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GREAT LoserToday I wrote a check that I miss could not cash, but I’m glad I did.Last week I made a bet with Jimmy, the captain of the football team, they were playing the #1 team in the league and that team was undefeated, our local team had lost 3 games already and only won two. The bet was that our local team would lose at least by 14 points and if they were to win I would do whatever he wanted.Mind you, I’m 5’4” one of the sexiest and prettiest girl in the school. I have a nice bubbly ass with 36c tits… They are fairly huge with big pink nipples. So when I made the bet, yes I wanted him to fuck me, I didn’t expect what he asked me to do.After they won the game, I could see how happy they were cheering, my pussy honestly was so wet, I could already picture the captain of the football team fucking me til I came or he came. I was happy although I lost. Next day after school I waited for him by his locker. “Hey Jimmy” I said with a horny smile on my face “so I lost… congrats on your win… so what will you have me do” I stood there twisting my hair in my hand, I felt so good, even if he wanted me to fuck the whole football team at this point I would. All he said to me with his handsome smile “Meet me by the barnyard today at 6 and I will tell you what to do” “Ok” is all I said as I hopped happily away. It was 3pm when he told me that and I was so horny I went straight to the bathroom to masturbate… a little bit. My clit was stiff hard at 6 while I waited by the barnyard, than his car pulled up. It was him and one other person, I couldn’t make out who it was at first, “maybe they are both going to fuck me” adana escort bayan I thought “I’m such a little whore… my dad would kill me” I giggled “that’s if he ever knew how slutty I was” I said rubbing my pussy through my panties. His car pulled over next to me, I covered my eyes so dirt didn’t get into it. When I opened it, I saw he had the geekiest k** in the school with him… I thought he was giving him a ride until…“Here is my winning deal” he said “I get to watch you and dweeb Sam here go at it” he says with an evil grin on his face and than laughs. The dweeb is a smaller k** who’s about 5’5” and slightly overweight with glasses. “What???” I screamed, “You can’t be serious!!… You want me to have sex with… with THIS?” I was so angry. “Hey you are the loser unless you can’t hold your end of the bargain then everyone will know what you are” he says. Not that I was afraid of what people thought of me, but I always kept my word. “Fuck it” I shouted, “if that’s what you want… I’ll keep my end of it… come on geek” I shouted at the poor scared k** who probably was yanked into the car and told to shut the fuck and do as he said or else. I yanked him by his collar and brought him over to a blanket I had already prepared over a stock of hay for Jimmy and me. I turned around looked at Jimmy and shook my head. “Oh… you have to suck him first baby” he said still smiling, he had that ugly ass joker look on his face and I started to hate him, shit I hated him at that point. “Fine” I answered angrily “any other request master?” I added while yanking the shoes off the poor boy that was still shaking adana escort but never said a word. I angrily yanked the belt off and threw it at Jimmy’s feet then I unbuttoned his pants, the look on the poor k**s face made me want to slap him and say man up you little bitch… I pulled his jeans off… I looked back at Jimmy who is now smoking a cigarette and was sitting on a tractor watching me, watching us. I flicked him the bird and stuck my tongue out at him, I turned around and the poor k** was holding his crotch “Take your hand off” I screamed at him pulling his hand out of the way and literally ripped his shorts off… Jimmy was laughing at me now. I looked at him with a shocking look on my face, his dick was the biggest I have seen since I’ve been fucking around, yes I had a few cocks and some made me cum but this one took the winning prize. I looked back at Jimmy who didn’t see what I saw and said, “You have to suck it princess” taking another puff and not fully paying attention. He grabs his cell and called someone, probably his girlfriend to tell her what’s going on, at this point I didn’t care, I gently grabbed Sam’s dick and took it in my mouth, he smelled bad but I wasn’t passing on the chance of fucking a big cock. I always wanted to ride one and my dildo at home is not anywhere near that size.Jimmy watched as my head bopped up and down on the stinky k**’s dick “that’s it baby… suck him good… get him hard than fuck him” he laughs. It only took a few seconds for his cock to get hard as a rock, I can’t say exactly the size, but damn it, when I sat on it, I felt love, joy and happiness between escort adana my legs, I could feel my pussy lips pulling in and out with his huge cock but I rode him gently until I was comfortable enough, the jerk started filming it on his cell phone. I moaned loudly groping my own tits as I wined on his dick not going up and down. “You need to fuck him Theresa… not play with his little doohickey” Jimmy screams, and then I sat up and pulled my ass up all the way to the tip of his dick and slowly went down. I could literally hear his jaw drop when he saw how big that k**’s dick was. “Whoa” he shouted and I sat back on it… went up and down thrice before he reached us. I could feel my pussy juice flow all over his cock.Jimmy runs over to us “Fuck was that?” he screamed angrily.“Fuck was what?” I asked now holding on to the nerds… I mean Sam’s shirt and continued to bounce my pussy up and down on that big dick., I love the sound of my wet pussy being fucked by a big dick.Jimmy looks behind us and watched as I fucked that big dick. “You got to be fucking k**ding me. Deal is off get off him now” “uh uh papi, I lost and you said I fuck this nerd.. I’m fucking him now… so BACK OFF” I shouted angrily. His dick filled up my pussy. Jimmy stopped recording and deleted the video “Fuck you both, I’m outta here… Find your own ride home NERD” he shouted and leaves Sam and me alone on the hay.It didn’t take long before Sam started to shake vigorously, I could tell he was about to cum, I jumped off his cock and took his dick in my mouth…. I took his sperm in my mouth, not dropping any… I swallowed it all. “Lay on me and put that big dick in me Sam” I asked him “and… don’t talk” Though soft his cock still filled my pussy, and I loved it. The next day at school Jimmy and the rest of his small dick team watched as I walked in school holding Sam’s hand.

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