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First Timer from the Chat LineThe prompt indicated that a message was waiting. The extremely bored and horny listener eagerly pressed the number two on the phone screen to hear it.The husky voice said, “Damn! I’m a straight attractive black male on the line lookin’ for a sweet one-hundred percent female on here. I never hit up no dude before, but you got me real curious. You sound just like a woman.” The voice chuckled and then continued, “Honestly, I listened to your greeting five or six times and you got my dick on hard. I might be tempted to come see what’s good.”Delighted with what he heard, the MRI technologist touched the keypad to leave the following return message, “Gee, Daddy! Thanks for hitting me up. Not only do I sound like a girl, but I look and feel like one too. I really like your voice too. Send me a live request so we can talk and make this happen. I’ll be waiting.” He sent it off and waited for a response.A few seconds later, the system indicated that there was a caller attempting to start a live conversation with him. He accepted and said, “Hello!”“Well, hello there,” replied the curious one. “How you doin’ on this beautiful day?”“Oh, I’m pretty good, Daddy. Just horny. I’m Sage. What’s your name?”The man grunted with desire and answered, “My name’s Don. You know how to make a man go crazy, I see.”“What do you mean, daddy,” the one who sounded like a woman inquired demurely.“Shit, I dunno. It’s the way you sound and how you keep saying ‘daddy’.”“You like that, daddy?”“Hell yeah! So you said you’re five-eight, right?”“Yes, sir! I am. And I weigh about one-thirty. Slim with a tight bubble booty and dark skin. What do you look like?”“Oh, I’m brown-skinned. I’m about six-one and probably two hundred and twenty pounds. I got a muscular type build, but not a flat stomach or no abs. I look pretty good. Don’t get complaints.”“You sound very sexy. I’d love to meet you.”“You really got me thinkin’ about it. Do you ever meet guys like me?”“What do you mean?”“You know…Straight. A little curious. Married.”“Yes, daddy! Men like you are basically the only kind I deal with.”“Oh okay.”Sage asked, “What made you really hit me up?”“That description and your voice. I like a soft, sweet lady and you sound just like that. But, it’s crazy that you’re a man,” Don shared.“I’m much more of a femboi, daddy,” Sage giggled. “But I am glad you like what you hear.”“Yes, ma’am. I mean, uh…”“It’s all good, daddy. You can say ‘ma’am’ to me. Think of me just like a girl. I’m your girly fuck doll.”“My dick is throbbin’.”“How old are you,” Sage quizzed.Don replied, “I might be too old for you, baby.”“Don’t be like that, daddy. I just wanna know.”“Well I’m in my late forties.”“That’s cool with me. I’m twenty-eight and I love older men.”“It’s my lucky day,” the father of three laughed.“Mine too. Let’s get lucky together.”“I’m muğla escort seriously thinking about coming over there. Do you stay alone?”“Yeppers. I have my own apartment,” revealed the effeminate man.Don smiled, “Good. We can do what we want.”“Heck yeah, daddy! We can fuck all over the place.”“I like your style!”“So you never been with a femme bottom before?”“No ma’am. This’ll be a first for me.”“Very cool. Have you ever thought about it?”“To be perfectly honest, it’s crossed my mind a couple times, but never took any action on it.”“Well, I’m honored to be the one,” Sage feigned humility.“Me too,” Don added.“When was the last time it crossed your mind.”“Uh. It was a couple weeks ago. I was standing behind this real feminine Latino dude at the post office. He had on some real tight jeans and a nice ass. I thought it was a woman at first. Then he turned around and I saw his goatee.”“Nice! What happened after that?”“Nothing with him. I got back to my truck and my dick was hard. I called up this chick. I went over and fucked her in the ass.”“Were you thinking of the guy from the line?”“Yeah, I was.”“Well,” started Sage. “You can get the real thing. Wanna come over?”“Yes, ma’am,” confessed the retail chain store manager. “When’s the last time somebody fucked you?”“It’s been about a week.”“Oh really?!? You don’t have no regular you get down with?”“Not at the moment, daddy.”“Oh, alright. Can you text me a pic or two of you.”“Sure! I have to get off the phone to send them.”“Alright, baby, send them and send the address so I can be on my way. What do I need to bring.”“Just bring yourself,” Sage declared.Sage and Don ended their phone call.The host scanned through the photo album on his phone and selected three pictures. One was of Sage showing off his naked booty. Another was an image of his ass covered with yellow lace boyshorts. The final shot was of his face showing his luscious lips.Don responded quickly saying he would be there in twenty minutes. He also attached a photo of him shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror. Sage was in heat for sure. He quickly ran to the kitchen to refill his glass with Coke and E&J. Then he headed to make sure he was squeaky clean. Sage had already douched earlier, but wanted to do it again for good measure. He wanted no accidents to happen, especially not with a first-timer. Afterwards, he washed off and then lathered his body with lotion and cocoa-butter scented Vaseline. He wafted cotton candy body spray into the air and twirled through the mist.Sage went into the bedroom and selected his outfit. He pulled on a pair of red fishnet thigh-high stockings, yellow Lycra boy-short panties, and four-inch sparkly black heels. Then, he quickly, albeit effectively, applied make-up to his face. Satisfied with his contoured look, he added some lip gloss for enhanced luster. He walked escort muğla casually downstairs to wait for his guest.As he was pouring another glass, he got a text message from Don stating he was five minutes away. Sage replied with the access code and apartment number. He downed his drink quickly then refilled the stemless wineglass. He waited patiently for his new friend to arrive peeking through the blinds at the parking lot.Another message came through from Don. This one informed Sage that he had just entered the parking lot.Sage saw a dark blue 2013 Ford F-150 pull into a spot outside of his building. He spotted a tall dark-skinned man in grey sweatpants, a long-sleeve graphic tee, and a fitted Chicago Cubs baseball cap. The man walked casually with a nice swagger. Sage left the kitchen and walked towards the front door and paused. Upon hearing the knock, Sage opened up and smiled, “Hello, daddy! Come on in.”