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fun with a granny part 3Hi again now for part 3 Mick and his friends were sitting in the park talking about when they all fucked Vera a 71 year old granny the other day .”Well guys what can we do to Vera next “Micky said i i was looking at a porn mag said Alan “this girl had a cock in her pussy one down her throat and she was wanking 2 more cocks “sounds good Micky said how about a cock up her asshole as well Micky giggled .Lets give Vera a ring see if shes busy Mick said .Come on over guys Vera said on the phone “the thought of all your schoolboy cocks and schoolgirl pussys is making me wet “Vera giggled 10 mins later they were at Veras “hi guye nice to see you all again “Vera said come on in .As they all went in to the living room there was another guy there “this is Bert Harrys friend ” Vera said “hi Bert ” we all said Bert was a 75 year old friend of Veras husband Harry ” i heard all about the fun you had the other day “Bert said thought i would join in if thats ok ?sure Vera said that ” that ok with you guys “sure we all said .So Vera said thought it was time for Harry to get his cock sucked see if you can get him hard .De de a 12 year old black girl was on her feet lie a shot de de was turning into a great little cocksucker de de got on her knees between Harrys legs unzipped him and fumbled around in his underpants and then she pulled out his cock .Poor old Harry had not been able to get hard in years De De kissed the top of his cock and her little pink tongue run up the under side of his cock next she cupped his balls in her hand and gave them a squzze that made Harry jump de de could feel his cock getting hard then she internet casino put his cock in her tiny mouth and took him right down her throat she could feel it getting hard de de wanked his cock with her throat ans she was playing with Harrys balls “fucking hell ” Harry shouted shes got me hard after all these years his cock grew harder and harder de de was really working Harry cock .A 12 year old tiny black schoolgirl was going to make Harry a 75 year old guy cum .De de took his cock out of her mouth and wanked him so hard then she put her tiny finger right up Harrys asshole that sent Harry over the edge he came so hard it was like a fire hose his cum shot up into the air and hit little de de in the face her face was coverd in Harrys cum “fucking hell” Harry said that was amazing “thanks de de “Harry said ” anytime master ” de de giggled ” hope you enjoyed it ” .Right Vera said our turn now ” what we want to do to you is put a cock in your pussy one up your asshole and you to wank 2 cocks off all at the same time ” Micky said WOW Vera thought that sounds great as they all got naked Bert was just sitting watching .Micky got on his back as Vera got over him and put his cock up her asshole he could feel the heat from her asshole on his cock then Alan laid on top of of Vera and put his cock into Veras pussy it had been years since Vera had 2 cocks in her at the same time and she loved it next Delroy and Robert kneeled down each side of Vera and put there cocks in Veras hands then de de got astride Vera and made her lick her pussy .Vera was working 4 cocks and a pussy all at the same time Vera had never felt so full güvenilir casino of cock in her life as the little k**s fucked Veras brains out she wanked the 2 cocks hard as she licked de des pussy .Vera got fucked for 30 mins then all the k**s came at once they filled Vera up with there cum she was a mess cum dribbling out of her asshole and her pussy and all over her hands and a mouth full of de des girly cum god your juices are so sweet de de Vera said de de just giggled .As Vera went off to clean herself up in the shower de de went over to Harry and sat on his lap .De de came from a broken home were she never got any love or affection thats why she saw Micky and his friends as her family and she seemed to take to Harry as a kindly grandad she wanted to please him .De de sat on Harrys lap and started to move her 12 year old ass against his cock she could feel Harrys cock get hard again against her ass ” de de ” Harry said ” i know your only 12 but your one sexy girl you have got me hard once again ” de de just ground her tiny ass into Harrys cock ” i have just got to fuck you de de ” Harry said ok master de de said she got astride Harry put his cock to her tiny pussy and sank down onto Harrys cock he was balls deep into de des tiny pussy and de de bounced up and down on Harrys cock .God Harry thought im 75 years old and im fucking a 12 year old black schoolgirl .As de de was fucking Harry Vera came back from her shower “fucking hell de de “Vera said you have got him hard again great then Harry just shot his load into de des pussy “thank you so much de de “Harry said thats the first time i have cum like that in years casino firmalari .de de just cleaned Harrys cock up with her mouth .Now all this time Bert was sitting watching then Vera said now its Berts time Bert is bi he likes boys as well as girls so whos going to take Berts cock up the ass for him ? How about you Micky ?Berts allways wanted to fuck a black schoolboy .All the others were chanting Micky Micky come on take it up the ass Micky slowly got to his feet “ok Bert i will but be gently i have never had a cock up my asshole before ” sure i will Micky Bert said as Micky got on to his hands and knees Bert got behind him “what a beautyfull ass ” Bert said then Bert spat on Mickys puckerd asshole and ran his cock up and down Mickys asscrack then he pushed his cock in Bert got the head of his cock in Mickys asshole Micky was panting fucking hell it hurts Micky thought as Bert pushed his cock deeper in then Micky was impailed on Berts cock he was right in Mickys asshole .Fucking hell Micky thought im getting hard as his cock was getting hard Vera noticed it she got under Micky and stared to wank him Micky was rock hard as Vera wanked him . Bert was fucking him now he pulled nearly out then slammed back into his asshole god Micky thought im being fucked up the asshole and wanked at the same time this is amazing Micky felt his balls get tighter as Vera nearly wanked his cock off her hand was going so fast then Bert groaned he was cumming up Mickys asshole he filled Mickys asshole with his cum just as Bert came Vera grabbed Mickys balls and kept on wanking him then Micky groaned and dumped his load in Veras hand .Bert said “you have got a sweet asshole “Micky want to fuck it again some time Micky thought it was amazing being fucked up the asshole and being wanked by Vera at the same time as Vera cleaned Mickys cock up with her mouth THE END more fun and games soon enjoy

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