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Give me head until your almost dead
I moan as you lick a drop of precum from the slit of my cockhead and wrap your lips around it. Your tongue becomes an entity unto itself, swirling and lapping greedily at my seed. Your body shifts between my legs so you can maneuver your head and mouth to better service me. Your tongue begins darting and swirling up my throbbing shaft and back down again, as I beg for you to take me in your mouth. You go up again and gently suck my testicles into your mouth, first one, sucking and licking and then the other; You moan as you taste my skin and hair and inhale the scent of pure manliness. You release my balls and sc**** your teeth down my pulsing member. I grab your hair, but seeing the impish look in my eye, you know it is all in fun.

I release you, and you take my cock into your mouth once more, bahis şirketleri but not sucking, only licking and wetting my tool. You spread my legs and bring your tits to my glistening cock. I lay back, giving you free reign to do as you please. A loud groan escapes me as you press your tits tightly around my shaft and titty Fuck me while you suck my cock head. The pace increases and my body bucks up so i can thrust harder into Your soft tits. I use my hands to manipulate your nipples. Softly caressing at first, and as i build to a frenzy i begin to twist and pull and squeeze. I know the pain gives you pleasure. Just as I am about to cum, you pull back and press Your thumb to the base of my shaft. We can’t finish too soon, where’s the fun in that?

I let out a curse, grab Your head and pull it down to my stiff cock. “Take perabet güvenilir mi it all in your mouth, I want it now!” you can’t ignore my order, as I am enjoying myself too much. You take just the tip into Your mouth and slowly begin sucking me into Your throat, each time you pull up you take more in, going back down. You almost have me completely in your throat when suddenly I flip you over so I am on top, pressing my cock further into Your mouth. You almost gag as I push deeper into you, stretching Your mouth wider.I grab Your head from behind, pulling it up to me, burying Your nose deep into my groin as i begin to pound your face.

my cock slides down more with each thrust, until you feel its head in the back of Your throat. You grab onto my legs, trying to pull away to give yourself some breathing perabet giriş room. Suddenly I release your head, grab the head board, lay myself directly on top of your face and fuck you. I ram my thick engorged cock deeper and faster into you, moaning and taunting as you buck and flail beneath me. “Come on slut, suck it” “I know you like having your face fucked, take it all in”

You start to feel dizzy and lightheaded from lack of air, but even as you stop fighting, I continue to slam into your face fast and hard, shouting obbscenities and calling you names. This is the part of our fucking you like the best, pounding your face with my throbbing cock and humiliating you. It is my favorite part, also.

I finally stiffen as my creamy warm load shoots down your throat, gagging you and making you cough. “Swallow it!” i command. You try to take it all in but still cannot breathe. You hear me telling you what a good fuck slut you are as you start to pass out. I pull out just before you are about to drift out “Please wake me soon so we can do it again.” you say. Baby it’s morning, we still got all day.

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