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For Ginger…. Part 1While I was out on a walk by myself I stumbled upon a very sexy looking older lady out for a walk herself. She was wearing these tight camo pants that showed off her tiny waists and a big blue and white sports bra. Her tits look absolutely massive. Like the sports bra is struggling to keep them from bouncing up and down every step she takes. She is short blonde and I am wondering how this lady is managing to walk alone with no one else trying to make a move on her. I continue to follow her and I can see that in this bra her nipples are starting to get aroused as they are starting to point out of the bra. My head immediately goes into overdrive and I can only imagine getting up behind her as we walk and seeing her massive tits bounce as we walk. My cock starts to grow in my pants and will be visible in my joggers soon. I get behind her, and conceal my bulge. My imagination starts again as I see her naked side boob bounce and imagine that boob bouncing in my mouth as I swirl my tongue around her massive nipple and tit. I want to push her up against a tree while on our walk, away from others, pull down her pants and see her panties…i imagine her wearing some sexy lace red panties or thong, something sexy and slutty. She likes what happens and spreads her legs as she lets me kiss her sweet pussy in her panties, then tease her clit by swirling my tongue around it. Her tits become aroused and she helps me by unzipping her bra and I look up like a little puppy as her tits flop out and her nipples can cut diamonds canlı bahis with their hardness.I snapback to reality right as I accidentally run into her and she feels my bulge run into her backside. I feel her ass cheeks are firm and my cock grows in that minute. As she stumbles forward I reach my hands and they grope her massive tits. I look to see how she reacts. Shocked at first but then turns around and sizes up my young 25 semi-toned body and smiles…. She grabs my hand and pulls me closer to her. My cock continues to grow in my pants and I try to hide it but her hand slips back, gently holds my growing shaft in her hand from outside my joggers, and she licks her lips. My mind immediately runs to her being on her knees, letting my cock out of my joggers and her teasing me. Looking up at me with her big eyes just glossy and wanting my cock in her mouth. I imagine her holding an arm under her massive tits in her sports bra and teasing me, saying stuff like “grow that cock for these tits” until she unzips my pants and pulls my throbbing growing shaft out. Her strokes it up and down in her hand teasingly, all while she licks her lips and swallows. She is excited to taste me. She kisses my bare head, and a litte cum oozes out. She licks it clean and swallows. Then she licks my balls and her tongue goes from my balls up the shaft, all the way up to my tip. She opens her lips, and my cock slides into her warm wet mouth. She takes my head, then more of my shaft, and then all of my 8”+ shaft that is as thick as a soda can. She gags bonus veren siteler a little as it touches the back of her throat and then she pulls me in until my balls slap her chin. Then back out. She bobs up and down while her tits bounce on my naked legs and i play with her blonde hair. Then I snap back to reality….She is holding my hand and guiding me to a parking lot. We get next to a car, and I anticipate that she is going to take out her keys and unlock her car, instead she goes in between two cars, drops to her knees and looks up at me for a brief second. Then she starts rubbing my growing cock in my joggers, and the bulge must have been evident for the past 30 minutes. I look down and her eyes are big, her hair is a little sweaty too. I am staring down and I see my cock about to be exposed out of my joggers, my bulge almost about to smack her in her face, and i see her tits almost begging to be released from that tight sports bra. She sees my eyes staring at her tits. She unzips the top in the slowest manner and inch by inch her cleavage grows as her massive tits are exposed. I would guess D’s just be seeing them, but having only slept with Bs, I am taking back at the size and my cock oozes in my pants just a little. I lick my lips and my cock comes completely undone from the band around my waist, and the bulge slaps her in the face.She pulls my joggers down. Exposing me to just my boxers. She pulls them down and my cock flies open and actually smacks her on her pretty little face. She smiles deneme bonusu and licks her lips, then looks up and says “let me taste you”. She starts by fondling my balls in one of her hands and taking her other hand to reach around and grab my ass cheek, pulling me in closer to her. She kisses my head, then the shaft, and the balls. She starts by sucking one ball, in and out of her mouth, the experience feels unique and special, but also erotic and slutty. She then starts sucking on my other neglected ball from before and does the same. While she sucks this time her one hand is slowly jerking my shaft up and down while the other is playing with her ever growing hard nipples. Seeing her grab her own tits and play with them makes me ooze a little more out. She smiles, licks it off by taking her tongue, putting it between both balls and slowly licking up the shaft, up the tip, and then sucking the head clean. The entire time I see her tits getting more aroused, she lets out a slight moan of satisfaction and swallows…..She then proceeds to swallow the tip of my head. While the tip of my cock is in her mouth, I feel her swishing saliva all over the tip and swirling her tongue around it making me feel like i’m in pure ecstasy. Next she slides my entire shaft into her warm mouth. I am surprised when my balls are bouncing on her chin. My entire 8.5 inched cock fits in her mouth with no gagging, only saliva dripping off my balls from her blowing me and dripping onto her perfectly exposed tits below. After teasing me with slow and sweet blowjob, she begins rocking her head in small circular motions and bobbing on my cock. When the shaft isnt in her mouth and having her tongue swirl around it, her hand is holding all of it, gripping it tightly and rubbing in the same motions of her mouth.

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