose bud and started to slip in and the pain was pretty bad, I told him to stop and he pulled out somewhat but did not pull away, and surprisingly the pain subsided. Then he started to push back into me and it felt better this time, and before I knew it his wire brush was scratching my ass and he was fully inside me and I was surprised how good it felt. I felt full, satisfied that I could accommodate him, and ticked deep inside somehow better than feeling my cock. Slowly he started moving in and out, back and forth, biting my ear and kissing my neck, which ran tingles down my spine. His one hand on my shoulder and the other around the front of me feeling my cock, which was so hard, kept my attention focused on the pleasure I was receiving. I had no idea that this could feel so good, no wonder all the guys put this down, if they didn’t the women would not have a chance, all the guys would prefer guys since they understood each other much better, and it felt so good. Fanny stopped playing with my cock, not wanting me to cum yet and he was building up to a big orgasm, groaning and moaning how great a fuck I was and how he loved my ass and how I was going to be his main squeeze for as long as possible and that I better not tell anyone since our my sexual connection would be gone. He shouted “I am cumming, get ready ohhhhhhhhh” and I felt him spurt into my ass, not an overflowing deal but some little spurts with his cock expanding somewhat, it felt good, he collapsed on my back pinning me against his pool table, I felt loved, he felt good too. I told him I would not tell anyone as long as we can continue our get together’s and he was amazed, asking me if I really liked this stuff and I said I did. Then he said, “how would you like to fuck my ass?” and I said, “I would love it after we cleaned up a bit.” He took me up to his bedroom bath/shower and we jumped in soaping each other up. He said he had to piss and would I mind if he pissed in the shower with us both in there, and I said no problem, I do it all the time in my shower, so he released a steady stream of piss hitting the wall and splashing onto both of us. He looked at my reaction and saw my big eyes and open mouth and directed his cock to point in my direction with his piss stream hitting my legs, then ran it up until it hit my hardening cock. He could tell I was not repulsed but intrigued as I looked up into his eyes to see his excitement. Once his piss ran out we soaped each other up and embraced with a kiss, sliding our tongue and bodies over each other, this was great, I never had such an experience with another nude human being, only wrestled with my father with our clothes on.Once out of the shower and dry, Fanny went to his wife’s dresser opened a drawer and pulled out a set of panties, granny panties, and asked if I liked women’s panties. Now he had hit a button I never thought a momentous relationship like this would go towards my inner cravings, wow was I on fire. I had to keep telling myself that it was due to my lack of experience that I was broaching these subjects with a real person instead of in my fantasy mind. I wondered if this is how all people live their lives, the outer image hiding the juicy times behind closed doors. I had innocently tried my mom’s granny panties on when I was young finding them in a bottom dresser drawer that was left open. My cock got very hard and felt great through the panties, so I already had some physical experience, but up till that moment it was just with me. After I got over my initial deer in the head lights reaction with Fanny, I smiled and said “I love women’s panties”, so Fanny came over and pulled them up my legs and over my totally hard cock, after which he gave it a kiss and felt me up through the panties. I almost came right then, and he stopped the caressing my hard cock, since there was more to come, and he wanted to prolong our time together. Fanny asked me if I knew what a transvestite was and I said “sort of” “when men dress up like women”, he said “Yes and I am sort of like one as well, just don’t do it in public, but love to do it with others”. I wondered who these others were, but did not think of it at this time; I was so hard in the panties. Fanny reached into the drawer and pulled out another pair of his wife’s panties, pink, and asked me to put them on him; I did, slowly pulling them up over his semi hard cock and large balls. They were a bit tighter on him than on me, but fit pulling over his large cock and balls, he was bigger than me somewhat, maybe 7” hard or so. As I was pulling them up he reached into the drawer again and pulled out a bra putting it over his shoulders and asked me to get the clasp in the back connected, which I did, now I was interested to see where this was going. Fanny filled the bra, like a size C, with some panties and nylons that came out of that drawer, so now he had fake breasts, which was cool, kind of got my male tendencies going seeing his female attribute and this was kicking my head into a strange place.Fanny then told me to help him with the stockings, garter belt, and slip after which he looked like a guy in drag without the makeup. He looked good in stockings, although black would have been nicer than the beige, but they still looked good. I could see his leg hair through the nylons, these had seams as they did back then, but they still were nice. I ran my hands up them to feel them and he loved the attention and started to swoon as I got up closer to his cock and gave it a tug and soft feel. He was like putty in my hands acting kind of female, soft, sensuous, we were both getting high on being in this mode. Next the slip made him slippery all over and I liked this sensuous soft feel to his normally hairy body. It brought him to me in a feminine type way that was hard to describe, since he had both male and female tendencies at times, I was starting to enjoy the inhibition dance; with him pushing over previous mental limits to open my fantasy possibility realm. It was fantastic and my cock spoke highly of how nice this was for me, Fanny noticed this and com
plimented me on how long I could keep my cock hard, his cock kind of got stiff and then was semi rigid for the past hour, of course he already had cum that day.After he was dressed he suggested a bra and slip for me and I took him up on the slip and bra, I was turning into such a slut. I had tried on my mom and sister’s bra a few times but did not find a way to simulate breasts very well with socks. Now Fanny and I embraced and felt each other all over with our hands and kissed some long French kisses. I was getting hotter and hotter unable to resist the physical stimulation, and Fanny could sense this, so he grabbed my cock and pulled me over to the bed, he turned and offered me his rear suggesting I use some KY on his butt like he did mine earlier, the KY was on the dresser.I lubed up my cock pulling the front of the panties under my balls and the slip up, then I pulled his panties down past his butt and lubed his asshole pushing a finger into his rose bud and getting some lube inside, once I got two fingers in he started groaning and moaning, “fuck me you little slut, make me cum again by fucking my ass, fill me with your rock hard cock, that beautiful stiff meat rod, fill me with your juicy hot cum.”Now I did not know if a man could cum by getting fucked in his ass, but I did know it felt good, so I lined up my cock to his asshole and pushed my dickhead into his butt a bit, it felt great, like nothing I had felt before, since I had only used my hand on my cock up to this moment, and had my cock in his mouth the day before. Wow, –I pushed all the way in and felt my pubes scratching his ass, and then Fanny softly said, “please fuck me, please fuck me, I need you to fuck me so bad, I have dreamed of you fucking me, I am such an ass slut”. I was so taken back by his bluntness that I froze for a second and he repeated the words “please fuck me honey, I love your cock in my ass, ohhh, it feels wonderful” and so I began fucking him with slow strokes to both allow me to feel what was going on and him to get used to my hard cock. This did not last long, about 2 minutes into this fucking I was breathing heavy and ready to cum, Fanny read my mood and said “that’s it baby, fuck me, cum in my ass, give pendik escort me all your cum, fill me up, fuck me hard, I love you for this, I never want this to stop”, and hearing these words I came in buckets filling his ass, moaning the whole time, now I was going to keep on fucking him until I was empty, and so I did. After I had got off in his loosening ass, I was in asshole heaven, never thinking this would be a place of joy, but did not want it to end.Once we were through I collapsed on this back, covered in a silky slip and felt the bra straps on his back. I kissed his neck and bit his ear like he had done to me, he turned and we kissed a deep French kiss that almost tore our tongues out. As the moment subsided we pulled away and looked at each other and smiled knowing we had both crossed much territory in our relationship in a very short amount of time. We both felt a love for each other although it might have been more lust than anything else, but we were in a sexual glow. I was now wondering about his wife and how she fit in to his lustful life style. Fanny suggested we get back in the shower to clean up, we took our silkies off, he put them in the hamper since they were covered in our sweat and cum leakage. I wondered how this would work out if his wife Sophie came home and saw them, little did I know at that time. So we went off to the shower we went, upon getting in I said I had to piss and he said go ahead “get some on me please” which I did starting to piss at his balls and then he dropped to his knees and wallowed his face in my piss stream opening his mouth to capture the strong flow, and then he did the unthinkable, gulping down a couple of mouthfuls as my stream subsided and stopped. He then stood up and with his mouth full of my piss and kissed me opening up his lips and filling my mouth with my piss, now this was totally over the wall, and freaked me out to the max so much I was starting to get hard again. I swallowed a bit of my piss until I pushed it back into his mouth after which he swallowed the rest. This whole experience was so far over the edge of my inhibitional limits that I was completely out of myself, speechless to say the least, I did not know how returning to normal reality would ever be, how could I face myself or my peers after what had just happened and what I had just willingly participated in. I did feel an internal freedom not present before this, like a badge of achievement, although I could not wear it my internal architecture would never be the same. I wondered if I would become hooked on Fanny in an addicted manner, or even the sexual acts, maybe to be had with others, only time would tell.After my piss event, Fanny then said he had to piss also and if I would like to I could re-enact what he had just done. I hesitantly looked into his eyes and I could see he was so excited to have a partner doing this