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give it to me babyMy name is Emma, and there is no greater feeling in the world than to have a man’s skin against my own. I’m a big girl that loves to fuck, I want to play and have fun, but tired of these foolish boys that claim to be men. You can only take so much of the pics and the camming, I don’t want to hear how sexy I am, you need to show me and make me feel it too, damn it I am not going to take your word for it that’s all they are empty vacant meaningless words you think would evaporate panties but in the end it just goes in one ear and out the next, it doesn’t last, unlike a caress or an embrace that u feel years later or that hot wet kiss that turns your pussy into liquid fire with just that one thought on how good it felt, I like action and no pissing about if u want it show me now. Be a man and take control of this sensual temptress you want wicked and wanton not some plaything to jerk around. So little boy you want to toy güvenilir bahis with me now. I checked your text messages but always pussy out, but I know where you are or where you soon will be, beside the hotel lobby at the vending machine. Stepping out of the shower to dry myself off, walk up to the fogged mirror and with my pruned old fingers write “god damn you’re hot”, so I dried myself off dawning new pink bra and panties, under my nice long coat and black shiny spiked heels,I set out engage this impotent being hmm room 305 I giggle in girlish delight stand upright and shoulders back gently tapping my pockets for my well needed supplies walking ever so quiet (but not quiet enough) pick up the pace with a slight bounce in my step. Approaching the room that is slightly ajar…You’re standing in a long room filled with large panoramic windows overlooking a quiet, brightly lit up, street that’s decorated in contemporary minimalist türkçe bahis fashion you hear the faint clacking of heels striking the lacquered floors but you pay no mind and resume facing the calming streetscape. Suddenly you are pulled back and down upon a conveniently placed white over stuffed white leather sofa you’re sitting there stunned and feeling out of sorts you look up taking me all in from my curly locks askew, feathered mask covering my eyes all the way down to my slightly open full length coat which leaves little to the imagination touching my index my left index finger to your drying lips while my left hand opens a front pocket removing a letter opener using this to pop your buttons of your tight grey suit jacket and white pressed shirt all the way down to your matching grey stretch suit pants your breathing becomes laboured as your excitement builds my wandering fingers replace your vacant shirt my hungry güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth devours your lips working my way down your body removing what’s left of your attire, heading south the excitement gets both of our loins flaring with want and your cock is so very hard right now climbing on top not having to use any foreplay so am wet and greedy for your big cock sliding down nice and slow whispering in your ear “no more games baby need your big dick in me every night” hearing this you pull me down on your dick harder stretching me as you work me down straddling your hips beginning our slow ride into bliss flicking at your erect nipples with my bluntly shaped finger tips you expel a moan or is it me you bring your face forward and suckle my sensitive nipples and my pussy floods your encased cock with liquid sweetness picking up the pace as our fucking becomes more intense and wanton I let out a long hollow moan as u pull down on my hips and flex your pelvis grinding your big cock deeper inside as u let out a grunt, with rapid succession Grabbing my hair, planting me face down and bum in the air without skipping a beat fucking me roughly pistoning my pussy and thumbing my ass

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