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I was talking to my neighbor Dave in my front yard yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about getting a sprinkler system for my front lawn and was asking his opinion.

“Dave!” we heard Sue yell from the front door. “I need you for a minute.”

We both looked over to see his wife Sue with her head poking out of the front door.

“It will just take a second, and then you can finish your conversation.” She said.

Dave gave a heavy sigh and turned toward the house.

I went back to my lawn, attempting to figure out where I would place the sprinkler heads. A few minutes later Dave returned with a grin on his face.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked him.

“Sue’s horny,” he replied. “When I went in the door she was naked. She dropped to her knees right there and started giving me a blow job.”

“Wow,” I told him. “So umm, excuse me for asking, but why the hell are you out here talking to me for then?”

He laughed and said, “This is her way of teasing me. She sucked me for a minute and then blew me a kiss and walked away. She’s really going to get it later.”

I laughed appreciatively, “Well good luck. I hope you get it good.”

“Actually, I could use your help.” Dave told me.

Okay, as I’ve already told you in a previous story, I participated in a threesome with Dave and Sue a few months ago. I only got a blowjob out of it, but it was incredible. She’s a sexy woman and I’ve fantasized about that day ever since.

We’ve maintained our friendship, getting closer of course, but nothing has happened since. I had no idea where this was going to go.

I looked at Dave with raised eyebrows. “What exactly do you want me to do?” My cock was already getting hard at the idea.

“Sorry, dude, you don’t get to fuck her. I just need you to help canlı bahis me trick her.” He said with a smile.

I listened carefully as Dave outlined his plan.

Later in the afternoon, I took one of my smelly old shirts and walked over to Dave’s back door.

I waited only a few minutes until he opened the door and stepped out.

“Man, she is so hot and wet right now.” He told me as we walked to the garage. “I’ve got her blindfolded and bent over the back of the big stuffed chair. I just need some more rope.”

I waited while he gathered up some short lengths of rope and he motioned me inside.

Wow! There was sexy Sue, or shall I say kinky Sue. She was naked and leaning over a big stuffed chair in the den. Her fine ass was pointed at us as we walked in. I could see the lips of her pussy because of the way she was bent over. She was so wet that her pussy was glistening.

I watched silently as Dave walked over and tied her ankles to the chair legs, and then tied her hands to the front of the chair.

He then squatted down behind her and started licking her pussy. Sue moaned loudly.

“Shut up or I’ll gag you too. Or do you want the whole neighborhood coming over?” he told her.

He sat up and started fingering her clit, alternating with fingers thrusting into her.

“You horny slut. You probably do want the neighbors to come over, don’t you? You want Jim over here don’t you, slut? You’d like to have him over here staring at you like this, wouldn’t you?”

Sue moaned loudly again and my cock about burst right through my shorts.

Dave turned and winked at me. He stood up behind her and pulled his cock out. “You’d want Jim over doing this, wouldn’t you?”

As he said that, he thrust his cock quickly and deeply inside her pussy. Sue moaned even louder.

Dave bahis siteleri then pulled out and said, “Well it isn’t going to happen. This is the only cock this pussy gets.”

He buttoned up his pants and told her, “I’m hungry. I’m going to go get some pizza from Anthony’s. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Dave walked over to the phone and called in the order. This is where I came in to the story. I left my shirt on the table for Dave, and I walked softly to the front door. Dave made a lot of noise as he gathered up his keys and wallet. Then he and I both went out the front door at the same time. Dave walked around to the back of the house and I got into Dave’s truck to go pick up the pizza.

Dave waited until I had driven off and the walked around to the garage. He washed his hands with some special shop soap I had brought over. It smelled strong and it was something Dave had never used before.

Then he went to the back door and knocked loudly on it. He waited a few seconds and knocked again. Then he rattled the door knob. He turned it and pushed the door open.

Dave walked in and paused when he saw Sue. He pretended to be a stranger and slowly walked over to her. Without saying a word, he took my smelly old shirt and wrapped it around Sue’s face, gagging and further blindfolding her at the same time.

Thinking that Dave was gone and that this was an intruder, Sue struggled against the restraints. She could smell the odors from the shirt and the soap, which further convinced her that it wasn’t her husband.

Dave wasted no time. He fucked the living shit out of her. He pounded her roughly, slamming into her so hard that the big chair scooted across the floor a few feet. He fucked her until he felt his cum building up and then he pulled out, shooting it across bahis şirketleri her ass and her back.

Sue was moaning huskily throughout the whole thing. Dave reached over and fingered her rapidly until she was quivering. He took his other hand and started thrusting two, then three, and finally four fingers into her sopping wet pussy. When Sue came she practically screamed out her pleasure.

As she was still shaking through her orgasm, Dave pulled the shirt from her head and wiped his cum off her back. He pushed her and the chair back into position and walked away, closing the back door as he left.

A few minutes later, I pulled into Dave’s driveway. He was using the water faucet in my front yard to wash the soap from his hands. He met me at the truck and using a small drop of his cologne, he rubbed his hands with it.

I gave him the pizza. “It worked out great, man. I don’t think she had any idea. If she does, when I walk in with this pizza, she’s really going to be confused.”

“Congratulations,” I told him.

“I’ll wash your shirt and get it back to you,” he told me.

I wished him well and went back home.

He told me later that he had walked into the house through the front door. He set the pizza down on the coffee table in front of her so that she could smell it.

“Alright, you’ve suffered enough.” He told her and then he fingered her clit and pushed his other thumb into her pussy until she came again. Then he untied her.

She almost collapsed right there, but somehow stumbled over to the sofa, where she weakly flopped down onto it.

“You’re so amazing, you know that?” she told him.

“Hey, a finger fuck and pizza…what more could you want?” He told her with a sly smile.

“By the way, the gas meter-reading guy was working his way through the neighborhood as I drove back in. It sure was a good thing we didn’t do this outside, huh?” He said sincerely.

She looked over at him with a shocked look. Dave just smiled and took a big bite from a slice of pizza.

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