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It was not exactly what she had expected, but it was Florida. That had been one of her top criteria in selecting a school, despite her parent’s objections. She had wanted a larger public university, as close to the beach as possible, offering a bunch of degrees so that she could experiment around a bit. Well, instead she got small, private, but close to the beach. And since Florida was out of state, she had settled because they offered her a huge financial aid package. Sometimes you just need to compromise.

Sarah looked around the parking lot, taking in the chaos of moving day, her long blond hair fighting to flow with the breeze coming off the ocean, but restrained by the bun she had put it in to keep out of her gray eyes. Her whole family was here to help her move in, but since one billion freshmen had apparently had that same thought; it now seemed like they got more in each others way then actually helped out. A sigh passed her pouty lips, as she picked up another box, wondering why she had brought so much stuff.

“Let me help you with that.” She turned, and had to shield her eyes from the sun as a man detached himself from the crowd, and came towards her. Now here was college hunk material! He was over six feet, with a frame that strained against his tight t-shirt. She could see the muscles ripple in his body as he took the box from her with no problem, looking as if he was waiting for her to stack another on top of it. His own brown hair was what her father would consider excessively long, dancing around his face, his dark eyes twinkling in the sun. Tall, dark, handsome. And it was only her first day! She came back to reality, his voice seemingly talking to her again, “I’m Mike, I’m your first year mentor.”

“Ohh.” She had received letters and brochures about this program, and her parents had been very happy with it, since they had been concerned that their daughter would be swallowed up whole by the university experience, and spit out a drop out. However, her mentor had never actually gotten in touch with her, as promised by the school. That had caused some parental phone calls, but now that was all forgiven.

She handed him another box in somewhat of a daze, and he wandered off, introducing himself to her parents as he went. She heard her father laugh, and her younger brother scream something in the way that four year olds are want to do. Her mother walked up, fanning herself. “Well…I guess this just might work out well for you.”

You could hear the music bumping on the street, the palm trees seemed to even be moving to the groove. It was like something out of a music video to her, beautiful people all dressed up, everybody seemed to have a drink in their hand, everybody enjoying themselves. She followed Mike through the door, down a long hallway, and into an open living room that held standard college furniture, meaning it had been used, abused, spit out, and then come to rest here. However, the stereo and big screen TV were all state of the art. Of course. Bachelor pad. He led her over to what looked to her like a professional DJ station, where a guy she supposed was one of the hosts was working the tunes. Introductions were made, and she noticed the way he tried to look down the white tank top she was wearing. It went well with the dark skirt and sandals, and she was flattered. Earl was at least a junior, like Mike.

“Welcome to the party. Grab a drink, hang out. Meet some people. Welcome to college!” She thanked him, and then followed Mike back into the kitchen, looking around. She had never seen so much alcohol! During her senior year, she had discovered beer, and the fact that she did not like it. Wine coolers were ok, but not really her thing, either. Four kegs were lined up against the back wall, wrapped in trash bags full of ice. Coolers of canned beer were stacked underneath the counter. The sink was full of ice, and held larger bottles of liquors she had only heard other kids talk about, seen on TV, or read about in magazines. Up on shelves above the counter more alcohol was lined up. As Mike opened up the fridge, more came into view. He pulled two cups out, poured himself some concoction, and then turned to her. “What do you want?”

“I don’t know. Whatever you are having.” She watched him drop ice cubes into the red plastic cup, then splash a dark liquid over it, followed by coke. He grabbed a little stir-straw, stirred it up, and handed her the drink. “What is it?” She took a sip, the familiar flavor of the coke somewhat diluted. “Jack & Coke. No need to go crazy your first time out, testing the water. Your parents might drive down here and shoot me if you get alcohol poisoning your first semester down here. In the future, we’ll try light liquors, such as vodka. That is what your goal should be. Most people can drink vodka all night, and not have a hangover.” He smiled at her, his arm slowly snaking around her back and pulling her into an almost protective embrace. He did that often, and it always caused a warm feeling to spread through her body. She was not sure if it was the alcohol or him this time, but it always felt good.

