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Goddess Manuela – Part 5: Stag NightWhen my eyes opened, I saw Goddess Manuela sitting on the sofa next to my bed. She stood up without a word and took out a seringe from her handbag. I just had the time for a last glance at her beauty and smell of her delicious fragrance before the product she injected in my right arm did its effect and I fell into a deep sleep…I woke up in complete darkness, naked in the freezing cold, hearing Manuela’s soft voice talking to me. Severin, Severin, you must wake up now, we have a lot to do as tomorrow is the big day for us! I could hardly understand where I was. As I was gaining back my sensations, I realized that my hands were tied on a metal collar around my neck and that I was lying on a rough wooden floor. “Get up Severin!” As I tried to stand, canlı bahis I also became aware that I was wearing some kind of very high hills shoes. “Good boy. As you know, we are getting married tomorrow, and I prepared for you tonight the most incredible stag night you could think of. Did I hear think you?” “Thank You Goddess Manuela.” I uttered. “Let me tell you what I have in store for you tonight. In your sleep, I have prepared you as follows: I have secured a metal chastity belt on you which is attached to a special anal plug fitting in your sorry ass. This plug is equiped with a powerful flashlight and a loud sound device… you will soon understand why. You are currently in a small wodden hut in the forest of a friend of mine, so please walk forward and push the door in front bets10 of you…” I did as ordered and as I opened the door, I realized it was evening and that I was indeed in the middle of some deep forest, isolated.”The forest belongs to my friend, and let me tell you what I have organized for you. 6 months ago, I made the following deal with 20 gay males: I would keep them in chastity for a period of 12 months, paying them USD 10,000 each for that, and giving them one occasion to get release after 6 months. The rule goes as follows: The keys to their chastity belts are attached to your collar. They have the whole night to hunt you in the forest. Those who will find you will be able to unlock their belt and fuck your ass whole untill the next morning… They will also receive bets10 giriş a cash bonus of USD 50,000. I can tell you that their motivation level is really high! As the forest is quite large, I would like them to have a chance to find you, hence your special ass device…”I was petrified… 20 desperate gay raptors after me in the depth of the forest! But I did not have the time to think, as already the flashlight was switched on, sending a powerful stream of brightness behind me in the dark woods. “As you can see, if they manage to get near to you, they can’t miss you with this one! Let me test the sound device now…” And with that, a powerful horn sound came out of my bum! “Oh, sorry Severin, they must have heard this now… they are coming after you, so good luck! And, just for you to know, the light stays on all the time and the horn will blow every 15 minutes, just to spice up the hunt a little bit!see more

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