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Fuck Buddy – the fun continuedSo after our first session where my friend was forced to walk along corridors naked (amongst other things), it was pretty clear that she enjoyed being submissive and was open to try new things. A couple of days later i saw her and she said she was keen to meet up regularly. I couldnt see her for any sexual encounters for a week, so set her two tasks to do for my enjoyment. The first was drive to work with her ti*s exposed – not to much as i didnt want to distract other drivers causing an accident and to send me a pic. Which she did. Now she has fabulous ti#s – 36 dd with nipples to die for, so when i got the pic – instant boner. Task 2 was to go shopping at a local sain#bur£s wearing a very thin dress, shoes and necklace. No underwear, slips etc. but i instructed her to go to the chiller/freezer section last, spend a bit of time there to make her nipples erect then pick up some condoms before paying. She said she was a bit uncomfortable when she got there, became really nervous when she walked in-store, but when a few guys passed her in the canlı kaçak iddaa aisles her pussy began to twitch because only a thin layer of cloth hid her naked body from them. She went to the chillers, picked up the condoms and went to payy. At the checkout a guy in his mid twenties was on duty – quite good looking she said. Now the tills are close to some large windows and it was a sunny day. So when the sun shone on her back he had a great view! She was turned on knowing he could see a lot of her body but couldnt do anything 😉 She started to drive home but the adrenaline rush, sunshine and horniness made her pull up by the side of a road and as cars drove passed her she finge*ed herself to orgasm. Wonder if any of the drivers realised what was happening? If one of them had pulled up im sure she would have suc*ed or fuc*ed them?So when we next met i made her strip naked and tell me everything again – i wanted to know all the details. As she started to tell me, i took my trousers and underpants off and started to stroke – nice and slow. Pulling my fore*kin canlı kaçak bahis back slowly to show her my purple head made her grind her naked pussy into the chair. I kept alternating between stroking and pulling my fore**in back for about 10 minutes before i told her to stand up and lick the chair where she was sat – i wanted her to taste her sweet juice which, as a good sub she did. As she did this, she started to play with her pussy. I slapped her and told her i had not given her permission to do this. This really made her hot.I told her she needed punishment. ‘Oh god, please’ …. then she told me how hot her husband could make her just by saying this. Right, i said bend over and suck me as i sit on this chair, which she did. As she was bent her backside was next to my face – i couldnt resist a little kiss and lick. I saw jiuce trickle down her leg as i did this. Nearby i had some skin rehydrant cream – the air conditioning in the office was over powering in the summer and used to dry my skin out. Putting some cream on my fingers, i gently inserted a finger bahis siteleri canlı into her brown eye – she squelled. Be silent and just keep sucking me i said, she obeyed. Gently and slowly moving my finger in and out i could feel her hole relax. So gently in went finger number 2. As she sucked she put her hands on her cheeks and pulled them apart – she was really enjoying this – so finger number 3 went in, followed by finger 4. Massaging her hole and going in and out was making her close to coming, so i slowed down a bit until i felt my cock ready to explode. Then i went in and out as fast as i could, which made her even more horny – she was bobbing up and down and sucking my cock as hard as she could. Just as as i felt my balls tighten, not only did i finger her arse faster but harder as well. We both came together and all my spunk was swallowed – just like a good sub should.After both of us cleaned up i closed down the office and walked her to her car. She was walking with difficulty – are you ok i said? She turned to face me and looked at me, smiled and said ‘fuck … Yes’. We parted and went home. Just as i was getting ready for bed that night with my wife my mobile buzzed. It was a picture text of her with a bottle in her cu*t. ‘Anything important’ she said? ‘Not really love, just a client saying thanks’ was my reply.

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