with him that I nodded yes, I would. So he gently guided me down to my knees and let loose with a piss stream right to my face, telling me “open your mouth baby, you like my yellow gold, taste it, it won’t hurt you, I can tell you want to try it” upon which I opened my mouth and took a mouthful. Fanny said “swallow it, you like it, taste my nectar”, and I swallowed a bit and thought I was going to pass out either from the taste or my blood pressure going over the top, wow was this different. I didn’t mind the taste after the initial splash hit my tongue and kind of enjoyed being at the bottom of a pissing cock, feeling subservient to my more experience male friend. Being submissive was kind of relaxing since I could let me being loose into Fanny’s mental space to dance in his world of fetishistic lust.We cleaned up after our piss episode, drying each other off, I put my street clothes back on after Fanny gave me a pair of his wife’s pink lacy panties to wear home to remind me of our fun afternoon together. I was like, “what do I do with my male undies”, so he took them and put them in the trash, and I was left with panties under my pants instead, which felt good, and not so bulky. Once dressed, we went to the kitchen to get something to drink. This was good to wash the piss taste from my mouth, I wondered if someone else could smell my piss breath. As we were sitting wordless at the table just mellowing in the afterglow of a mutual experience that we were not sure how to place in our individual reality, Fanny’s wife Sophie came in the door, home from work. She was going on about how bad the weather was and how no one should be out in it. Fanny remarked that we certainly decided to come in after being out in the soupy weather and we chose to spend the afternoon playing a few games of pool, drinking some warm lemonade to help prevent colds. Sophie looked at both of us with piercing eyes looking us up and down, agreeing that our staying inside was a better choice, she wished she could have stayed home and played pool with us, and Fanny and I both looked at each other then at Sophie and smiled, “sure next time you should” Fanny said. With that statement opening the door to our future, I begged my departure, but only after Sophie gave me a hug and a kiss and thanked me for spending time with Fanny that afternoon since his business activities were curtailed due to weather. If only she knew the real pool games we were playing, besides I was wearing her panties under my pants, which she did not know, and I wondered if she ever would. I then left into the cold damp weather to ride the 2 minute travel to my house, where I walked into a normal family life with my mom making dinner and saying to get cleaned up and ready to eat, little did she know that I had already started my dinner earlier drinking some warm lemonade.After a few weeks I could finally get my head around my experience with Fanny. Since it was my first sexual encounter with another human and that was with an older male. I thought of myself as being special s
ince this was not so typical and back then was totally out of line. I kept quiet and did not tell a soul which was ok with me to some extent but then who could I share it with, only now, many years later, after all these events have passed, can I explore them more fully and not tell anyone, but everyone through my written story.Easter break came and I thought this free time I had with school off might bring on another time with Fanny. He used to get this killer smoked bacon which all us guys used to like to taste, with horse radish and mustard, I wondered if Fanny would offer me some this Easter season? We had the week before Easter off as usual and the holiday was going without event, until the first Monday. Early in the week I was riding my trail bike in the woods, Fanny’s woods, where I usually rode most of the time. I got to cruising around the pond and coming out of the woods I could see Fanny’s red pickup leaving the house, about .25 mile away and taking the pond road. I thought he might have seen me and maybe not, so I decided to go back into the woods trail and take another round. In coming back out there was Fanny in his pickup waiting for me with a shit eating smile on his face in his warm truck still running. I pulled up and said hi being pretty cold, it was in the low 40’s and damp. He offered me to get warm in his pickup, to hop in, so I did and the heat was nice. He said he had not seen me in quite awhile and missed me, which I felt was sweet of him to say and I also had missed him. This also cued me up for the potential lead in to another flaming gay sucking, pissing, and fucking session. He said his work was once again on hold due to the soft mud at the job site and that he was going to stick around this week and would I like to come over tomorrow for some Easter pool games, (code for sex games), at least I thought. I said sure I would be happy to come by and could I play his organ, he had a small organ in the house and I played keyboards so wanted to try it out. It was in his living room which I almost never got into since it was one of those that only got used for formal company; we guys were always in the breeze way which was not part of the internal house. He agreed that I could pay his organ, he didn’t know how to play keyboards but Sophie did, but she played rarely. While warming up in the truck I wondered if Fanny was going to initiate something right then but I had to take a piss and said I would be right back, Fanny asked what I was about to do and I told him I needed to take a wicked piss. He told me not to waste it and to piss outside his truck door facing him so he could look at my dick and reminisce about our hot time before, so I obliged, standing about 3 feet away from his open window and pissing. He told me through the open window to give him a taste, of the piss that is, and so I pissed on my fingers and put them up for him to suck which he did like a baby on a bottle. He said “you sure got a good taste today, sweet, must have been eating that Easter candy eh!” and he was right I was. I put my cock back into my pants, hoping that no one would see us if they came around the corner, and luckily no one did. After my piss I felt much more relieved and that it broke the ice with respect to our sexual understanding, which when you are a little guy it is not so clear how these things go. I got back into the truck, warm once again, and Fanny pulled me close with his arm around me, I thought ok, here we go again, and sure enough he swooped in for a kiss to check me out and see if I was open to his advances and I sure was, I kissed him back, hard right on the lips and stuck my tongue into his mouth. My sexual urges became very strong and I was hungry for his touch and taste once again. He responded with feeling me up, my cock getting harder by the second, loving his touch and hoping for more and just as he was about to unzip me Sam came around the corner walking his dogs, these trails and roads were half in the woods and half on open field, and kind of going back and forth between the two, which made for some interesting bike riding and dog walking. Sam’s dogs were always up for chasing rabbits and hunting which Sam loved. Since I saw Sam before he saw me I pulled away from Fanny plastering myself on the passenger side door, and Fanny quickly saw the situation and chilled and we started talking about his bulldozer rework and how I was going to help him. Sam pulled up with his dogs and gave the old “what’s up” and we cavorted with him for a bit, then I got out of the truck, back on the bike. Fanny said he had to go look after some business and drove off. That left Sam and I alone to walk the dogs which we also did allot together after school mostly. I eventually found my way back home, riding my dirt bike and wondering about the next day after my close encounter with Fanny this afternoon.The next day I got up after rolling around in bed with thoughts of the coming day’s events. How would it go this time, I would be playing Fanny’s organ, maybe both organs, one with keys and one without, more like a skin flute some say. I got a shower and put on the panties he gave me before which were now laundered and fresh. I got hard just putting them on, guess I was a horny bastard just like Fanny, we were both horny bastards eh! I put on one of my sister’s bras too, under my heavy shirt, which no one could see I had something on, and off I went on my bike to Fanny’s house.I knocked on the door, and he poked through the curtains seeing me and let me in. Once again it was another cold spring day in the country, where the chill would go right through you. Getting into the warm house was welcoming, and Fanny gave me a total embrace telling me how much he missed me and loved our last time together. He wanted to know if I was up for more fun and games and I said of course, I am yours to fuck, suck, and drink from as you see fit. I was just short of begging for more, yes please, more, I am such a horny bastard. So Fanny invited me into the basement pool room once again to perform our billiard ritual of banging the balls around. He brought some hot chocolate and we discussed our task at hand. He wanted to know if I liked sucking him and I told him it was alright, he said I would get better at it as I learned how to do it, and that he would give me some pointers when he sucked me. He said he wanted to introduce me to some dildos, now back then these things were not so easy to come by and Fanny didn’t have any either, but he used coke bottles which were heavy gauge glass to plug his butt to open himself up to get ready for fucking. This sounded like something new and I thought it sure beat the magic marker I was using on my butt at home to get off. Our pool game quickly turned into grab ass, him grabbing mine and me grabbing his as we played the game. I was getting more and more turned on and he unzipped me and felt inside and ran into his wife’s panties on me, he was very turned on by both the feel and the thought that I was into this for him, and I don’t think he cared that much, but he was touched by the fact that I held him in high respect even though our society tells us these types of folks are to be scorned. I thought since it felt good what was the big deal, no one was getting hurt by any means. As Fanny felt me he ran his hand over my back and remarked about the strap, “Yes Fanny, I stole my sister’s bra to wear, kind of makes me feel fem, and I thought you would like it”. Fanny said, “Yes I love it, please take off your shirt and let me see you.” I took off my shirt and bared my breasts, oh so fem, and of course I had flat tits and the bra was pulled tight across them. Fanny said, “I love seeing your nipples encased in the nylon, can I touch” I said, “yes you can, feel me as much as you like, I am your fem boy toy”. I could not believe how I was talking, let alone allowing Fanny my short term lover take me over, or me giving myself to him. Fanny caressed my nipples tweaking them, they really got hard, and I was once again in the zone, feeling good and loved by my older man.
