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This is a continuation of my earlier story, Simultaneous Stripping. So in order to enjoy this one better, I suggest you guys read that first .


As I sat there exhausted, she was still watching me and my dick which was still dripping cum. I shook my dick a bit so as to drop all the cum off onto the floor. It was then that she gestured me to come over. I signalled her to confirm if I understood her correctly and she responded in affirmative.

I quickly ran into the bathroom to clean up and changed into good clothes. Then I told my mother that I was going out to meet some friends and ran over to her place.

I stood in front of her house and waited to catch up some breath. Then I rang the bell. After few minutes the door opened and she stood in front of me. She invited me in and then closed the door.

This was the first time I was in her house, so close to her. She was wearing her t-shirt again and track pants. She was looking amazing and her figure looked super awesome. Being with her after what had just transpired between us seemed a bit awkward. At the same time I was very excited. I knew this could be my lucky day. We both knew that.

“Hi my name is Neha.”

“Hi, my name is Raj.”

“So you live with your mother?”

“Yes, my father works in another town. He comes home sometimes on weekends. What about you?”

“I live with my mother and father. My younger sister studies in Mumbai.”

“Oh nice.”

We then sat on the big sofa, had some soft drinks and talked a bit about ourselves. It seemed she wanted me to initiate but I was hesitating myself and wondering at the same time how to begin.

When she realised that I was not going to initiate, she eventually asked me in an unusual way.

“Life has become so stressful these days.”

“Ya how right you are.”

“So what do you do for reliving stress?”

“I listen to songs. What about you?”

“I get a good oily body massage. That really helps.”

“Oh really. I have never tried one.”

“Hmmm. Do you want to give me a massage?”

“Me? Give you a massage? Are you serious?”

“Why? Do you mind?”

“No not really. But I have never given a massage to anyone.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not that difficult. Try once.”

“Alright, let me give it a try.”

“Nice, let’s go to my bedroom.”

So she led me into her bedroom. The very same room in which some time back she stood topless and on the other side I was shaking my dick for her. Remembering that I became a bit uncomfortable. But seeing her amazing body, I decided not to back from here.

“Let me change into something more comfortable. Then we will begin.”

“Ya sure.”

She went into bathroom. Strangely I didn’t hear the lock and thought that maybe she has kept the door open.

I first thought to take a peek güvenilir bahis but then didn’t do that. I didn’t want to spoil this chance and waited for her to come out.

After few long minutes, she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a pink sexy lingerie. Hint of her pink bra and lacy panties was evident under it. She was looking simply mind blowing. Even my dick agreed with this for it had started to harden up under my pants.

She then held my hands and led me to her bed. She lied on the bed, face down and asked me to start.

My hands were shaking up a bit on the very thoughts that I was going to give her a body massage. I gathered my courage and began pressing her shoulders and back.

After massaging her body for some time, I thought of taking this ahead. By now my confidence was also up. I saw that there was a zipper on the back. I seized my chance and started unzipping her slowly. To my amazement, she didn’t resist. She lied there as if nothing had happened.

As and when the zipper was moving down, her amazing naked back was showing up along with her pink bra straps and hooks. I then opened up her lingerie on the top side and started to feel her naked skin. Touching her felt electrifying and so amazing, it was a feeling that cannot be described in words.

After feeling her back for some time, I opened her bra hooks and moved her bra aside. Now her entire back was open to me. I slowly bent down and kissed her back. Just when my lips kissed her back, she let out a soft moan. It looked like she was enjoying it. So I kept on kissing and caressing her back wherever was possible.

After kissing her for quite a few minutes, I moved down and lifted her lingerie from below exposing her milky thighs. They were so smooth and sexy, not even Bollywood actresses have better sexy legs. Alongside moving her lingerie all the way up, I also licked her thighs and legs. Not long after, her lacy panties could be seen and I held her ass in my hands from over her panties.

After pressing her ass cheeks few times, I slowly slid her panties and exposed her ass to me. I slowly planted a kiss on each of them and she kept on moaning. Those were an amazing pair of ass cheeks and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing them repeatedly.

Just after I lifted my face from her ass cheeks, she instantly moved her legs aside and exposed her ass hole to me, inviting me to lick it. I also complied and started to lick it. Her moaning had increased ten folds when my tongue licked her hole. I kept on licking it for about ten minutes and then decided to move on.

Just when I stood up after licking her up, as if she understood my thoughts, she turned and lied now on her back with her lingerie loose from top, cuddled in middle and her panties intact.

