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First Intimate Relationship-1deleteddeletedI got married last year, my husband name is Nikhil, 27. Today I am going to tell my first intimate night story with my husband. I am writing here on my husband’s suggestion. If anyone wants a sex story then this is not one, it is about an intimate relationship.First of all, let me describe myself, I am 5’2” tall, with 34, 28, 36 figure, I have a fair complexion. I was an average girl with no boyfriend but it doesn’t mean I was not attractive at all. My classmates’ flirts with me when I was in college. My friend circle does have boys since I was in school but I keep a respectful distance from them. So I also never had any boyfriend. My husband is 5’8” tall average looking guy.Our marriage was arranged by our parents. So it was a usual Indian meeting of both parties at a temple. I and Nikhil were sitting on another side of the temple so that we can talk to each other. A wall was dividing us from our families. I like Nikhil in the very first meeting, he was not looking at me like other boys with a lustful eye, instead, he was looking with respect, not stare at me too long, not try to look deep inside my eyes to read my mind. After two months our marriage happened. I thought that he would call me before marriage, as usually, couples do, but he didn’t call me before marriage.So our marriage happened. And here comes the first night. My Bhabhi told me about first night that it will hurt on the first night but gradually the pain decrease with each passing night. I asked with innocence, “what pain? What hurts? Why hurts?”, although I watched porn clips with my friends in college and I knew what is going to happen on the first night. My elder Bhabhi replied, “you will know”, then my younger Bhabhi said, “and after the end of painful nights you will ask your husband for more”. I asked, “what more”, none of them replied but giggled.It was our first night, I was sitting on the bed in our room, Nikhil had not come yet but my heart was pumping high as I was thinking of Nikhil and me alone in this room for the whole night. I was afraid, it doesn’t matter who told you what and how much porn you have watched before, but thinking of being part of the action is a different feeling.Then Nikhil entered the room and shut the door. My heart starts beating at much faster pace. He pulled a chair and sit on it, facing toward me and he gently asked, “so which side of the bed?”, I don’t know why but this question calms me down immediately. He was also little nervous but calm. Then he said, “This room is looking very clean canlı bahis today, I don’t know when last time I cleaned my room”, we both smiled a little. Then we keep talking like that for next 30-45 mins before we sleep. When we were on the bed, he asked me whether I want to keep the lights on or off and I replied with off. He switched off the light and sleep on the bed. There was about one and a half feet distance between us.The morning came and I was untouched. Nikhil earned my respect as a man. I heard incident about first night and ladies think that it is ok to be hurt for the first night. I was happy that it didn’t happen with me on the first night as we were completely stranger till now. Our honeymoon was planned for the day after tomorrow. So two more nights spent without touching just talking to each other and families. Till now Nikhil had already proved that he is waiting for me to be ready and he can wait till I am not comfortable.So we flew to the destination as per plan, that whole day we keep talking, discussing school and college and friends. At night we sleep on the bed, as usual, keeping a distance between us.“For how long we have to maintain this distance”, Nikhil asked.I immediately came to Nikhil, put my head on his arm and my hand on his chest. He put the hand, on which I rested my head, on my waist. Then We slept, embracing each other.Next day, we roam in the city as per the tour package. Today, we embrace, behaved naughtily with each other whenever we get the chance. After the day tour, we come back to Hotel room.“How was the day”, Nikhil asked me, putting his hand on my waist from one side while standing on my other side.“It was awesome”, I replied and hugged him. It was our first hug. Then we had dinner.After dinner, both of us were sitting on the bed and watching TV, I rested my head on Nikhil’s shoulder.It was 10 o’clock when Nikhil went to have a bath while I was still watching TV.“Niharika is the towel there”, Nikhil called me for the towel.I checked around and found it on the bed. I take the towel and proceed to the bathroom, then I saw that door was completely open. I moved forward one more step and I can see the mirror in the bathroom. Nikhil was sitting in a bathtub with bare chest and probably naked underneath.“It might be in the bathroom, I can’t find it here”, I replied, turn back and throw the towel on the bed.