Merhaba porno hikaye severler için pek çok erotik hikayeyi sizlerin beğenisine sunuyor.Neredeyse google da bulabileceğiniz tüm hikayeleri bir araya toplayıp okkalı bir arşiv yaptık.

Great Anal TipsThis is a review for something an anal lube we were going to buy on line … It turned out having some great tips for anal sex that we decided to share.————–Editorial Response! Using numbing agents for anal sex isn’t advised and is not considered safer sex acceptable.I did like this for use giving an enema to a nervous partner. It also helped with hemorrhoid pain, which isn’t how it’s marketed but was extremely welcome relief. Glad we had some around for comfort, especially when having to have a bowel movement. Without it, he held back so long we had to use laxatives and the enema. So it’s just right for bowel problems.Patience and a great lube, massage, massage, massage. Your anus has 2 groups of muscles, internal and external sphincters. I’ve found using gloves, finger cots, or a condom over the fingers is a big help since they have smooth surfaces and with lube insertion is so much easier. (no sharp nails and it’s hygienic, plus smoother than most mens skin (they have thicker, sometimes calloused skin on their fingers, or rough edges on the nails, and don’t realize it most of the time). Relax the external and you’ll feel it relax and give, same for the next internal sphincter. You may be able to see the area darken (due to good blood flow, a positive sign) and enlarge, or even open if you’re watching and it’s not too dark. Smart lovers become masters when they learn to read these telling indicators. They are usually welcomed back for more, so don’t be so horny that your stupid and get shut down by causing pain. These tips are gold. I’ve been a Sex Ther****t for more than 15 years, and personally tested what I share. I also ask for feedback from those who seek my therapy.I do suggest a fleet enema, or real enema before anal. Having to stop, shower, change the sheets, use spot remover, and start the washer will probably be the end. This often falls on the woman, she won’t be feeling sexy from this work. Fleets come in small 2 packs for $3.00 or so. Dump out the chemicals and just use warm water. Place a towel, disposable pad (like puppy pads or medical “chux” sold at supermarkets and pharmacies) lay on the towel/pad on your left side, check the water isn’t too hot, a dab of lube if you like, and insert. Squeeze the bottle until it’s mostly empty. Wait a few minutes and then sit on the toilet and release. If you plan, eat and early *light* dinner. There will be less to worry about. Some people do only fluids the day they plan güvenilir bahis şirketleri anal, something to think about. Sex of any kind after a huge heavy dinner just isn’t the best.Bottom line, ass play means you may deal with some muddy mess. Especially if you use this numbing gel. If you feel something in the rectum, suggest your partner go try to move their bowels or use an enema. Experienced couples have supplies, and are matter of fact when this happens. We can’t always plan, and s*** happens, lol. I found a sexy red PVC sheet, it’s flat and waterproof. It has grommets, so you can make your own fasteners, knotted to heavy elastic to keep them in place on a bed or where ever you might play. I have a large latex sheet too, but it’s heavy, expensive and hard to maintain, it’s sexy black and looks kinky. So I love them both. They both happen to fit a kind size or smaller bed. You can also have “play sheets” that are old and you don’t care about. I suggest dye them black, looks enticing and hides stains. Put those chux absorbent pads, or even a shower curtain over the “good sheets” then cover with the black “play sheets”. Then if there’s any mess you can easily pop them off the bed, fold and set aside to wash the next day. HINT, most hotels have shower curtains. Put that down, cover with a towel or two (tip the maid for extra towels!) and you are good to go! ;-)Note..I break up name brand names, Amazon has a thing about posting product by name due to fake reviews trying to sell product. I don’t care what you use, only that you are informed and find what works best for your sex life! On that note, check water based or combo lubes (water with silicone)as they may have glycerine. Glycerine can cause yeast infections, that will put the vagina out of commission until treated. These yeast infections are usually avoidable, many bottles have bright bold lettering saying “Glycerine free”.. always try to get test packets, lubes can be expensive and some taste terrible, others don’t last, or cause damage to toys, or allergic reactions, even infections! Sad to drop $40 on lube that can’t be used for sex. If that happens, it may be ok for the other partner to masturbate with it, or for giving each other massages. Amazon usually has a great return policy. Federal laws offer some recourse if bodily damage occurs, that will make most vendors refund your money in an instant. Knowledge is power. I had one toy burn me, by a reputable high end bets10 sex toy company. They