“Ooh wee,” exclaimed Don. “You look good as shit, baby!”“Thank you, daddy! Would you like something to drink?”“Sure. Whatchu got?”“Water. Juice. Milk. Liquor. Wine. Beer.”“I’ll take a beer.”“Grab a seat on the couch and I’ll be right back.”Sage returned with a 16-ounce aluminum bottle of Bud Light in one hand and a full glass of brown liquor in the other. He gave the drink to Don and twirled around.“You got a real nice ass,” the older gentleman announced then took a swig.“I’m glad you like it,” Sage blushed.“And you got some cute li’l titties,” Don remarked as his mammoth hand cupped one of his host’s puffy nipples.“Yes, sir,” grinned the pretty sissy.“I’m gonna enjoy fucking you.”“Oh yeah?”“Oh yeah,” he confirmed placing Sage’s hand on his crotch.That was all the prodding Sage needed. Immediately, he sat down his drink and pulled down Don’s pants. He extracted the already erect eight-inch tool. Don exhaled as Sage kissed the head. Then the cock sucker wrapped his lips around it and lowered his mouth along the shaft. The pre-cum was salty and the private area was musky. Sage savored it.“Damn,” Don screeched. “Ain’t nobody sucked it like that before.”Sage continued working up and down the length of Don’s manhood. Don ran his
large hands around Sage’s closely cropped, platinum-dyed hair. “Ahhhhh,” the sexy mature man groaned. “I’m cumming!”Sage swallowed every drop and then stood up. He motioned for Don to follow him. The guest walked behind Sage and studied the bountiful ass going up the stairs.They ended their journey in Sage’s bedroom where multiple candles were lit. Don smacked Sage’s commodious derriere and ordered, “Go get Daddy another beer and then bend that ass over!”“Yes, daddy,” cooed Sage as he sashayed out the door with his booty bouncing.When Sage got back to his bedroom, Don was standing there completely naked save for a pair of thick white athletic socks covering his size eleven muğla escort bayan feet. He was stroking his dick and it was glistening from the Vaseline he was using to aid in his efforts. Sage smiled and offered out the beverage. “Go on and get that tail on the bed. I’m ready to fuck!”Sage, who was good and tipsy at this point, slid out of the Lycra hot shorts he had on. He crawled up on the queen mattress set that sat on the floor. He tooted up his butt as he inhaled poppers from the small brown vial. Don spat on Sage’s smooth ass crack. He rubbed it in gently with his sizable forefinger. “That pussy hot,” he remarked. Sage giggled, “Yes it is, daddy! Fuck me!”“Hell yeah,” the older male grunted as he placed the tip of his manhood at Sage’s waiting rectum.“Owwwww,” winced the bottom. “Ohhhhh. Owwwww.” “Ah yeah, baby! Pussy feel so good!”Don inched his meat inside of Sage slowly. He relished the way the tight, warm hole encapsulated his member. The anus was a snug glove around the eight-inch dick. Don exhaled with joy as he admitted, “Damn! This some good pussy!”“You like it,” checked the sissy.“Yeah,” was all Don could muster.“It’s your boipussy now, daddy!”“Oh, baby! Take that dick!”“Yes, sir! Fuck me like a little faggot bitch.”“You’re a good li’l faggot bitch,” Don howled.Sage began throwing his ass into Don’s full thrusts. Don’s delivered an open-palmed smack to Sage’s right ass check as his head tilted back. When he looked again, he said, “Look at that ass jiggle on this dick. I love watching your pussy swallow my dick!”“Oh, my god! You’re stretching me so open,” cried out Sage.“Hell yeah! Take it like a girl!”“Yes, sir! I’m taking it like a naughty sissy faggot.”“Oh, shit” Don announced as he collapsed on top of Sage.They remained in the position with Sage flat on his stomach as Don pounded away. Don nibbled on his vixen’s neck.“Oh, I love it, daddy,” Sage shared exasperated.“Me too, baby boy,” Don groaned.“Fuck me like I’m your prison bitch.”“Damn right! You my punk ass faggot. Take that dick, bitch!”Don hooked his arm underneath Sage and flipped over. He spanked Sage’s ass as the slutty sissy rode him reverse cowgirl style. “Turn around,” Don ordered. Sage complied. “You’re so goddamn pretty. Just like a woman.”“I’m your woman, daddy,” Sage reassured his master.“Ahhhh yeah!”Sage grabbed lovingly on Don’s chest as he bounced up and down. They stared into one another’s eyes with reckless passion just before they ended up in missionary position.Then, Don began making deep, affectionate love to his bottom boy. He heaved and pummeled working his hips from side to side. Sage was taking it all like a champ. “I’m bottoming out in this pussy, baby,” Don gleamed.“Oh yes, daddy!”“You gone make me skeet, bitch!”“Give it to me, daddy! I want that nut.”“Ahhhhh! Shit! Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Ahhhhhhhh,” Don barked.Don’s juicy dick erupted with multiple pulses of hot, sticky cum flooding Sage’s innards. Don convulsed before becoming damn near lifeless on top of Sage. “Ooh wee, baby!”“That was amazing,” smiled Sage.“Just wait for round two,” winked Don.

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