“It is not here, check again, it must be there”, he replied.I said, “I am searching, wait”.Then after few more seconds, I entered the bathroom, and said, “here is your towel”.Nikhil’s eyes were bonus veren siteler open wide when he looked at me.The towel was wrapped around me, showing off my legs up to my thighs and shoulder to my cleavage.I entered the bathtub, keeping my back to Nikhil, then I open the towel and throw it away. Now I was completely naked, showing my ass to Nikhil. I always thought how embarrassing it is for a lady to get undressed by a man, and here today, I, myself get nude and showing by the bare body to a man, who was a stranger for me till last week. I carefully sit on his lap, as his penis was fully erected by now, I could not sit on it. I rested my back on his chest. He embraces me from the back. Then he encircled both of my nipples with his fingers. I was feeling like I was melting in him. He then kissed on my back and squeeze my boobs with his hands. He keeps on licking my back while squeezing my boobs harder. Then he licked my neck, I shivered, I never knew I was so sensitive there. My pussy was pumping, it was feeling like my heart is pumping all the blood inside my love hole, I desperately want a love tool to fill my hole.While remain sits on Nikhil’s lap, I move my hands back and grab his penis with both my hands and started rubbing it up and down. It was very hot. I did it for some time then I stop and came out of the bath tub. I wrapped the towel and came out of bathroom with speed, Nikhil followed me, tried to stop me, he pulled the towel and made me naked again. I covered my breast with one hand and my vagina with other.“Remove your hands”, he said, “I want to see you full without any cover”.I was never so shameless but I could not resist him, I slowly remove my hands from my breast and vagina. I was standing naked, showing my full body, my round boobs with brown nipples, size of a ten rupees coin, my nipples were stiff, I never saw my nipple so big and stiff before. My pussy was waxed, as per the instruction of my Bhabhi to the Beautician, without any hair Nikhil can see my pussy clearly.He steps forward, hug me tight, his penis was touching my navel, it made me giggle. His hands were moving from my shoulder to butts, he then squeezed my ass cheeks. I was replicating him. He then laid me on the bed and start kissing on my lips. I was just replicating him, doing whatever he was doing. He inserted his tongue in my mouth, then he moved down and licked my neck, it made me a jerk, I never know the side of my neck was so sensitive that a touch of the tongue can make me jerk so hard. He starts sucking there, deneme bonusu and my stomach was tickling.“aaaaahhhhhh”“hmmmmmm…….hmmmmmm”“uuuufffffffffffffff”“aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”I was going mad, rubbing my feet on the bed sheet. I scratch his back with my nails.“aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, it was amazing feeling.Then he moves down to my boobs, now he encircles my nipples by his tongue, it causes more tickle in my stomach. I was bouncing my hips.“hhhhmmmmmm……”“hhhhhmmmmmm…..”Then he comes down to my vagina,
the thought that he is near my private part was thrilling me. He licks the line of my leg and vagina joining, he didn’t touch my vagina but I knew he will, and this thought was making me crazy.He put his tongue on the separation line of the vagina and lick it from down to top in one go.“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………………………….”He repeated this for 4-5 times, then he found my clitoris and he starts licking it. It was an unknown experience to me, I touched myself there before but a tongue is different in feeling.“mmmmmmmm……………………………”He was licking and sucking my clitoris gently.“hhhhhmmmmmm…………………..”“hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………….”“Aaaaahhhhhh………………….aaaaaahhhhhhhhh……………………aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….”Then he started sucking and licking wildly.I put pillow on my face as I was expecting to yell with maximum power.“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……………………………………………”“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………………………………………………….”“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………………………………………….”“don’t stop………ahhhhh…….please don’t stop”“ah…..ah….ah……ah….ah……ah……”“do it….do it… it…….”“faaaster……..faaster……….”“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………………….”I was bouncing my butts, rubbing my feet on the bedsheet.I was feeling I should cry.Nikhil hold me both hands, puling me downwards, I had a pillow between my teeth, my head was in an upward direction, I was pulling myself up, but Nikhil holds me in position.I was moaning in pleasure.“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………………….”Then I felt like an explosion inside myself.I kicked Nikhil on his shoulder and he stopped, I turn on one side, I fold my legs my knees touching my breasts, wrap my hands around my legs, I was trembling high. It was a never before experience, I was feeling one explosion after another inside myself. I went mad, laughing continuously. Nikhil laid behind me fold his legs just to support my folding legs, his chest against my back and wrap his hand around me, he then rigid his body to stop my trembling but it was internal thing cannot be stopped externally. I remain in the same state for almost 15-20 minutes, then I loosen my body but still, time to time start trembling again. I think it took almost an hour for me to be normal.“what’s the time”, I asked.Nikhil checks his phone and replied, “four”.That night we sleep in the same position.

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