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Games That Grown-ups – Part 4Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 4The time seemed to have gone so fast it was like a blur; only three weeks ago Joyce had become the lover of her daughter, Dawn. And those few weeks seemed to have been a montage of steamy sex, passionate and intense. Joyce wasn’t sure she’d been so satisfied since her honeymoon, and if she was truthful, not even then. Dawn had proved to be a skilled and enthusiastic performer, able to do things with her fingers, tongue and pussy that were only matched by what she could do with a strap-on. Many a night Joyce had found herself in her daughter’s room, being fucked so good that it seemed stars had super-novaed in front of her eyes. And it wasn’t only in the teen’s bedroom the two of them were at it – Joyce’s room, the bathroom, the kitchen had all seen the two of them going at it like bunnies, as had a secluded spot where they had picnicked before Joyce had spread her legs for a good banging.Joyce smiled at the memory, her reflection showed how full and wide the smile was. Humming softly she reached for her earring, one of a pair of expensive danglers Hank had bought her as their relationship hit rock-bottom. They held no other memories good or bad, which was a perfect metaphor for the end of marriage now she looked back on it, however they did go well with the cute blue shoulder-less dress she was wearing.”Wow, looking good,” said Dawn, entering her Mom’s room.”Thank you kindly,” giggled Joyce. She looked at her teen’s daughter’s reflection in the dresser mirror before turning on her stool to admire her direct, “You as well.”It wasn’t a lie. Dawn was wearing a loose light lilac top, which hung from her shoulders and down over her bosom; her skirt, almost matched it in colour, went down to just above her knees, the ruffle at the bottom making it seem to wave as the teen walked. To cap it all Dawn had drawn her hair up into a French Twist leaving her face, sexy and elfin, clear of loose strands of hair. “You like?” asked Dawn. To allow her Mom to admire her he made a slow three-sixty turn, ending it by pulling up her skirt to show what was underneath, “Look… no panties.””Dawn… you’re bad,” giggled Joyce, “What if anyone finds out? What will they think of me?””That you’re a dirty slut, who allows her teen daughter to go out panty-less,” grinned Dawn in reply. She moved behind her Mom and picked up a small necklace. “I think this goes well,” she said and without waiting for an answer placed it round her Mom’s neck, before leaning down and kissing the back of the MILF’s neck, “Mmmnn that’s nice – you ready?””Yes,” Joyce stood up and offered the teen her arm.Dawn slid her arm through it, “Let’s see if I can keep my hands off you all night; that’ll be a challenge.””Not all night,” giggled Joyce as she picked up her bag, “Just until we’re home again.”* * *The parking lot of Sunnydale High School was teeming; it seemed virtually every student at the school and most of their parents had turned up. Dads with their daughters, Moms with their sons and vice versa – though Joyce was sure she was only one of the parents who were here to bid for favours for school funds who was being topped by her daughter. Almost as soon as the car was parked Dawn was out of the car and running over to talk to her best friend, Janice. Joyce nodded to Janice’s Mom and the two MILFs exchanged small talk as they followed their daughter’s into the hall.The buffet was set out in the new school gym, together with the round tables, like an awards ceremony – though cheaper than the Oscars would provide, the table clothes were paper not linen, as were the napkins and the wine was the cheapest Californian, chips and sandwiches were of similar quality. Joyce said a few words to some of parents who she knew, complimenting their c***dren and saying a few proud words about how Buffy was settling in at University and how Dawn was keeping her grades up. She eventually managed to head to her seat, as the Principal, Robin Wood, bounded up on stage. He tapped the microphone, sending a boom out of the speakers set in the wall. It acted as a signal to Dawn and her friends, the teen girls shooting to their seats next to their parents. Joyce gave her sexy vixen a smile and waited for the Principal to start speaking.”Welcome to the annual Sunnydale High Parent/Student Auction. Our students will be auctioning favours and odd-jobs, so if you want your lawn mowed or your dogs walked or even think that the library could do with some books which aren’t smoke damaged – well dig deep into those wallets. “However, before I begin I understand it’s traditional to remember those ex-Sunnydale teachers and students who have passed on to another place