My cock was hard, and I reached for Fanny’s cock, he also had a nice slippery pair of panties on which I loved to feel him through. He was hard and dripping from the tip, I stooped down to get a taste and was thrilled to suck him through the panties. I ran my hand up to his nipples to see if he had on a bra and sure enough he too had on a bra. I wondered if this is why he acted so strangely at time sort of feminine about how he dealt with us boys, and sure enough he was a split person, half male and somewhat female. I also felt the same since I was into panties since I could remember and wished I were a female when I was like 5 or so. I used to tuck my cock and balls back and walk around like I had a pussy just to see how it felt; now I was feeling a man in a bra, nipple tweaking and more.Fanny pulled back and stripped down to panties and bra, tell me to do the same. He said we can go up and put on some stockings and garter belts, which would keep us a bit warmer, so we did. We found some socks and stuffed our bras to get some boobs and put on the shear stockings, mine beige and his black. Then we both put on a slip, his black and mine white, which made us both feel so fem and slippery when we embrace. Fanny kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat to get me more into the zone, my cock felt great and my ass felt like it was missing something, a void that might be filled later. Fanny asked, “Would you like to put on a dress?” and I surprisingly said, “That would be outrageous, do you have one in my size?” Fanny said, “Try one of Sophie’s looser dresses this might fit” and it was a cotton pullover no waist, a bit snug on me with my small tits, came to just above my knees. Sophie was a bit round, not too big, not too small, she was shorter than me though, and I was 5’8” at the time, which was not too short. Fanny put on a dress also, so we both looked like a couple of drag queens with men’s heads and women’s bodies with bulges between our legs making a hum in the dress. Feeling the air going up the dress was different, and the slippery stocking made a swishing sound as I walked, and they felt great, I wondered if girls felt the same way, then I thought what about the makeup, are we going there too.So Fanny and I were in his bedroom, both dressed as girls, more like gurls, both of us looking at each other, then I went over and gave him a big hug and a kiss and thanked him for leading me down this path and being so understanding of how I am. He pulled back and said, “You are thanking me?, I was the one who was taking the big chance and hoped you were interested in my deviant desires in women’s wear, so we deserve a mutual thanks, come here my boi”. And he embraced me kissing me and feeling my cock with his other hand, while reaching around to pull me closer with his other hand. I was getting to love being held by him, and I would find out how much after we had parted ways since I thought of him much and dearly since leaving the state, but that was later. We were snuggling there feeling all girly and my cock was sticking out between my legs, so was Fanny’s. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of our male names and get some female names while we were dressed. I suggested to Fanny that if we were girls our names would be different and I could see he was on the same frequency and said, “Would you like me to call you by a girl’s name?, what could it be, Allena, or something else?” I did not like the name Allen and suggested Alabama, since I thought girls with names of states was cool and this kind of went with my Allen given name, so Fanny said,” ok how about Alba, a derivative of Alabama and the name stuck. I suggested I call Fanny, Fanny, in line with the book Fanny Hill. Now we had our conversion complete and we could access each other’s fem identities in public using our new names, fancy that Fanny! As we stood there I thought we would be moved to have some heavy sexual encounters and thought it might be nice to get to play Fanny’s organ, the keyboard, before playing her other organ, so I suggested maybe a song or two to celebrate our new beginnings and Fanny led me to their parlor and the large organ against the far wall. I sat down and immediately felt at home playing one of my songs. Fanny thought I was pretty good and so I played a few more, as I was playing he came up from behind me and started caressing my cock through my dress, slip, and panties and the music suddenly got a bit more out of time, but I was sure in time, so was Fanny. We carried on for a song or two and when I finished playing a song I hear clapping from across the room behind us, and we both looked over being startled out of our minds in the general direction and there was Sophie standing there just coming home early from work. My mind went into an adrenaline fed warp speed into over drive mentally a voice in my head said “What the heck am I doing here?” as the reality of someone else seeing me dressed as a female with another older man in the same attire, with our dicks out and caressing each other like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to melt into the organ seat and through the floor but no, I had to face what was coming, and that surely was not me in this dress with a cock in my hand was it?, my dick shrank so fast it hurt.Sophie, realizing my fright, did not move for about 1 minute, she just smiled with a knowing twinkle in her eye, Fanny just stood by and waited, he seemed calmer than I would have expected, so my mind radar picked up something that was maybe going to be a gap in the action to enable me to split and not come back. I had recriminating thoughts I was a fool for going along with Fanny and his escapades getting all sexual and cross-dressing and things. We both turned toward Sophie and stood there in her dresses, with her undies on, stockings and everything, all we needed was a pair of high heels, wigs, and makeup and we would look like hookers having a party. Sophie looked us up and down and finally said, “I see we have two fine looking gurls here” “Hope you were both enjoying the music?” “Looks like you were both having a party and forgot to invite me”. Well Fanny and I turned and looked at each other and I wondered what the heck, is she for real, we certainly were pushing the surreal limits, but Sophie was as well, this was another unexpected reality change. Sophie came in and I could tell she was not interested in blowing us out of there, but was more interested in seeing what was going on and how it might affect her in a different way. I was thinking maybe Fanny was into something that would get them both thrown in jail or something messing with me. Sophie came over and sat down with her bags and told Fanny and I to sit down also. I felt much better now, and then she started asking questions like: who, when, how, and are there more people involved, etc. and Fanny and I reported our past encounter, this being the second. Sophie asked me if I was scared and I said I sure was, she said “calm down, I am not your mother, nor your aunt, but another person who likes divergent thinking, and I see we have some here”. So I was being enlightened about older folks and they were just like younger ones but with a different view, maybe. I told her I liked what Fanny and I were doing, apologized for using her clothes without her knowledge and intimated that I should leave, asking her permission. She did not want me to leave until our conversation was complete, so I just sat there frozen to my seat. Fanny gave her a description of what we did previously, dressing, pissing, fucking, how we started and what he liked about our relationship and that I promised to not tell anyone, which she was relieved to hear. Turns out Sophie knew about Fanny’s escapades and I was not the first of young boys that he had gotten with, a couple more of our neighborhood boys, older than me, from previous years had relationships with Fanny. I knew one of the guys and could not imagine him being in a gay relationship at all with Fanny, but Sophie did admit to some degree that I was not the first but was the best l
ooking of the three, which made me feel wanted, loved, and soothed. Then she started asking me sex questions like if I had been with any other boys, men, girls, or women all of which I said no, and that this was my first time having sex, so I was a virgin. Sophie was amazed since Fanny had gotten me to cross dress and have sex with him dressed as well. I told her I was into cross-dressing before I met Fanny from an earlier age before we moved into the neighborhood, and this was my first time with someone else. She was interested in hearing my personal information, and had me explain what my youth was about. I also told her about my family situation and how it was not so good, and I felt much better being at their house than at home for that reason. Sophie came over and hugged me and kissed my forehead soothing me. She told me Fanny cross dressed since before they were married and had a bisexual appetite experiencing boys and girls before they met and that she was supportive of his life style and had grown to enjoy herself in some of these bisexual and young person relationships, loving the fetish lifestyle. I was then putting things together and asked her if she too had some relationships that were extra and she admitted she did. I immediate looked at Fanny and saw that he knew she did and was maybe a participant as well. Now I was beginning to see that maybe I had fallen into a situation that would please me and give me some sexual adventure as well as soothe my need for feeling loved in a different way than before. As we relaxed from our tense situation I started looking at Sophie more as an older girl rather than an old lady with her old man Fanny. Her dress style was more about work, but not her dresses that Fanny and I wore; they were more silky and feminine than her work dress. Fanny and I were getting a bit antsy and were looking to either cancel our expected encounter or do something with our cocks, since mine was still kind of hard? Sophie sensed this and hesitated to break up the group and suggested that she was interested in watching us two in action, something I would never have suspected. We both were relieved and interested in seeing how this was going to work. Sophie suggested we go to their bedroom; Fanny stood up and took my hand, leading me along, with Sophie behind us. Fanny led me to the bed and laid me down on it, with him along side, both of us watching Sophie who sat in a corner chair facing us. Fanny leaned over and kissed me on the lips, putting his hand over my breast feeling me up with his arm under my head pulling me close and French kissing me deeply. I was turned on to be able to show Sophie how good I felt so I hammed it up initially to show her that I really liked this as well, she ooed and ahhed somewhat with a few gasps as she started to enjoy the scene. I tried acting like a young girl turned on by her sexy girl friend, since we were both dressed as girls, kind of like lesbians. Fanny caressed my cock and balls, which were getting harder as I got more comfortable, he had my dress and slip pulled up showing my panty covered cock and balls to Sophie who now had her hand in her crotch feeling her pussy through the cotton dress. I reached over and felt Fanny’s