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Fun Play
Sitting in the house and the phone rang as i picked it up. Hi Gem it’s Lisa look can you come round
What now. Yea please if you could
As i walked round i seen David her husband driving up the street he gave me a wave and drove on and am thinking what is going on here
Walked up the path and as i was about to ring the bell Lisa opened the door
Come in Gem come in
Whats wrong Lisa I just seen David driving up the street and yea he gave me a wave but he would normaly stop
Even if he was in a hurry he would stop say no time give me a quick kiss and away

Well Gem we have been talking and the subject of sex came up
Ok so what do you want me round for should you not be talking to David about this
Yea well your name was mentioned
Yea look lisa i know we had that little bit fun the three of us but i thought we where all ok about it
Yes and we are it’s just well i erm well i
And she sat me on the couch and sat next to me Well and she just kissed me ok i kissed her back and yea yea before you know it we where snogging the fucking faces of each other
Lisa at least let me get my jacket off
Hmmmm you can take the rest off if you like
Lisa have you taken fucking female Viagra or something you fucking horny

She just grabbed my hand and pulled me back on the couch as her hands where just everywhere on me first my tits and then my arse Pulling me in as we kissed
Then she started half way up my legs and slowly heading for my pussy well Fuck she has me wet horny and just wanting a dam good fucking
She was going up my leg slowly and i grabed he hand looked at her and pushed it down my pants and Lisa fuck she knows where to touch OHHHHHH fuck
I look and ask Lisa could we just go up in to your bed and get naked as girl i am going to fuck you so much
She pulled her hand out my pants grabbed mine and draged me threw in to her bedroom and on the bed where two toys
As i look at her You had this all planned didn’t you Lisa i have been with only one woman and that was you and i fucking loved it
What was nice as she just flung her clothes on the chair in the corner

She stood there only her nickers on and said come on you getting stripped or do i have to do it for you
Now there is a thought
You have to do it for me Lise as she took one step and kissed me
Her hands un clipped my jeans as she pulled them down and kissing me on the way
Her warm hands slipping them down slowly as she stopped to kiss each nipple that was sticking threw my whits blouse
She nelt down pulling the jeans to the botton and kissed me on my pussy I raised one leg then the other as she slipped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri one leg out at a time then she pushed her armes between my legs to open them a little pulled my nickers aside and from the bottom of my wet pussy slowly licked me threw my pussy lips and OHHHhhhhh licked my clit with a gentle suck Started kissing me as she got up and pulling my bouse up with her and over the head it goes as she kissed my neck gentle with a nice cuddle and she started to unclip my bra pulled it forward and off to have her run her tongue down to my hard nipples and ever so gently sucked them

Her hands slipped under my nickers and she squeezed my arse and pushed me on the bed as we kissed
Her soft hands runing up my body holding me in tight and as she kisses my neck coming threw to my mouth and slipping her tongue
God she can fucking tease with that tongue and as she is doing that just a little nip on my nipples There fucking hard enough as it is
OHhhh but as she slowly goes down and her soft lips gently sucking on them with a swirl of her tongue
She puts me on my back and legs open she just flows her hand gently over my nickers and starts going further down kissing my body
As she gently rubs my clit over my nickers she just then grabs either side and starts pulling them off as i lift my bum and down to my knees
she starts gently rubbing my clit then with the other hand pulls my nickers off
She open my legs really wide and starts kissing my heading down and them she slips her tongue and slowly licks me from my pussy and as i say slowly threw my lips then down again and back up and starts OOooo gently licking my hard clit as she is doing this she slips ind ficnger in me only a little Gently ticking my pussy as she is now swirling her tongue round my clit

I just lay back and oh my god was i so enjoying as i tilted my head back i could feel her finger and the sensation was going from a tickling feeling to a tingling feeling as she sucked my clit and tongue flicked it
I could feel my tingling get stronger as she kept gently rubbung my pussy inside them i could feel like blood start to rush to my head as that tingling feeling got so sttttrrrroonngggg OOOHHHH OOOHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHFCUK thats good OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSHSSHSHHSHSHHSHSHHSHSHHSHSHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT Body got tight as i cum and Lisa she stopped her finger but it was the clit flicking with my sencertive hard clit Body tingling just everywhere now all tight as i cum and she started to slow down as she knew what was happening to me and as she slowed down woooo so makrobet did i