since the last auction… First, my deeply beloved and popular predecessor Principal Snyder,” Joyce could only imagine that the Robin Wood had not met Snyder, but she still gave a polite nod as did the other parents. There was a brief pause before the Principal began to rattle off the rest of the names, “Harmony Kendall, Larry Blaisdell…”It was a long list, though from what Joyce understood, not nearly as long as it used to be; the number of mysterious deaths had mysteriously declined with the arrival of the Summers in Sunnydale. Eventually the Principal finished reading the list of the dead, “Debbie Foley…” there was a pause and Joyce wondered if they were supposed to bow her head in remembrance or perhaps clap. She looked round the other Moms and Dad, they either looked like they had zoned out in boredom or were whispering surreptitiously. The Principal tapped the microphone again, bringing everyone back to the auction, “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Now for the first lot we have Kirstie, who’s auctioning a carwash,” a cute blonde skipped onto the stage and Joyce could see all the Dad’s in the audience mentally working how much they could afford to pay before their wives got suspicious of their intentions. Joyce would have been tempted to make a bid herself, but a quick glance at Dawn’s raised eyebrow suggested her teen daughter wasn’t keen on other sexy babes prancing around her Mom in a bikini and soap suds. Robin Woods waited until Kirstie was up on stage and began again, “Let’s start at five dollars…”After Kirstie came Lisa with a dog-walking service, Kevin with a sketching and a dozen other teens. Joyce bid for the chance of yard clearance and an oven cleaning, neither time seriously – she had other thing to spend her money on. Eventually the Principal coughed and announced, what was, at least to Joyce, the evening’s highlight, “Dawn Summers… Now Dawn fancies herself a bit of a Grandmaster and so is auctioning a game of chess. Now I’m sure some of you, with the night’s drawing in are looking for a game that can be played in front of the fire – and Dawn’s your girl. Now do I hear five dollars?””Five,” Joyce put her hand up, though if she won it wasn’t chess she was planning to play in front of the fire.”Ten,” said another Mom.”Fifteen,” said Jonathan Levinson, who really ought to not be still at Sunnydale High, but seemed to be hanging around like a bad case of dry rot.Joyce let the bidding continue for a while, until the other Mom dropped out at twenty five. Then she put her hand up, “Thirty.””Thirty-five,” Jonathan was in quick.”Forty,” said Joyce unconcernedly, a few dollars more wouldn’t hurt and it was all for a good cause.”Forty-five.””Fifty,” replied Joyce.”Sixty,” Jonathan didn’t pause.”Seventy,” shot back Joyce, annoyed that they seemed to have moved to multiples of ten rather than five.”Eighty,” Jonathan said.This was starting to get expensive, thought Joyce. She looked at Dawn, the teen was looking disconcerted at the thought her Mom might be outbid and by Jonathan as well. Joyce took a breath, “Ninety.””One hundred,” said Jonathan. His reply took longer than before and Joyce knew she had him. She quickly shot back, “One hundre
d and ten.”There was silence from Jonathan. Robin Woods looked at him quizzically, but the teen boy shook his head and the Principal slammed down the gavel, “Sold for one hundred and ten dollars.”Dawn slid back to her seat, “Thank you,” she mouthed.Joyce nodded, “It was more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn’t have you been beaten by Jonathan,” she murmured.”I’d have won,” countered Dawn, throwing a quick glance towards Buffy’s old classmate and his friends, “but jeez, Mom, that boy is creepy… he freaks me out, an evening alone with him would be too yeuch for words.””No problem, though it’s cleared me out,” Joyce said.”Shall we slip away?” Dawn gave a smile, which spoke of a carnal undertone to the request.Joyce gave a quiet giggle, “Yes.”Dawn got up and crept over to Janice, to exchange a few words and say goodbye, as Joyce crept to the exit, careful not to catch the Principal’s eye in case it was seen as a bid. She waited a second for Dawn, who skittered after her. The headed out of the gym and the door closed after them. As soon as it had Dawn had her arms round her Mom’s waist and was dragging her close. Her lips closed hard on her Mom’s, before opening and letting her tongue thrust out and push open her Mom’s lips. Taken by surprise Joyce acquiesced for a few moments, before sanity took over and she, gently, pushed Dawn away, “We can’t do it here, someone might see.”Dawn gave a naughty smile, “They’re too busy with auction. Anyway I’m hot for sexy Mom cum.”Despite herself Joyce tittered, “Well you’ll just have to wait until we get