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First time anal”The first (and last time, till now) time i fucked Gerda’s Ass”A Story by MarcIt was some weeks after the first experience (see other posts) and it was summer.We were out in the garden and Gerda was wearing a nice short dress with no bra, her tits keep on growing the last few years, and by this time her Cup was Double E.Partly due to the heath, but of course more due to her fat tits bouncing around all day long i was horny as hell, and gues what……so was Gerda it turned out.We had some (to much lol) beers and i noticed she was getting loser and hornier by the minute, her eyes always give it away, they look very naughty when she gets horny and it suits her well!Carefully we wanted to know if our neighbours were at home and when we found out they were not, we had some serious foreplay in the garden, we kissed and while doing this i got under her dress… she was SOAKING wet, it turned me on even more.”I wanna taste your cock”  she said”Here? outside? ” I asked.”Yes” without saying more, she got on the grass and took of my shorts and boxer at the same time.My dick was really hard, and she liked it, i could tell.She started to give me a blowjob in the garden, it was sensational. urfa escort The fact that we were outside made it even more thrilling.”Let’s go upstairs” she said. I agreed since i really wanted to taste her pussy and did not want to do that outside.She ran out in front of me and when i got in the bedroom she was completely naked. She lay with her legs “open” , it kinda shocked me since although she loves sex, she always is pretty shy “showing” her pussy. I realized she was very VERY horny.I got on the bed, opened her legs even further and immediatly dove into her pussy.My god how wet she was, and it was within minutes i could feel her orgasm coming up, while normally it takes much much longer.”Please FUCK me” she asked… she begged… I was not into fucking her yet, i wanted more of her juice and wanted to taste her ass again like the last time.Without saying anything i just kept on eating her pussy, and slowly but surely got closer to her asshole..she LOVED being licked there this time, she even lifted up her ass a bit so i could reach her hole better.I knew i could do what i wanted so i asked her to turn around and get on her knees with her ass pointing towards me.She escort urfa did not say a thing, she just did what i asked like a real slut and now her ass was right in front of me.I put two fingers in her cunt and started to lick her ass in a way i never did before. My tongue got in so deep i totally licked her out, and while doing this i fingered her really hard…. so hard that she started to squirt! I wanted to taste her again, so i licked her pussy once more, she kept on squirting and i kep on licking. At the same moment i took my middle finger and carefully stuck it into her ass… just a third part of the finger… when i noticed she also loved this, i pushed it in further and further while still licking her cunt.”Oh please PLEASE .. will you fuck me now??”  She was desparate .”You like it right?” i said….”Yes, you drive me crazy, i wanna do crazy things” She said.”Like what?” i asked.”I don’t know… what do you wanna do?” There was still a possibility she ment the position of the fuck…but since i havent seen her this horny in YEARS… i took my chances…:”I would like to put “it” in there” while saying this i touched her asshole….”Ok… if you want, i want”DID urfa escort bayan SHE REALLY SAY THAT???? Yes she did! My wife wanted me to FUCK HER ASS!!I got a bit nervous, had no experience with anyone with anal sex, but i did not let this opportunity get away from me.To be sure it would feel good for her, i licked her ass a few seconds to make it more wet”Fuck me… please fuck me”  she begged again.And then… it happened..I raised my body a bit so i could put my cock agains her ass….carefully i pressed it in a bit but when i noticed she had NO TROUBLE AT ALL with the first part, i did not hesitate and shoved it in with my body.After just three bumps my cock was gone… my god she was so tight, i was about to come and then she asked:”Are you fucking me in my pussy or my ass now?” …. My god! She could not even feel the difference at the time, she was so fucking horny i could have done anything with her.When she spoke those words, i told her “I am in your ass, baby”  and while saying this i could not hold it anymore and gave her a good load of sperm in her ass… I took out my cock and straight away the juice dripped out of her… i was one of the horniest things i have ever seen (for real, not in a movie)After that we fell asleep pretty soon…..Until this day, she has NEVER spoken about it, and when i asked a few days later if i could fuck her ass….”No, i dont wanna do that, that hurt like hell people say” 

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