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His phone rings in the other room, and he just ignores it for the moment. Finishing folding his cloths, he checks his phone and sees a message from his friend of years.

Sooo bored, you should come hang out. Maybe see if words can match actions 😉

His heart jumps to his throat. This is what hes been waiting for and dreaming about. He replies,

My actions will definitely speak louder then words :p I’ll come over in a few minutes

Racing around his place he runs into the bathroom and makes sure he looks good. Luckily had already showed less then an hour before. He grabs his things and heads out the door as he gets reply.

I’ll be ready for you <3 Hopping in his car he thinks back to the first time he met her years ago and knew right away that he wanted her. He’d been single for so long and she was a single mom. He gets to her place and walks to the door, every step fills him with excitement. Gathering himself briefly he knocks. The door opens to reveal her standing in a vaguely see through sundress and nothing underneath. Her brunette hair seemed to flow in an undetectable breeze. She puts her finger up to her lips, “Shh, the children are asleep. Need to be quiet so we don’t wake them.” “That’s mostly going to rely on you.” He whispers back to her walking in the door, closing it behind him. He doesn’t wait and pulls her to him. He wraps his arm around her waist and moves in to kiss her, but tugs her hair back with his other hand and kisses her neck instead. Letting out a slight whimper, she pulls back out of his grasp a clearly a little over taken by his boldness. She bites her lip nervously. Stepping toward him, she takes his hand. Her skin soft to the touch, she leads him into the bedroom and closes the door behind her. “Are you a bit nervous?” He asks her. She blushes, “A little, i know we’ve talked about this, but it real and we’ve been friends for so long.” She gathers her thoughts for a brief second. “But I know I want this. What would you like me to do?” “So you said something about showing me what you could do with your mouth?” He says with a smile. “Mmm, I can do that.” She says getting on her knees in front of him. She runs her hand down his thigh and feels his already aroused cock. “I see your excited.” “How can I not be, with a beauty like you on her knees.” Undoing his belt she pulls his pants down and grasps him in her hand. Her lips and tongue work down the side of his shaft, then the other before taking him in her mouth. His hand moves to the back of her head as her lips slide up and down his throbbing cock. Grabbing her hair a bit, he starts to fuck her mouth, having her take his whole cock down her throat, then out so she can catch her breath. “Good girl,” he says to her, “you really are good with your mouth.” He slides canlı bahis it deep into her mouth again and again and back to a break. She happily takes it once more, down her throat and back out. “That’s a good girl, now for your reward.” he says with a smile, helping her to her feet. “First take that dress off so i can see all of that gorgeous figure. Then I want you on your back with your legs spread.”

Pulling his pants back up, he sits on the chair in the corner to watch as she slowly pulls the dress over her head. She tosses it aside and poses there to tease him with her curves for a second. He raises one eye brow as to say he likes what he sees. Climbing onto the bed she shakes her ass at him before laying on her back and spreading her legs.

He sits there for another half a minute to enjoy the view of her pussy fully exposed for him to do with it what he will. “I want you to reach down and show me how you like to play with your pussy.” He says in a low deep voice.

Her hand slowly slides down between her breasts, over her abdomen and down to her pussy. Her fingers circling her clit and down into her tight little hole. She lets out a moan and leans her head back a little closing her eyes.

“Good girl. Now time for your reward.”

He stands up and walks over to her taking off his shirt. She looks up admiring his toned figure. His hands meet her thighs and run up lifting her leg higher. She feels his breath move down her left side,a kiss above her navel. His breath again down to her thigh before his lips meet closer in on the other.

His tongue starts on her pussy working up and over her clit, circling it before moving down again. Sliding his long tongue into her tight pussy a little before working back up to her clit and moving left and right, up and down. He begins to speed his tongue up and can feel her getting closer and closer to orgasm. He slows, working his tongue down and up her pussy letting her come back down before returning to circling her clit. Flipping his tongue up and down again he can feel her getting back to the edge and slows down again.

“Please let me cum Sir!” she begs him through bated breaths.

“There’s a good girl,” he says as he slides his thumb slightly in and out of her pussy, “I want you to cum for me.” Moving his tongue back up to her clit her begins to work it up and down, left and right, as he keeps sliding his thumb ever so slightly into her tight hole. He pussy tightens and her body quivers as she cums, biting her lip holding back a scream.

She winds back down. “Would you like another one my good girl?”

“Please Sir. Please make me cum again.” she responds quickly.

His tongue meets her pussy again, sliding up and over her clit and back down. Back up and circling her clit, before adding a bit of suction to her clit and working his tongue up and down. Her body bahis siteleri already begins to climb back to the edge.

“Please may i cum Sir.” she says quickly.

