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Fond memories 5This will be the last chapter of Fond Memories in that Mediterranean port city.One overcast afternoon I decided to make a return visit to the sex shop as the beach and the Sea were not all that appealing today. On entering I paid my fee and decided to check out what was happening in the theatre upstairs – not much of anything other than a couple of young men exchanging blow jobs in the dimness along the wall on the right. I retreated and descended the stairs to the basement area and turned to the left at the bottom.This side of the basement was totally different than the right hand side – more grotto like with a bluish green glow to it. It was quite large with various cabins; some with doors for privacy, others with curtains and still others the size of telephone booths which were open for all to see. Each room had its own video screen with continuous porn playing. I could see any number of men with cocks out and masturbating on all sides of me.To the right I saw a corridor leading to a washroom and a small theatre which had a few individual chairs s**ttered about instead of benches. At the back beside the washroom was a darkened long closet-like structure with an open slat for viewing the screen. There were three glory holes which fed into the theatre room. I understood immediately that the chairs could be placed strategically to benefit from the uncut cock that appeared in the holes periodically. At the entrance to the theatre there was a small room with a shelf-like seat that could be so easily used for fucking; it also contained a glory hole. I was a bit awe struck with the abundance of men milling around checking one another out – many with cocks hanging out of jeans – a grand way to advertise. Some of the cabins were open with men nearly naked or with pants pulled down stroking away and inviting others to join them. Other cabins were closed but one could open the door and if a voyeur watch the sucking, stroking and fucking. No inhibition at all. One door was locked but one could hear the moans and grunts leaving nothing to the imagination. bahis şirketleri So much activity. It was time to sample a few.I parked myself in an open booth watching a video starring what looked like two Corsicans going at one another. Stroking my cock through my jeans it didn’t take long to get fully erect. Eventually someone walked over, reached in and started to help me out. What I had didn’t seem to impress him as he moved on looking for something bigger. It wasn’t long before he was replaced by another man – older this time – who felt me up. His was hanging out, flaccid but very nice indeed. I reached out to fondle him and perhaps get him erect. He unzipped me, took mine out pulling back my foreskin to reveal my moist knob. He wet his fingers and went to work on it; dropping to his knees and taking me into his warm mouth. Two other men came closer and stood on either side of him, giving him access to three cocks which he took full advantage of. The guy on his left shot almost immediately and provided the sucker with a facial. With that he got up off his knees and headed for the washroom.I was left alone again with precum dripping but a man in one of the cabins across the room beckoned for me to join him. He was naked with about a seven inch uncut cock that was sticking out in front of him. He had been stroking as he watched what had transpired in my confined space. He closed the door, locked it and proceeded to unbutton my shirt as he kissed me – tongue to tongue. He tasted so good and was making me harder still. Off came the shirt and he began paying attention to my nips as he caressed me between the legs fumbling to take my balls out of my fly. I unbuckled for him and allowed my pants to drop to my ankles. His hands were spreading my ass cheeks, his finger began probing my ass. I closed my eyes, threw back my head exposing my neck which became vulnerable to his licks and kisses. I shuddered in ecstasy. This guy knew what he was doing! He began kissing and licking down my body until my hard cock was poking his face begging for his wet mouth. He youwin teased my cock head with his tongue, swirling it round and round and finally began the slow descent down my shaft. It felt to fucking good. He was a pro! Coming off my cock he turned me around , bent me over and began to orally satisfy my hole. Pulling at my cheeks, teasing my hole and then tongue fucking me. His tongue teased, caressed, and probed for what seemed like an eternity and then all of a sudden he stopped, stood up , grasped his leaking cock and jacked off over my ass. Three, four, five ropes of warm cum spewed over me. I felt like a real cum slut and smelled like one. With that he unlocked the door and strode away leaving me horny and frustrated.A small gathering was at the entrance to the cabin all with smiles on their faces, hands groping their crotches and some groping others. I picked my clothes up off the bench and left the cabin only to be grabbed by the watching men. Hands were all over me, exploring my naked body right there in the corridor, probing, caressing and stroking my dripping cock. My foreskin was pulled completely back and someone was palming it in circles giving me an intense feeling. Another was on his knees licking the cum off my ass forcing me to my knees, my hands held behind my back. I was presented with four thick uncut cocks on which to feast. Fuck, I was into it by now relishing the smell of precumed foreskin and the taste of sweaty balls and cock. Eventually each shot a load over my face – I was in fucking pig heaven. My hands were released and he turned me to face him and he licked me clean. With a smile on his face and a thumbs up signal, he kissed me allowing me to have a taste of mixed cum.I headed for the bathroom to clean up a bit but never made it. I could see movement in the darkness of that cubby hole, pulled back the curtains and stepped in. Three men were in there, one completely naked sitting up on the shelf like seat, another had stuck his cock through the glory hole and was being sucked off while the third guy was playing with youwin giriş second guy’s ass. I approached the guy on the shelf who slid closer to me allowing access to his hole. I fingered it and bent down to lick and rim it. My naked ass in this position was poised and inviting for some action. The second guy started to caress my ass, fondle my balls, kiss and lick my cheeks and then tongue my hole. I reached back and felt his semi hard cock in his jeans, stroking it until erect. I unzipped him and out flopped what felt like a nice thick one also uncut. He approached me rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack, feeling for my pulsating hole which by now was yearning for a fuck. I needed cock so badly – so horned up. As he rode up and down my ass crack he sometimes entered my wet and aching hole – sometimes in, sometimes out just an incredible intense feeling. I stopped licking the first guy’s ass and balls so I could concentrate on being fucked. The guy was increasing the pressure on my hole until he broke through and slid in at least four inches. I gasped with pleasure giving him the high sign to proceed with the onslaught. He was in no hurry slowly sliding in, withdrawing and then slipping back in a bit deeper with each thrust of his hips. Slowly but surely he was in balls deep. He paused to let me feel his girth deep inside me and then began the rhythm that would drive us both insane and over the edge. His thrusts became more intense as he sought to blow his load up my ass. I pressed back with each thrust meeting him with a grunt. He was an awesome fuck. Closer, closer, closer – I could tell he was ready – his knob was expanding straining to erupt With one final thrust of his hips he roared his approval of my hot ass. I shot my load all over the floor. He kept sliding in and out, in and out, in and out milking every drop he had to offer. Once sated, he slid down the wall and sat on the floor, mouth open ready to accept my wet cum stained cock. His tongue felt so good as he completed the clean up. We kissed and I finally made
it to the washroom to rinse off my cock and wipe my ass. Now dressed, I made my way up the stairs and out onto the street. I smelled like a used whore and had to get home for a shower. Such fond memories of fine afternoon at the sex shop at the end of the street.

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