home.””Why?” countered Dawn. canlı bahis She gave her most lascivious smile, one filled with lust and carnal promise, “There’s no-one in the classrooms… or we could head to the library.””Well…” Joyce knew she shouldn’t agree with her daughter, but she couldn’t think of a reason not to. The MILF looked at the naughty nympho in front of her and felt herself wavering.Dawn lifted her skirt, exposing her smooth pussy, sexy and succulent, filled with tangy, tasty twat elixir. Joyce looked at it as Dawn moved her finger over her lips and said in a sensual tone, “I don’t think my pussy can wait, until we get home; it’s hot now.”Joyce knew when she was beaten. She gave a sigh and slid her arm through Dawn’s as the teen dropped her skirt back to where it should be, “Just a quick pussy lick… one orgasm just to quench your cunt; I don’t want you burning up before we get home. Now where’s the library…””This way,” Dawn led her Mom up some stairs and down a corridor to a room.It wasn’t much of a library, just a classroom with some shelves and desks; it wasn’t even a minnow compared to the old Sunnydale High library that had been blown to bits with the Mayor. Still it was away from the gym and the short walk, and the knowledge of what was at the end of it, had made Joyce as hungry for her daughter’s cunt as the teen was to starving to have it licked. Dawn closed the door behind her and dropped down on a chair. She pulled her skirt up, sliding her ass forward over the seat and opened her legs to expose the cute cunt. She slid a finger into the hole and then out again, putting the digit in her mouth and sucking at it, “Mmmnnnn, nice… come on in and tongue fuck me, taste my teen twat.””It looks lovely baby, so sexy and sweet,” said Joyce as she got to her knees and between her daughter’s thighs, “Mmmnnn, you smell divine… now let me taste you.”Joyce’s tongue slid over the teen’s slit, licking at the lips before dabbing into the wet hole. For a moment or two Joyce wiggled it around, exploring and probing the damp cunt. Then she withdrew, “Tasty as well.””Eat it, eat my cunt,” moaned Dawn, her hands clenching in frustration.”Mmmnnn,” said Joyce and dropped her open mouth down again. She sucked and licked at the juicy hole, drinking in the teen’s cum and sliding her tongue round and round the open hole. The walls shuddered and pulsated with pleasure as the MILF hammered in, hitting the clit and running over the G-spot. The juice kept coming, a veritable cornucopia of cum, the faster and harder Joyce ate her daughter the more there was.”Ooooohhh, oooohhhhh, yes, yesss!” squeaked Dawn as her body rocked under the sensual tongue lashing, “Clean my cunt with your mouth, lick me clean. Oooooooh…aaaaarggghhhh.”Joyce forgot her earlier decision to only let Dawn have one orgasm, or rather she remembered and ignored it; her daughter’s cunt was too delicious too stop eating and lapping. She rammed her tongue in deep, pushing her entire face into the soft flesh around the leaking hole, smelling her daughter’s sexual odour and savouring the sweet flavour of the brunette teen’s juice. Harder and harder she licked, her only concern the tasty pussy in front of her and her need to swallow the cum and pleasure her daughter.”Aaaarrrggghh… aaaarrrghhhh… ooooohhh mmmmyyyy Goddddddddd!” shrieked Dawn, “That’s the spot, that’s fucking the place. Lick me, lick me harder.”Joyce did as she was told, pressing the tongue as hard as she could and put so much pressure on the clit she wondered whether she was going to do it irreparable harm. Not that it seemed to worry Dawn, if the bud was being damaged, she didn’t seem to notice and instead was screaming and squealing like a banshee, “Aaaaarrrghhhh, fuuucckkk, fuuuucckkk, fuuuucckkk…. Aaaaarrrrghhh… I’m gonna… aaaaaarggghhh.”The juice jetted out the teen’s cunt, blasting down her throat. The MILF gasped and tried to swallow it, but more continued to squirt, drenching her face and splattering the top of her dress. Dawn gave a satisfied moan, as her Mom tried to lick and rub her face clean; there was nothing to be done with damp dress. “Mmnnn,” said Dawn, “You are such a great cunt licker, that was one top orgasm… I thought I was going to take off.””I’m guessing it may have cooled that cunt,” said Joyce, “At least until we get home.””It has,” agreed Dawn. She gave a lick of her lips and a sensual slow smile, “Though I’m guessing by the time we get back it’ll be needing more love and attention.””I’m sure it will,” giggled Joyce as she picked up her handbag, “So we better get going… we don’t want to keep that sweet pussy burning up.”The two of them headed out of the corridor and slap back into Janice and her Mom leaving the auction. “I thought you’d already gone,” said Janice’s Mom.”I was just showing Mom the library, Mrs Penshaw,” said Dawn in all innocence. Mrs Penshaw didn’t say anything, but she looked at the damp patch on Joyce’s dress; Janice did the same and smirked. Joyce thought she saw Dawn smirk back, but it was only a brief flash and she couldn’t be sure, and then her daughter was lying fluently to explain the stain, “When Jonathan bid a hundred Mom knocked her wine over herself.””Lucky it was cheap wine,” grinned Janice.”Very cheap,” agreed Dawn smiling, “Anyway we’d better be heading home, see you lates Janice…”“Bye Dawns, call me some time to catch up,” Janice said as her best friend and Joyce disappeared.