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Grandpa’s Treat Part 3It was a new day and I did all my morning chores before settling down to read the paper, the summer heatwave was kicking in and I was too hot in just a small pair of shorts. I was thinking about what I could get Mary to do today on her visit, Cleaning I thought, there is a bit of dusting that needs doing which should keep her busy and provide me with some eye candy.It was Mid-day when the doorbell went and as I opened it I saw Mrs Duff, looking even more beautiful than yesterday, Mary was there dressed in just a tee short and shorts, it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra either and also there was Tristan, again in a tee shirt and shorts, “Hello Frank, I brought Triston along so he can look at the garden for you” Mrs Duff said, what a nice thought. Mrs Duff said she had to dash so I invited Mary and Tristan into the lounge.Mary and Tristan were friends but I wondered how much of yesterday she had told him, I was sure she didn’t know about Mrs Duffs visit. As Mary sat down on the sofa she said “What’s the plan today Gramps?” I told her I had some cleaning for her to day and Tristan can make a start on the garden, she seemed happy with that and Tristan stood by the window looking out. As Tristan stood by the window both Mary and I noticed that the sun shining in made his shorts a bit transparent and you could see the outline of his cock hanging, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, Mary winked at me and I smiled. “I can sort that out for you Sir” Tristan said and I told him he might want to take his shirt off as it was hot outside. He had a good body on him which got better being without a shirt.“Right, let’s get sorted with this dusting Gramps” Mary said as Tristan went out to the garden and started work.I am sure seeing casino şirketleri Tristan was the reason I was getting a chubby or was it the sight of Mary reaching up to the ceiling with the duster showing off a smooth midriff and her shorts tightening as she stretched, I could see that she had white panties on as I got a glimpse up her shorts as she stretched. “I can’t quite reach the top Gramps” she said so I got a chair and up she got, in the interest of safety I had hold of her hips as she stood stretching on the chair. As she bent to gather dust from another area her arse was right in my face so I took the initiative and bit her softly on the arse cheek, “Mmm Gramps, did you just bit me”? She asked with a smile, “Please do it again” she continued, well I didn’t need asking twice and I gently bit her again a few times on each cheek getting dangerously close to her back door, she offered no resistance as I slowly pulled her shorts down, with her panties to just below her cheeks and then kissing and nibbling at her soft white cheeks. I pulled apart her cheeks and found her sweet little arsehole with my tongue and started to go to work, she responded by pushing back on my face saying “Come on Gramps, tongue my arse” and I was only too pleased to do so. She relaxed enough to allow my tongue to make entry and once inside she moaned a little too loudly, I was lost in the moment and didn’t hear Tristan come into the room, “Wow” he said which startled me and I quickly come off of Mary and turned round, my cock was bulging out of my shorts and Marys bare arse in full view. I looked at Tristan and could clearly see an erection underneath his white shorts, we froze in total silence.I beckoned him over and he duly obliged, Mary was still casino firmalari standing on the chair like a statue, I pointed to her arse and told Tristan to have a go, her lent forward and started to tongue Mary’s arse, I looked down and could see her was now rock hard under his shorts which looking at it straining couldn’t have been comfortable, I tugged at his waistline and dropped his shorts to the floor, his cock sprung out like a flag pole as he slurped away at Marys arse, dropping her shorts down to her ankles.Mary moaned more now it was Tristan attacking her arse and she bent right down to allow him access to her juicy pussy, I sat down on the floor by the chair and positioned Tristan so I could gain access to him manhood, he helped by forcing his cock to my face allowing me to take the head into my mouth and I started licking around the helmet and sucking the tip, he was busy with Mary and it wasn’t long before I was gagging with Tristan’s monster passing my tonsils, I grabbed his arse and pulled him in taking the whole length down my throat while exploring his arsehole with my fingers.Mary was moaning at the licking she was getting and Tristan was groaning at my fingers being up his arse and I didn’t know he was cumming until I got this warm sensation spurting down my throat.Tristan stepped back and his limp cock was hanging there as Mary got off the chair, “Greedy Gramps” she said as she took Tristan’s cock which was still dripping and started to lick around the head before sucking on him, now she did struggle to get it in her mouth but gave it her best shot and I watched as he regained an erection, seeing it grow in her mouth was a sight to behold. I pushed him down on the sofa with Mary kneeling between his legs giving güvenilir casino his cock and balls full attention, I got behind Mary, her arse still very lubricated from Tristian’s expert licking, I slowly guided by rock hard cock to the entrance, Mary was lost in the moment giving the gardeners cock and balls the sloppy and wet treatment that she didn’t realise I was about to make entry, I slid in slowly which only spurred her on and then got in right up to my balls. Tristan laid back, eyes closed in total concentration at what Mary was doing to him that he didn’t notice as I pulled out and shot my load right up Marys back, some if it even reaching Tristan’s face, this did the trick as Mary started slurping on his second load of hot liquid spurting into her mouth. We all collapsed in a sticky mess while we regained our breath and composure, all three of us totally naked.Now I didn’t even hear the doorbell nor did I hear the front door opening and when I heard a loud cough I turned round and saw Mrs Duff standing in the doorway, “Looks like you have all been getting a sweat on I see” she said in a cheerful voice, I could have died from her catching us like this but her reassuring words put me at ease. She walked over and scooped up the cum off Mary’s back with her fingers before licking her fingers clean, “Ah my favourite yogurt” she said. “Glad you all had fun but we must get off to the next appointment” she said picking up articles of clothing off the floor, I couldn’t believe I was standing there totally naked with my cock semi hard from Mary’s arse pounding felling totally at ease watching Mary and Tristan getting dressed, Mrs Duff standing there in her usual knee length skirt and blouse tickled my balls and said “Good job Frank, I will call round later for Tristian’s evaluation”. “Of course Mrs Duff” I said with a wink, “Oh please Frank, call me Sue” she said. I watched them walk to the door as Sue turned her head back saying “See you Later Frank for the evaluation”, I could hardly wait.

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