I turned her on her back and said HHMMMMMM my turn as she lay there i started kissing her and i know Lisa likes her pussy fingered but she is just going to have to wait
as i pull her nickers i just yank and rip them from her legs as she said they wher new I kiss her to shut her up and start MMMMMM snogging the face of her My hane rubbing her pussy but she isn’t getting any fingers yet
I pull my hand and start rubbing her clit as AWWWW she bit my tongue I nipped her nipples hard as i went straight down i tongue flicked her pussy but not going in altho she tried to push my head so somthing would go in as i opened her sweet wet pussy with both hands and my tongue flicked her clit slowly down and round and round her pussy and back up
Then i felt on the bed one of her toys and turned it on to full speed and swirled it round and round her pussy and up buzzing her clit she was wiggling round fucking needing something inside her wet sweet and WHAT THE FUCK as i felt a cock slide deep inside me going deep and Lisa saying hi babe and its her hubby David
Well i grabbed the other toy and if i am getting cock so is she as i slit he toy inside her pussy and oh yea the G finder she was bragging about Oh Oh Lisa is that where it is as fuck she screamed with delight as one toy buzzing her G spot and the other lets say sizzling her clit
Her body jerking as i am trying to toy fuck her David is fucking me doggy and Ohhhh fuck is that nice and as i look back
Cheaky fucker how long have you been videoing us as he is videong his hard cock slide deep inside my pussy

He slips his cock out and goes to the side with his camera pionting at Lisa as she cum’s and screams with tow toys fucking her
As i take out her toys and fuck she is trying to catch her breath David slides his cock next to her mouth and she starts licking from the bottom to his top and starts sucking him getting deeper and deeper
Camera on me licking Lisa then on Lisa sucking his cock
I grab David and pull him over and as he lay on the bed i started kissing him as Lisa sucked his cock
One of his hands gently squeezing mmy tit as the other yea taped up Oh in a threesome really
As lisa sucked him i got on my knees and crawled over the top of him and as his head was between my legs the hand that was free grabbed my waist and pulled me down in to his face as he licked my pussy i lent over and now in the 69 position helped Lisa suck his cock

Lisa then grabbed the camera from his hand and nelt on the bed taping up as we sucked makrobet giriş and licked
David then picked my up and pushed me over on my back and OOHHHHHHH went down on me licking my clit so fast and FUCK as i felt Lisa’s toy slide inside my wet pussy
OOOOOHHHHHHH Fuck and it was the G finder and fuck did it find my G as it bizzed on my G spot David started sucking my clit and then licking me from the toy to my clit and back down
His tongue then swirling round my lips as i get a strong tingle SHIT i know whats happening but can’t do anythiiiiiiinnnnngggggg oooOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFCUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK my pussy is going in to a strong tinge feeling my legs just want to close with that feeling My knees wat to raise as i AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHH FFFUUUCKKKCKKCKCKKCKCKCKKKCKKCKCK SHHSHHSHSHHSHSHHSHHSHSHHSHSHSH OHOHOHOOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHHH
Body jerking as i cum David stops and i think to let me calm down but
My legs forced open as he slings his cock deep in me and starts fucking meeeeee HARDDDDDD OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHHOOHOH FFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK OH OH OH OH OH OH
David cock pounding me as i cum its so fucking hard as i can feel every inch and its more than i can handle right now

He stops turns me over and slides himself in me and oh fuck he pulls me so i am on top of him
His cock still in me fucking just not as deep and OHHHHH OHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK Lisa as David is fucking me in like a cow girl reverse but lay down on him Fucking Lisa goes down on me licking my clit as he fucks me and fuck head spinning seeing black and feeling really limp
Davids cock slipps out and Lisa well she starts sucking him between my legs but thank god as i can now calm my pussy down and oh yea there is the fucking camera
As i pick it up it is still on record and got some amazing shots of Lisa going so deep on Davids hard cock

Time for to fuck your wife now David as i get off David Lisa still sucking away playing with his balls as she sucks
David grabs her pulls her up her legs apart and i get hold of Davids cock and guide him straight to her and he just slides in and starts fucking her furiously Lisa shouting faster fucking faster
Lias then pushes herself down on him and starts moving back and fourth grinding his cock so deep inside her David starts panting heavy breaths as he shouts gonna cum gonna cum Lisa looks at me
You ready there Gem as she jumps off and grabs my head and we both go down on him licking his throbbing cock as it squirts hot cum down our faces and Lisa well she just has to suck it and he jumps so fuck it i am having a go
Lisa pulls off and i start wanking and sucking his cock he is just trying to stop is his cock is jerking around he is sceaching as i suck and wank him at the same time

I stop look at Lisa as his cum drips from her face she comes over and she kisses me and well still wanking David start snogging her back

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