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Three days passed, and I still hadn’t worked up the nerve to call the number on the thong. Was she really considering sleeping with me? I was half her age, and she had seemed very drunk when I had met her at the club, and I was sure that she had forgotten all about me already, but I sure hadn’t forgotten about her. All I was thinking about was the feeling of when she grabbed my hard dick and cupped my balls. How she had pushed her naked ass against the front of my jeans. How her tits moved when she danced. How big those tits were. I think I must have jacked off at least 20 times the last three days, thinking about her. Okay, maybe not 20 times, but damn close. I had gone back to the club Monday night, just to see if she happened to be there. I had made sure to walk past the strip club, where I first met her, on my way to the club and on my way home. I still hadn’t seen her, and I was too embarrassed to just pick up the phone and call her. What was I supposed to say? “Hello. Are you still thinking about sucking my cock?”

I figured that I should settle with another day of masturbating, and maybe call her the next day instead. Bored of my old porn magazines I made my way to the local store that sold magazines and movies for adult. I figured I wanted to see a movie with some large girls, while I fantasised about Gina.

I was looking around the various shelves when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“You still haven’t called me.”

I turned around and stared straight into Gina’s eyes. I felt my face turn red again, and started to stutter an apology.

She grinned at me and said, low enough so that only I could hear; “I’m not thinking about sucking your cock today.”

I was not able to hide my disappointment when I replied; “you’re not?”

“No. Today I feel like doing something else.” She winked at me at held up a movie she had picked from the shelves before approaching me. It had a large woman on the cover that seemed to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years old.

“I’ve seen this movie before, and absolutely love it. Would you like to watch it with me?”

“Yes,” I whispered hoarsely. I was breathing hard by now and my dick was rock hard.

She looked at the lump in my jeans and licked her lips. canlı bahis “I’ve got to admit that I was just considering sucking your cock again. Come with me.”

When we got to her car I asked her why she wanted me, when I she could have any guy she wanted. Foolish, I know, but this was going way too fast for me to understand it all. Thankfully she just laughed before she started explaining.

“When I saw you outside the strip club I was on my way in myself. I was feeling extremely horny, and guys at a strip club are usually easy to pick up. But when I saw you outside the club I figured that what I really wanted was some young guy like you. After you left I just went home and masturbated to this little movie I showed you just now. Unfortunately my dvd-player broke while I watching the movie, and the dvd was caught inside it, and I couldn’t get it out. That’s why I’m buying it again now. I bought a new dvd-player earlier today, and figured I wanted to watch the movie when I got home.”

“But what about what happened in the club a few days ago?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, unbuttoning a button in her white blouse, showing me a bit more of her magnificent cleavage. She was wearing a red bra I noticed. “I’ll admit that I was a bit drunk that night, and when I saw you at the club I knew I couldn’t let the chance slip away. I wasn’t planning on using such a direct approach as I used, but when I saw you checking me out on the dancefloor I got the idea of giving you my panties. Speaking of panties, do you like the ones I’m wearing now?” She hitched her skirt up, showing me her red panties. I noticed they matched the red bra, and more importantly, it had a dark stain in the front.

“Yes,” I whispered. My jeans were threatening to explode.

“Show it to me.”

“What do you mean,” I stammered.

“Unzip your jeans and show me your cock. I want to see it.”

I did as I was told. My dick stood proud and erect, showing off for Gina as she drove the car. My dick is 6″, not too long and not too short. It’s the only one I’ve got, and I’m very happy with it.

Gina reached over and grabbed it in her right hand. “Beautiful,” she said, giving it a few tugs.

I moaned and let my head fall back in the seat, enjoying bahis siteleri Gina’s hands on my cock.

“Jerk off for me,” she said. “I want to see you masturbate while I drive.”

Once again I did as I was told, and started stroking my dick. My left hand stroked the shaft while my right hand massaged my balls. Did I mention I’m left-handed?

Gina unbuttoned another button in her blouse. By now we had come to the outskirts of town, and there weren’t that many people around. Gina was breathing hard, and her tits were threatening to rip open the shirt, sending the two buttons holding the blouse together flying.

I wanted to come, and was beating off furiously. The fact that I can hold my orgasm for a long time doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed a quickie now and then. We were now driving up an empty street. “I want to cum soon,” I told her.

“Perfect,” she said. “Unbuckle your seat-belt, and stand on your knees in the seat. I want you to point your cock towards me when you cum.” She unbuttoned the last two buttons of her blouse. “I want you to shoot it on my tits.”

Amazed by this woman I unbuckled my seat-belt and got on my knees in the seat. I noticed she had slowed down while I did this. Anyone looking towards her car could clearly see what was going on on the other side of her car windows. I kept up my hand’s pace on my cock, and felt I was about to cum. I grunted and closed my eyes, pointing my dick towards her cleavage.

Then she did something I didn’t expect. She grabbed my dick just before I spurted for the first time, and put my cock in her mouth. I shot once inside her mouth before she released my dick and pointed it towards her tits again.

“Sorry,” she said, while my orgasm still raced through my body, “but I just had to have the first spurt in my mouth. I’ve been thinking about your cum in my mouth for the last three days now, and I just needed a little taste.”

This woman never ceased to amaze me. Here she sat in her car, with my cum covering her tits, and I didn’t even know anything about her except her first name. “Ah, great timing,” she continued. “We’re here.”

We drove up the driveway to her house and she stopped the car. She got out of the car at once, her blouse still bahis şirketleri open with my sperm glinting in her cleavage and the pornmovie in her right hand. I zipped up my pants before leaving the car, but when I got out I could see that it was totally unnecessary. The house was surrounded by bushes, and there was no way you could see this part of the driveway from the streets. I followed Gina up to the front door, when she suddenly turned around. Leaning back against her front door she asked me; “don’t I deserve an orgasm too before we get inside?”

I conceded that she had a good point, and asked her what she wanted me to do.

“Get down on your knees, and pull my panties down,” she commanded.

I got down on my knees in front of her and carefully pulled down her panties. Above her pussylips was a soft patch of hair, but I could see it was trimmed, and her pussylips were bare. She was very wet.

“Now go ahead and lick me.”

I did as she commanded, and started licking like my life depended on it. Her pussy was flowing over, and I easily slid two fingers inside her, and started fucking her with them. She was moaning loud, and I was sure the neighbours would hear it if they were home. All the while I was licking her pussy she was guiding me by telling me what felt good, and what pace I should lick and finger her in. It didn’t take long before she reached her orgasm.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum. Keep that up. Lick right there. Yes! Oh God, it feels so good! Yes! YES! Oh Tommy, you make me feel so good! I’m cumming!”

That was the first time I’d heard her say my name, and it felt wonderful. I kept lapping at her pussy while her juices were pouring out of her. I wanted to swallow it all. She had her hands on my head, and she was pushing my face against her pussy. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, and pushed me away. I looked up at her and saw that her tits were now out of her bra. She still had it on, but she had lifted her tits out of the cups of the bra. She must have taken them out while I was licking her pussy. I could also see that she had massaged my cum into them. Her tits were shiny. They were also just as huge as I remembered them. “How big are they?” I blurted out. Laughingly she told me that her bra size was 44E. I had no idea what that really meant, but she had given me an answer, and I was satisfied with that.

“Now let’s get inside,” Gina said. “It’s time for the real fun to start.”

(to be continued…)

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