“Thanks for taking me out with you.” She meant it, as she leaned up against him, watching the crowd canlı bahis in the other room move to the music. She had made friends since coming here, but most of them were freshmen themselves, and so did not have the in’s to any cool parties or anything. Many had turned down having a mentor, further reducing the network of chances to go anywhere cool. “No problem, it’s what I’m here for.” But even amongst those that did have mentors, Mike took the crown. Most were simply academic in nature, and she had heard that they actually got three credit hours for this experience. Some of her friends complained of only seeing their mentor once a week, so he could ask how classes were going, offer a bit of advice, then disappear. Mike was always around, and only phones call away if she ever had a question or needed something. He took her out to dinner, or just hung out. In a way, he had become a big brother to her. She hoped that when she pushed her body against his like this; he could feel that she wanted him to be more.

“Come on, let me introduce you to some more people.” He pulled her back into the living room, working the crowd. Another thing he was damn good at. After a while she wandered outside, slowly sipping her drink and contemplating getting another. He was inside, laughing at something with some of his buddies. They were all older, and while most of them had leered at her, she did not get the inside jokes. “Having fun?” It was Earl, relieved of DJ duty, handing her a new cup. He was sipping his own, and she eyed the one he handed her for a second, causing him to laugh. “You want me to take a sip from it to prove that I am not trying to slip you a roofie?” He took it back, and almost had it at his lips when she grabbed his arm. “No, it’s ok. Hey, I went to high school in Ohio, and then freshman seminary, they try to make you think every senior guy out there wants to drug, rape, and rob you.” She smiled at him, and wrapped her arms around herself against an imaginary cold, which had the effect of pushing her breasts up some. That was the real goal here, and it worked. Instantly the topic went from date-rape drugs to school. He went through the standard college rhythm, where are you from, what is your major, why, how do you like it, does dorm life still suck, yeah that professor is an asshole, chicken finger Wednesday is money in the east cafeteria, are you in any clubs, play any sports, until finally he asked her if she had seen the whole house. That then led to the tour, starting on the back patio they were standing on, down into the basement and the fun room with billiards, beer pong, and table tennis tables, along with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Back up, living room, kitchen, another bathroom, and a master bedroom converted to a DJ/band practice room/recording studio/storage room. The bathroom apparently did not work, and she was warned against using it. Major party foul. Upstairs, another bathroom, another bedroom, and finally Earls room.

“Very well done.” She looked around, running her fingers through her hair. She wondered if he got that hint. He had had a couple. “Thank you, I got the posters down at the auction they have every…”

“I mean the tour, dofus. You got it to end in your room.” She dropped onto the couch, crossing her legs and setting her drink down on his computer desk, careful not to spill the alcohol on anything. “Uhmmm…” Earl had apparently not thought past that little point in his plan, and now was caught half drunk and flat footed in the middle of his own room. “Well, you could sit down with me…” She smiled, then beckoned him forward with her finger. He came, kneeling on the floor before her. She had noticed earlier that he filled out his t-shirt nicely, but now up close, he fit the Florida beach mold even better. Bleach blond hair probably a product of lemon juice, and spiked with a bit too much gel, he was probably not ashamed when his shirt came off.

“Sarah…I…” She could smell the alcohol this close to him, and figured that the drug comment earlier was probably still bouncing around in his head, and so decided that if she did not put energy into this system, it might come to a standstill. Leaning forward, she locked lips with him. Now here was something he understood, and he almost instantly wrapped her up in those big arms. Tongues danced back and forth, and shortly he was on top of her on the couch, bodies writing in the type of ecstasy that college, alcohol, and the summer heat tend to produce. His hardness was pressing into her through the thin fabric of his shorts, and his hands were having a hard time trying to decide if he should grab her ass, or try to grope her tits. Initially he settled on her ass, squeezing the firm, full roundness of her behind. She would swear he almost moaned when he did so, as her knee gently probed between his legs, rubbing against his cock. “Slow down, I’m not going anywhere.” He laughed at that one, and began kissing down her neck, as his hands began to push up her skirt. “I said slow down.” He sat up, not really sure how much time had passed in the high speed make out session. “Uhhmm…” apparently the confusion was back. “Earl…nice guy and all…slow down or I’m out of here.”

“I think maybe…” bahis siteleri He sat back, obviously trying to calculate his next move. She made it easy on him, standing up and heading back downstairs. Well, that had proven her point. Guys wanted her. Guys could not contain themselves. And unfortunately for one guy, they could not take hints.

