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First his daughters, now it was my turnI stood nervously outside the big gate, my finger hovering nervously over the bell, if pressed, would announce my arrival.I looked around, we were in the countryside and his house was the only one around. I looked at my bicycle propped against the wall, my mode of transport and to be honest, I was more inclined to get back on the saddle than press the doorbell.’Mariel’, I turned and saw him approach me from my left, he had been out with his dogs. ‘Too late now’, I thought, he has me.He came straight up to me and stood in close, kissing me on both cheeks, ‘French Style’, like a worldly old gentleman.’Where’s your dad’, he asked in mock surprise?’He’s not here’, I replied, ‘Fucking obvious’ went through my head, as his hand circled my slim waist, ‘Then my dear Mariel’, he said, leading me through the gate and towards the house’s front door, ‘let’s get you onto some hot film’, and at that we went inside.I was still in my light and charcoal grey school uniform, pigments augmented with red and green, a heavy woollen fabric affording protection from the elements, but dirty old men, I think not, but that was my purpose for being here, at f******n I was a curious girl, and Rodger seemed to like younger girls, that’s why I did not tell daddy where I was going, I simply wanted to find out for myself.’Here’ he said, turning and rushing back towards me, ‘Let me take this from you’, he was indicating my heavy jacket with its badges and pockets.The ride out to here had exerted me to sweat, and beads of sweat had formed on my upper lip, I think it was that that had caught his attention, but unseen to him, thankfully, were the beads running down my inner thighs, I swallowed hard, as I could only imagine they were also sweat.I removed my jacked to reveal my white blouse, and as I slipped it over one shoulder, then another, his eyes fell on my breasts, unfettered with the lack of a brassiere, now tucked away in my saddlebag on my bike by the gate, the thin cotton doing little to mask the rigidity of my nipples, now clearly showing the darker circles of my areola, they say the blood darkens them when you are sexually aroused.I could feel the heat rise in my face, I was blushing, and he remarked, ‘OMG, you are so beautiful when you do that’?I smiled as he took my jacket, ‘Do what’, I asked timorously, ‘When you blush’, he replied as he guided me into the huge living room, with it’s large bay windows, flooding the room with natural light.’What do you think’, he asked me, waving his hand around to cover the expanse of the room? ‘It’s beautiful’, I replied, ‘Good’, he retorted, ‘it will show the natural nude tones of your skin’, he continued, brushing my cheek with the back of his hand. He certainly liked to touch me.I should mention that my father and Rodger are members of our local film club, which includes photography, and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was invited at the tender age of twelve to pose as a model, which led to my appearing in many newspaper adverts, and some Teen Magazines, thanks to Rodger, and now I am here as a sort of thank you, but I have always been aware of Rodgers love of the younger model, as he has on numerous occasions, touched me, where he should not have.In time, there has to be a first time for everything in a girls life, and at puberty, everything sort of goes haywire, and it is at this turning point in ones life, you see the brave men getting what most crave, simply because they are the ones who are persistent, like Roger, who has me all to himself, and I am excited by the thought.’Here look at these’.I reached out as he handed me a large thick photograph album, ‘These are my specials’, he said as I took hold and let it rest on my lap.He then walked over to the cabinet and poured two glasses of champagne, and came back and handed me one glass. ‘I don’t drink’, I blurted out, but he reassured me it was just to make me look older, add sparkle to the photos, he was going to shoot some as I thumbed through his ‘Specials Album’, no need to drink, and besides, champagne was only 14% alcohol, more of a relaxant than something that got you pissed.I opened the album as he sat opposite me, I could feel his eyes all over me, especially my own eyes, as each photo revealed his dark inner kinks, both his daughters, were totally nude, as was he, and there was nothing hid, especially the overlying sexual nature of his poses, he even had his daughters fondling his erection, the white envelope in the back was full of photos, this he was not prepared to let me look at, I could only guess, they were the ones where he finally fucked them both.’What do you think’, he asked as if I had just seen some holiday snaps on some beach?I lifted the glass and drank its contents, feeling the blood rise in my face, ‘Pretty risqué and daring’, I said quietly, ‘I would have thought this sort of thing was i*****l’, I added as an after thought.’It is my dear’, he said standing up and walking across to where I sat with the album on my lap. He reached down and took my empty glass and went back and refilled it, I remained silent and captivated, I could feel the effects of the champagne, as my head felt light, and my crotch ached in a nice sort of way.He came back and handed me the full glass, no point in making any comment about not drinking it, as I in my inexperience, lifted it to my pursed lips and drank it, I was getting a taste for it, and a fresh wave of girlish bravado swept through my tingling body.At the club I had been photographed in bathing suits, my itsy-bitsy bikini being the most daring, and on that day, it was when Rodger bit the bullet and suggested we do a ‘Private mobilbahis güvenilir mi shoot out here’, and then patted my bottom and touched my breast, he had come