cock and balls, giving them slow and purposeful caresses, eventually pulling up his skirt and slip so I could feel his stiffening cock through his panties, we were now getting back in our groove, and with Sophie in the room too, what a trip.As Fanny and I both got excited so did Sophie, she pulled her dress up and was feeling her pussy through her white granny panties which looked so good, she had a small wet spot that was centered on her fingering. I was to find out later this was a natural happening, and was not piss, which had crossed my mind. Fanny and I had our own wet spots going and they were getting bigger. Fanny move her hand behind me and was caressing my ass with a finger pushing the panties into my asshole, Sophie loved seeing us get turned on so much, she was starting to gasp and moan softly in approval of our loving actions.Fanny moved down and put his mouth over my cock blowing and sucking me through the panties, then pulled them down and I was home again, into his mouth, my cock feeling very good with all the sensations that were making me hard, and feeling on top of the world in the midst of new insights and experiences with my older sexual lover friends. Who would have imagined this turn kaynarca escort of events at the beginning of this day?I too wanted to suck Fanny and got turned around into a 69 where we both could suck and finger each other’s pussies, which we did. I lubed my finger in my mouth and slowly slid it up Fanny’s butt with Sophie cheering us on, telling Fanny, “Now you suck him good Fanny, I want to see Allen excited, hot and hard for you too”. Fanny informed Sophie my gurl name was Alba, and she said what a lovely name, ok Alba it is then. Fanny started deep throating me as much as he could and I was getting very hot, which made me suck on him even harder trying to do the same deep throat thing to some degree. Sophie now had her panties pulled aside and had a couple of fingers in her pussy stroking them in and out. Her eyes were half shut and her mouth was open, and I could see her pussy leaking a bit making squishing sounds. Fanny and I were also making squishing sounds with our sucking. I got close to cumming and asked Fanny if I could cum in his mouth and Sophie said she would love to see me cum on his face and mouth, so me being on top made this easy.I got on my knees with Fanny below me and shot the first squirt into his mouth then all over his face, a pretty good load too. Sophie directed Fanny to scoop it up and eat it, then for me to give Fanny a nice kiss, which we did, and share my cum between us, savoring my flavor. I was totally exhausted by all that had happened and this whole experience of the past couple of hours. Fanny still did not cum and I was hoping to help him in this regard, so I asked him “what would you like me to do”? He said he would like to fuck me, and looked at Sophie to see if she agreed and she nodded yes, and then groaned a bit saying, Fanny has thought of fucking you Alba for many years until you were old enough. She said, “ he had spent many a night jerking off for me describing in detail how he was going to seduce you into becoming a tranny like him and fuck you. Fanny could tell you had tendencies to enjoy this life style by your open mindedness and reaction to his leading comments.”I thought this was going to be a trip, it had already turned into a trip, which means an unknown adventure. Being fucked by a guy once before and now with a female audience, this will certainly extend my experience; wonder what my friends would think of me doing this. Then my mind woke up from dreamland and I realized I was dressed in female clothes, loving another man dressed in female clothes, feeling great like there was no tomorrow, but there was. I guess I was coming down from the sexual high with small regrets starting to cross my mind.Fanny got behind me with me on all fours so he could fuck me, I was missing him fuck me, needing the feeling of submission, the a****l lust of being used for another’s pleasure. He lifted my dress and slip, and then pulled my panties to one side exposing my young asshole to both he and Sophie who commented, “nice pink hole, your boy pussy looks very fuckable, right Fanny?” We were facing away from Sophie so she could not see, so came by our side, still feeling her pussy to get a better look and feel. Fanny was feeling my ass, putting some KY on it, then putting his cock head up to my asshole as Sophie rolled onto the bed and put her face under mine and started to kiss me deeply slipping her tongue into my mouth, we were like lovers on the side, she was my mentor in how to get fucked, like a big sister encouraging me to learn to love getting fucked. This was sweet as she kissed me she tongued my tongue as if to say she loved me for what I was doing with Fanny and hoped I was into this life style with them. Heck I did not even have a lifesty
le yet and she was already hoping I was accepting of it, guess I was, internally I was very much in tune with what was happening, what is not to love, getting fucked and fucking was a happy time. I was just too shy to initiate action much unless I was seduced, but I was a willing seductee. I told her that I liked Fanny a bunch she was a very sweet person especially since she participated instead of just tolerating. She kissed me harder and softly felt my cock and balls through my slippery panties with her hand while Fanny was sliding into my butt deeply with his large cock. I loved it, felt so good to be receiving pleasure from both ends. It took some time for Fanny to open me up to get his whole cock into me. Little rocking back and forth budged my hole open till he filled me, I felt so full, with his wonderful cock.A I was getting fucked slowly I though it would be nice to have my cock in Sophie’s pussy sometime as well. I reached over and squeezed her tits, which she loved. Her nipples were hard and I was able to feel them through her bra. Fanny started to moan, “here I cum my sweet sissy boy, your tight ass is doing its trick and making my clit ready to shoot and fill you up.” I said, “Fanny please fuck my ass with your beautiful cock, fill me up with your hot cum, I need you to squirt inside me, ohhh… it feels so good, so deep, so hot”. Sophie cheered us both on and slid under me to suck on my cock since all this fucking was making me very hard and hot. Fanny let loose with a yell, “oooooaaaahhhh I am cumming, thats my sissy boy, feel me filling you up?” I started to cum into Sophie’s mouth a second time with all this stimulation, and Sophie slurped my cum into her mouth as I moaned in orgasmic delight. Fanny told her to not swallow and said “Alba likes some for himself, please share it with him” and Sophie come up and we tongue kissed my cum exchanging between us. We all three then laid back and relaxed in the bed next to each other and discussed the goings on of the day. I inquired about their relationship pointing out that it was not so typical and they said they knew that but there were more couples in our neighborhood that shared similar feelings and relationships in their lives. I viewed this as something to look forward to in my older life but it never came about. After an hour lounging in our fem garb, Fanny and I changed into our male clothes, after taking a shower. Sophie changed out of her work clothes and made us all something warm to drink before I had to leave. I rode back slowly reviewing all that had gone down that day; it was a monumental moment in my growing up into adulthood, never again would I be the same.Another couple of months went by, I saw Fanny around the place from a distance when I was riding my motorcycle in the fields and woods, I waved but he did not see me from such a far distance, I did not go up to the house still feeling shy about my new found relations. I was also mulling over the dichotomy of having sex with men vs. women. I was hoping that Sophie would be up for having me fuck her, and Fanny watch. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head regarding cross-dressing, being with Fanny, with Sophie, etc. I felt weird in that they were old enough to be my parents yet they were my lovers as well, I was hoping that they did not dislike me for not coming back sooner.The following week we were out of school and I could not wait for the summer to begin, on my first Monday off the phone rings and Fanny is on the line, he says, “summer break should have started by now, has it?” Yes I replied, he said good, “how would you be up for some extended play time?” I answered, “When, where, and what will I tell my mom and dad?” Fanny said he would ask my mom if it was ok for me to come over to be shown how to work on bulldozers and learn some mechanics, I was thrilled and hoped to drive his bulldozer which he had never let any of us do. Mom agreed and said I could go over anytime Fanny wanted me so I could learn some skills to earn a trade and get a part time job if I needed money for college and as an alternative if college did not work out. Fanny said come over early and we will start, so I went over for 7:00 AM, and worked for a couple of hours changing the heavy tracks on the bulldozer. We were able to change one track and then he said let’s take a break and get a drink, so we went up to the house. Upon going inside I found that Sophie was home and did not get to work that day, she was doing some errands, so we all sat down and they all wanted to know how I felt about our last sexual encounter. I told them I was thrilled to be part of their relationship, I loved them both, and looked forward to sharing them both sexually. I told them that I did not have any inhibitions but they had to lead me into what they wanted me to do with them. Basically all they had to do was ask and I would most likely be up for at least trying it. They were both thrilled as well and I could feel Fanny’s hand on my leg moving my towards my stiffening cock, Sophie also was running her foot up my other leg and landing it in my crotch feeling my cock stiffen so I returned the action by rubbing Fanny’s cock, since he was next to me, and caressing Sophie’s foot harder on my cock. Here we go again, episode 3, a day on the farm, I was wondering what new divergent acts I might be turned on to today, we had most of the day to ourselves if no one drove up the driveway. My young friends had their own summer work activities and I only had work scheduled with Fanny so far, but now this work was turning into a labor of love.Sophie’s eye popped open wide and she said, “Would you be up for me cross-dressing you and putting some make up on you”? she said. With my natural long blonde hair already to my shoulders I might be passable and who knows where that would go. I was too shy to go public and never have. Fanny agreed and said he was not going to cross dress that day but he would be happy to be the man of the house. Off we went to Sophie’s bed room to play the day away. Sophie took the lead this time and made Fanny sit and watch as she undressed me, with my cock hardening under my panties, which I wore specially for them, betting that I would be getting to be with Fanny for a quick feel at least, and Sophie was a bonus (pun intended). I took off my shorts, and she thought I looked great in my pink panties and that my bush could use some trimming, so she got some scissors and carefully trimmed my bush. She told Fanny to strip to his underwear and feel his cock to amuse us as we progressed. She pulled out some black stockings, black garter belt, and black bra; it appeared I would be in black today which went nicely with my pink panties. She slid the stockings and garter up my legs and connected them up, they felt so good, Fanny offered his compliments of how sexy I was looking, keeping me interested in his side show, his cock was tenting his white lacy panty underwear and he was tweaking his nipples as well. I was loving being dressed by Sophie and leaned over to kiss her, she gave me a hug and pushed her breasts up against me and ran her hand over my ass pulling me closer to her. This was the first serious female sexual encounter and it felt great which I was relieved to feel since I did not think I was gay and my cock was telling me this as well. Sophie continued to dress me with a black slip and some shoes, low rise heels about 2-3 inches which looked great on me. Then she made me sit down on her makeup bench and she proceeded to comb out my hair which was shoulder length, this was back in the late 60’s when long hair on boys was a hippy thing and I certainly wanted to be considered a hippy. Then she started on the foundation, eye shadow, and liner, I was looking hot, then some red lipstick which finished off the job. Looking in the mirror I was floored that this was me, I got that funny hair raising rush that I have just stepped over something hidden in my personality and my whole body was having its own say in the matter. The next thing she added were my breasts, which were once again mad