I moved towards her and started kissing her on lips. She responded my kissing me türkçe bahis back. We were kissing so passionately, that if anyone would have seen it, they won’t believe we were kissing for the very first time. Our tongues were tangled in one another, and was exploring each other’s’ mouths.

After passionate kissing which lasted few mintues, but seemed like an eternity, I moved along and kissed her along the neckline and also near her ears. I knew this was one of their sensitive areas and it would arouse her immensely. I was not wrong for she was now moaning heavily. I kept on kissing her near neck and ears. I sometimes bit her lower ear as well. While still kissing her neck, I slowly slid her lingerie from her shoulders.

She was now in her bra which was just hanging on to her shoulders, waiting for me to remove them. Her bust was showing from the bra and her cleavage was looking very inviting.

I simply buried my face into her cleavage, licking it up along with top of her bust. After licking it for some time, I pulled her bra down.

Her breasts were so magnificent that I was almost transfixed for a few moments. They were of just the right side and brownish in color. On the lower side was the big dark brown areola with the nipple in the middle which was now hard and pointy. Her breasts were so big that I couldn’t hold all of them.

I held her left breast with my hand and slowly put my mouth on her nipple and started sucking it. With my other free hand, I was pressing her right breast. I alternated between both her breasts, sucking one and pinching and pressing the other.

In no time her breasts were completely wet and red from my sucking and pinching. I then held her lingerie and removed it along with her bra over her head. Now she was only in her panties and was looking amazing. I kissed her breasts a few more times and then kept licking her body all the way down to her belly.

I kept on licking her belly and played and licked her belly button. It made her twitchy and me more excited.

I was now within an inch of seeing her pussy which I had dreamed about in the last few weeks. I held my breath and proceeded to move them off.

I held her panties and moved them to a side exposing her beautiful pussy to my feasty eyes. Her pussy was simply amazing. I had never seen one like that even in those porn movies. She was completely shaven down there. Her pussy was a bit brownish on the top and lips were dark pink. It was already dripping juices from the excitement so far.

I kept looking at it for almost a minute forgetting all about the pleasure I was to give to the girl lying on the bed almost naked. I then came back to my senses and parted her pussy lips with my hands.

The different shades of pink with hints of brown were absolutely majestic. This was the first time I was seeing a pussy from this close in güvenilir bahis siteleri my life and it was an amazing sight.

I then stroked her lips with my fingers. Her body gave shivers and I knew she was beyond the normal excitement. I kept stroking it for some time. Her moaning had increased so much that if anyone was standing on her door steps, he would be able to hear her and understand what was going on.

After few minutes I inserted the index finger completely into her pussy and moved it to and fro a few times. I then pulled out my finger and tasted her juices. She was quite sweet and I liked the taste. I was now waiting for her to burst open and drown me in her juices.

I again inserted my finger into her pussy and started to finger her. After some time, I increase my speed of fingering her and she was moaning like hell. I then proceeded further and inserted another finger into the pussy.

After fingering with two fingers for some time, I thought of taking it ahead. I inserted the third finger as well and it was now of thick of a normal dick. Very soon all of my fingers were inside her pussy and I was finger fucking her on quite a fast speed. The way her body was giving shivers, I knew she would last long and I wasn’t wrong. Within next few minutes, she squirted a lot and all her juices were over my hands and on her thighs.

I licked all her juices from my hand and then went ahead to lick her thighs. I continued to lick them until all the juices were sucked up.

I then didn’t give her time to relax and started to pull her panties. She moved her ass a bit which allowed me to remove her panties all the way down and legs and then out on the floor. She was now completely naked and my eyes bathed in her beauty.

I then bent down and planted a kiss on her pussy. I guess she liked it for she gave a heavy moan. I then started to do what I always wanted to do with, lick her pussy. I parted the pussy lips with my hands and my tongue went all the way in and started to lick it up.

She was now screaming my name and encouraged to me to lick her more. I then got a better idea and inserted two fingers in her ass while I was still licking her pussy. So now I was licking her pussy and fingering her ass which increased the excitement levels.

After licking her for quite a long time, I sensed that she was going to have another orgasm. Very soon she held my head in her hands and buried it deep inside my pussy. She kept applying the pressure and the next moment her pussy exploded right on my face. My entire face was now drenched in her juices and it felt really good.

She then let go off my head and lied down flat on the back, exhausted with the two huge orgasms she had within 30 minutes. I licked her juices a bit and then proceeded to kiss her on lips while my face was still dripping her juices. She didn’t resist and kissed me back and tasted her juices as well.

When she let go off me, I lied alongside her on the bed.

After waiting for about five minutes, she got up and sat over me. I knew what was coming and I was excited beyond imagination.

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