“Catch up?” Janice mother asked.“You’re not the only mo in Sunnydale to have fucked the great Dawn Summers… Daughter either.”* * *”I think the movie’s finished,” said Dawn, drawing her face away from her Mom’s.Joyce cast a brief look at the television, the credits were rolling and looked like they had been for a couple of minutes. She looked back at her gorgeous daughter, “I didn’t see what happened in the end.””Neither did I,” said Dawn. “I was kinda distracted with your tongue trying to work its way down her throat.”Joyce smiled coyly, “Sorry, I thought that as your mouth was open and pressed against mine it was an invitation”. Both she and Dawn were sitting on the sofa, legs drawn up, and their knees touching each other. Dawn was holding her Mom’s hands lightly, stroking the back of them with her thumbs. Saturday night movies had certainly changed over th
e last three weeks, and not just because with Buffy in college slushy romances had been replaced by artistic dramas. Dawn smiled and leant forward to kiss her Mom tenderly on the lips, “Apology accepted. Now do you want to rewind or go to bed?” the teen’s hand moved to her Mom’s thigh and rubbed the flesh under the skirt.Even without the hint Joyce would have made the same decision; she stood up and said, “Let’s go to bed.” She reached out to help Dawn up, continuing to hold her hand even when her teen daughter was on her feet. The MILF smiled as dawn squeezed at her hands and kissed her again. It was a nice kiss, managing to be both tender and sensuous, loving and lustful. Joyce’s toes curled and her tummy did a little jump as she tried to keep her tummy under control, “Who’s room tonight?”Not that it mattered, whether it was Dawn’s room or her Mom’s, the MILF and teen would still have passionate lesbian sex, as they had done most nights for the last three weeks. Though hopefully tonight, thought Joyce, they would go further than they’d ever done – introducing a new level of kinkiness into their relationship. She waited patiently for her daughter to reply, as the teen thought about it, putting more effort into the decision than was probably needed.Dawn smiled, “Yours is good.”The two of them headed upstairs, kissing and stroking at each other’s buttocks as they slowly moved up the steps. They briefly separated at the door to Dawn’s room as the teen headed inside to get undressed and pick-up her strap-on. Joyce went into her own room and quickly stripped, throwing the used panties in a heap on the floor, hanging up her skirt and folding her sweater. She briefly considered whether to put on some nightwear, but decided not too; full nudity worked for her and she knew from experience it worked for Dawn as well.She turned onto her side and drew her legs up, so that her ass was facing the door and would be the first thing on show when it was opened. In position Joyce waited for her youngest daughter.She didn’t have long to wait. The door opened and in stepped Dawn, naked apart from the ten-inch strap-on wobbling in front of her. She smiled as she took in her Mom’s sexy bubble-butt, “Nice,” she drawled.Joyce smiled, “I want you to fuck it. I want you to fuck my ass. Will you do that?” It was a long time since she had done anal, not since the early days of dating Hank, when she pressurised him into doing, as the relationship continued he’d found excuses not to do so until she finally stopped requesting an ass-filling. She just hoped her daughter didn’t take after her Dad in not liking anal, “Will you do it please?”Dawn sat on the bed, a smile on her face. She reached out and stroked her Mom’s naked ass cheeks with her middle finger, “You want me to screw your ass? You want to me to fuck your butt with my strap-on?”The MILF nodded. She craved the intimacy that anal brought, the closeness it added to their relationship as she opened her most taboo hole for her teenage daughter. And the orgasms; well the orgasms were to die for she remembered. She gave Dawn a smile, “I do. If you want to…” she trailed off.”I do as well,” smiled Dawn, “I was thinking bets10 about talking to you about it sometime next week; it’s something I want to try, but I was nervous you wouldn’t