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Fun at BangkokOn Holiday and Pick up A ladyboy Hooker for some sexy funAs I drove my rental car through the crowded streets of Bangkok, Thailand I stared at the dozens of ladyboy hookers touting for business on the streets. I have always had a thing for transsexuals. Ever since I can remember I have trawled the internet for pictures of shemales and trannys. I just love to look at their huge dicks and big shemale tits. I spend almost every night either looking at pictures or watching pornhub videos of shemale sex. Sometimes I also use a live tranny webcam site and interact with them on there but it has always been a dream of mine to do it with an actual t-girl so I had taken out a bank loan, sold my car and really cut back on things to raise the $12,000 needed to visit this amazing country and the home of the original ladyboys.Asian and Oriental has always been my “thing” anyway so it made perfect sense.Now here I was and I was ready to get myself some shemale sex action. I had been driving around for about 20 minutes, staring at them all and my dick was hard just looking at them. Short skirts, tight shorts and pants, eye popping cleavages, pert butts, shapely legs and of course, a very prominent package between their legs. It was everything I imagined and dreamed of.I stopped outside one of those fast food places you see on tv and I saw exactly what I was looking for. A block further down was the most beautiful canlı kaçak iddaa shemale I ever saw. About 5’10, 80 pounds and wearing a tight red mini skirt that showed off her big dick, a blue crop top that flaunted her tanned midriff and made her tits pop. 5 inch red stiletto’s finished the outfit off perfectly. This was the one for me.I put the car into gear and made my way over. I stopped at the side of the road beside her. I was so nervous it took me a few moments to figure out how to press the button to get the windows down. Eventually I found it and the window went down. She sauntered over and leaned in the window. Her cleavage was literally inches from my face. I could barely keep my eyes off it. She had gigantic boobs and her top really made them zing. Pushed together and hoisted upward, they were the epitome of perfection. Her long dark hair fell beside her face and her piercing green eyes made her face appear to shine. She smiled at me, obviously able to tell how nervous I was.I could feel the sweat under my arms saturating my t-shirt and the drips of sweat on my fore head were beginning to run. My heart was pounding like a hammer and I thought it was going to burst.“Hi baby. You look for date?”Her smile and calming nature instantly calmed me down and I was at least able to talk, albeit through a dry mouth“Y-y-y-yes”“Good. What you like? What can Lek-Whan do to make you happy?”“H-h-how canlı poker oyna much?” I asked nervously.She gave me her price list. A blowjob was 500 baht (about $20) a hand job was the same and full sex was 2000 baht (about £70). I told her I wanted to go for full sex with me fucking her. “Oh, lek-whan Liiiiike” she cooed “We go somewhere quiet?” she askedI said yes and she made her way round to the passenger side and got in. She crossed her legs and placed her hands on her knees.“I give direction” she said, and I drove off. After a few turns and 15 minutes later, we entered a small industrial area. There were a few cars around but it was deserted. A world away from the bustling streets we had just come from.We got out of the car and stood in front of it. Lek-whan smiled and began to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my trousers. They fell to my knees and she knelt down and pulled my briefs down. My erect cock sprang up“Oh you LOOOOONG” she said, and without another word I felt her mouth round my shaft. God she was an expert cock sucker. Using her hand, tongue and saliva to expert provisions, she got me so turned on I was fearful I might shoot my load right away. After a few minutes she got u and looked at me“Lek-Whans turn now baby” she said, and pulled me close. She wiggled her hips as she hoisted her micro skirt up and her massive cock was already half hard. I reached down and took it in my hand. internet casino I felt it grow as I massaged and wanked it. She got fully erect and we kissed as we wanked each others cocks. She pulled her top down to let her tits hang free and I groped them and bent over and kissed them, rolling her nipple around with my tongue. I was so turned on it was incredible.She pulled back and smiled at me. Turning around, she placed both hands on the hood of the car and spread her legs. God her ass was perfect. I cupped both her cheeks and pressed my groin against her. This was itI parted her cheeks and guided my dick between them. I entered her and she gasped. Moving her ass slightly to help, I was all the way in. It felt amazing. I begin to build up a rhythm and pumped her ass.She moaned and groaned and gasped as I did so. She grabbed my right hand and put it on her tit. I groped it as I fucked her. With my left, I reached round and frantically wanked her hard dick while I fucked this ladyboy ass. I was so hard and I couldn’t help myself. I felt my self tighten“Oh god. Oh god I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum so hard” I yelledMy body stiffened and I came and to my surprise Lek-Whan did to. Her cum shot out all over the hood and mine splashed all over her ass. I leaned on the car for support and to get my breath back“You good baby” she said“Thanks. You were awesome” I replied. “Thank you. We do this again soon ok? Bye”She fixed her clothes, wiggles her skirt back down and walked off round the corner from a graffiti covered wall and I stared after her, still breathless. This was exactly as I had always imagined it would go and was better than my wildest fantasies.

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