not only refunded my purchase, but gave me credit to buy something else.Okay, numbing..think about this. You could be tearing, or injuring a numbed partner. Plus I really hope you want your partner to feel the pleasure. Numbing is kind of selfish if you ask me. Slow massage, with a strong vibrator (L.e.l.o vibes are fantastic!) will open that back door. Then BOTH of you can enjoy. I also find when I insert a toy, that spanking distracts from the initial tension and uncertainty of an anal toy, or erection sliding in. YMMV.Vibration, or shaking the cheeks, or spankings fall into the “gate pain theory”. Nerves can only process so much sensation at one time. That’s why when you stub your toe you might bite your hand, or slap your thigh. Overload the pathways until things calm down. Plus I can climax if spanked just right. If I am at orgasm, it’s pretty easy to penetrate my back door. Hopefully one or more of these tips will speak to you, and come to mind when you need that little something to make anal feel good. You want to tip the odds in your favor, right?I’ve used a hot bath, or at least warm washcloths to relax the anus. Vibration can help, get a really smooth plastic or high quality silicone (cheap rubber and silicone can kind of stick to skin). I suggest P.j.u.r or E.r.o.s sold here on Amazon, or “X” silicone (not the old fashioned which dries out, is sticky, and tastes like chemicals). I Like S.w.i.s.s Navy water based so far. Silicone (my preference for anal sex) feels amazing,lasts and lasts, doesn’t wash off in showers or hot tubs, is great for anal, BUT some can cause permanent damage to silicone toys. (Always do a test patch on a small out of the way area of a toy with ANY lube, and the same with your skin… painful to find out your allergic after a night of passion! Or to find your 200.00 dollar silicone toy is ruined by lube. (Let’s face it you probably won’t stop during sex and check this kind of potential problem out!)Other options. You can find training butt plugs. They usually come in packs of 3. Get something that is pthalate free, and silicone if you want quality. Otherwise cheap rubber with two condoms (some of the cheap toys have chemicals that have irritated me since I use really thin condoms) in two or three sizes will do. Cheap toys are great for testing new action, you can toss them bets10 giriş if things don’t work out. Start with a small plug, noting that these are so small that they usually will not stay in place. The shape is a cone that get’s wider, then has a narrow “neck or stem” and a wide flat base. That will be too easy giving you the feeling you’re good to go on the next size up, something maybe about the size of a banana in thickness. Keep that inserted for awhile, and play, touch, kiss, if it’s a woman, give her and “o” and that may cause the medium plug to slide out on it’s own. Don’t wait too long, try your erection if the plug was about the same girth or, go to a larger 3rd plug, or thick vibrator. That should be enough to try penetration! Wha hoo!Some use plugs discreetly before sex, letting their partner
find it is kind of a non verbal way of saying, “I’m good to go..if you want some ass play”. Otherwise you can just set the toy aside or leave it in for a nice full feeling during PIV. (PIV is penis in vagina). It’s also nice to stimulate the clit during anal. There are “butterfly” vibes that she can wear, keeping them in place for hands free thrills. They usually have a remote and can be worn with regular clothes, making an outing interesting. She’ll never know when you’ll push the button. The newest have vibrating remotes so you know what she’s feeling. Hot!Never use a toy for anal that doesn’t have a base to keep it from going all the way inside, or a string for removal. You may find yourself at the ER, embarrassed needing medical attention to get it removed. Especially true when a man or woman climaxes and the whole rectal area kind of opens and the toy seems to get pulled inside. Happens naturally, and more often than you’d care to know. (Former ER nurse here, I’ve seen this and I try not to laugh, I am sympathetic to anyone who’s just having great sex and then face the most embarrassing visit to a medical professional.)!!!My tip on Cleanstream, silicone, or any lubricant during water play comes with a big warning. Numbing and other lubes can make the shower or tub slippery as ice with oil on top!. Use a bath mat, stickers, or toss down a med size towel. Also those suction shower handles are great additions for shower play, or resting your foot on, and helping get in and out of the tub..great invention).With the right information, you might find this useful and a way to get acquainted with anal play without too much discomfort. It can be handy for tummy troubles, especially hemorrhoids or inserting an enema tip. Just know that numbing can remove feedback, and you could feel more pain when the stuff wears off if you get rough thinking everything is okay. Pain has it’s place in understanding our bodies.

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