e up from some old stockings and panties to give me some form. I stood, turned around and curtsied for them both amid ooohs and aaahs about how sexy I looked and how the guys would be all over me with how well I looked. I was certainly turned on, could not imagine how one could not be. Fanny was hard as a rock, slowly jerking making sure he would not cum unless Sophie allowed him, but we were just getting started. Sophie then got changed herself into a similar outfit only in white, stockings, garter, bra (her nipples and breasts really got me going, they were like a 38 C cup a bit saggy, but not too bad, I just had to have them in my mouth today if possible. We were both standing there looking at Fanny being hard as he looked at us, two girls all decked out, we were all in our own little piece of heaven. I started to act like a girl, walking with my hips swaying and showing off my breasts, both approved like I was their whore for the day, which I was in a way.Sophie suggested I sit on Fanny’s lap be treated like a woman, and so I did, we kissed, he felt me up, I pulled his hand away a few times just to act like a reluctant concubine. Sophie looked on, her eyes were big and her mouth was hanging open as she was starting to get more excited. She told me she liked seeing her husband with another gurl since it allowed her to see how turned on he gets, Fanny was whispering things in my ear like, “babe you are so hot, we have to get something hard done today, I am up for playing some pool and sinking my balls into your table etc.” as he flirted with me. I was never talked to in this manner before and thought it was hot so I also encouraged him saying, “oh Fanny you are so hard, so big, my pussy needs your cock, my clit is hard waiting for your tongue, I would love to suck you dry” and Fanny looked at me with that knowing look that meant, “you mean piss too right?” and I slowly nodded my confirmation. I was also turning into a piss slut, even at home, drinking and at least tasting my juices every day for awhile. I had developed a taste for piss for sure. I wondered if Sophie was also into this depraved act and thought she might be since she and Fanny most likely covered this depravity in their deviant sex lives, but then surprises could be everywhere.Fanny was kissing me with his tongue down my throat and I was swooning in his arms, my eyes glazed I am sure. I felt feminine, male, all at once and wished I had a real pussy below my cock for both of their pleasures. Sophie came over, knelt down, and lifted my dress and slip to expose my panty encased hard cock, she started to feel me slowly making chills go up my spine. My ass was starting to feel left out, and Fanny filled this need by putting his hand up the back of the dress on my ass. His fingers pushed the panties between my cheeks, I was getting so hot and loved the way they both took care of me. Sophie suggested Fanny and I get into bed, she wanted to see her man sucking their new cross-dressing slut whore again. I got in on my back and Fanny pulled up my dress, kneeling between my legs, only in his underwear lying on top of me pressing his cock and my cock together. I felt pinned beneath his weight and had hard time breathing then he kissed me deeply which made getting air even harder. I pulled his hips into mine, trying to get my cock feeling his cock, which was working. I could feel his cock against mine rubbing the undersides together, wow this was hotter than I thought it might be. Sophie stood by the bed feeling her pussy and tits while Fanny and I embraced and worked our foreplay into a frenzy, I was starting to moan and wanted more stimulation and asked Fanny if I could suck him, so he moved up pulling his panties down exposing all of his stiff manhood to my open mouth, where he inserted just the tip. Sophie was there up close enjoying the view telling me how sexy I looked. She said, “ suck him Alba, you know you want to, just suck the tip like a lollipop and suck Fanny as he shoots off like a rocket, he loves getting sucked, maybe he will fuck you in you boi pussy again if you would rather have that after you get him nice and slippery, wet with your red lipstick covered lips.” sThis was certainly happening, my lipstick was all over his cock like little rings, as well as his face, he looked like he had war paint on. Sophie leaned in close and kissed me between sucks, then she sucked Fanny for a few seconds and said he is all yours Fanny. Sophie left to go get something and I continued to enjoy sucking Fanny looking up in to his eyes seeing how turned on he was. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled his cock into my mouth, choking on his thickness feeling the boundary between breathing and not breathing. My finger tips found his ass crack which I explored, and then feeling his rose bud as it clinched at my finger. I put a finger in my mouth and moved it to his asshole, slightly pushing into his hole, feeling the muscles holding it tight, this made Fanny moan. Wow, if only my friends could see me now, and as that thought passed, I realized that these were my friends and these acts could not be shared with my friends. I felt pulled apart; two different sides of me were seeing each other trying to figure out how this was all going to work.I heard Sophie walk back into the bedroom, but could not see her with Fanny blocking my view and my mouth filled with his bulging cock. I reached around and was tweaking his nipples which were like hard little rocks on his chest; he was looking lovingly down at me sucking him. Sophie bumped up against the bed and then I heard Fanny gasp and said, “oh yeah honey, that feels good” and Sophie had lubed up Fanny’s ass and was inserting something into him, but I didn’t know what. She pushed it into his ass and pulled up his panties to hold it in. Then I felt her hands between my legs pulling down my panties and lubing my ass, I pulled my legs up to give her better access and she plugged my ass with something big and hard, and deep, felt like it was going to come out my throat and hit Fanny’s cock still in my mouth. This butt plugging put both Fanny and I into heaven, with Sophie telling us how good we looked with our asses filled, she said we can eat them later and have a cucumber salad, which then told me what was in my ass, a nice fat cucumber, wow, simple yet very effective.In a few minutes Fanny moved down, still with his cucumber and pulled mine out, pushed my legs up and filled my ass with his cock. Sophie said, “you will not last long Fanny, you will be cumming in our boy’s ass in no time, Alba are you ready” I was totally ready, hoping to cum without feeling my cock, just like a woman. Fanny continued his thrusts, backing into the cucumber when he pulled out and making my cock start to spasm as he hit my inside pleasure button. Wow, was this a thrill, being loved by two people at the same time in all sorts of ways, my male and female sides were in full bloom, will this affect me in my future and will I be able to remain in contact with these kinds of people, I presume this is not the norm, and I was wrong and I was right.Sophie took off her panties and climbed on top of my face with her pussy against me mouth facing Fanny. She started tweaking his nipples and tongue fucking his mouth I loved hearing them moan as I was licking my first pussy, I didn’t need much coaching parting her lips sinking my tongue into the soft folds of her pussy, she tasted good, hard to describe but I loved the position being under her. I could see her asshole, right in front of my face, so I slipped my tongue up that way for a taste and she wiggled a little and moaned in pleasure. Since she was facing Fanny she was tweaking his nipples, pulling on my cock, jerking me off, and kissing Fanny both of them deep into each other’s throats to provide as much pleasure to each other as they were to me. Since I was to turned on with Fanny fucking my ass, I could not help but cum first, Sophie slid down and gobbled me up just in time to get a mouth full of my young cum, which she immediately deposited in Fanny’s mouth as they swapped my