want to do it. But if you do…””More than anything,” said Joyce.Dawn slid her hand over her Mom’s cheeks, stopping as she covered the crack, “I’ll just go and swap my toy, get something smaller.””No, don’t,” said the MILF, “It’ll be a squeeze, but it’ll fit and I’ll enjoy it more.” She paused and smiled at Dawn, before pointing at the dresser, “Though there’s some lube, perhaps for the first time it’d be nice to lubricate the toy – it’s been a while since I’ve had anything up there.””Okay, Mom,” Dawn got off the bed. Joyce watched as her daughter went over to the dresser, her own butt cheeks moving enticingly as she walked. The teen turned as she unscrewed the tub. Scooping some of the gel out, she began to rub it over the strap-on. She smiled wickedly as she rubbed her hand up and down the toy, making it look like she was masturbating the toy. The teen licked her lips and made a face, so it looked even more like she was pleasuring herself – and as the end of the toy was rubbing at her sexy slit, it might not have all been acting. The teen took out a second scoop and began to apply it.Joyce quivered with excitement, eagerly anticipating the anal invasion. It was sure to be sore, but also mind-blowingly blissful. And it would further cement her relationship with Dawn as a lover, not a daughter. Dawn reached for a third scoop of lube, but Joyce shook her head, “No more, Dawn. I want to feel it.””Okay,” said Dawn, “As you’re the expert what position do you want to go in?””On my hands and knees,” smiled Joyce, moving so that she was in that pose.”Sure,” nodded Dawn. She paused and smiled, “Could you do it facing the mirror? That way I can see your face.””Off course, honey,” giggled Joyce, swivelling so that she was facing the wall mirror. It was strange seeing herself in this position, her tits hanging down and her hands clenching at the quilt. She mostly felt excited anticipation, but with some trepidation mixed in – a fear that Dawn wouldn’t enjoy it or that in the years since she had last done it the orgasmic pleasure had multiplied in her mind, and the pain diminished. She licked her lips and tossed her head, so that the strand of hair which had dropped down was flicked to one side, pushing away her concerns “I’m ready baby. Come and fuck my ass.”The first indication that Dawn was ready was the movement of the bed and the slight creak as the teen got on. It took another second or two for the teen to appear in the mirror, waddling behind Joyce on her knees. The young brunette positioned herself behind her mother and flicked her long hair over her shoulders, so that Joyce could see the sexy teen titties without any hindrance. Dawn took the dildo in one hand as she moved to stroke her Mom’s butt with the other, “I’m ready.””I’m more than ready,” giggled Joyce, “I’m dying for dildo. I want that cock between my cheeks.”It went where Joyce asked, though not immediately in the way she was craving. Dawn placed her hands on her Mom’s buttocks and pulled them apart. As the crack opened she moved forward, running the dildo into gap and between the cheeks. Joyce shook with excited lust as the toy moved over the top of her hole, the thick slab of rubber promising much – when it delivered. She gave a moan, “Stick it in me, stick it my ass Dawn. I want you big dildo down my hole.””MMnnnn, I want to fuck that tight ass as well,” said Dawn. She kept one hand on her Mom’s butt, continuing to pull at the cheek, whilst with the other she took hold off her toy and guided it so that it was pressing at the top of the hole. Joyce gasped in excitement, grabbing the bedding and dragging it towards her as Dawn started to push the tip in, “Here I come. Here’s my big fuck-off dildo-dick.”It didn’t get far at first, but even the first few inches made Joyce wet with sexual feeling. She felt her body warming, burning with a blissful ecstasy as her back hole slowly expanded, and stretching to accommodate her daughter’s large plastic prick. The MILF moaned with pleasure, pushing back to impale herself on the prong. In the mirror she could see her own face contorting as the pressure on her anal chute increased, her expression passionate, but pained. Behind her Dawn’s face was a mask of concentration as she worked the dildo up her Mom’s ass for the first time. Deeper and deeper she pushed, thrusting the toy further and further into Joyce.The MILF moaned, throwing her head back to whinny excitedly, “Oh, baby, push it in. Stick it me deep. I want it all.””Ooooh, you’re so tight,” moaned Dawn in reply, “Your ass is so fucking tight, and it needs my big dong to open it. I’m going to dildo your