The sand was hot to the touch, the sun beating down relentlessly upon the wooden boardwalk and people lining it. Sarah was wearing a stylish blue sundress, along with white thong sandals, with straps wrapping up around her legs. She knew she was drawing looks, and enjoyed it. Her skin had acquired a deep tan since leaving Ohio, and a friend of hers who had come down for the weekend a month back had commented that she had never looked better.

But it seemed all for naught. She stole a glance across the top of her “Introduction to Economics” book, catching a glance of Mike. He was stretched out in his own chair, a mango daiquiri in front of him, along with his laptop, and his own books and notes. She could see the well muscled calves stretching out of his red and white Bermuda shorts, and arms that rippled with definition coming out of his t-shirt. Greek god, her grandmother had said when she came through on her annual trek to Miami for some festival. And yet, this very clearly male specimen of college student seemed not interested in her at all. She had done all she could over time, from “letting” him walk in on her half naked, to asking him advice on sex and dating, to wearing clothes as close to “slutty” as she would allow herself, and he just did not bite! It had been killing her for over a month now. She had had several dates, and even a make out session over in East Quad, but none of those guys came close to being as hot as Mike. She watched as he noticed a girl go by, his eyes tracking her for a moment, then rolling back to looking across the slow moving river of people. He noticed her staring at him, and gave her one of his million watt smiles.

“What’s up smurf?” That was his name for her, she was not really sure why, but it sounded cute when it came out of his mouth, so she did not care.

“Did you think she was hot?” Her head inclined towards the woman that had just passed. Studying was forgotten. She wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery now. “She had a nice bod, yeah.” He looked back over his shoulder at her, as if he wanted to reassure himself of his answer. “Ok, so what makes her hot?” She leaned back in her chair, her breasts straining against the dress. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a table full of guys in the corner of the porch trying to be sneaky and point at her, but she did not even care. That only convinced her more that Mike was missing something.

“What are you getting at?” He seemed to be able to just look through her like that sometimes, with that dreamy smile, always in that relaxed pose of not letting the world bother him. “Ok…I see you look at a lot of girls. When you take me out, there are always girls around, and I’ve seen you kiss a couple of them. But here I am, and I’ve been trying to get you to notice me for damn near half a semester now, and I’m not getting anywhere! I mean, look at these!” She cupped her tits, lifting them up towards him. Somebody dropped a cup behind her, and she heard somebody gasp. “Do you see the dress I’m wearing? My parents would send me straight to hell if they saw this. I have a string up my ass, and have had a string up my ass for six weeks now, just to avoid a panty line when I walk in front of you. Which I do a lot, even when I’m not sure were we are going, just so I can shake my ass at you in the way that I hope turns you on. I’ve become an expert at makeup, but that don’t seem to work either.” She raised her foot up, sensuously red nails glimmering in the sun from underneath the white straps. “Do you see these? Roman legionnaires wore these and conquered the known world. I don’t know how, they hurt after about two hours of wear, but I have damn nice legs, I’ll tell you. I work out four days a week to look like this, but do you even give me a second look? I’m missing out here, Mikey!” That was her name for him, taken from a hunkish cartoon character. She was steamed, out of breath, and almost hyperventilating when she ended her little tirade, unaware that every guy in the place was either starring at her, or trying not to.

“Uhh…I’m very flattered. Listen…I think I know where this is going…” It was the first time she had seen him at a loss for words. She almost felt bad for having put him in that situation, not really sure why.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what.” He looked at his watch, then thought for a short moment. “I have psych later, how about you come by tonight, I’ll cook dinner, and I’ll explain it all to you.”

That took her aback. In all this time, she had never been to his place. She had fantasized about it many a times, and even stood outside before, but she had never been inside. In her mind, it was a den of sexual iniquity, where all kinds of kinky things would be done to her, and she might even have her first girl-on-girl experience with him supervising and rewarding his two little freshman sex toys with his affection. bahis şirketleri She had been drunk when she came up with that one.

“Ok.” That was not what she had expected, but was not really sure what else to say. She noticed for the first time the looks coming her way, but instead of looking down, she slowly swiveled her head around, starring down each guy in turn. It felt good. Yeah, they all wanted her. She looked back at Mike, who was stealing glances at her while writing something in his planner. She would just make him want her, too.

