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fling with a classmate (pt 2)”Fuck me” she whisperedHer hand wrapped around me. The tight grip around the base of my shaft made my already rock hard head swell and squeezed my balls just enough to leak out one first round of pre-cum. She tilted her head slightly and ran the side of her tongue firmly across my dickhole.pressing her lips around my tip she got the quick flow of semen out then looked back up at me. In the moonlight I could see the shine of that thick layer of saliva covering the entire lower half of her face. Her breathing was still heavy from all the choke & gag she’d performed minutes ago. I stood over her kneeling body, my hands loosened their grip on her messy hair. Her legs spread wider, knees farther apart, lowering her whole body. She never broke eye contact. “Fuck me please fuck me now”My little angel was fully aroused. In front of me on her knees she waited. Her legs moving inward then back out again like as if she already had a dick inside her.she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and licked her lips with anticipation. Fuck yeah she was ready for it.I gave her a quick head nod as I kicked at the clothes on the floor around my ankles. This was all the signal she needed to pounce. Now I don’t know if it’s because we’d both been drinking, or because we were so fuck sprung and ready for each other… Probably a combination of both but I hit the corner casino oyna of the bed and lost my balance. Falling backward with her wrapped tightly around me legs and arms everywhere and shit I landed with my back on the floor at the side of the bed and my legs & torso somehow vertical against the wall. I laughed, getting ready to prop myself up by my elbows and stand. She had something else in mind. Forget about giving it another shot at landing on the bed, I quickly felt my arms which had been layed stretched flat to the ground on either side of me get pinned down. First by one knee, then the other. She’d managed to land upright so that the falling motion put her at a positional advantage over me. She quickly grabbed me by the ankles and shoved them back into place against the wall. Her weight shifted. Her wet pussy hovering over me circling around and around just out of reach. She laughed and lowered her wet crotch down slowly. I strained my neck and kissed at it and stretched my tongue out as far as possible but she bounced back up, keeping it just out of reach.I layed there helpless and upside down, craving that sweet smelling pussy that was almost at the tip of my tongue. I knew this game couldn’t last long. She was teasing herself just as much as me. Finally she slipped up. She leaned forward to rest her head on my hip, which she was holding in place against the canlı casino siteleri wall. I turned my head just enough to land my mouth on her inner thigh, which I formed a good suction on and bit like a dog with a chew toy. She tried to press her feet to the side of my ears to regain control but it was too late, I was leaving a giant hickey on her leg just inches from that plump horny twat. She let out a high pitch grunt, then a slow moan, then gave up. I slid my arms around her hips and dug my fingernails into her skin. She sank down on to my face. I let go of her leg with my teeth and gave her oral. Something about a fit little fuck toy sitting on my face gets me off. She was still in control. Her hands pinned my legs tightly against the wall and she slid herself from hood to lower hole on top of my mouth with a rhythm. I was thrusting as best i could in the desperate hope that my hard on would hit her lips or cleavedge but only fucked air. Her pace increased and she was now fucking my head full force. Ass going up and down slapping against my cheks. She’d lower herself hard and stay there just wiggling around till i was almost out of breath. I’d make a loud sloppy noise as she raised up. I’d spit at it. Stick out my tongue. Pant for air. Her waist would be up long enough to allow me the bare minimum quick breaths, rub her swollen clit against my nose for a casino şirketleri second, then smother me again. This repeated like pleasureable torture for what seemed like an hour. Eventually my cock was in her throat while she rode me. The closer she got to climax the harder and more careless she became. Her bubble butt asscheek kept slapping against me so i thought ey fuck it and gave her a firm kiss right on her butthole. This slowed her down and I think she tried to say something with her mouth full of dick but i dont know what the hell it was just at that point I spread her cheeks to lay out a long slow rimming. We slid down from against the wall landing hard on the carpet but still in a 69 that wouldn’t break. We were on our sides, me now full on eating her ass and her throating me balls and all.Her hands went to her cunt. My hands went to her shoulders. She was banging away at her g spot. I hat my face still buried between wer legs and was flexing at her to bounce off my tool the way a worthless throw rag nut eating whore should. My mouth wandered back to her pussy. I opened wide for her slick lips and planted myself there with determination. With one hand she grabbed me by the back of the head. Her two fingers rubbing her spot. I tasted her cream. At this point we were both being real vocal with the moans and screams. I could her the landscapers down below our open second story window they were laughing and making comments. Her juice filled around my taste buds and the sides of my mouth. My shaft was still halfway down her neck and even though she’d stopped sucking the vibrations of her satisfied hum made me blow my load.

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