sexy Mom ass wide open.”The teen continued to feed the cock in, sometimes pausing or moving back before thrusting forward again. Gradually Joyce felt her ass being opened, its former tightness being replaced by elasticity as the walls were forced apart by the dildo’s girth. It wasn’t painless, the stretching made her ass sore and each thrust of the toy sent painful throbs through the MILF. But the pain was eclipsed by the orgasmic joy that the dildo was simultaneously managing to provide. Joyce squealed again as the toy ran over a nerve ending sending an explosive orgasmic rush hurtling through her, drowning out the twinge of agony that shot round at the same time, “That’s it honey. I want you to fuck my ass.”As the ass was opened it became easier for Dawn and her thrusts became deeper and faster, more forceful and hard. She gripped her Mom’s waist as she rocked back and force, each thrust going further and further in until she was hammering the full ten-inches of fake cock down her Mom’s chute. Joyce was appreciating the dildo, squealing and giggling as her daughter rammed into her. Her blond hair bounced as she shook under the hard-core fucking, and her tits shuddered beneath her, swinging back and forth in time with her body’s quakes. She opened her mouth and shrieked again in pleasure as an extra hard thrust sent a wave of orgasmic feeling into her, “Aaaaarrrrghhh…. Ooohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”Dawnie was moving harder now. Her slender body thrashing against Joyce as she put all her strength and power into hammering home her huge toy. Joyce’s ass was taking it all, the toy racing down and stretching the walls like they were springs. Each forward thrust went in deep, so deep that it was almost coming out the other end – stimulating Joyce into an almost non-stop orgasm, one after the other melding into a melody of joyous pleasure, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, baby, fuck, fuck, fuck.”Dawn’s thighs cracked hard against her Mom, both their skins reddening as they slapped together. Joyce could feel herself sweating, the cold of it contrasting with the heat her body was generating as she orgasmed again and again. In the mirror the MILF could see her daughter was perspiring as well, rivulets pouring down her body as she energetically rammed back and forth. But even without the mirror Joyce would have known her daughter was sweating. The fucking had heightened her sensations and she could feel her daughter’s clammy palms gripping at her waist, the damp thighs as they hammered into her butt and the little drips from the teen’s hair landing on her back. Joyce bucked as the dildo rammed in.”Oh God,” panted Dawn, “This is heaven. I could slam your ass all night; it so sexy and fuckable… oh this is my paradise. Your ass, I’m loving your sexy, fuckable ass.””My ass is loving your fucking,” cried Joyce in reply. She was going to say more, but before she could speak another orgasm hit her and all she could say was “Yeeessssss! Aaaaarrrghhh.”It didn’t seem to matter, Dawn got the point anyway, slamming harder and deeper into her Mom and grunting, “Fuck, I’m loving fucking this fuckable ass. It’s soooo good, it’s so sweet. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”Joyce tried to answer, but another orgasm swept in like a hurricane, “Aaaarrrrggghh,” she screamed and bucked, her body arching and twisting in pleasure as the orgasm shredded nerve and muscle, “Aaaaaarrrrghhhh….”Her arms gave way and she fell face down on the bed, a quivering orgasmic wreck as Dawn rammed back and forth, hard, deep, and intense. Joyce opened her mouth, “Yeesssss, aaaaarggggh, yessssss.”Dawn pulled out the cock one last time. She ran her hand through her hair, sending another rain of droplets onto Joyce, before looking worriedly at her Mom’s back hole, “Gee Mom. I’ve really opened you. You’re gaping.”It took a few moments for Joyce to gather the strength to reply, “Don’t worry baby, that’s just the sign of a good fucking. It’ll close.””It was a good fucking, wasn’t it?” Dawn got up off the bed and began to undo her strap-on, dropping it on the floor next to Joyce’s underwear, “I enjoyed it. Did you?”Joyce slowly began to move, without the orgasms drowning out the pain her bottom was sore, aching agonisingly. But she knew it would pass and that it was worth it. She looked at Dawn as the teen pulled back the covers on the bed, “I loved it honey. It was intense, so intimate. It was the best sex we’ve had, and as we’ve had some great fucks that’s saying something.””Good,” said Dawn. She got into bed and sat against the headboard. She reached for a cigarette and lit it, “I want to do it again, I really enjoyed banging your ass; much, much more than I hoped I would it.”Joyce snuggled against the teen’s bets10 giriş slender body, careful not to put any weight on her still stretched butt, “I think it’ll be a regular part of our sexual repertoire,” she grinned.