cum, then Fanny came deep in my ass, filling me with his seed and nearly falling over, Sophie had hold him up, and then she came in my mouth, Fanny tweaking her tits and making her moan deeply in pleasure. I got a sort of gush from her pussy, much different than a man cum, and drank what came moaning in pleasure and the sexual high we had all shared. We all collapsed on the bed, with me in the middle as we all caressed each other lovingly, and cooled down. Thoughts started to cross my mind about the future and what it might bring with these two; their private lives were certainly different than what I would have expected. Then maybe this is how all adults are, an inner life of “anything goes” and an outer life where any of this stuff cannot be alluded to, only in whispers.House Cleaning with FannyAfter I had gotten my feet back on the ground, I visited Fanny a few times, once to play on his organ which I liked, of course he came up and caressed my cock while I played a few melodies, we both liked this kind of song playing, and neither time was Sophie around to see. Then one day I got a call from Sophie, she was interested in having me help Fanny on Saturday morning and could I come over early, I agreed and made plans to be away for most of the day.Arriving that Saturday, I met Sophie who was dressed in her house cleaning clothes, which was a cotton shift which showed her cleavage but not so much. She invited me in, giving me a deep kiss and a long hug and told me it had been such a long time since we last saw each other, about a month from my memory. She had made some coffee and offered me a cup; I did not typically drink coffee but accepted to be polite. I asked where Fanny was and Sophie said he would be out in a minute, so we should sit and drink our coffee; she put a cup out for Fanny.After a few minutes out comes Fanny, dressed from head to toe in drag, including makeup, wig, stockings, dress, boobs, and a corset making his waist a bit thinner but not much. He also had on some fem shoes, not heels but pointed black fem shoes. I was floored, what the heck was going on, seemed like another hot time to me. Sophie informed me that it was Fanny’s turn to clean the house, they each took turns doing it and at times would turn it into a play zone for inside work, today she wanted me to join Fanny, which was now Fanny, in helping clean the house and if we got hot doing it, then more the better. I heartily agreed and asked “how do I start?”Sophie instructed me to put on the clothes laid out on the bed, and Fanny could go along and help, Sophie was going to get herself ready and off she went to another bedroom. I went to Fanny’s bedroom and found nice undies laid out, bra, lacy panties, stockings, girdle, garter belt, slip, and a white dress, and shoes. All of this was in a white motif, like I was a nurse or something. Fanny got my stockings going, I got my bra on, and then the panties, girdle, slip, dress and shoes. I had my hair combed back, and needed some makeup which I applied the best I could with Fanny standing by helping in her black motif outfit like we were black and white pairs. She looked pretty good for an old guy in drag, so once I got my makeup on I rose and gave Fanny a kiss and a hug and asked her if we were going to be Sophie’s toys for the day and she said we already were, and we would do anything Sophie asked because we were sluts for pleasure, so off we went to cleaning the house. I used a duster rag and Fanny used the vacuum, we cleaned for about a half hour and Sophie appeared at the end of the living room, dressed in a suit, kind of like a guy, with a bulge in her pants, this was different. I went over and tried to give her a kiss and she pushed me away and said I was to be the submissive one today, so could only react to her initiations. I pulled back and got it, she was being the guy today in the best way she could; Fanny was so submissive already to her that she only had to instruct me. She guided my hand down to her crotch and I felt the bulge, hard rubber cock like thing, must be something she could fuck with, guess I would find out. Fanny came over smiling and said, “Isn’t it great, Sophie has her own cock for us to play with?” I said, “Yes this will be different, I have not done this before, you guys are too much, getting me involved with all these deviant sexual fetish things, I love it.” So, as Fanny and I were doing the cleaning, Sophie would slide by and rub our asses with her cock and make us feel like we were girls under her command and we loved it. She told Fanny and I to kiss each other and feel each other up, this made me hotter, “Sophie how far do you want us to go?” She said, “do not cum under any circumstance, I will give the order for your cumming today, and how many times as well.” I thought “how many times?” Were we running a marathon, Fanny was good for maybe twice in a whole day; I was good for a couple times in an hour at my best, so this was going to be a challenge. Fanny and I continued kissing and fondling one another, Sophie came over and let us rub her cock and tits, although her tits were kind of flattened by some kind of binder to her chest, which was also new to me. She started to kiss us both, as she was getting hotter, then we all hit the floor trying to get one another hot, Fanny felt my ass, and I felt both his and Sophies, who took out her cock and made me suck it, while Fanny was taking out mine and sucking it. Once I got Sophie’s cock saliva wet, she pulled me around with Fanny attached sucking my cock and put her strap-on dildo up my butt making me moan like a girl on fire. She pushed the hard thing up my butt with only saliva for lube, so it was going slow. Fanny slowed down on the sucking knowing I would cum and this was not allowed until Sophie gave the word, so he backed off and slowly jerked his soft cock to join in the pleasure. Sophie asked if I liked being fucked by her cock and I said, “Please give it to me, fuck me with your bulging cock, make me scream for it, I love it when you fuck me.” And so she did, until I was almost ready to cum but could not unless I touched my cock, which she would not let me do, Fanny got hard and put his cock in my mouth, so I was kind of spit roasted between them, it was great, feeling hard plastic cock up my butt and soft real cock in my mouth, hmmm, great to start the day, of course we all stopped ourselves when Sophie said, “ok that is enough for now, back to cleaning gurls.” My mind wandered again of how I ever got involved with such people; I think my prayers were answered in many ways, or at least my fantasy prayers. Reflecting back kurtköy some details stick out more than others as one might assume, or should I say some stick in more than others. Since these were some of my first sexual experiences bits have more impact than others. The dressed up cleaning of the house was a real cross over for me, it fit not only the clothing but the stereotype of how a woman would be in my head. Of course the actual cleaning included work which played off of the novelty of the moment. Fanny and I made sure we bumped at least once whenever we were in the same room; Sophie helped us there by policing the action and using the bulge in her pants to bump us as well, just to keep our attention.On to cleaning we went, moving to mopping the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms where I once had Fanny’s piss going down my throat, and hoped to have Sophie’s to in the future. Once we finished Sophie said she was going to call Herb and Helen, this caught my attention immediately, what did she want to do that for, Herb was an older friend of Fanny’s who I had met and hung out with, he used to come over for a chat and had worked a garden near the house for summer produce. He always seems very friendly and had a feminine style, not so macho, Fanny was much more macho, but I did not think much of these impressions until later. I only met Helen a few times not to hang out with though. Herb was a very nice guy, drove a VW bus, early 60’s, could always make out the van sound as he would come up the driveway, Onc
e off the phone, Sophie said they would be over in about 1 hour, that would be about noon, hmmm, what did Sophie have up her sleeve, or should I say in her pants. My mind tumbled with thoughts, were Herb and Helen involved with these guys sexually and why would Sophie be inviting these folks over when we were still in the middle of some sexual escapade? Fanny and I continued to clean the house for another ½ hour when Sophie said; ok we have to get ready for Herb and Helen. She ordered us to make the bed, put new towels in the bath room, and get ourselves and makeup in place. Then she came over to me and told me about Herb and Helen and that they too were involved with her and Fanny sexually and she said, “since you were so into our scene, with Fanny and I, we were hoping you would also enjoy Herb and Helen, I mentioned you and Fanny to them and they immediately were interested in joining us. Herb noticed you and your swimmers physique in the garden, especially on those hot days with your shirts off and he had some feelings for you. I was now starting to see the bigger picture and once again felt the butterflies in my stomach and swelling of my chest inside my bra and boobs. I ran my hand up there and felt my tit, Sophie noticed and grabbed my other one, then took my hand to her boob and said Helen’s are nice and big, you will like them. I thought I remembered Helen as being large boobs but she did a good job of concealing that in public but I really did not get much of a chance to explore her visually. Sophie leaned over and kiss me and gave me a hug saying, “we are going to have so much fun, and you are hoping for your cleaning reward I am sure, uhhh haaa I said, sure am. And so Sophie told Fanny and I to get on the couch next to each other for when Herb and Helen came in, we were going to be in an embrace kissing with our bulges showing in our panties with our dresses pulled up, stockings on our garters below our hemline. We had our make up and wigs on and I looked good better in drag than Fanny but we loved it anyway we looked, feeling so fem together. So we waited there chatting about our pleasures for a few minutes until we heard Herb’s van coming up the driveway. We got quiet, Sophie went to the back door to let them in, and as we heard them enter Fanny and I leaned together and started to kiss each other, old guy and young guy, what a scene it must have looked like, too bad we did not have the technology then to make a movie.In walk Herb and Helen and boy were they surprised to see us, “What have we here said Herb, looks like some cute gurls in love on the couch”, Helen gasped, “wow, you both look great” and Sophie said, “welcome to our lovely cleaning gurls taking a love break.” We broke our kissing and turned to greet them, rising to give both of them a kiss and a hug. Now here was another mind bender, never did I ever kiss another guy or give them a hug in greeting, shaking hands were the deal for the most part, only today are us guys giving each other hugs, but kisses not so. When I saw Sophie deeply kiss Helen I knew these guys were into many connections between these two, then I saw Fanny/Fanny kiss Herb on the lips, and swap some tongue as well, so when I kiss Helen first, it was no surprise I got a taste of her tongue and her mine, then Herb same deal although his tongue seemed to go down my throat, then I felt him grab my cock through my panties, saying “nice, can’t wait to taste this too”. Then I realized that I was the desert for these guys, since I was only 15 and these folks were around 60, or so, good shape but I was in better shape.Herb and Helen took off their coats, and I saw that Herb had on a bra under a blouse and he was wearing women’s jeans with a side zipper. I guessed that we sissy men were all in for a crossover time today. Helen had a nice dress with stockings, and short heels on, her tits were big, she was about a DDD, and her cleavage was easily devoured from the low v-cut in her dress with lace trim. I was ready to snuggle up to these boobs, my cock was getting harder as I ogled these two. Sophie suggested we all go down to the pool room in the basement and play a game of pool, seems like this is how we were going to get used to being with each other in this mode. Herb said he would be down after he changed into something more appropriate and I kind of knew where that was going, he went to the bathroom to change. The rest of us went down to set up, Sophie went to get some refreshments; cheese and crackers, and Fanny, Helen, and I went to set up the pool table. As I was racking up the balls, Fanny pulled Helen over kissed her and guided her hand to my cock telling her that I had big balls, kind of went with her big tits, as he felt her up as well, she had his pantied cock in her other hand as well. Fanny and I were both starting to warm