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French Service Station FuckI will be adding some stories and memories based on real events. Some of my painting and art are inspired by these events.So there I was driving down through France on my way to the Alps for the winter season, I was wearing a nice little blue strappy top, a black short skirt as I generally prefer and no panties or bra. It was warm enough in the car but when I got out for a little break at the next service station I grabbed my hoody to put on, even so, my nipples went hard as nails! I ran across to the loo and as no one else was around I took no notice of whether it was the mens or ladies as I went in; there was a urinal… obviously the mens – nobody else was there so who cares. I went in and squatted down (super easy as I had no panties to pull down around my ankles!) I did what I needed to do and opened the cubical door. To my surprise there was a man using the urinal – I hadn’t heard him walk in so I looked fairly surprised and I think he was as surprised to see me walking out! I looked at him and smiled and then proceeded to go to the sink and wash my hands I pulled some paper and dried my hands. I am easily aroused and the thought of bahis siteleri canlı the man with his cock out was on my mind, I thought what the hell and proceeded to run the tap and take a little handful of water up my skirt and clean my nicely shaven pussy – I saw him obviously watching and the more I rubbed the water over me I noticed him turn and he began slowly masturbating. I pulled some towel and dried moist my pussy, he began being more obvious and turned to face me as he wanked. I was enjoying the attention so lifted my skirt and began to slowly run my fingers down my slit as it was craving my attention. His cock must have been between 7″ – 8″ and fairly thick. I continued rubbing my pussy as he did his cock, he walked over to me and said something in a thick french accent (I speak french but I have no idea what he said!) He took his right hand and put it onto my pussy and began pushing his fingers into me I was already wet so they slid in easily. He thrust them in and out almost as though it was for his pleasure not mine but I was still enjoying his touch. I pushed him away and he looked sternly at me… I dropped to my knees and wrapped casino oyna my hands around his long thick shaft and began to wank him, I ran my tongue over the end of his cock and took him into my mouth as I wanked him off. My head was bobbing up and down and he occasionally pumped his cock to the back of my throat making me gag a little, as uncomfortable as it was I liked it. I kept on wanking and sucking for a couple of minutes until my pussy was literally dripping wet, I could feel it there in between my legs slowly leaking out.I took his cock out of my mouth and stood up, I walked over the the urinal and braced myself against the wall. I spread my legs and hitched up my skirt, I felt his hands on the inside of my thighs and he moved my legs a little wider and then he spat on his fingers and ran them over my pussy (not that it needed any more lubing up but I know some of you guys enjoy it!) I felt the hard tip of his cock running over the entrance to my tight little pussy and he pushed it up inside of me in one movement, my legs wobbled as my pussy adjusted and took him all the way in. His cock felt wonderful as he pushed himself in and out of me, each stroke canlı casino siteleri filled me with pleasure and I loved how he took his hands and lifted my top and then grabbed both my tits as he fucked me from behind. With his cock now ramming in and out of me I knew he would cum soon as he was fucking me with such vigor, I let myself go and came! Fuck me that was incredible, feeling my pussy wrap tightly around his cock I felt him explode inside me soon after, we both felt spent after our quick little fuck session in the toilets. I felt his fingers dip between my legs again and grab a finger full of cum out of my pussy, he moved it to my mouth and I licked his cum covered finger clean. He pulled up his trousers up, said Au revoir and left me there with my skirt around my waist, ass hanging out and pussy dripping with his hot cum. I walked out of the loos to see him climbing into an estate car with what must have been his family! Holy shit!! They were all waiting there while Daddy got his end away with a lady he met in the loo… no wonder he was in a bit of a rush. I headed back to the car, got in and started to drive. As I drove his cum was still leaking out of me on to the car seat so I placed a couple of tissues between my legs although it didn’t help too much. My car seat is still stained with his cum to this day although his isn’t the only cum on it! I will continue to add a few more of my memories as I go.

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