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My plans for tonight are special. Knowing you are not at home, I primp. I work out, iron to chest, sweat dripping, blood pulsing through my veins, flushed chest, not for the last time today.

I spend the afternoon preparing. Long stemmed roses, strawberries, chocolate, and dark red wine. My home is prepared, flowers on the table, wine glasses ready, finger foods for delight: artichokes dipped in drawn butter; shrimp, carefully sautéed, cheeses, and tiny tortes for my tart.

You walk in, stunning. My heart jumps and my cock stirs. Your breasts push against your blouse; I envy all who see you. I walk forward to greet you, open my arms and pull you tight. I smell your scent, inhale you deeply. Our heads tilt back, I lift my fingers to your chin, move my lips to yours. My kisses are soft. My lips brush yours, fleeting contact on the upper lip, then below. My lips gently wrap yours and tug on your lower lip. Your arms wrap fully around me, our bodies are fully pressed, my hands caress your back, relieving tension, building tension. My hands drift down to cup your ass. Small in my hands, my fingers kneed the flesh through your skirt. Our breath is in shorter bursts now; our lips part and tongues begin to duel. Twisting, turning, slowly, languidly they search out the intricacies of the folds. Little sighs escape as we breathe. I murmur, “Give me your tongue” and you comply. Your tongue extends and I wrap it between my lips, slowly sucking on it, fully tasting you. My fingers release your behind and snake up between güvenilir bahis our bodies, caressing as they move but steadily moving towards your breasts. My right hand turns up and begins to caress the underside you your left breast. So firm and round, horribly encased beneath your blouse and bra.

Breaking our kiss, I step back and turn you around. My hands reach out and slowly pull you back into me. My arms wrap around as my hands cup your breasts. I nuzzle your neck, again inhaling your sweet body scent. You wiggle your ass against my engorged cock. Even through my jeans it finds an inviting groove between your ass cheeks. My fingers are exploring your breasts. At times both hands concentrate on one; at other times my fingers tug at your nipples. My lust has grown animal and my fingers try to undo the buttons of your blouse, but in my haste buttons begin to pop and scatter on the floor. Frustrated I simply grab and pull, you let go with a little moan as I jerk the blouse down, off your shoulders and away from us both. Your eyes have closed to tiny slits as you turn to me, reach between your breasts and unclasp the bra. Stepping back you tease me, pulling down the straps but keeping the flesh covered. Your hips sway and you arch your back as you pull the bra away. Your breasts stand out, round and firm, capped by rosy nipples that bursting forth.

You quickly discard your skirt and I reach down and pull my shirt off. We stand two together. Gazing at one another, my belt open and you only in brief türkçe bahis black panties. I step forward and lift you. Your legs wrap around my back as your fingers stroke my arms. You wrap your hands around my neck and lean back, thrusting yourself against me. Eyes closed, you grind me. My eyes wander over your body, your breasts, your neck, tendons straining, your face, a portrait in lust. I need to taste you. I set you down, draw you to the floor where there are mountains of pillows. Laying you back, my lips begin a long exploration of your body. Across the top of your breasts, around and underneath I nip at the bottom flesh. Moving back to the nipple I gently blow across them, watch them wrinkle and pulse.

With dry lips I begin to scrape the nipple. From one to another I play, I tease, and I crave. My lips open, and tug at your nipples, I feel your hands on my head, urging me to take more, wanting me to gorge myself on your breasts, but I resist. My teeth rake across your nipples. Delightful aches as your back arches beneath me. Finally, my tongue bathes your nipples. First one, then the other, basting it my lips wrap and I suck. Gently at first, but the pressure increases, it feels as if I’m sucking the life from you. Your hands grasp my head and pull me in, push me away. You can’t decide between pleasure and pain. My strong fingers are stroking your stomach, turning circles, playing with the band of your panties. My cock strains at my jeans, but this is about you.

My fingers slide through your wispy güvenilir bahis siteleri pubic hair. You are fully wet, your lips engorged and separated. My fingers clasp at you, tugging on your labia, your hips squirm. I push one finger into you, your eyes close. I probe you, looking for sensitive spots, feeling the silky folds of your inner walls and the creamy juices that invite me ever further inside you. Another finger follows and I slowly pump you with my fingers. My face has made its way to your thighs. Your panties discarded, I watch in wonder as my fingers slowly thrust into you, my tongue languidly caressing your thigh. Positioning myself between your legs I need to taste you. My tongue traces the lips of your outer labia, the tongue swirls, dips into you, pulls out to entwine itself in your pubic hair. My hands loop around your legs and caress your belly, my tongue begins to probe.

I want to feel you come. My tongue begins to zero in on your clit, teasing it, washing it, dancing with it. Your words are garbled grunts, utterances that have meaning only in pleasure. Finally, thankfully, my lips encase your clit and I begin to gently suck. Your body goes rigid; your cries fill the air. I am sucking you in steady beats, pulling your clit into my mouth where the tip of my tongue teases your little bud. You cross the edge, coming and coming, as you plateau, I push two fingers inside you and send you, once again, into a frenzy. Your orgasm finally subsides, and my tongue licks slowly, trying to capture the mixed juices of your pussy and my mouth. My face is gloriously covered as you pull me up, on top of you. Our mouths meet, as we share long kisses. But of course, the night is young and my cock has yet to emerge, yet to ensheathe itself in you.

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