up again to that sexual excitement rising, both our cocks were getting hard. Helen lifted my dress and kissed my ass, pulling Fanny up there to join her, they were loving my young body and I was loving their sweet tongues. I was hoping this was going to some kind of orgy that would last a while with all the possible connections running through my mind knowing that there were not too many understood limits with this social group, and it was going to be fun exploring the ones that were understood and the ones that were not so clearly defined.Fanny and Helen started kissing each other, Fanny feeling up Helen so I turned around and joined them, feeling Fanny’s pantied cock and Helen’s pantied pussy, she had some gray hairs down there, Fanny did too but his were cut short, Helen’s were longer. It was good to see another older pussy, they were different than younger ones but still functional and tasty as well. I moved up and joined them in a mutual tongue swapping kiss, as we kind of were moaning in pleasure when Sophie walked down with the refreshments asking for some help. I broke away and went up stairs to get what was left to bring down, where I ran into Herb coming through the kitchen, WOW, was he done up, blonde wig, makeup, sexy open bottom girdle, stockings, big boobs in a lacy bra (he used balloons for boobs, which I thought was a great idea, they were filled with warm water and nice to the touch, but I was afraid of busting them and getting a shower.), and heels. He sauntered over to me and said, “hey gurl, you look sexy today, can I join you for some fun” and I nodded facing him and he came over and gave me a kiss, this time extended for some time, hugging me, pushing those big boobs into my little boobs and slobbering all over my face. I got hard immediately and got into my own elevated sex mood. Herb was so gentle with me I felt like he we were a couple of lesbians in heat, touching, sensitive, slowly moving our lips over each other’s necks, cheeks, and lips. We had to be careful not to smear our makeup all over the place and were mostly successful. Sophie popped out from the basement door and saw both of us clawing at each other, came over, and gave her words of approval, and how nice we looked in this position. She said, “I see Alba you have met with Herb’s other side, his gurl side, Herb loves being crossed over, Helen and I thought getting him some girly undies was going to be a waste of money but I can see it was well worth it.” We both agreed, and Sophie added, “Maybe you two would like to spend the night together some time?” My circuit breakers were now blown once again, how could I ever get out of the house to spend time with Herb, given my home situation? I was however no idea of how to do this, and then if I could, where, how far, would I like sleeping with Herb, what about Helen, I had only slept with my brother in a separate bed in the same room, but with another man, boy this was a giant leap. I presumed we would be gurls, sucking, fucking, kissing, and more the whole night, guess I was into being this young play thing for these older folks who had a taste for young stuff. So I simply nodded and we carried the food down to join Fanny and Helen.As we entered the basement, I was last, and seeing all f
our adults in front of me I kind of got a warm feeling knowing that these four people loved me more than I would have imagined. This was a very nice feeling, gave me goose bumps, and knowing that my young at the time perverted fantasies might become some sort of reality, really made my heart skip a beat. We rejoined Fanny and Helen who were sitting in a chair, with Helen on Fannies lap feeling each other, kissing, and hugging. They separated when we arrive, Fanny stood up, hard-on poking his dress out, and Helen’s left tit was out, large nipple looking sucked, red, and beautiful. Sophie gasped and said to save some for her, Herb saw Fannies cock, put down the tray of food, and went over dropped to his knees, pulled up Fannies dress and put his mouth over Fannies pantied cock sucking like a little baby. I put down the food, wondered about the pool game that was set up and went over to Helen, leaned over as she turned her boob towards me and place my mouth over her nipple and started sucking like a baby, she moaned and motioned to Sophie to join us, which she did kissing Helen and then exposing Helen’s other tit and sucking it. Helen was feeling Sophie’s tits as best she could with both of us sucking her two. I looked over at Sophie and we stopped sucking to give each other a deep kiss in front of Helen who then lowered to join our mouths, for a three way kiss, once again, hotness prevailed, I could hear Herb sucking Fanny as they were both moaning from their pleasurable sensations. My cock was hard, not having cum yet that day and all this foreplay just extending the moment, I thought I was going to get a headache from all this stimulation. There we were, 5 people, 2 women, 3 boys, getting together in any way we felt good about, who could ask for more. As we engaged each other we slowly migrated over to a couch, with the women laying down together, me helping them suck their breasts, kissing them, moving to both of their pussies and having a suck, while they felt me up and started sucking my cock, sharing the harden meat between their lips. I heard the pool balls starting to move around the table and saw Fanny and Herb moved up onto the pool table both of their panties pulled down, Herb’s cock, nice big one, sticking out from his open bottom girdle, his wig falling off a bit, but his tits were to die for, sticking up and out, filling the space between both of their chests covered with boobs. They got into a 69 position and sucked each other slowly, putting their fingers in each other ass after licking them for lubrication. I did not know which way to turn, there were bisex scenes in all direction, I loved it, then felt Sophie put her finger up my ass, then another one from Helen as they mutually finger fucked me and sucked my cock, I told them “I was going to cum, were they ready?” They both nodded and I shot my first load into Shopie’s mouth, then the next shot was into Helen’s mouth, their fingers massaging my ass hole, pushing me over the top even more. I shot some on both of their faces as well, once I stopped shooting I licked my cum off of Sophie’s face while she was licking it from Helen’s. Boy was this hot and tasty.Fanny and Herb heard the women and me moaning and saw we they were enjoying my orgasm and so they too were going to cum in each other’s mouths, once Sophie saw this she pulled both Helen and me to the pool table to share in their cumming event. She went down to Herb’s cock, stuck a finger in his ass, and help Fanny suck, while Helen and I went to Fanny’s cock and help Herb suck it, I put a finger in Fanny’s ass, feeling his ass tighten on my finger, while I wiggled it around slowly pulling it in and out. I licked Fanny’s cock whenever Herb got tired of sucking, as we alternated as best we could. Then the big even, both men were getting close, we were all moaning as a group, and then Fanny exploded in Herb’s mouth, he got most of the cream, with a bit going to Helen’s mouth, I got to lick the remainder from his cock as I pulled out of this ass. Then we all shared Fanny’s cum, exchanging it from our mouths as we kissed on another. Herb;s makup getting smeared all over our faces and Fanny’s cock. As we were kissing Herb started to cum and I kissed him deeply to help stimulate him further, both Fanny and Sophie were down there sucking his cock and swapping his cum. Helen started to feel me up putting her hand on my cock and pulling my free hand to her pussy. I put a finger into her pussy which was very wet, I thought we have to get the women off, how was this to happen? As Sophie and Fanny finished licking up Herb’s juices, they turned around and we all were heads together swapping kisses filled with cum tasting, wow was this a hot one, an all so sensual. The women still were hot, not having an orgasm and we needed to get them off as well, so they moved into a 69 position and started to lick each others pussy. Herb and I got on one end and Fanny on the other to help out. I saw Herb suck Sophies asshole and thought was a good idea, so I followed him up and took a few licks too, it was not so bad, kind of kinky and it sent Sophie excited for sure. Then I saw Fanny do the same to Helen and she was vey appreciative and said “stick your fingers in my ass, I need to be filled there”, and so she was, Fanny was fast to oblige. I thought about sticking one into Helen’s ass but decided in her pussy instead so Sophie made room since she was sucking Helen out. Then Herb put a finger in Helen’s ass, so she was double plugged. Wow, another new experience on the belt. Both women started cumming with Helen going first, covering Sophies face with her juices, which Herb and I licked off, and the same for Sophie cumming which was enhanced by me kissing her deeply, with Fanny and Helen sucking Sophie dry, wow, very exciting. We all had to take a few moments to let the smoke clear, Sophie was the first to talk expressing her amazement at how we five could really set the place on fire. Herb was straightening his girdle and fixing his boobs with his cock hanging out, and Fanny was glowing over the bunch in his pool room, smile on his face, looking like a proud mother hen. I was still trying to get my head around all this stuff, wondering what goes on in some other neighborhoods. It wasn’t until 5 years later that my girlfriend at the time and I were at her neighbors house with her parents and they exchanged partners and with the wives sitting on the opposite husband’s laps kissing. My girlfriend and I simply got up and left since we were like huh, but in the back of my mind I had many connections and wondered what else was cooking when we were not there.Anyhow, since we were all orgasmed out we headed for the food. I was kind of feeling left out since I was so young and didn’t have the older reference point but Helen was quick to take me under her arm and started telling me how much she would like me to eat her, fuck her, and piss on her in that order. I once again was floored with suck open communication and was swooning over her thinking I had gone to heaven. Fanny moved over to Herb and they were kissing a bit keeping their mood alive and Sophie was getting more food since we were running out. Eventually we all agreed to play a game of pool in teams, which I didn’t know how this would workout with five. Turns out was the girls again the gurls, except I was not on a team, I would get the privilege of kissing or licking the butt of each shooter as they were shooting, without my hands. If I could make them miss this was a point for the other team, if not then the shooter got to suck on my cock for 2 cycles.Well this was a new game for sure, what did the winning team get, well they got to set up the next sex scene with as much of their desires as they wanted built in. I was totally intrigued with this round 2, good thing it was a couple of hours since our last blast, I don’t think anyone would have been ready sooner. I could tell they were trying to take advantage of the time with a young person in their presence and I was also glad they were happy to devour my tender young body as well.
