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First girlfriend’s momMy first girlfriend’s mum loved to watch me wank. She wasn’t divorced, but she didn’t exactly get on with her husband and would often go out on girl’s nights with her friends in town while her husband stayed at home, getting fat, watching TV on the sofa. She was a fit woman, with lovely huge boobs and dark brown hair, and I used to get hard just watching her walk out in her tight blue jeans and white shirts. At the time I worked nights for a security company and more often than not, I would bayraklı escort be downstairs getting ready for work while my girlfriend and her dad would be upstairs getting set for bed. Sometimes the mum would come in and head straight for bed, her husband screaming about how drunk she was again, but sometimes, just sometimes, she would go and fix herself a large wine, then come sit on the sofa and watch me iron my shirt. Things would be quiet for a while, me ironing in my trousers, bare-chested and escort bayraklı her just sitting, watching, and then she would lean back and sigh, “get it out for me”. Now her husband wasn’t asleep and nor was my girlfriend; from upstairs you could always hear the sound of the bathroom tap running, footsteps in the rooms above us and noise from both televisions, but it didn’t bother her at all. And it didn’t bother me either. I would unzip my trousers and pull out my throbbing cock while she ran a finger bayraklı escort bayan around the top of the wine glass and enjoyed the show. She never moved while I stood there pumping my cock and balls, and once even laughed when her husband shouted ‘goodnight’ down the stairs. And every time, when she had seen enough, she would unbutton her shirt and show me her lovely huge boobs, spilling out of the top of her cream bra. It would always have the same effect; I would lean back and spill my hot cum out over the carpet and, if I was very unlucky, my trousers too. Then she would stand up, button her top up, tell me to clean up the mess, and head for bed. I bet her husband still walks over that carpet, soaked and stained with my teen semen, to this very day.

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