* * *Joyce’s butt was still aching when she woke the next morning; but she still thought it had been worth it. And that was not just because of the intense pleasure that had racked her, but for deeper, more emotionally fulfilling reasons. In the giving of her ass to Dawn she had shown her willingness to offer her most intimate hole for the teen’s pleasure. It proved her deep love for her daughter, that their time together was something special and not a fling to be forgotten about if they found someone else. The MILF smiled as she remembered, but yes, she decided, the orgasms had been fun as well.There was an early morning moan from Dawn, the teen’s shifting slightly in the bed. Her arm was looped over her Mom’s side, when they gone to sle*p it had been squeezed tight holding Joyce close; but gradually, as she slept, the teen’s grip had relaxed so that now is no more than resting on her Mom. Joyce was happy with either, they both made her feel comfortable and content. She could have lain there for ever, luxuriating in her bed with her sexy lover beside her. But real-life intruded and it was telling her that she was hungry and needed breakfast. And if she needed breakfast it meant Dawn would as well – it was important she kept her lovers strength up; Dawn had stamina, but without continued substance…Slowly Joyce moved Dawn’s arm. There was a small sle*py grunt from the teen, but no other reaction. Joyce got out of the bed, briefly turning to look at her angelic looking daughter still lying asle*p. Then she walked over to the bedroom door and took her gown hanging over the hook, slid her feet into her slippers and headed downstairs.A coffee perked her up and she hummed a little tune (something from the seventies, by a band who’s name she could no longer remember) as she cooked breakfast and set the table. She was just about to go upstairs and see if Dawn was awake for breakfast when the kitchen door opened and in walked the object of her desires. The teen was behind Joyce before the MILF had time to turn round, sliding her hands under the gown and across Joyce’s bare skin. Dawn’s lips kissed up at the back of her Mom’s neck, “Morning.””Morning Dawn,” said Joyce. The MILF could feel the press of a strap-on against her rear, Dawn had come down equipped, which led to all sorts of potentially promising possibilities. A suspicion which didn’t go away as Dawn kissed her again and moved one hand down to gently touch her Mom’s slit. The second hand moved round to the MILF’s ass, moving between the cheeks and running over the hole. Dawn lips tenderly touched the back of her Mom’s neck again, “It seems to have closed okay.””I told you it would,” said Joyce. She gave a small giggle as Dawn’s fingers stroked at her cunt.”Last night… it was so special. I loved it. I want to do it again, all the time,” said Dawn before gently planting her lips on her Mom again.”So do I,” Joyce arched her body, pressing it against Dawn’s lithe form, as the teen’s touch teased at her cunt, the finger tracing intricate patterns over and around the pussy lips. She gave another moan of
pleasure, “We don’t need breakfast. We can have a big lunch. Let’s go back to bed.””Why waste time going upstairs?” purred Dawn, her hands moved from where they were to cup and squeeze at Joyce’s large tits, “I want to take you here. I want to fuck you over the kitchen table. I want to fuck you now, here.””Dawn, that’s naughty and kinky,” giggled Joyce, “Let’s do it.”The teen continued to play with her Mom’s titties, gripping them in her hand and squeezing them tightly, so the flesh popped between her fingers. Joyce moaned, enjoying the way her daughter grappled with them and dug her nails into the soft flesh. The nipples were erect, hard like concrete bunkers – Dawn’s fingers moved and began to play with them, pulling and tweaking the sexy nubs. The teen rubbed her face at her Mom’s back, creasing the gown more than it was creased before, “I want you, I want you bad.””I want you too,” moaned Joyce. She could Dawn pressing her forward guiding her to the table. Joyce let her, walking slowly forward until her thighs touched it, “I want you to fuck me.”Dawn let go off her Mom’s tits. She moved one to the small of Joyce’s back, exerting a tiny tip of pressure on Joyce to encourage her to bend over the table. With the other hand she swept over the table, sending dishes clattering away. A plate broke as it hit the floor, depositing an egg over the linoleum in a messy splodge. Joyce didn’t care, she could clean it early – all she cared about now was having Dawn’s dildo in her, fucking her hard and deep. She bent over the table, feeling her titties press down on the lacquered wood, “Fuck me, fuck my ass like you did last night.””Oh yes. I’ll fuck your back-hole so hard it’ll