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Fucked By Husbands Boss And PeondeletedI have two k**s one 6 years and another 9 months old. So my boobs are ripen fruits ready for its pulp consumption. My age is 32 and my figure is 32-24-30, height 5.6. Many people starve to fuck me. When come across me. The story goes like this, which happened in 2010 may. We are not a rich family and my husband is an ex-military soldier who is working in a firm, nearby our house. Every day I’ll carry lunch for him in the afternoon so that my husband can have, hot food, Initially there was no problem while I was taking him lunch but later on boss of my husband use stop me, have a conversation with me and allowed me to meet my husband. I use to get angry as food which I got for my husband gets cold. But in order to sustain my husband’s job I didn’t not express any anger towards him and if my husband loses this job he can’t get a job which can pay wages as this firm do. After few days, boss (Stephen) of my husband (Nabisa) did not allow me to give him food and use to say Nabisa is very busy you should not disturb him every day wasting most of time for lunch. Next I pleaded him for allowing me to serve him food. Then he said even I am hungry since many days for your ripen mangoes. I didn’t not say anything and went back home.Let me describe Stephen. He is a black guy with a height around 5.9ft and with well-built personality and ugly face. He has rough and broad face and rough strong hands. His face also has a long scar on right cheek. He became a nightmare for me, I got scared when ever my husband speaks about him. After that pendik escort incident, I use to send lunch with my husband not telling him any story by just saying him that I can’t get lunch as I have some leg pain. Nabisa was not able to eat food and yelled at me to get food at any cause to office, so I have no option but carrying lunch to him. I can’t tell him what happened because am not interested in my Nabisa losing that job. So I carried him lunch. I have to face Stephen again. This time he just came in front of me, there were many people in the office but he covered me from them standing in front of me. He said I want pulp of this ripen mangoes and squeezed left boob very hard by which my jacket around nipple got wet milk from it is oozing, it gave me lot of pain but I didn’t say anything just bared it. Then Stephen allowed me to my husband who is in another cabin.Next day when I went Stephen said your husband is busy wait for half an hour in my cabin. I have no option so, I went into his cabin. As soon as I entered, he locked it and came close to me. Actually I was starving for his squeeze. He removed my pallu, which gave him a great view of semi naked melons and I am not interested in stopping him he then removed my chains stuck in cleavage and made them hang on my melons. He came close and smooched on my cleavage with his rough face and then came along the way to my neck, licked it, kissed it rubbed his face on it holding my waist tightly with his rough hands. After that he saw into my eyes went down and rubbed his face around my belly which made kaynarca escort me horny then I thought of giving him whatever he want. Then I placed my hands on his head and started to rub it with pleasure. Then I insisted him “mangoes are ready to offer you their pulp my Stephen”. Hearing this he has gone mad and immediately cupped my two breasts and squeezed very hard which gave me pleasure and pain with this I lifted my head then he gave a bite on my neck which made me even more hornier. Then I started moaning he slowly removed buttons of my jacket and took entire left boob into his warm mouth. My milk is gushing out for him, even from right boob. Stephen is sucking so hard in the middle he is also biting nipples. Whenever he bites me I am crushing his head with pleasure between my hands and my boobs. Suddenly someone has knocked the door. So I just covered my pallu without fixing jacket and sat in a sofa in Stephens’s cabin. The person who entered was a peon. He stared at me and had some conversation with Stephen and came to me, asked can I have your milk madam, please. I said no in anger. Then he said I filmed everything in mobile from keyhole if you don’t feed me, the video goes into internet he said. I got worried and gave look at Stephen. He said I don’t have anything in my hands even my prestige is in your hands he said. Then I started crying. Peon said “just breast feed me like a baby in your lap I don’t want anything more than that”.Then without my reply he came and slept on my lap and started sucking my left nipple. Stephen became horny again, locked kartal escort the door and rubbed another boob and started sucking it. I was going mad it was like my babies are sucking my milk. Within in 5 min. Milk in my breast is over. Then they massaged breasts for a while and Stephen removed his cock out which was black 7 inch long and 4 inch diameter and asked me to suck it I said its ugly, go wash it then I’ll try, He got angry and slapped me then I immediately shoved it into my mouth which was really tough to breathe but I was trying to give my best to Stephen, he was over joying, while peon was taking video. I was not concerned about peon as am wet. Stephen fucked my mouth though it was tough for him and me, after a while I removed the cock out and started to lick it, smooch all along the dick and sucked his balls. After that he cummed on my face then I went to peon opened his pant took the dick and sucked it when he is ready to cum he did it on my breast later I washed myself in the bathroom and I dressed up normally then peon threw me again onto sofa and caught me tightly then Stephen has gone down to my pussy and started licking it waving his tongue deep into it and smooching it making me more and more horny, then he inserted his middle finger into it and finger fucked me very hard In pleasure, started moaning as Stephen… common I am all yours do whatever you want eat my pussy fuck hard and show your manhood. By this he became hot and started inserting his dick into pussy which is very larger than my hole put lot of effort Stephen inserted his dick by closing my mouth and fucked it really hard such that I was unable to walk, satisfying my naughty babies. Peon hand over lunch to my husband and I was dropped at home by Stephen there is lot to share based on the feedback

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