The building was a three story white stucco affair, with a pool outback, and palms sprinkled on the property. It had apparently been a family house at one point, then converted to three apartments. He lived on the top floor, and she climbed the stairs with some hesitation. She heard girls yelling and hooting on the first floor, and wondered if that had anything to do with her current situation. Maybe he had a girlfriend. She had learned that the reason he had never contacted her before the beginning of the semester was because he had spent a year abroad, working in Africa with an international aid organization. Who knew…or maybe…

She stood in front of the door, and finally found the courage to knock. The door almost flew open, and Mike stood before her. But… “When did you get that tattoo?” She pointed at his arm, a quizzical look on her face. It was Mike, but it wasn’t. “I’ve had it for years. You must be Sarah. I’m Dave, Mike’s brother.” He stepped aside, and let her in. Now she was confused. She did not know that Mike had a brother! How could he keep that from her? She turned, and watched as Dave walked back into what she guessed was his room. Then he stopped, turned, and came back towards her. “I forgot, you’ve never been here.” He walked past her, down the hallway, and turned right into the kitchen, where his brother was standing over the stove, working on something that smelled great.

“Thanks for letting her come over.” Mike wiped his hands in a dish towel, and handed his brother a beer, who took it, muttered something that sounded oddly rude, then watched him head back out. He pointed to the table and chairs, and sat across from her.

“Dinner is almost ready. Can I stall you that long?”

“NO! I didn’t know you had a brother. What else have you been keeping from me?” Now it was even more certain that he had a girlfriend. Now she felt like an asshole. Actually, she was waiting for this gorgeous brunette waif to hop out of the cabinet, and claw her eyes out for trying to entice her boyfriend, no probably fiancé, with her g-string and sundress.

“Ok.” He offered her a Corona, which she accepted, watching him slice and dive the lime, then handing it to her. She had developed a taste for the Mexican beer, partially because he was a big fan of it, but had not acquired the skill for liming it. “Well…uhmm…where do I start. Ok, yes I have a brother. Dave and I are not really on speaking terms that well. It is getting better, but the reason I have never had you up here is that he does not like it when my friends come over. So out of respect for his wishes, they stay away. I keep them away, I should say.” He took a pull from his beer bottle, looking at her through the glass. It was clear she was not satisfied from the way she was blowing her bangs out of her eyes. “Ok then! The whole…thing. Well….uhm…I guess I thought you knew…ahhh. Ok, I’ll just come out and say it. I’m gay. There. You happy now?” His face was red, and he followed up the announcement with another long drag from the bottle.

“You’re gay?” She had to admit that she had considered the possibility, but then dismissed it just as rapidly. Now she wondered if that had anything to do with her almost obsessive desires to get in his pants. She had rarely been so stuck in neutral in her life. “Yes, I’m gay. So when you and Earl were kinda getting together, I was really happy, cause I thought it would take the pressure off…well me. But then that did not work out. You dated Justin, but he kinda flaked out on us…you. So…yeah.”

“Wow.” She sat back, as he placed a plate in front of her. She began to eat, mainly out of reflex, and so that she would not feel as if she had a talk for a while, giving her time to think. “So Dave…”

“I came out to my family towards the end of sophomore year. My father all but disowned me at first, and my mother cried for days. I decided to go abroad for a year, and work in Africa. Give them time, get away for a bit. I had my packet all turned in when I found out that Dave had turned his in to go with me. At the time I was a scrawny little college nerd. He had always been the big jock, super athlete, Mr. I-can-do-anything-go-anywhere-and-be-successful. He was afraid Africa would eat me alive. And it probably would have, had he not been there in the beginning. I mean, some of those places are like fourth, fifth, sixth world. But over time it came out how he felt. He despised me for the pain I had caused our parents. To him, I am dead. But my parents somehow still love me, so he went to make sure that they did not totally lose their son. We are twins, obviously, I am younger by four minutes. So I’m the baby. That is the family joke. Not very funny to you, obviously.” He stopped talking, and finished his beer in one long draw, almost instantly opening another. She could see that he did not enjoy talking about this with her.

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