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Flashing First Time – Round III received a surprise by text message. Remember Buffie – from my Flashing First Time story? She sent me a text and asked me if I was in a hotel or not. I replied with a “I’ll be checking in later in the day.” She said, “Cool – can I call you?” Of course, I indicated she could.Later in the evening, my mobile phone rang – it was Buffie. We talked for awhile, she reflecting on our little escapade of days before. I suggested a web video call – she agreed.After she pinged me on a web call, I waited for the image to come up. She was dressed in a fluffy robe (apparently, she was also in a hotel). The Turkish robe was closed to her chin – to my disappointment. No matter – we talked some more about things in general (travel, restaurants, etc.). I commented on her “sexy” lingerie, sarcastically of course. She gave me a stern look, said “Thanks – do you mean this?” With that, she pulled open the robe and revealed the most lovely, transparent baby doll nightie I’d ever seen. Little left to the imagination, I said “Ahhh, there are the girls!” (referencing her great tits). Buffie chuckled, leaned her upper arms to her tits and squeezed in to thrust them inward and gümüşhane escort upward.I was wearing loungers and a t-shirt. When I saw the wonderful spectacle with the nightie, I pulled off my t-shirt, then stood up and pulled off my loungers (no underwear). I sat again and said, “Well, you set the stage – I’m just following your lead!” I then said, “O.K., it’s your turn – strip for me!” Buffie said nothing, just stood and did a slow removal of the top. Her tits were now fully revealed. She reached up her hands and massaged the magnificent mounds – just a little bit. Very Hot!After exposing her tits to me, she tilted the camera down a bit and showed the matching crotchless panties. Nice bush, just as I had remembered (and wanked). Buffie slipped her index fingers into the bands around the “crotch” and ran them up and down. Also, VERY HOT! She then grabbed the waistband and pulled the panties over her mons and down her thighs. She really has a nice shape!She sat again, and we began to talk dirty (she started it). Her first comment was, “So, let me see you play with that public dick of yours!” I asked if this was going to be a domination thing. She said, “Only just a escort ümüşhane little – trust me!” With that, I stood and began to stroke my cock. She applauded (very strange woman). I told her I’d rather she was stroking it – with her hands, lips, pussy, whatever. She said, “Well, that’ll be kind of difficult, since were about a thousand miles apart. You’ll have to be me, and I’ll have to be you!”Since she’d given me a command, I thought it only right to reciprocate. I snapped out a quick “Let’s see those pussy lips spread!” She obliged, standing up with the camera lens aimed at her cunt. She pulled the lips apart, and I could see the glistening of her juice. Now, I applauded (taking my hands off my jewels for just a brief moment).We masturbated for quite awhile, with exchanges of “Stroke it harder” and “Stick those fingers in deeper!” It was great fun. I’d really not been involved with dirty talk sex before, so this was way cool. I’d tell her to play with her tits, and she’d immediately do so. She’d tell me to stick a finger up my ass, and I’d quickly comply. As you’ll note in my profile, this is the kind of experience(s) I longed to have. We continued for awhile, with gümüşhane escort bayan slapping sounds (from my cock) and smacking sounds (from her wet cunt). There were the expected moans and grunts, as we built up to a great carnal crescendo. I was going to cum first – I just knew it. I told her I was going to blow my wad, and she said “Spray me, Big Guy!” I shot my load long and far. When my orgasm subsided, I sat down (out of necessity), looked at the screen, and said, “Your turn – whip that cunt into submission!” She slipped two fingers inside her pussy, playing her clit with the other hand. Within a minute, she screamed and her legs began to buckle. After she finished her orgasm, she sat and stared into the camera. We were silent for a bit, but I broke it. “Buffie, you are an incredible sexual being. I loved what we had before, and loved tonight’s experience just as much!” She, too, expressed her feelings and gratitude for the web call. “I wasn’t sure you’d be ‘up’ for it, so to speak, but you ‘rose’ to the occasion!” Great Sense of Humor, even after we’d spent ourselves in our sex.After the episode we’d had when I’d flashed outside my hotel room a few weeks before, I didn’t think we’d connect again. I’m very glad we did. She gave me yet another visual to which I can wank. Hopefully, we can visit each other in the virtual bedroom again (and again).I’m getting worked up just writing this, so it’s off to Wanksville for me!Cheers!

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