Lifting his face for a brief second, “Good girl, yes you can.” His tongue right back to her clit and working up and down faster. Her body quivers again as the euphoric feeling of her orgasm takes her over. Unable to hold it in this time she cries out briefly.

Getting up he puts his arms around her thighs and pulls her closer to the edge of the bed with ease. He takes his pants and boxers off and kicks them aside. Grabbing his cock he rubs the head up and down her pussy, entering her slightly as a tease before moving back out. She bites her lip as he uses his cock head to play with her clit edging her to orgasm.

Moaning she cries out, “I’m going to cum again!”

He looks at her with a raised eyebrow and keeps using his cock head to tease her clit. “What does a good girl say?”

“Please Sir may I cum!” she begs.

With a large grin, “Good girl, yes you may cum.” He works his cock faster and slides it in her just as she begins to cum, her pussy tightens down on his cock. His hand reaches up and grasps her breast firmly. Beginning to get loud again she bites her lip.

As she comes back down she says to him with a big grin,”Thank you sir.”

Clearly pleased he say, “Good girl, I like to hear you thank me for letting you cum. And now for another fun little tease.” He begins to fuck her with just his cock head, working in and out of her pussy. A full thrust of his whole shaft and back to just the head.

She begins to squirm so he grabs her hands and holds them above her head with one hand. She moans, “Please let me have it all Sir.”

He responds, “I want you to be a good girl and cum like this first before you get any more.”

She moans in frustration as he reaches down with his free hand and starts to play with her clit. Surprised she quickly builds up and asks, “Please may I cum Sir.”

“Yes you may.” he replies and thrusts fully into her pussy over and over. He can feel as the waves of her orgasm cause her pussy to milk his cock.

“Thank you Sir.” she says again when she comes back down. She watches as a grin fills his face.

His cock sliding in and out of her pussy, he arches himself so the top of head of his cock is rubbing against her g’spot. She gasps as her fucks her deeply and almost out, back and forth, faster and harder.

Building back up again she shouts out, “Please may i cum Sir!”

“Yes you may.” he replies as he quickens his thrusts. Her eyes roll back as he fells her pussy tighten around his cock again. He leans down and nibbles on her nipple as the cumming. She cries out as she cums harder.

He pulls out of her, “Get up on your hands and knees in the doggy position.” With a grin, “I want bahis şirketleri to take that ass from behind.”

She doesn’t hesitate, flipping herself over and putting her ass in the air and shaking it back and forth taunting him. Suddenly she feel his hand slap her left ass cheek, she lets out a squeal.

“This ass is begging to be spanked.” he says rubbing the spot he just hit. He climbs on the bed and slides into her wet pussy. He teases her with just his cock head for a second before wrapping his hand around her waist and fucking her deeply , in and out, his cock throbbing and fully erect inside her.

“Please may i cum Sir?” she asks waiting in anticipation.

He slows down his thrust. “Not yet, i want you to be a good girl and hold it for me.”

She moans impatiently, as he releases his grip on her. She feels him grab her hair and tug back, forcing her to arch her back and lift her head. He holds her there and picks up pace to his thrusts. Harder and deep again.

SLAP. She feel his hand hit her right cheek then disappear. He spanks her left cheek then straight back to the right. He rubs her ass on the maroon spots that have appeared. She cries out again. “Please may i cum Sir!”

“I want you to hold it a little longer, you’ve almost got me ready to cum,” He says as he thrust harder and spanks both her ass cheeks. Beginning to feel he’s almost there he says, “Okay, you’ve been a good girl, now cum for me.”

She immediately starts to cry out as her pussy tightens on his cock, pushing him over the edge. “Thats a good girl… Here I cum.” He barely gets the words out as her pussy milks his cock into bursting inside her. Thrusting sporadically as he fills her pussy before pulling out of her.

She reaches down, slides a finger in her cum dripping pussy and pulls it back out covered in his cum. She grins at him, “Thank you for that, your cock busting in me felt amazing.” They both get off the bed and she throws her sun dress back over her head and lets it fall down. “I wish there was time for more.”

Grabbing his cloths he gives her a grin. “Who said there wasn’t more. I’ll gladly be back to do this again. There is still many thing for me to teach and introduce you too. Plus the wait can make things much better, don’t you think my beautiful good girl.” He finishes getting his cloths on as she opens the bedroom door.

She turns to him blushing, “Yes having to wait did make it a bit more intense, but i dont feel like waiting to long now.” She gives him a wink as they walk out of the room.

He reaches for the door handle and stops. He turns around and pulls her to him. Brushing her bangs out of her face and over her ear, their lips meet passionately. He works his hand around her ear and down the side of her neck before letting her go. Both flustered by the intensity and passion of the kiss they just look in each others eyes trying to grasp what they had. She backs up some to let him open the door.

“I’ll see you soon.” He says as he opens the door and walk away, thinking about how much he wants the next time to happen.

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