into the girls changing room on his own, perhaps hoping to catch me unaware, but after he left, I started to fantasize about his true intention, and found my body was responding to being caught nude by him, that was when I masturbated unashamedly, as my daddy sat outside waiting on me, unaware and ignorant that one of his friends had been very close to having me, but had made an indecent proposal instead, and now I was here, and the bulge in Rodgers pants, told me he was also happy.The flash when it happened startled me, brought me out of my deep thoughts, ‘Oh’, I remarked, but Roger was on a roll, the electronic camera clicking and storing my images for prosperity.He was kneeling down in front of me, looking up at me, ‘I never ever thought I would have this chance to photograph you in the way you should be photographed, for my eyes only’, and his voice trailed off as he started taking more photographs.He moved to the side of my seat and asked me to raise the glass to my lips, which I did. Catching my outline, and framed by the bay window, the outline of my body, through the the thin cotton blouse, my cup-caked breast complete with its erect nipple, although darker, but clearly visible, my heart skipped a beat, as if he were viewing me with x-ray vision, ‘Look’, he said excitedly, as he showed me the photo, pointing to my silhouette in the viewer, ‘Your nipples are hard, that’s good Mariel’, and without warning he reached under my blouse and cupped my baby breast, his thumb toying with my rubbery nipple, through me cotton blouse.The eroticism of the feelings now shooting through my sexually inexperienced body paralysed me, as his hand kneaded my breast, ‘Are you wet down there’, he asked me, and both his hands rested on my shaking knees.I was breathing deeply, my heart was thumping, and almost stopped as his hands slid under the hem of my skirt, his fingers barely registering on my soft skin, just the visual disappearance of his hands sliding towards my crotch, feeling his fingers grasp another more intimate piece of cotton, feeling my panties slid down my legs, his long fingers gripping them with a cast iron grasp, showing his determination to reveal my my parting slit, swollen with lust, complete
with a hymen as taut as a skin drum.He drew my panties over my trembling knees, and from there they dropped to my ankles, the softness and warmth of my crotch imparting my heat on my naked feet, I watched with a semi deliriousness, as he pushed my grey skirt higher up my long thighs, all the way until my cunt could be seen and his eyes started as if transfixed.His hands encircled my buttocks as he drew me towards him, my knees parting as my legs youwin slid either side of him, the cooler air striking my overly sensitive labia, now visibly parting, as my legs opened wider the closer I got to where his bulging pants, and his contained cock, strained to be free, and desperately wanted to touch those magical lips, moist and swollen, little beads of sweet nectar oozing from the bottom of my ‘V’, lubricating the inner tube of my cunt, aiding his probing cock to enter me and feel my inner bodily warmth, as I would close around him and mould myself onto his shape, forming a mental image of his cock as we humped as one being.He sprang free and I reached down and held him for a few moments. Neither of us spoke as a little bead of his expectant pre-cum formed along the slit on his cock-end, I watched it disintegrate on my clitoris as I pushed him against it and wanked him ‘polishing my pearl’, our sex organs enjoying each other, but a deeper new feeling waited, as my labia pulsated like the lips of my mouth playing with his cock head with a good blow-job, I pushed him down to my throbbing cunt hole, where his expectant head disappeared into.I released him at that point, his cock shaft poised, as my inner opening chewed on its fat head just inside my cunt. I raised both my hands to behind my head as if in abject and total surrender, and once there, I raised my girlish bum from the seat cushion and felt him slid forward, all the way inside me, only stopping when he felt as if he were directly behind my belly button, I groaned, then moaned, ‘Fuck me’, I begged him, my bum now raising up and down as I crushed my clitoris against his grey pubic hair, ‘Fuck me, Seed me’, I moaned over and over, not seeing him, just feeling him, as he cradled the soft cheeks of my naked buttocks in his hands, and started to piston, in and out of me, so this was fucking I thought, and I wrapped my long legs around him, and my arms around his neck.We fucked as he moaned his daughters name with mine, I had my answer to his daughters pleasuring his cock, and hugged him tighter, ‘Am I better than them’, I asked with a sense of satisfaction’, his answer like his ability to penetrate a girls vagina, ‘You are sweeter, but your cunts are all nice’, I closed my eyes and visualised his cock inside me, and wondered if his daughters did as I was doing as he fucked us, but the building orgasm distracted me momentarily, as I climbed higher and ground down harder, my rhythm disrupted as I inched every sinew along the length of my cunt and exploded around his thick shaft, my bum was rising, but he was not moving, as I gripped him as only a girl could, holding him in-situ, poised directly over the entrance to my fallopian tubes, his cum flooding and filling me, as my inner workings dipped and sucked his semen inside me, my orgasm my reward, making it impossible for me not to stay, I gasped and heaved on his cock as he seeded me, my legs around his neck, where he held me, as he did his daughters, ensuring our pregnancies, would bear fruit. Do you like to read this sort of story, or do you prefer something else, I would love to know as writing for you I want to do my best

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