So the game began, I got to taste allo of butt and some pussy when the women would spred their legs wide, Helen was tasty, and Sophie was next. Fanny and Herb, well it was a new one for me, they loved the ass licking for sure, and I loved it when they would score. They had to pull Fanny off of me once when he scored, I almost came but was also told not to, since this would ruin the next phase. Herb loved to deep throat me so he got way down on my cock and then pulled out slowly, this drove me crazy, and while he was doing this Sophie was kissing me just to keep herself in the loop. I of course did not get to taste any cock except for one when Fanny pusher her cock through her legs while I was kissing her but, I grabbed it with my lips and sucked hard, when Fanny let out a shot of piss which I swallowed without hesitation. Sophie opened wide so I could put my lips on her pussy and suck hard, she loved this and let out a groan. Finally the game was over and the girls won, they were jumping for joy and told us gurls that we were going to have the hottest time ever. Of course, anything for me would have been the hottest time ever, so I drank some juice and ate some cookies thinking about the next phase and where it might go with these two worldly women taking charge of their lovely gurls dressed in their sissy outfits. I was starting to feel like a sissy, was I a sissy, maybe, I was into all that I could see so far, even the pissing which was a subservient position for me, I loved to be the recipient, made me feel like I was drinking the person.And so Sophie and Helen left and got changed into some other sexy attire, putting on some panties, stockings, and each had a corset which pulled their bellies in. They had on these push up bras and wore heels, and they both wore these strap on devices, had only one strap that went around their butt but the dildo was about 8” long and kind of thick maybe 1.5” of so. They stuck out making their nighties tent like in the front. They wore the nighties to keep off the chill but we were about to warm the room up pretty fast. Us gurls still wore our girl stuff, I had on panties, stockings, garterbelt, bra with stuffing and then a slip. Fanny had on the same except covered with a thin dress. His wig was looking good and he redid his makeup, although he was like a guy in drag. Herb was much more fem, had on a thin dress, boobs, panties, stockings, and a waist cincher, he took his girdle off for this session. We adjourned to the other section of the basement where the couches and coffee table were, Sophie turned the lights down low, and the light streamed in from the basement windows, I was hoping no one would come round to take a peek, but then who would that be anyway, maybe they would want to join us.Sophie and Helen sat on the couch touching each other, kissing a few times had their hands in each others laps. Us fem gurls were standing in front of them ready for their commands. Sophie said she always loved seeing her Fanny fucking young guys. I thought how many has she seen him fuck? She said, “Alba, lean over the coffee table and let Fanny fuck you.” Yes maim was my reply, I am at your service, or should I say Fannies, who then came around back, grabbed my panty covered cock, pulled it out of my panties and stroked it to get me in the mood. Herb came around to kiss me and Sophie said, nice anticipation, but you should wait for our command next time but you may have 1 minute of kissing, Herb was deep into my throat with his tong and I was wide open with my mouth, kind of tearing at the sides a bit, but I held on. Fanny pulled my panties down, moving my slip up sliding sensuously over my nylon legs, I loved the sensation, can still feel it thinking about it. Fanny’s cock was hard again, he was stroking it a bit and bumping against my butt, I was hoping for a good fuck. Herb left and stood by, and Fanny started pushing into me, I was looking at the girls and they were cheering me on, telling me how hot I looked, next time they would do my makeup and wig better to look more fem. Fanny continued to push in slowly, I opened to allow his cock into me and pretty soon he was all the way in, not too much pain for me this time, must be loose enough. He started to push and pull in and out and I was starting to feel great, the high that comes it good. Sophie then told herb to fuck Fanny, and make it snappy, looks like a chain of cocks and asses was in store, soon Fanny was fucking and being fucked, we were all groaning in pleasure and Sophie and Helen were fingering each others pussies around their strap ons which were bobbling around above their hands. I thought what now, we gurls are well connected and what about the girls, were they to be going too. Then Sophie got up from the couch and came round to Herbs butt and started putting the dildo into his butt. He was making more noise now than ever, it was a pretty big dildo and he was being stretched. What a sight we must have been for Helen who was feeling her pussy and stroking her strap on for us to watch back. She was getting hotter by the minute as well. My cock was hard but not that hard, kind of semi, with Fanny’s cock going in and out, I would feel his boobs on my back bumping each time he pushed in, then Herb would add another off cycle resonance to the group, and after Sohpie got connected we had to get in synch again. We were all feeling pretty high sexually, I felt like I was the front end of some large a****l all connected, then Helen got up and came around to the front of me sticking the strop on in my mouth making me suck it while feeling her pussy. I wished is was a real cock but sucked it nevertheless, so now our connections were complete, we were all either fucking or being fucked, me being fucked. After awhile Helen wanted something in her pussy so she took the dildo out of my mouth, put it in her pussy, turned around got down and squirmed her ass up to my cock, this was not so easy given our group hug going, but she did it. My cock needed no stroking to get hard, it came to attention with the first touch of her butt, she spread her cheeks and I slipped up to her hole and pushed. Seemed too easy given all of our actions, then she pushed the dildo into her pussy and she was fucking and being fucked. My mind was blown and my cock was in heaven, with Fanny fucking my ass and Herb fucking his, and being fucked by Sophie we were all headed for a mind blowing orgasm. I came first into Helen’s butt, then she came, letting me be inside her. Then Herb came into Fanny and then Fanny. Sophie was still fucking Herb and feeling her pussy, she needed some fucking too I thought but didn’t know how she was going to get it. She pulled out of Herb and came round to Helen, who I was still inside of, laying down in front of Helen’s face she pushed her pussy into Helen’s mouth who started to lick her. Fanny pulled back after Herb pulled out of him, allowing me to slide down and lick my cum from Helen’s ass. This made Helen lick Sophie quicker, and it appeared Helen was going to have another orgasm so I turned over and got under her pussy licking for all I was worth. Helen took the dildo off Sophie and pushed it into her asshole, making Sophie moan and groan big time. Then Helen stuck her fingers in Helen’s pussy and double fucked Sophie. Herb and Fanny pulled back stroking their cocks taking in the scene, but did not get hard just feeling in sympathy with us three on the floor. Sophie finally got her orgasm cumming and shooting some piss into Helen’s mouth while I was sucking her pussy. He shot me a short blast and came again even bigger than before being edged on by Sophie and her pleasure peak. Once again I was successful in giving someone else pleasure, how many times in one day. The only thing left was for a good piss, and the girls did not miss a trick, they told Fanny to drink my piss and certainly was ready and had some to deliver, so I got up with Fanny on his knees, opening his mouth and me pissing into it like a hole in the wall. The girls wanted to see it going in so I had to pull back a bit, and stopping as needed to let Fanny swal
low. Once I finished I got to drink Herb’s piss, which he generously filled my mouth with every last ounce. He was pretty tasty, must have been the fruit drink. After I finished then Herb filled Sophie’s mouth and she shared it with Helen, I went over looking and they pulled me down to share also. Then it was Helen’s turn, and she filled Herb’s mouth with me looking on and copping a taste every now and then. I got the feeling that I would be sharing Herb and Helen’s bed at some point with only them and thought it might be a pretty sensuous time, especially since Helen could orgasm multiple times.And so our day ended with a group hug sharing kisses of piss and snuggles of joy. We were a close group after that, it was my first time with group sex and I was still in amazement at how all of us acted like bisexual beings. I thought that is what I am, not one way or the other but both and liked the new realization. My life was never the same.

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