be like a baseball bat was stuffed up there,” replied Dawn.Joyce could feel her teen daughter lifting the MILF’s gown and laying it on her back, so that her naked ass was exposed. Dawn’s hands were on her Mom’s ass, kneading at the cheeks as she pulled them apart. Joyce moaned as the teen guided the tip of the toy penetrated her hole and continued in. The ass chute had retightened since yesterday’s opening, but it was still no-where near as stiff as it used to be and Dawn had to use a lot less effort to push the dildo down. True, there was still some resistance and several times Dawn had to draw back and thrust forward again to push through some taut butt-muscle, but the dildo reached its full length quicker. Joyce moaned and gasped the whole time, gripping the table sides for support, as the anal orgasms competed with the painful stretches of her chute walls. It was a competition that the orgasms were easily winning. The MILF squealed, “Fuck me, fuck me. I want your big dildo to ram my ass. I want you to fuck me like a whorey anal slut.”Dawn was ramming back and forth, her hands gripping her Mom’s side. Her dildo slammed into Joyce’s asshole, ripping down and opening the hole, sending orgasmic waves crashing through the MILF. Joyce gasped in pleasure, enjoying her daughter’s thrusting – the teen was skilfully guiding down the cock for maximum penetrative pleasure, whilst not letting up on either the speed or pressure whilst doing so. Joyce couldn’t believe how lucky she was in that at sex Dawn was both naturally skilful and broadminded. The MILF gave another squeak as the dildo hammered down and stimulated her G-spot from behind. She moved one hand from the edge of the table to her pussy, already soaking, and began to play with herself as Dawn continued to take her hard from behind. “Oh your hot, you’re so fucking hot,” grunted Dawn, “Your ass was made for fucking, it’s so tight, so sexy, so fucking hot.”She sped up, ramming deep into Joyce and pushing the blonde into the table. Joyce shrieked, as the pleasure built up and blew within her, a rush of fabulous joy. She could feel her body hammering at the wood, her tits squashed beneath her as she was taken to heaven in an anal sex chariot. She gripped the side of the table, as her sweaty body slid over the polished surface – the remaining condiments were shaking and jumping as the table bounced under the pounding it was getting, the legs squeaking as the pressure was piled on them.”This is so cool. You are so hot. Your ass is like divine… oh God, this is so good,” moaned Dawn, continuing to thrust the dildo deep in her Mom’s butt. “Mmmnnn yes, fuck Mommy’s ass, fuck it hard,” moaned Joyce, “fill it with your big plastic dong.”The dildo pounded in and out of the MILF ass, each thrust sending a tsunami of orgasmic joy through the blonde. Her fingers pushed into her wet cunt adding to the excited bliss coursing through her. The digits hammered at her clit, ramming the G-spot and, at the same time, the hard rubber dildo rammed at the G-spot from behind. The double hitting was stimulating it into frenzied excitement, making her pussy gush juices and her body throb with pleasure. As Dawn continued to ram home and the fingers did their work as well, Joyce’s body began quiver and shake as orgasm after orgasm shredded her flesh and sinews making her lose control and flop like a rag-doll. Harder and deeper Dawn rammed, the dildo, putting all her effort into opening her Mom like a tin can. Joyce’s fingers rammed in, trying to keep pace with the anal fucking, whacking in and out like a blur. The orgasmic explosions increased in length and intensity and Joyce screamed obscenely, but sexily, “Fuuuuuccckkk, fuuuuuccckk, fuuuuuccckkkk!”Joyce didn’t think Dawn could pound harder and faster, but she could. And did. The teen’s body slammed back and forth, hammering the dildo into her Mom’s ass. The teen brunette panted with exertion, perspiring with effort, but she didn’t pause or halt, continuing to plough the MILF ass and sending Joyce into stratospheric shrieks of delight. “Aaaaaarggghhh, aaaaarggghhhh, uuurrggggh, uuuurrrghhh” The orgasms came thick and fast. “Aaaaahhhh, aaaahhh, oooohhh, aaaarrgggghh,” the MILF screamed, “Aaaarrrghhh, ooooohhhh, aaaaarrrhhhh, uuuurrrgghhh, aaaaarrrgggh.”There was a popping sound as Dawn pulled out the cock, and oxygen flooded into the open hole. Joyce remained, bent over the table, gasping for breath as she tried to recover from the flood of orgasms that had overwhelmed her. Dawn staggered to a seat next to the table and collapsed on it, rivers of sweat swept down her naked body. She smiled at her Mom, “That was fantastic…””It was baby,” said Joyce, “We need to do it more.””I’m up for that.”

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